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Contract Name Awarding       Application Description
                Organisation Deadline
Pudding Mill    Morgan       06/10/2010 Morgan Sindall PLC has 14 separate
Lane: 14        Sindall Plc              partnership opportunities as part of their
Separate                                 bid for the Crossrail Main Civils works
                                         for the Pudding Mill Lane Portal to
                                         supply labour, supervision, plant, and
Opportunities                            materials to:
for Signage,
Drainage,                                    1. Install new temporary signage for
Landscaping,                                     vehicular and foot traffic diversions;
Handrailing,                                 2. Install new drainage around
                                                 Marshgate Lane Road and the New
Stainless Steel
                                                 DLR Pudding Mill Lane Station;
Cladding,                                    3. Carry out soft landscaping works
Louvres &                                        outside the New DLR Station;
Flashings,                                   4. Install various handrailing to various
Palisade                                         structures;
Fencing,                                     5. Install new Stainless Steel Cladding
                                                 System to New DLR Pudding Mill Lane
Concrete                                         Lift Shafts;
Coring, Sheet                                6. Install new louvres and flashings to
Piling, Steel                                    Emergency Intervection Point;
Doorsets,                                    7. To supply labour, supervision, plant,
Patent Glazing,                                  and materials to install new Palisade
                                                 Fencing along the perimeter of the
                                                 pedestrian walkway and DLR Pudding
Walling,                                         Mill Station;
Granolithic                                  8. Carry out Concrete Core Cutting
Screeding &                                      works to Emergency Intervection
Roof                                                   Point;
Screeding, and                                   9.     Install temporary sheet piles in cut
                                                       and cover tunnel section;
                                                 10.   Install new Steel Doorsets to
                                                       Emergency Intervection Point and to
                                                       New DLR Pudding Mill Station;
                                                 11.   Install new Patent Glazing to New
                                                       Canopy Structure for the New DLR
                                                       Pudding Mill Station;
                                                 12.   Install new Curtain Walling to New
                                                       DLR Station Staircases;
                                                 13.   Install new sand cement screed laid in
                                                       falls to the Emergency Intervection
                                                       Point Roof (this will require pumping
                                                       to roof level), and to carry out
                                                       Granolithic Screeding to new
                                                       staircases inside the Emergency
                                                       Intervection Point; and
                                                 14.   Carry out roofing membrane works to
                                                       Emergency Intervection Point and DLR
                                                       Station Plant Rooms.

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ODA - Motor       Olympic        08/10/2010   The ODA has a requirement for the lease of
Leasing of two    Delivery                    24 powered wheelers to be used by staff
and four          Authority                   prior to (where required) and during Games
                                              time. They require 12 powered two
wheeler           (ODA)
                                              wheelers and 12 powered four wheelers of
vehicles for                                  various engine sizes and specifications
Transport                                     between October 2010 and October 2012
Operations –                                  for varied periods of time. The vehicles will
AMENDED                                       be used for business use only, on and
                                              between the venues sites and to transport
                                              people/goods to the venues sites where

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GRP bespoke       Dean &         08/10/2010   Dean & Dyball Civil Engineering is looking
guttering         Dyball Civil                for the supply and delivery of the GRP
fabrication,      Engineering                 guttering required for the Victorian foot
                                              tunnels running beneath the Thames at
supply only for
Greenwich foot
tunnel, London                                Please log on to CompeteFor for more
Care Sector       Helmsman       08/10/2010   Helmsman Services Ltd are looking to
Training Across   Services Ltd                appoint a framework of suppliers across a
UK                                            number of regions (including London,
                                           South East, East, Wales, South West, and
                                           the North) who will be able to deliver some
                                           or all of the following courses to standard,
                                           pre-agreed content and at pre-determined
                                           prices. Courses will be delivered to
                                           employees of a national care organisation
                                           and content required includes: Fire Safety
                                           Awareness; Moving & handling practical;
                                           First Aid Practical; Principals of
                                           Care/Values; Record Keeping/Report
                                           Writing; Care Planning Personal Care
                                           Planning Awareness; Confidentiality;
                                           DOLS/MCA; Equality and Diversity; CPI;
                                           SOVA; Communication; Epilepsy
                                           Awareness; Personal Relationships and
                                           Sexuality; Supervision (for Seniors and
                                           Managers); Safeguarding Children;
                                           Administration and Storage of Medicines;
                                           Food Hygiene; Team Teach; Anger
                                           Management; Child Protection Refresher;
                                           Assessment Practices; Drug & Alcohol
                                           Awareness; Assertiveness and Sexuality
                                           and Sexual Health issues for young

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Polythene /      MGJ          11/10/2010   MGJ Associates Ltd is in urgent need of a
Plastic Bag      Associates                supplier that can provide a variety of
requirement      Ltd                       Polythene/Plastic sheeting supplies for
                                           single and double bed mattresses.

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Greater London   Greater      11/10/2010   The GLA requires the provision of security
Authority-       London                    services in both Trafalgar and Parliament
Heritage         Authority                 Square areas which fall under the
                                           responsibility of the GLA. The Heritage
Wardens –
                                           Wardens will be required to fulfil the
Notice Only                                following duties:
                                                  Security duties;
                                                  Co-ordinating emergency
                                                  arrangements and providing incident
                                                  management and emergency response
                                                  service to incidents;
                                                  Ensuring compliance with the Trafalgar
                                                  Square and Parliament Square Garden
                                                  Byelaws 2000
                                                  Providing assistance and local tourist
                                                  information to visitors
                                                 Providing co-ordination and control of
                                                 all other contractors operating on site
                                                 in liaison with GLA Facilities and
                                                 Squares Management Team.
                                                 Liaising with event organisers to
                                                 ensure the smooth and safe running of
                                                 authorised events
                                                 Liaising with GLA Facilities and Squares
                                                 Management Team and GLA
                                                 contractors, both in and out of hours
                                                 Management reporting

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LDA Improving London         13/10/2010   The London Development Agency (LDA) is
the Quality of Development                aiming to improve the quality of hotels and
London Visitor Agency                     guest accommodation in London in advance
                                          of the 2012 Olympic Games, in order to
                                          enhance the visitor experience and improve
2011-12                                   customer perceptions of accommodation
                                          quality and value for money. This project
                                          seeks to continue to increase the number of
                                          London hotel and guest accommodation
                                          rooms that are quality-assessed by 2011,
                                          with a particular focus on the Visit London
                                          Approved marque. The project will also
                                          support self-catering, serviced apartments,
                                          and campus accommodation to join the
                                          marque scheme.

                                          There are five components of this project.
                                          Tenders are requested for managing the
                                          project as a whole. The components are:
                                          (a) recruitment and personal appointments
                                          (b) audits against the Visit London
                                          Approved quality marque criteria
                                          (c) business development advice (on-site as
                                          part of marque assessment visit)
                                          (d) collateral material and publicity
                                          (e) database management

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95 Talbot Road   CityWest    13/10/2010   CityWest Homes Ltd is seeking to obtain a
in Queens Park   Homes Ltd                number of suitable contractors to invite to
- Structural                              tender for the following works: to carry out
                                          structural works, associated repairs and
Works and
                                          complete refurbishment, including complete
Refurbishment.                            external redecoration with repairs and
                                          complete internal refurbishment including
                                               damp proofing and the replacement of
                                               mechanical and electrical installations.

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Supply and         BAM Nuttall    14/10/2010   BAM Nuttall Ltd requires a sub-contractor
installation of    Ltd                         to design a scaffold falsework scheme
Scaffolding                                    alongside the permanent works designer and
                                               to supply and install the scaffolding to
                                               support the staircase approaches to a new
                                               temporary bridge to be constructed to
                                               enable the movement of people across the
                                               Greenway at Stratford High Street.

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773                EALING         14/10/2010   The Council of the London Borough of
Management         COUNCIL                     Ealing is seeking suitably skilled and
Information                                    experienced organisations to deliver a
                                               management information system - (MIS) for
System (MIS)
                                               initially Adult Social Care purchasing and
for West                                       contract management.
Alliance (WLA)                                 Please log on to CompeteFor for more
– Notice Only                                  information.
Contract for the   Westminster    22/10/2010   The City of Westminster invites expressions
provision of       City Council                of interest from suitably experienced
Independent                                    organisations to provide an
                                               Independent Mental Capacity Advocate
Mental Capacity
                                               Service. The service shall provide a
Advocate                                       specialist independent advocacy (IMCA)
Service – OJEU                                 service to any person aged 16 and above
Notice Only                                    eligible to receive the IMCA Service under
                                               the Mental Capacity Act 2005. The service
                                               shall also provide a Paid Relevant Person’s
                                               Representative service as described in the
                                               Mental Capacity (Deprivation of Liberty:
                                               Appointment of Relevant Person’s
                                               Representative) Regulations 2008 and the
                                               Mental Capacity Act 2005.

                                               In addition to purchasing services itself,
                                               Westminster City Council will be
                                               purchasing the services on behalf of the
                                               following participating authorities if and as
                                               required: London Borough of Brent,
                                               London Borough of Ealing, London
                                               Borough of Harrow, London Borough of
                                               Hammersmith and Fulham, London
                                               Borough of Hillingdon, London Borough of
                                              Hounslow, London Borough of Lambeth,
                                              and the Royal Borough of Kensington and

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Occupational      Westminster    26/10/2010   Westminster City Council is seeking to
Therapy           City Council                award a framework agreement for the
Assessment and                                provision of Occupational Therapy
                                              Assessment and Major Adaptations
Service – OJEU                                Please log on to CompeteFor for more
Notice Only                                   information.
The Provision     Metropolitan   27/10/2010   The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA)
Of Cognitive      Police                      as the contracting authority is tendering for
Behavioural       Service                     the supply of Cognitive Behavioural
                                              Therapy, Cognitive Analytical Therapy and
                                              Eye Movement Desensitization
Cognitive                                     Reprocessing to the Metropolitan Police
Analytical                                    Service (MPS). The MPA/MPS is seeking
Therapy and                                   through this tendering process to award a
Eye Movement                                  contract to provide these services for an
Desensitization                               initial term of 12 months with a unilateral
Reprocessing –                                option of the MPA/MPS to extend for up to
                                              3 further periods of 12 months each subject
Notice Only
                                              to an ongoing need, satisfactory
                                              performance during the initial period and
                                              annual budgetary approval.

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OJEU -            Olympic        29/10/2010   In association with a number of TOCs and
Mainline Rail     Delivery                    Network Rail, the ODA is facilitating the
Capacity          Authority                   operation of a number of additional late-
                                              night trains from major London termini to
Resilience        (ODA)
                                              cater for the predicted demand from
Project – OJEU                                Olympic spectators. Given the nature of
Notice Only                                   some sports, it is possible that the
                                              competition will run on beyond the
                                              scheduled finishing times, potentially
                                              leading to substantial numbers of spectators
                                              arriving at major London termini later than
                                              predicted and, consequently, outstripping
                                              the train capacity available. To address this
                                              issue, the ODA has identified the need for
                                              additional, flexible train capacity to be
                                              available late at night from certain London
                                              main line termini.
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Pan-London     London        29/10/2010   The Pan London NEET Provision project is
NEET Provision Development                seeking separate delivery partners in six
– 6 seperate   Agency                     sub-regional clusters to support young
                                          Londoners aged 16-19 who are not in
                                          education, employment or training (NEET)
for London                                to re-engage with education, training or
regions South                             employment for a minimum of 52 weeks.
West, North,                              The delivery partner is expected to:
West, Central,                               •    identify and recruit vulnerable young
East and South                                   people aged 16-19 who are NEET onto
                                                 the project;
                                             •    conduct a diagnostic needs and
                                                 abilities assessment of each young
                                             •    create and deliver a bespoke activity
                                                 plan to address the young person’s
                                                 barriers sufficiently and to improve
                                                 their existing skills;
                                             •    identify and secure an appropriate
                                                 employment, education or training
                                                 opportunity for the young person; and
                                             •    support the young people and their
                                                 employer, education or training
                                                 institution to sustain a 52 week

                                          The LDA is tendering this as 6 separate
                                          opportunities for support to the following
                                          South West Cluster - Croydon,
                                          Wandsworth, Sutton, Merton, Kingston
                                          and Richmond
                                          North Cluster - Enfield, Tower Hamlets,
                                          Waltham Forest, Barnet, Hackney and
                                          West Cluster - Hillingon, Hounslow,
                                          Ealing, Brent and Harrow
                                          Central Cluster - Islington, Southwark,
                                          Lambeth, Camden, Hammersmith &
                                          Fulham, Westminster, Kensington &
                                          Chelsea and City of London
                                          East Cluster - Barking & Dagenham,
                                          Newham, Havering and Redbridge
                                          South Cluster - Greenwich, Lewisham,
                                          Bromley, Bexley

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                                          information on these 6 separate
ESF R4 1.1       London        29/10/2010   The LDA requires a delivery partner to
Heathrow         Development                support the Heathrow Employability and
Employability    Agency                     Upskilling Programme, which supports
                                            London’s workless population to access the
and Upskilling
                                            employment opportunities at Heathrow
                                            Airport and progress once in work to ensure
                                            sustained employment of at least 52 weeks.
                                            The programme will provide end-to-end
                                            personalised support to workless Londoners
                                            that are interested in working at the Airport,
                                            from outreach services to on-the-job
                                            training and in-work support. The focus will
                                            be on identifying and meeting employers

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ESF R4 1.1     London          29/10/2010   The LDA is seeking delivery partners to
Working        Development                  support the ESF Working Neighbourhoods
                                            project. This project aims to tackle high and
Neighbourhoods Agency                       persistent levels of worklessness amongst the long-
– 3 Separate                                term workless, at neighbourhood level, in some of
Grant                                       London’s most deprived areas who will be helped to
                                            achieve 52 weeks sustained employment
Opportunities                               outcomes. Overall project objectives include:
for LB                                      targeting individuals in the most deprived
                                            neighbourhoods in London with the highest levels of
Southwark, LB
                                            worklessness and providing enhanced support and
Barking &                                   provision.
and LB Enfield                              This contract has been divided into 3
                                            separate grant packages for the London
                                            Borough of Southwark, the London
                                            Borough of Barking & Dagenham, and
                                            the London Borough of Enfield

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                                            information on these 3 separate
Opportunities    London        29/10/2010   The London Development Agency requires
for Vulnerable   Development                a delivery partner for the Opportunities for
Young People     Agency                     Vulnerable Young People NEET project,
                                            which will specifically support young
NEET Version
                                            people with multiple barriers to
2                                           participation from two particularly
                                            vulnerable groups within the wider
                                            population of those aged 16-19 who are not
                                            in education, employment or training
                                            (NEET): Looked After Children/care
                                            leavers and teenage parents. The project
                                            will deliver sustained engagement outcomes
                                           of a minimum of 52 weeks in an education,
                                           employment or training destination
                                           appropriate to each young person.

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ESF R4 1.1      London        29/10/2010   The London Development Agency is
London Works:   Development                seeking a delivery partner for the ESF
3 Separate      Agency                     London Works project, which aims to
                                           support economically inactive Londoners
                                           who have been out of work for more than
 North and                                 one year and are not on any other
North East,                                mandatory mainstream provision, to achieve
West and                                   52 weeks sustained employment outcomes
Central                                    and progress in work.
                                           This project is being tendered in 3
                                           separate parts:
                                           North and North East will provide
                                           coverage of the following boroughs:
                                           Barking & Dagenham, Barnet, Haringey,
                                           Havering, Redbridge, Enfield
                                           West will provide coverage of the
                                           following boroughs: Brent, Ealing,
                                           Harrow, Hammersmith and Fulham,
                                           Hillingdon, and Hounslow.
                                           Central will provide coverage of the
                                           following boroughs: Kensington &
                                           Chelsea, Islington, Westminster,
                                           Camden, Lambeth, Southwark.

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                                           information on these 3 separate
ESF R4 1.1     London         29/10/2010   The ESF Low Carbon Employment project
Low Carbon     Development                 forms one of the suite of Adult
Employment- 2 Agency                       Employability projects funded by the LDA's
                                           ESF 2011-13 Programme and contributes to
Separate Grant
                                           Priority 1 Extending Employment
Packages for                               Opportunities theme. Overall project
 Low Carbon                                objectives include:
Technologies                                  •   To identify and engage employers in
and                                               the low carbon sector such that the
Environmental                                     new job opportunities will be opened
                                                  up to workless Londoners, including
                                                  those from the most disadvantaged
                                              •   To support a minimum of 2000
                                                  participants achieve 52 weeks
                                                  sustained employment by March 2015
                                                    in the Low Carbon Economy

                                             The LDA require delivery partners for 2
                                             separate grant opportunities focusing on
                                             the Low Carbon Technologies sub-sector
                                             and the Environmental sub-sector.

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                                             information on these 2 separate
ESF R4 1.1        London        29/10/2010   The ESF London's Homeless to Work
London's          Development                project aims to tackle high and persistent
Homeless to       Agency                     levels of worklessness amongst homeless
                                             people in particular rough sleepers, who are
                                             some of the most disadvantaged of the
                                             workless group. The project will be
                                             expected to:
                                                    Target homeless people, in particular
                                                    rough sleepers or those at risk of
                                                    becoming rough sleepers, though
                                                    outreach and engagement strategies;
                                                    Provide housing advice and support to
                                                    help homeless people, in particular
                                                    rough sleepers, find and sustain
                                                    accommodation and
                                                    To provide enhanced support and
                                                    provision that will help at least 125
                                                    homeless people, in particular rough
                                                    sleepers, achieve 52 week employment
                                                    and progression outcomes by March

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ESF R4 2.1        London        29/10/2010   The Skills for Work Project will develop
Skills for Work   Development                and deliver innovative approaches to
                  Agency                     supporting low paid London workers to
                                             progress in their careers through integrated
                                             models which combine Skills for Life
                                             training, individualised advice and
                                             employer engagement and support. The
                                             overall project objectives are:
                                                    To achieve a minimum of 2400 career
                                                    progression outcomes for low paid
                                                    Londoners by December 2014.
                                                    To increase demand for Skills for Life
                                                    training, particularly numeracy, within
                                                    London employers, of which 50% must
                                                    be SMEs.
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OJEU -        Olympic     01/11/2010   ODA Transport requires access to specialist
Transport     Delivery                 suppliers to provide events management and
Operations    Authority                operational infrastructure around all 22
                                       Olympic Venues and transport hubs. The
Framework –   (ODA)
                                       ODA is therefore compiling a framework
OJEU Notice                            agreement of operational suppliers to aid
Only                                   the smooth delivery of operations between
                                       transport hubs and venues during the

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