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									                                                 Program Certifications
      (As used in this form, words imputing the singular number shall mean and include the plural number and vice versa, as the context may require.)

    Authorization to Release Information
X   I have obtained a mortgage with the assistance of the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency's (NCHFA) FirstHome
    Mortgage or MCC program. As part of the mortgage process, NCHFA may verify information contained in my loan
    application and in other documents required in connection with the loan, due to investor requirements, or as part of its
    quality control program. I authorize you to provide to NCHFA any and all information and documentation that they request.
    Such information may include non-public personal information including, but not limited to employment history and income;
    bank, money market, and similar account balances; and copies of income tax returns for the three years prior to mortgage
    closing. NCHFA may address this authorization to any party named in the loan application. A copy of this authorization
    may be accepted as an original.


    Compliance Certification for Non-Borrower Occupant
    I agree to execute all documents required by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA), and further understand
    and certify that my income will be included in calculations to determine eligibility for participation in the NCHFA FirstHome
    Mortgage Program or the NCHFA Mortgage Credit Certificate Program. I certify that I have not owned an interest in my
    principal residence for the last three (3) years and I will occupy the home to be purchased with NCHFA assistance as my
    principal residence within sixty (60) days of loan closing.

    Signature of Non-Borrower/Occupant                                                                                      Date

    Child Support Income Certification
    I certify the following in regard to child support income for
                                                                                                     Child(ren)’s Name(s)

    ______ I receive child support in the amount of $_______________ per __________________, and attach
           documentation to verify this amount (i.e. copy of recorded Separation Agreement, IF APPLICABLE, court
           order and, six months checks or bank statements, support unit records, etc).

    ______ I am owed child support in the amount of $______________ per __________________, but have no verification of
            receipt of this income because:

    ______ I attest that I do not receive child support.

    ______ I attest there is no Separation Agreement or Divorce Decree.

                      Down Payment Assistance (DAP) Disclosure and Certifications

    Loan Disclosure (required for all DAP Loans)
    I certify that I am applying for a below-market interest rate first mortgage and a down payment assistance second mortgage
    through the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. The second mortgage has a 0% interest rate and requires no
    monthly payments. I understand the loan must be repaid when the house is sold, when the first mortgage is refinanced,
    when I no longer occupy the home or at the end of the 30 year term, whichever occurs first. In the event of a refinance, the
    second mortgage cannot be subordinated; it must be paid in full.

    Pre-Purchase Educational Training Certification (required for all DAP Loans)
    The borrower(s) are applying for a second mortgage loan through the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. I (the
    lender) certify I have thoroughly reviewed an acceptable homeownership counseling guide with the borrower(s). A copy of
    an attendance certificate from a pre-purchase educational training seminar can be substituted for the lender’s training.

    Signature of Lender Representative                                                                                      Date

    Child Care Certification (required for all DAP Loans)
    I certify that the following provisions have been made for my child(ren) during work hours (indicate name of provider and
    monthly or weekly cost):

    Provider:                                                      Cost: $                           per            week          month

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    Rev. 2011
                                          Program Certifications

I acknowledge and understand that this affidavit is being made under penalties of perjury and will be relied on for purposes
of determining my eligibility for a FirstHome Mortgage or MCC. Fraudulent Statements - Any fraudulent statement will
result in (i) the revocation of my FirstHome Mortgage or MCC, and (ii) a $10,000 penalty under Section 6709 of the Internal
Revenue Code. Material Misstatements due to Negligence - Any material misstatement due to negligence on my part will
result in a monetary penalty under Section 6709(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Other Remedies - In addition, any
material misstatement due to negligence or misstatement due to fraud that is discovered before the issuance of a MCC or
funding of a FirstHome Mortgage will result in denial of my application for a MCC or FirstHome Mortgage. If a MCC has
been issued prior to the discovery of a fraudulent statement, then any MCC issued will automatically become null and void
without any need for further action by NCHFA. If a FirstHome Mortgage has been funded prior to the discovery of a
fraudulent statement, the fraudulent misstatement will constitute an event of default and will entitle the holder of the
Mortgage to accelerate the Note and to institute foreclosure.

Borrower                                                                                            Date

Co-Borrower/Co-occupant                                                                             Date



I certify that                                       personally appeared before me this day, and acknowledged to me
that he or she signed the foregoing document for the purposes stated therein.
Witness my hand and official stamp or seal, this the _______ day of _______________________, 20____.

           (Apply Notary Seal)                      Signature of Notary Public

                                                    My Commission expires

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Rev. 2011

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