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									                           Kewaunee County Veterans Newsletter
                                                  JANUARY 2002
                       Published by: Kewaunee County Veterans Service Office, 613 Dodge Street, Courthouse
                                          Kewaunee, WI 54216 Phone: 920-388-7198

                  E-mail:                   State CVSO Web Site

EDUCATION BENEFITS RAISED                                            payment for high-tech courses, will enable more
                                                                     veterans to take advantage of their remaining
       The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)                       benefits.
is providing veterans a major boost in the                                 Few service members opt out of coverage.
monthly educational payments offered under the                       Participants' pay is reduced by $100 per month
Montgomery GI Bill.                                                  for their first 12 months on active duty to cover
       VA supported an increase in                                   a total veteran contribution of $1,200. The full-
reimbursement rates well above the normal cost-                      time rate of $800 a month is paid for up to 36
of-living increases because these annual                             months of study, which covers the academic
adjustments have not kept pace with rising                           months of a traditional 4-year college education
college education costs.                                             for a return value of $28,800 at today's top rate.
       At the top tier for full-time studies, the                          The new law, the Veterans Education and
tuition reimbursement rate rises from $672 to                        Benefits Expansion Act of 2001 (Public Law
$800 per month, almost 20 percent. That will                         107-103), also improves educational assistance
jump to $900 next fall and $985 in October                           for eligible spouses and children of certain
2003. Rates are adjusted for veterans enrolled                       veterans, including veterans who died or are
part-time or for those with limited military                         permanently and totally disabled as a result of a
service.                                                             service-connected disability.
       In addition to covering traditional two-
year and four-year college studies, a new VA                         VETERANS UNAWARE OF HEALTH CARE
program taking effect next fall is aimed at high
technology courses. It will allow veterans to                               A large majority of veterans are completely
use a lump sum from their benefit for certain                        unaware that they are eligible for health care and
expensive courses, such as those leading to                          other benefits. These veterans do not know that in
certification of computer network professionals.                     1996 eligibility for some veterans’ benefits,
Coverage of up to 60 percent of the cost of such                     including health care, were expanded. Now, all
high-tech courses will begin Oct. 1, 2002.                           veterans can use VA medical care.
       The VA is currently developing                                       Veterans MUST apply for enrollment to
regulations needed to launch this new program.                       receive health care. They must fill out a 10-10 EZ
The new law specifies a formula limiting it to                       form that can be obtained through my office.
expensive courses.
       The increase in tuition reimbursement, as                     NON-SERVICE CONNECTED PENSION
well as the VA's support for high-tech courses,
reflects department efforts to boost use of the                              The Veterans Administration offers a
current education program, which began in                            pension for wartime veterans who are permanently
1985. Veterans generally have 10 years after                         disabled and no longer able to work. NOTE:
release from active duty to use the funds, but                       “Permanently disabled” does not mean you have to
only about 60 percent have used some of their                        be housebound, in a wheel chair, or dependent on
benefit.                                                             others to lead a healthy life. It could be due to age,
       In addition, about 90 percent of all eligible                 65 years old or older, as an example. This program
veterans have not exhausted their account. VA                        is based on a financial need basis. If your income,
hopes new strategies, such as accelerated                            minus your out-of-pocket medical expenses, is less
than the thresholds set by congress, you might be                      Because of recent improvements in its home
eligible. For those that require aid and attendance            loan program, the WDVA can now fund more home
for day-to-day living or are housebound, they may              mortgage and home improvement loans to eligible
be entitled to special entitlements.                           veterans, including those who entered military
                                                               service after 1976 or who have been out of service
SERVICE CONNECTED DISABILITY                                   more than 30 years. In addition to veterans with
COMPENSION                                                     wartime service, Wisconsin veterans who served
                                                               two or more years on active duty during peacetime
         After having a service-connected disability           are eligible for WDVA home loans and other
for 20 years or more, that condition for which you             benefits.
are receiving compensation becomes permanent and                       The Personal Loan Program allows you to
total. In other words, the VA will no longer                   borrow up to $10,000 with an interest rate ranging
evaluate your condition in terms of it getting better.         from 6% to 8% with 10 years to repay. Your
You will receive the compensation for life.                    income and how the loan is secured determine the
         At any time if one’s disability worsens, no           interest rate. This loan can be used for purchase of
matter how long one has had the condition, that                a mobile home, business or business property,
person should seek an increase in compensation.                education of the veteran or his or her spouse or
By nature, as we get older, our conditions                     children (including adopted or stepchildren),
typically get worse. If you wish to have your                  payment of medical or funeral expenses, or
current disability rating increased, or if you’d like to       consolidation of debt.
file for a disability for the first time, please contact
this office.                                                   COLORECTAL CANCER AWARENESS

STATE VETERANS LOAN PROGRAMS                                           Colorectal cancer is the second leading
                                                               cause of cancer-related deaths for men and women
         The Wisconsin Department of Veterans                  in the United States. Colorectal cancer (cancer of
Affairs (WDVA) offers home mortgage loans with                 the colon or rectum) is second only to lung cancer
an interest rate of 6.8 percent. WDVA home                     in causing cancer-related deaths in the U.S. An
mortgage loans offer several advantages to                     estimated 135,400 new cases and 56,700 deaths
Wisconsin veterans such as no discount points, no              from colorectal cancer are expected in 2001.
funding fee, no requirement for private mortgage                       Tests are available for early detection of
insurance, and a fixed rate of interest for the 30-            colorectal cancer through your private or VA
year term. The loan must be used to buy or build               Healthcare professional. For more information,
the veteran’s principal residence. It may not be used          please discuss this with your healthcare provider.
to refinance an existing mortgage. WDVA home                   Your life may depend on it.
mortgage loans no longer have maximum income
limits, so higher income veterans may qualify.                 REMINDER
         The WDVA also offers home improvement
loans with a 7.45 percent interest rate. Veterans                     County Legion Banquet March 10th at the
may borrow up to $25,000 with 15 years to repay                Rendezvous Pleasure Palace in Luxemburg, WI.
for a variety of alterations, construction, and repairs        The banquet will start at 1:00 p.m.
of their principal residence, including garage
construction. Veterans now may have more than                              GOD BLESS AMERICA!
one WDVA home improvement loan if they have
sufficient equity and can repay multiple loans.
 Senators -                VA Federal/State
 Congress -       
WI Senators/Representatives -                        (DO NOT APPLY ON-LINE)
Wisconsin Legislative Hotline             Agent Orange/Gulf War Helpline
 1-800-362-9696                            1-800-749-8387
Veterans Administration
 1-800-827-1000                           Nurse Advice Line
                                            1-888469-6614 #3

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