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									Pilates Fitness Equipment: From Home Use to
                   Gym Use
The original purpose of pilates was to establish a connection between the mind and
body so they could function as a unit. It was accomplished through a sequence of
actions which included alignment, breathing, concentrating, precision, flow, control,
flexibility and being able centre ones’ self. Originally, these actions didn’t require
the use of equipment, except for an exercise mat. However, without the equipment,
people weren’t experiencing body fitness. As a result, pilates equipment were
created to allow for better resistance training.

The Reformer is the most popular pilates fitness equipment used because it lets you
work on each basic pilates element while helping you to develop core strength and
increase flexibility. While reformers come in a variety of designs, the function is the
same. You can do a variety of exercises with this equipment laying down, sitting,
kneeling or standing. The great thing about this particular machine is that it doesn’t
matter what level of fitness you are to experience results as the resistance level can
be easily adjusted.

Another set of pilates equipment is the trapeze table. It is a versatile machine that
looks almost like a cage. One example of what you can do with the trapeze table is
leg exercises. You can lie face down and fasten the strap around your leg and pull it
down. You will feel the resistance in your thighs and calves. You can also sit down
while holding the straps then pull on the straps while lying down and then sit back
up again. This is a great workout for the core.

While these equipment may seem complicated and are mostly found in gyms
because they are so bulky, there are other types of equipment you can use at home
for pilates. One such equipment is the exercise ball also known as fitness balls,
swiss balls, balance balls and stability balls. Exercise balls are not traditional pilates
equipment but they are very popular in the pilates world. The reason for their
popularity is that they make balancing very challenging when you sit or lay on

Another great example of pilates equipment that can be used at home is the
rebounder. Traditionally, it’s a bulky machine but there are many versions designed
just for home use. It enhances flexibility and gives a great cardio workout. Another
convenient equipment which is easy to use at home is the pilates ring. This
definitely adds resistance to your workout, giving you toned arms and shoulders.

Doing floor work is a big part of pilates. For this reason an exercise mat will be of
great service. There are lots of pilates exercises that require you to sit or lie down
so you will need a soft surface to support your arms, bottom, legs and back. A good
mat for doing pilates won’t be too soft so that it can provide firm enough support to
develop alignment and balance in your body but soft enough that you won’t feel
discomfort when doing the exercises.

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