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					Alternative medicine is totally different from modern or allopathic medicine. Alternative medicine is
older form of medicine than the present modern medicine. In present modernization, when everybody
is moving at fast pace. People have become more result oriented, modern medicine therapies which has
its own benefits but it has many shortcomings and various side effects too.

In the field of medicine, the mainstream medical treatments are accepted by people for any kind of
disease. People go for allopathic treatments first and if not satisfied by the so called doctors, move to
the traditional healing therapies at later. People have a notion that alternative therapies are ineffective
and the alternative medicine practitioners as frauds. This is the general thinking regarding alternative
medicine for years.

But now many treatments of alternative therapies such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic,
homeopathy, massage therapies and energy therapies are getting popularity everywhere and people are
feeling better and recovered which the advance featured modern treatments unable to do so.

Bit by bit, people have started trusting the old form of medicine therapies results and alternative
medicine therapies has opened new doors to the patients who were limited to the expensive and long
procedures of modern medicine.

Dozens of Pills, syrups and bunches of expensive prescribed medicines are the common ways of modern
therapies which have shown many side effects. This is not the case with alternative therapies; rather
these therapies adopt a very healthy, stress free and close to the nature, style of treatment.

Diseases like high or low Blood pressure, diabetes , cancer, arthritis and many incurable diseases which
are not cured by any possible means of allopathic treatment have successfully treated many patients
and thus spreading a positive message around us for curing any human disease.

In this world of pollution, adulterated and junk food everywhere, people have become very careless
towards their health. New human being abnormalities and diseases are coming into existence.
Therefore these diseases which fail to get treated by the research oriented modern medicine are getting
treated by our ancestors’ therapy treatment procedure. So alternative medicine is one of the best ways
for getting treated of any illness with all the natural herbs, remedies and procedures that cannot be
possible by the modern means of medicine.

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