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  SECTION TITLE:                   STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES                         Approved By:

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       PURPOSE: This SOP outlines the procedure for monitoring the accuracy of the scales used in

     PERSON                                MONITORING
                       FREQUENCY                                CORRECTIVE ACTIONS                        RECORDS
   RESPONSIBLE                              ACTIVITY

                                                         When findings deviate from written
                                                         standards the QA designate will document
                                                         findings on the Daily / Monthly GMP Audit
                                                         Form and notify the General Manager of
                                           Daily GMP                                                    Daily GMP Audit
                                                         the deviation.
                      According to QA      Audit /                                                      Monthly GMP
   QA Designate       Audit Schedule /     Monthly GMP                                                  Audit
                                                         Short term action will be initiated and
                      As Required          Audit                                                        Daily scales
                                                         recorded on the Daily / Monthly GMP audit
                                                                                                        check Form.
                                                         form. Long term action required, will be
                                                         discussed by management and corrective
                                                         actions / responsibilities and time frames
                                                         will be agreed and documented.

       MATERIALS REQUIRED: 1kg Standard Weight
 1.    Every day, check the accuracy of the scales on production lines and ingredient weigh-up area.
 2.    “Zero” the scale and then place 1 kg standard weight on the scale and record the reading.
 3.    If standard weight reads more than 2 grams outside its stated weight then corrective action must
       be taken.
 4.    If the scale reads within the limits specified in step 2, then the scale passes and is fit for use.
 5.    If the scale does not pass, make whatever corrective action is required (if necessary, refer to the
       manufacturer’s manual or in the case of the Excell 986 scales use the following calibration
       procedure). Record the corrective action on the Daily Scales Calibration Check Form.
       Calibration of the Excell 986 Scales:
 1.    While the power is OFF, press “On/Zero” key (don’t release) and press “Tare” key three times to
       enter offset mode.
 2.    Press “On / Zero” key to enter the Calibration Mode.

 3.    Put the full capacity mass on the scale (2 kg) and press “On / Zero” key to show “CAL 1”, then the
       display will show “the capacity”, (i.e. if the scale is 2Kg, it will show “2000g”). At this time, the
       calibration is finished. Then, remove the mass from the scale.

Calibration of ACS Weighing Scales:

While the power is on, keep pressing (CAL) for about 4 seconds. Calibrate after the weight window
displays “CAL”.

Press (SET), the weight window displays the weight calibrated last time.

Press () and (ENTER) to input the weight you want to load. Then load the corresponding weight.
Press (ENTER) to make sure the calibration finished.

Note: The high limit and low limit set in the weighing model are saved in the scale. Different unit s
corresponding to different alarm range and methods. The value inputted by pressing () cannot be
more than the full scale.


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