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The Nun                               Status:
                                      The Nun is praying
                                      Yesterday: The Nun is lighting candles to start the
                                      December 25th: The Nun is at a party celebrating
                                      Jesus’ birthday
                                      December 24th: The Nun is preparing the decorations
                                      for the party
                                      December 20th: The Nun is sent out invitations to the
                                      Christmas party
                                      Wall Posts
Character Bio: My name is                                           The cook left a
Prioress, and I am a Nun. I am a                                    comment at 7:00am
firm believer in jesus Christ and                                   Come by my restaurant
want to spread God’s word to                                        after the ceremony I
                                                                    have a wonderful
everyone I meet.
                                                                    breakfast planned for
                                                                    yourself and the nuns.
Location: I spend much of my days                                   The Monk left a
in the Catholic church praying and                                  comment at 5:43pm
awaiting my turn to join god in                                     Today was a beautiful
heaven. You can also find me                                        day but I didn’t see you
                                                                    are you feeling well?
occasionally at a coffee shop
                                                                    Well Comment Back!
enjoying my mornings.

Employer: I have been a Nun all                                     The Second Nun left a
my life, I cannot see myself having                                 comment at 4:45am:
a life that does not involve the                                    My dear friend, I am so
lord. I love my job.                                                very sorry for sinning. I
                                                                    have asked God for
                                                                    forgivness and I hope
                                                                    one day you will allow
                                                                    me back in the church.
                                                                    Thank you, and Bless
Education: I attended Catholic    The Knight left a
school as a child and have been   comment at 10:00 am:
privileged to learn about our     Hello my friend, thank
savior.                           you for the talk we had
                                  yesterday. Wish me
                                  luck as a ride off to
                                  battle tomorrow. I will
                                  miss you and your faith.

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