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Block 4 Bijou Bonamoussadi
Douala – Cameroon                          EVERY JOURNEY TELLS A STORY

   This is a splendid “guinea adventure” trip for tropical rain-forests wildlife finder to one of
the most protected area with more than 2000 km² in the East - South part of Cameroon’s
rainforests. This section is neighboring the Dzanga-Sangha national park in the southern part
of Central African Republic and Nouabale-Ndoki forest reserve in the northern part of
Congo. This place is the most accessible of the three areas, while the forests have many
animals, including: elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas, buffaloes, birds etc., and the highest
number of Baaka pygmies communities in the Congo basin are found here.

The Baaka is a common appellation for this typical human being known to be the oldest
peoples in Africa and still live in lush rain-forest or Savannah regions called pygmy. The
experienced guide takes into account the special interest of the adventurer to narrow
navigation in the park to reach interested species of wildlife found in the area. Camping is
made possible in the park on viewing platforms and also enjoying night fire side folklore.
History will unfold as you explore.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival Douala international airport. Welcome by the Global Bush team transfer to
hotel. Overnight in Douala.

Day 2: Pickup early in the morning. Trip to Bertoua. Overnight in Bertoua.

Day 3: Pickup early in the morning. Trip to Yokadouma. Overnight in Yokadouma.

Day 4: Pickup in the morning. Trip to Lobeke NP. Overnight.

Day 5: Go gorillas tracking. Overnight.

Day 6: Go chimpanzees tracking. Overnight.

Day 7: Go elephants tracking. Overnight.

Day 8: Go buffaloes tracking. Overnight.

Day 9 Pick up early in the morning drive to Yaoundé and overnight in Yaoundé
Day 10 Transfer to the train station at 5 30 pm overnight in the train

 Day 11 Drive to bouba ndjida national park go mandrills tracking in the park continue to
Garoua visit the river Benue to see the hippopotamus’
Day 12 Pick up early in the morning transfer to the airport fly to yaounde drive to Bamenda
overnight in bamenda
Day 13-15 Pick up early in the morning and drive to takamada national park go cross river
gorillas tracking.
Day 16 Return to Bamenda and drive directly to Douala and transfer to the airport for

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