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					Contact: Ghada AL Said
OCTAL Petrochemicals LLC FZC
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DPET™ From OCTAL Gives Yogurt Packagers Longer Blade-Life,
Consistant Breakaway Performance, and Green Benefits in a
Robust Package.

OCTAL’s DPET™ sheet offers yogurt packagers an option combining
printability, consistent breakaway performance, and cracking
resistance never before seen in PET - - - with a minimal carbon
footprint and ready recyclability to help packagers meet stewardship

OCTAL is focusing on the food packaging and yogurt segments and is
developing new resin grades to meet the increasing demand for
environmentally friendly polymers.

OCTAL specifically designed the DPET™ direct-to-sheet manufacturing
system to provide the kind of consistency it takes to realize the
absolute maximum from form, fill, and seal lines. DPET™ has excellent
flow characteristics, with more material going to cup corners so that
package strength is achieved at lower thickness. DPET™ packages are
strong enough to survive the vibration and shock of transportation to
retailers and beyond without cracking.

DPET™’s optical characteristics are perfect for yogurt packaging. Its
smooth, glossy surface is ideal for process printing. Detailed, high
impact designs print superbly and give real shelf appeal to products
packaged in DPET™. Its highly planar, smooth surface also gives
excellent sealing performance.

Multi-pack, breakaway applications are ideal for DPET™. Its' consistent
gauge thickness and roll-to-roll uniformity ensure trouble-free
performance. DPET™ also cuts easier than conventional PET, leading
to longer uptime between knife sharpenings or replacements.

DPET™’s gauge consistency – it holds to within 1% of specified
thickness compared to an industry standard range of 5 to 8% - gives
yogurt packagers further advantages. This extremely tight gauge
control allows packagers to spec thinner gauges and still achieve
target package thicknesses and strengths. Roll-to-roll uniformity is
also excellent, meaning more uptime.

Yogurt packagers will also appreciate DPET™’s faster cycle times in the
thermoforming phase of the form, fill and seal process. Controlled,
laboratory tests have consistently shown that DPET™ yields good
containers at faster cycle times than conventional PET sheet, and real-
world users of DPET™ consistently report similar results in the field.

All these operating benefits are supplemented by a smaller carbon
footprint than conventional PET, and rPET with 50% post-consumer
content. OCTAL’s continuing commitment to environmental
stewardship shows up throughout the production and use cycle - - and
now yogurt packagers can reap the benefits of that commitment while
offering retailers and consumers an attractively-printed, robust, readily
recyclable package.

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For further information, please contact: Ghada Al-Said OCTAL
Petrochemicals Muscat, Oman Tel: +968-24730706 Fax: +968-

About OCTAL Petrochemicals: OCTAL Petrochemicals, a subsidiary of
OCTAL Holding and Co. SAOC (, was established in
2006 and is rapidly becoming the world’s largest producer of PET
Sheet and the Middle East’s largest producer of PET Resin. With state-
of-the-art manufacturing based in the Salalah Free Zone, Oman,
OCTAL has sales and customer support facilities in the United States,
Europe and Asia.

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