Sharon Tonner

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					       Sharon Tonner

Lecturer in Primary Education (ICT)
       University of Dundee
                Who Am 1?
At Home – Mum
At Work – Mrs Tonner or Sharon
Virtually – Tecnoteach
                      21st Century Learners
• Technology has not only mediated communication in
  countless ways but … the very ways we communicate – and
  even the ways we talk and think about communication –
  are changing as a result.
• Social networking services are changing the ways in which
  people use and engage with the Internet and with each
  other. Young people, particularly, are quick to use the new
  technology in ways that increasingly blur the boundaries
  between online and offline activities.
• Social networking services can be broadly defined as
  Internet – or mobile-device-based social spaces designed to
  facilitate communication, collaboration and content sharing
  across networks of contacts.
• Social networking services allow users to manage, build and
  represent their social networks online.
•   Digizen’s 2008 Report - Young People and Social Networking Services: A Childnet International Research Report
Let’s Make A Doppleme

   1.Go to Doppleme and create an account.
       2.Create a Doppleme character.
      Let Their Voices Be Heard!
Let’s make a voki.

  1.Go to voki and login with your own details.
            2.Create a voki and save.
         Where Shall We Share?
It’s wiki time!

       Have a look at Voices Of The World
          You Can Share Too!
A quick demonstration how to embed your vokis
              onto a wiki will be given.
 If you would like to make a wiki then create an
            account at
 If you required further assistance please email
                       me at: