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									                                              Title I Public School Choice

School: Carver-Lyon Elementary                       Date: May 30, 2009
        Identified for School Improvement – Corrective Action
Dear Parent/Guardian:
According to federal law, No Child Left Behind Act 2001 (NCLB), parents have the right to request that their child be
transferred to another school if their current school has not met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two or more
consecutive years and has been identified for school improvement. Some confusion exists with the rating on the school
report card (unsatisfactory, below average, average, good, excellent) and AYP. The state rating is not part of federal law,
nor is it related to the school choice option.
While Richland One believes that students at Carver-Lyon Elementary are making good progress, “school choice” must
be offered until a school meets Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two consecutive years. Carver-Lyon Elementary is
not alone in having to offer school choice. Even though Carver-Lyon met AYP in English Language Arts as did most other
schools in Richland One, Math AYP was not met. Results of the 2009 Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test (PACT) will
not be available until October to determine if AYP was met for the 2009 school year. Based on preliminary data, the
South Carolina Department of Education has determined that Carver-Lyon Elementary will offer choice for the next
school year.
You have the option to transfer your child to a school not identified for “school improvement” under the laws of Title I. The
district retains the right to identify those schools available for choice. Transportation will be provided based on available
The identified schools of choice for Carver-Lyon Elementary are:
       South Kilbourne Elementary, 1400 S. Kilbourne Rd., Columbia, S. C. 29205
       Bradley Elementary, 3032 Pine Belt Road, Columbia, S. C. 29204
The Carver-Lyon Elementary administration and staff have worked diligently to meet AYP for the FY 08-09 school year
       Identifying and addressing specific initiatives for increased academic achievement.
       Expanding the knowledge base and skills of teachers through on-going and intensive staff development.
       Analyzing student performance to guide decision-making.
       Creating and maintaining a safe and positive school environment.
       Providing after school tutoring/reading intervention
       Actively involving parents & community members through family nights, books and breakfast programs, teacher
        conferences and on-going communication.
       Providing laptop computers at home to extend use of district-wide intervention- Successmaker
       Integrating the arts in core subject areas as an ABC School Model Site.
If you would like to request a transfer, please complete the forms attached by listing your child(ren), filling in all blanks,
and returning the forms to the principal of Carver-Lyon Elementary, Dr. Dorothy Gallman, by 5:00 P.M. Monday,
June 15, 2009. A response to your request will be provided the week after your letter is returned. The transfer school will
contact you about the new year. Please be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached. If you have
additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 231-6816 or e-mail at


                                                  Linda Gillespie, Director of Title I
                                          Title I School Choice Option
                                          Richland School District One
                                                     FY 09-10

Please complete this form only if you are electing to participate in the Title I
school choice option.

Check the box next to the school that you are requesting a transfer for your

        o   South Kilbourne Elementary, 1400 Kilbourne Rd., Columbia, S. C. 29205

        o   Bradley Elementary, 3032 Pine Belt Rd., Columbia, S. C. 29203

If I move out of the Carver-Lyon Elementary school attendance zone, my child(ren) will attend
the assigned school for my new residence, not the transfer school. I further understand
that, should Carver-Lyon Elementary be removed from the Title I School Improvement
designation, the student may remain at the transfer school until completing the final
grade offered at that school, but I will become responsible for transportation.

Please Print.

        Name of Student(s)                                      Entering Grade

                ______________________________                          _______

                ______________________________                          _______

                ______________________________                          _______

                ______________________________                          _______
                Special Needs Program (EMD. LD. etc.)

Name of Parent/Guardian         ______________________________________________

Address         ____________________________                    Zip Code         ___________

Home Phone ____________________________                         Work Phone       ___________

Signature of Parent/Guardian ______________________ Date                _________________

All requests for transfers must be received in the office of Carver-Lyon Elementary School by 5:00 P.M.
Monday, June 15 2009.

                                         SCHOOL FACTS
        Carver-Lyon Elementary                              School Report Card
Homework Center                                   Ratings          2007           2008
Advanced Academic Program                       Absolute        Unsatisfactory   Unsatisfactory
Reading Recovery
SCANA After School Program                                      Below            Below
SuccessMaker Computer Lab and                   Improvement     Average          Average
SuccessMaker Laptop at Home Program.
Literacy Coach/ Reading Interventionists
Arts in Basic Curriculum                             AYP – Adequate Yearly Progress
(ABC) Model School Site
Two National Board Certified Teachers                  Met AYP in 2001, 2004, 2005

          South Kilbourne Elementary                           School Report Card
Smart Matters – Junior League of Columbia         Ratings             2007        2008
PLUS (People Lending Us Support)               Absolute          Below             Below Average
Advanced Academic Program                                        Average
After-School Tutoring
SuccessMaker Computer Lab
                                               Improvement       Below             Unsatisfactory
Parent Literacy Center
Early Success Intervention
Soar to Success Intervention
Math Coach
Integrated Thematic Units Instruction (ITI)
Three National Board Certified Teachers           AYP – Adequate Yearly Progress
                                                  Met AYP in 2003,2004, 2005, 2006 ,

               Bradley Elementary                             School Report Card
PLUS (People Lending Us Support)                 Ratings             2007        2008
Junior League of Columbia – Smart Matters       Absolute        Below          Unsatisfactory
Partnership with USC’s Early Childhood Dept.                    Average
SuccessMaker Computer Lab
Accelerated Reader                              Improvement     Unsatisfactory   Unsatisfactory
Child Development
Reading Recovery
Advanced Academic Program
Two National Board Certified Teachers
                                                     AYP – Adequate Yearly Progress
                                                            Met AYP in, 2006
Title One

                                            Richland County School District One
                                         School Bus Transportation Request for Title I

                                                                                 Date of Request: __________________
Type of Request
Initial Request___Change of Address____Change of School____Cancel Transportation___Annual Update___

                                             New Title I Student Data – Request for Transportation
                                                           (Complete all Information)

Student Name: _______________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________ City: ___________ Zip: _________
Parent/Guardian: __________________________________________________ Home Phone: ________________
Emergency Contact: _____________________________________________________ Phone: _______________
AM Pick Up:______________________________________ PM Drop Off: _________________________________

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assure safe delivery and receipt of students from bus stops.

___________________________________________                                                ________________________________
(Parent/Guardian’s Signature)                                                 (Date)
                                        Please return this application with your Enrollment Form.
Note: School Bus Transportation Service is not assured without this application.

                                                                       Title I Use Only

Attending School:________________________________________________ Grade:________________________

Zoned School:_________________________________________________________________________________

Upon receipt and completion, forward one copy to your local STS office for transportation approval and assignment. STS Personnel will forward a
facsimile copy to the school for record.

_________________________________________________                                               ___________________________
(School Representative/Data Base Coordinator Signature)                                (Date)

STS Use Only

Bus Rt.:_______________________ Driver:________________________________________________________

Assigned Bus Stop:______________________________________Effective Date: __________________________

Comments: ___________________________________________________________________________________
__________________________________________               ___________________________________
(STS Authorized Signature )                                      (Date)

Copies: 1) School _____
         2) Bus Driver _____                                                                        STS Form – 07/17/02

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