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            Our aim is to improve
           the quality of life for
           paralyzed veterans and
           other persons with
           disabilities by expanding
           opportunities in sports
           and recreation,
           especially activities
           which enhance lifetime
           health and fitness.
             Sports and Recreation
                 Wheelchair Games
•   9 ball                       •   Track and Field
•   Air Guns                     •   Trap Shooting
•   Archery                      •   Weightlifting
•   Basketball                   •   Wheelchair Slalom
•   Bowling                      •   Quad Rugby
•   Hand Cycling                 •   Softball
•   Motorized Wheelchair Rally   •   Swimming
•   Power Soccer                 •   Table Tennis

               More information is available at
Sports and Recreation
   Boating and Fishing
   Central Florida PVA
Courage to Serve, Passion to Lead

    Serving our Central Florida
            since 1977

376 Members as well as hundreds of
     associates and volunteers
         24th Annual PVA U.S. Open Bass
                  A B.A.S.S. Sanctioned Event
                   Date:4/16/2010 –4/18/2010
             Location: Hickory Point Park-Tavares Fl.
    Open to ALL Disabled Anglers regardless of Veteran Status
 2 Divisions
                             Boat Division
   The Tournament is 2 days of fishing
   Safe light until 3pm
   There is an able bodied Captain and a disabled angler on each boat
   The first day the able bodied Captain does not fish
   The second day both fish as a team
                             Bank Division
 The first day for bank division is Team, the second is individual
 Volunteers help the disabled anglers on a designated dock or the waters
  Annual Bass Fishing Tournament
           Prize Money
                        First Day
 Boat division Prize money for 1st through 6th
 Boat division Prize money for big Bass
 Boat division Prize money for big Mudfish
 Bank division Prize money for 1st and 2nd
 Bank division Prize money for big fish
                       Second Day
 Boat division Prize money for 1st through 6th
 Boat division Prize money for big Bass
 Boat division Prize money for big Mudfish
 Bank division Prize money for 1st and 2nd
 Bank division Prize money for big fish
Bank Division Anglers
Boat Division 50 to 100 Anglers
          Tournament Logistics
  Meals are provided at the Captain’s meeting, each
          evening, and the Awards Banquet

• The Captains meeting     • Finger foods and drinks
  is held the evening        served
  prior to the             • Volunteers prepare and
  tournament. There is       serve the food
  a blind draw to pair     • Boat Numbers handed
  the boat Captains          out
  with the disabled        • After the Captain’s
  anglers                    meeting, Volunteers
• Tournament Rules           prepare box lunches for
  are covered                all anglers to be served
                             the following day
    The Morning of the 1st day
• Volunteers arrive at 4:00   • Hand out shirts, hats and
  AM                            help with breakfast
• Coffee, Juice and           • Loading disabled anglers
  doughnuts served to           into the boats
  anglers and volunteers      • Handing out Box lunches,
• Shirts and Hats are given     water and ice for each
  to Volunteers in              boat
  appreciation and for        • Drive boat trailers
  identification              • Stage Wheelchairs
• Volunteers, attend an       • Launch boats
  orientation meeting and
  are directed as to what     • Park Trailers
  function they will have     • Help with the Bank
Loading of All Disabled Anglers
The Morning of the 1st day
   Staging the Wheelchairs
     The Morning of the 1st day
Launching the Boats and Parking the Trailers
    The Morning of the 1st day
The Boats are started in order of the number
  given to them at the Captains meeting
           Tournament Logistics
             1st Day Weigh-in
• Volunteers arrive @ 1:30     • Volunteers get the vehicle
• Volunteers, attend an          and proceed to the ramp
  orientation meeting and        for pick up
  are directed as to what
  function they will have
• A spotter is placed on the
  dock. When a boat
  arrives they radio the
  vehicle key attendant as
  to the boat number
         1st Day Weigh-in
The Vehicle is driven to the ramp and Boat
              loaded on Trailer
          1st Day Weigh-in
The boat with anglers aboard, is driven to
      the designated weigh in area
            1st Day Weigh-in
• The fish are weighed
  and recorded
• The anglers are
  interviewed and share
  stories of their
1st Day Weigh-in
The fish are released alive
        Tournament Logistics
             After the weigh in
• Awards Ceremony      • Volunteers cook and
                         serve a sit down meal for
• Silent Auction         all anglers
• Raffled Prizes       • Volunteers fix box
                         lunches for the following
          Tournament Logistics
                Day 2
• Day 2 is a repeat of day one ending with a
  Picnic Dinner and Team Awards
         How can you help?
         • Monetary Donations
It also take a tremendous amount of money
   to fund this tournament
The PVA is a 501(c)3 Organization and all
   donations are tax deductable.
We will volunteer to help with fundraising
   efforts that will benefit the Central Florida
          How can you help?
             Donation of Products

•   Food items for breakfast, lunch or dinner
•   Drinks
•   Items to auction or raffle
•   These items do not have to be fishing related
•   100% of Donations are used for this Tournament
        How can you help?
 It takes a tremendous amount of manpower to
               make the event happen.
Volunteers are always needed and we welcome
      any individual that would like, to become

      Central Florida PVA: 407-328-7041

  Neal Lazarus -- neallazarus@earthlink.net
 Brian Terwilliger -- briant0452@bellsouth.net