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promotion Mountain State Art Craft Fair



    Last Name        First Name              Business Name                          Craft             Category
Brown           Shelia            Baskets by Shelia                      baskets                Baskets
Cowger          RoseAnn/Denzil    Denzil &Rose Ann's Woven Goods         baskets, brooms,etc    Baskets
Matheny         Shireene          Matheny Baskets                        baskets                Baskets
McGrew          Debbie            Grandma Weaver Baskets                 Basketry               Baskets
Fleckenstein    Anna              Little Creek Candles                   Candles                Candles
Griffith        Jacki             A Primitive Glow                       hand poured candles    Candles
Johnson         Hannah/Don        Hannah's Pottery                       pottery                Ceramics
Meadows         Bill              The Meadows Pottery                    pottery                Ceramics
Medlock         Kirsten           Earthen Vessels Pottery                pottery                Ceramics
Philabaun       Lindsay           Lindsay Philabaun Ceramics             ceramics, pottery      Ceramics
Queen           Rod/Paula         Dimension3 Studios                     porcelain pottery      Ceramics
Shaffer         Gary              Shaffer Pottery                        pottery                Ceramics
Snyder          Pam               Pam Snyder Pottery                     Pottery                Ceramics
Summers         Wendy             Summer Hollow Pottery                  pottery                Ceramics
Thomas          Danny & Debra     Chime Maker                                                   Ceramics
Weaks           Colleen           Summer Kitchen Pottery                 pottery                Ceramics
Meberg          Mary              Middle Mountain Acres                  Gourd                  Cornhusk
Cestaric        Sheila            Antique Roof Top Slate Co.             slate                  Decorative Painting
Moore           Mary Jo /David    M & M Slates                           slate painting         Decorative Painting
Stewart          Sharon           Rivertown Artwork by Sharon            decorative painting    Decorative Painting
Bayly           Joyce             Audrey Joyce Bayly                     wool rugs, mats etc.   Fiber
Cool-Anderson   Velda             Fine Art Oil Paintings                 oil paintings          Fine Art
Dobbins         Rose              Memories On Canvas                     notecards              Fine Art
Fuller          Lu                Kentucky Farm Studio                   watercolor, prints     Fine Art
Steele          Fay               F. Brown Steele                        watercolors, graphic   Fine Art
Steele          Joyce             Joyce Steel Paintings Plus             paintings              Fine Art
Stewart         Loretta           The Art of Stippling                   Ink drawings           Fine Art
Gilicinski      Roksolana         Ukrainian Egg Decorating               egg decorating         Folk Art
Gallagher       Richard           Zephyrus                               glass                  Glass

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Slovikosky      Carol             Parrish Farm Artworks                  stained glass          Glass
Loy, Susan       Ayers, Ron       Literary Calligraphy                   calligraphy            Graphic Arts
Nasibyan        Igor              Silhouettes                            silhouettes            Graphic Arts
Bereson         Milton            Originals by Zaida                     jewelry                Jewelry
Berkich         K. Jade           Wired Out of Hand by Kimberly Jade     jewelry                Jewelry
Davis           Deborah           Deborah Davis Designs                  Jewelry                Jewelry
Davis           Vie               Zendik Arts                            Jewelry                Jewelry
Gallagher       Anita             Zephyrus                               jewelry                Jewelry
Holcomb         Teresa            Sierra Studio Glass                    Jewelry                Jewelry
Porta           Michele           Vetro Bello Da Michele                 lampwork glass beads   Jewelry
Rancer          Gayle             Gayle Rancer Metalsmith/Jewelry        Jewelry                Jewelry
Ruangnapaporn   Wanpen            Flower Jewelry                         flower jewelry         Jewelry
Toler-Frazier   Anna              Anna's China Jewelry                                          Jewelry
Whited          Frances           Bebop Beads                                                   Jewelry
Bower           Marvin            Tanners Creek Leather                  handbags etc.          Leather
Montoya         John              Montoya Saddle & Leather Shop                                 Leather
Nichols         Merrianne         Leatherworks                           leather                Leather
Swanberg        Ron               Ron Swanberg - Family Leathersmiths    leather                Leather
Conlon          Ellie             Thistledew Farm, Inc.                  Market                 Market
Fisher          Connie            Nana's Kitchen                         market                 Market
Goff            Jill              Sunny Hollow Farms                     market                 Market
Hildebrand      Robin             Blue Smoke Salsa                       Market                 Market
Hinkle          Bobbie            Three Little Pigs                      edibles                Market
Hutcheson       Leslie            Island Run Farms                       market                 Market
Kingry          Paula             Dark Hollow Foods                      market                 Market
Lockard         Fred              Up The Creek, LLC                      Market                 Market
Miller          Don/Donna         Duck's                                 market                 Market
Page            Gregory           Mountain Top Fudge Factory             Market                 Market
Poling          Alisa             Mountain State Honey Company           market                 Market
Seaman          Steve&Marialice   Appalachian Mtn. Specialty Foods       market                 Market

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Young        Rose          Uncle Bunks                            market                 Market
Burgess      Marshall      Marshall Burgess Custom Knives         custom knives          Metal
Derr         Herbert       Derr Knives                            knives                 Metal
Huffman      Bob & Kay     In the Pines                           metal garden art       Metal
Owen         Margaret      Forever Flowers                        aluminum flowers       Metal
Salmons      Jonathan W.   Little River Knives                    knives                 Metal
Stinson      Ron           Metal Expressions LTD                  metal sculpture        Metal
Akers        Llyd          WV State Farm Museum                   Heritage               Miscellaneous
Bielik       John          John C. Bielik                         Heritage               Miscellaneous
Brinkley     David         Caricature Artist                      caricatures            Miscellaneous
Brooks       Lynne         Trans Allegheny Books                  books                  Miscellaneous
Cain         Joyce         Rag Hot Pads                           Interactive            Miscellaneous
Cassle       Steve         Tamarack                               Tamarack               Miscellaneous
Cummings     Wanda         Calligraphy Guilds                     Calligraphy            Miscellaneous
Dawson       Paul          Brooms by Dawson                       Brooms                 Miscellaneous
Doughty      John          Nature Impressions                     Heritage               Miscellaneous
Grimes       Ann           Designs by Ann Grimes                  Interactive Workshop   Miscellaneous
Hardman      Dean          WVU Jacksons Mill-History Road         Hands on History       Miscellaneous
Harris       Wes           Flatridge                              history                Miscellaneous
Houser       David         Houser's Stained Glass                 Glass                  Miscellaneous
Poe          Michael       Appalachian Memories                   Books                  Miscellaneous
Ross         Carol         Basket Weaving                         Interactive            Miscellaneous
Schottle     Tom           Mountaineer Wood Turners               Interactive Workshop   Miscellaneous
Smith        Erica         WV Women's Commission                  Misc                   Miscellaneous
Smolder      Ed            WVU Extension Sheep Shearing           Misc                   Miscellaneous
Sorah        Nelson        WV State Treasurers Office             Misc                   Miscellaneous
Thomas       Matt          Thomas Work                            Blacksmithing          Miscellaneous
Tongkumsai   Ladda         Angel Clay Flowers                                            Miscellaneous
Tuck         Wendy         Volunteer Action Center                Misc                   Miscellaneous
Upton        Mary Lou      Appalachia Piecemakers                 Heritage               Miscellaneous

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Weirick          Katrina           Vegetable Dyeing                       Vegetable Dyeing       Miscellaneous
Coates           Niki              Face Painting - Masks                  face painting          Multi-Media
Gatens           Pamela            Pamela Gatens                          cards, hand-dyed app   Multi-Media
Williamson       Rebecca           WV Art & Craft Guild                   guild                  Multi-Media
Geresti          Bob               Geresti                                pianist                Musical Instruments
Good             Jim/Brenda        Mastertone Dulcimers                   dulcimers, wood etc    Musical Instruments
Holcomb          Phil              Holcomb's Woodworking & Glass          musical                Musical Instruments
Westman          Greg & Tish       Greg & Tish Westman                    wood                   Musical Instruments
Caim             Sheila            LightScapes                            photography            Photography
Ceravalo         Frank             Vista Landscapes                       photography            Photography
Lilly            Mike              Lilly Photography                      Photography            Photography
Mobley           Brenda            Triple M Farm                          Photography            Photography
Moul             Laura             Creative Photography & Design          photography            Photography
Snow             Ron               Snowdrifts Photography                 photography            Photography
Steele           Eric              Eric Steele Photography                photography            Photography
Wood             William           Bill Wood Scenic Photography           photograpy             Photography
Buckland         Gary              Aunt Ethels Lye Soap                   Lye Soap               Skin Care
Milam            Susie             By the River Creations                 bath, body products    Skin Care
Shuman, Sherry   Kawanish,Audrey   Smiley Soap Company                    homemde soap product   Skin Care
Skaggs           John & Marti      Brammer Gap Soap Kettle                soap and lotion        Skin Care
Stoia            Michelle          Lily Of The Valley Soaps               Goat Soap              Skin Care
Clevenger        Dave              Puzzles by Dave                        wood puzzles           Toys/Dolls
Conlon           Steve             Mountain Craft Shop Co                 toys, puzzels, etc     Toys/Dolls
Lynch            Jason             E. G. Bears                            toys/dolls             Toys/Dolls
Smith            Charles/Shirley   Popular Poplar Toys                    wooden toys            Toys/Dolls
Sutphin          Jody              Sutphin's Wood Toys                    wooden toys            Toys/Dolls
Hailer           Ingrid            Ingrid's Designs                       wearables silk         Wearables
Rosenberg        Mark              Flying Colors                                                 Wearables
Webb             Darene            Darene's Country Collars               Country Collars        Wearables
Bolt             Cyndi             Cyndi Bolt Designs                     weaving                Weaving

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Forbush           Kay              Kay Forbush                           rug hooking            Weaving
McGoskey          Martha           Wefts of Love                         weaving                Weaving
Tri- City Fiber                    Tri-City Fiber                        Interactive            Weaving
Adams             Charles Steven   Hand Hewn Bowls by CS Adams           wooden bowls, tables   Wood Accessories
Collins           Ed               Ed Collins Wood Dominoes              dominos, trays         Wood Accessories
Cook              Stan & Vicki     Mestari Designs                       wood turning           Wood Accessories
Fichtner          John             Spirit Hunter                         wood sculpture         Wood Accessories
Jennings          Stan/Sue         Allegheny Treenware                   Treenware carving      Wood Accessories
Morrison          James            My Lord's Wood's                      turned bowls           Wood Accessories
Smith             Joe & Mary       Smith's Wood Crafts                   wood turning           Wood Accessories
Thomson           Edward           Artisan Workshop                                             Wood Accessories
Tong              Linda            Lacquerware by Linda                                         Wood Accessories
Brown             Williard         Bucks Ducks                           drift wood carvings    Wood Carvings
Casto             Christina        Christina's Carvings                  carving                Wood Carvings
Doax              Thomas           ATTA-Way Rockers & Woodwork           furniture              Wood Furniture
Oaks              Chris            Twin Oaks Hammocks                    hamocks hangng chair   Wood Furniture

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