2007 ANNUAL REPORT
Cover: Indigneous Achuar on the Pastaza River (Lou Dematteis)
Demonstrators march to the superior court in Lago Agrio, Ecuador (Lou Dematteis)

                                                                                   2007 was a watershed year for the Amazon and its indigenous peoples in
                         MESSAGE FROM                                              many ways.

                                                                                   One major highlight was the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of
                             THE EXECUTIVE                                         Indigenous Peoples by the United Nations General Assembly. It took an interna-
                                                                                   tional alliance of native peoples and their supporters 25 years to achieve this
                                                                                   major milestone. The Declaration enshrines the collective rights of indigenous
                                                                                   peoples to determine decisions affecting their land, resources and way of life,
                                                                                   and it provides a powerful tool in the global crusade for the physical, spiritual
                                                                                   and cultural survival of the world’s 350 million indigenous peoples.

                                                                                   The Declaration recognized the critical stewardship role indigenous peoples play
                                                                                   in safeguarding the earth’s biological heritage given that their territories are
                                                                                   home to 80 percent of the planet’s biodiversity.
Amazon Watch’s partnerships with indigenous peoples               One very hopeful development was the Correa
flourished during the year. Indigenous organizations in the       Administration’s pioneering proposal to move the oil-pro-
Peruvian Amazon called on us to support their efforts to          ducing nation of Ecuador beyond petroleum. In a departure
defend their rights in the face of the Peruvian government’s      from historic trends, President Correa announced an initia-
sell-off of the country’s Amazon rainforest. In just two years,   tive to forgo drilling the country’s largest oil reserve,
the government has auctioned hydrocarbon concessions              beneath Yasuni National Park, one of the most biologically
covering approximately 70 percent of Peru’s Amazon rainfor-       diverse in the Amazon, in exchange for international contri-
est. We helped the national indigenous organizations of           butions to a fund to support sustainable energy and eco-
Peru to inaugurate an indigenous rights training program for      nomic development.
communities affected by extractive industries. With backing
                                                                  In all, the achievements of 2007 affirm that our partnerships
from Amazon Watch, the Achuar people of northern Peru
                                                                  with indigenous communities and our diverse and creative
forced major oil companies to retreat from three contested
                                                                  strategies are making a powerful contribution to lasting
areas. Before the year’s end, ConocoPhillips and
                                                                  change for the Amazon and its peoples.
Occidental Petroleum pulled out of Achuar territory, while
Pluspetrol abandoned plans to build 39 new wells. Lastly,         We thank all of our supporters for investing in Amazon
the Achuar finally filed a lawsuit against Occidental             Watch’s mission and vision. With your help, we look for-
Petroleum in US courts demanding cleanup and reparation           ward to more successes ahead.

                                                                                                                                  Sarayucu (Community of Sarayacu)
for affected communities.
In Ecuador, Amazon Watch continued to build an interna-
                                                                  For the Earth and Future Generations,
tional solidarity campaign to force Chevron to clean up the
toxic contamination the company left. Highlights included
bringing celebrities Daryl Hannah and Amazon Watch Youth
Ambassador Q’orianka Kilcher to the country to shine a            Atossa Soltani
media spotlight on the affected communities.                      Founder and Executive Director
Cofan Elder (Lou Dematteis)

                              OUR MISSION AND VISION                                       We believe that indigenous self-determination is para-
                                                                                           mount, and see that indigenous knowledge, cultures
                                                                                           and traditional practices contribute greatly to sustain-
                              Amazon Watch works to protect the rainforest and             able and equitable stewardship of the Earth.
                              advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the
                                                                                           We strive for a world in which governments, corpora-
                              Amazon Basin. We partner with indigenous and envi-
                                                                                           tions and civil society respect the collective rights of
                              ronmental organizations in campaigns for human
                                                                                           indigenous peoples to free, prior and informed con-
                              rights, corporate accountability and the preservation of
                                                                                           sent over any activity affecting their territories and
                              the Amazon’s ecological systems.
                              Our Vision
                                                                                           We commit, in the spirit of partnership and mutual
                              We envision a world that honors and values cultural          respect, to support our indigenous allies in their
                              and biological diversity and the critical contribution of    efforts to protect life, land, and culture in accordance
                              tropical rainforests to our planet’s life support systems.   with their aspirations and needs.

                  Peruvian Achuar in Houston (Miguel Varela)                 Northern Peruvian rainforest (Nathalie Weemaels)   Amazon Watch with indigenous U’wa leaders (Atossa Soltani/Amazon Watch)

In the Amazon region of Brazil,                                decisions in their territories and to                            Seek permanent protection
Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, Amazon                             fund full cleanup of areas devastated                            for threatened areas and vulnerable
                                                               by past and current oil drilling. We                             indigenous populations in the Amazon
Watch is working directly with indige-
                                                               use media exposure, legal action and                             rainforest. In partnership with national
nous communities to build local                                shareholder campaigns to demand                                  governments and ally organizations in
capacity and advance the long-term                             corporate social and environmental                               South America, we promote new, sus-
protection of their lands. In partner-                         accountability.                                                  tainable alternatives to resource extrac-
ship with indigenous peoples, non-                                                                                              tion-based economic development.
                                                               Strengthen capacity in indige-
governmental organizations, con-
                                                               nous communities and organizations in                            Educate corporate executives, share-
cerned shareholders and citizens, we                           the Amazon to defend their rights in                             holders, public officials and the general
utilize the following strategies:                              local, national and international forums.                        public using media coverage, websites,
                                                               Through legal, advocacy, media and                               publications, documentary films and
Campaign to persuade decision-                                 technology training and the donation                             dialogue. By building awareness and
makers in corporations, international                          of equipment, we help our indigenous                             promoting green economic alternatives
financial institutions and national gov-                       partners assert their collective and ter-                        to the current export-oriented fossil fuel-
ernments to honor the rights of indige-                        ritorial rights and advance an alterna-                          based development model, we are
nous peoples to free, prior and                                tive vision for conservation-based                               helping to bring about a paradigm shift
informed consent over “development”                            development of their territories.                                within key institutions and society.
Plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Chevron demand “Justice Now!” (Lou Dematteis)

                                                                                     During 2007, Amazon Watch stepped up pressure on Chevron to
                                                                                     remediate the environmental disaster caused by Texaco (now
                                                          THE CLEAN UP               Chevron) in the Ecuadorian Amazon during three decades of
                                                                                     drilling. As the year drew to a close, Chevron’s management, in
                                                                           ECUADOR   San Ramon, California, were left in no doubt that the company will
                                                                                     ultimately be held accountable for the 18 billion gallons of toxic
                                                                                     wastewater the company dumped and the 30,000 local residents
                                                                                     whose lives and lands it ruined. Now, in 2008, as judgment draws
                                                                                     near in the landmark class-action lawsuit, Amazon Watch is more
                                                                                     active than ever in monitoring the case and supporting the plain-
                                                                                     tiffs’ demands for justice from the second largest US oil company.

             Ecuador oil flares (Mitch Anderson/Amazon Watch)            Indigenous leaders speak at Chevron’s AGM (Lou Dematteis)       Pablo Fajardo and Q’orianka Kilcher in Quito, Ecuador (Megan Weise)

April                                                           Francisco Chronicle criticizing the                                  attendance in Quito of Hollywood
                                                                company for its failure to live up to its                            actresses Q’orianka Kilcher and Daryl
Once again, Amazon Watch brings the                             green rhetoric.                                                      Hannah, both strong supporters of
Ecuador disaster to Chevron’s
                                                                                                                                     Amazon Watch, also attracts much
doorstep, organizing a delegation from
                                                                June                                                                 media attention, including from the
the affected communities to the com-
                                                                                                                                     Associated Press and the UK’s
pany’s annual shareholders meeting.                             Sponsored by Amazon Watch, the
                                                                                                                                     Independent newspaper.
The interventions from the                                      Crude Reflections photo exhibit travels
Ecuadorians, who have traveled for                              to Ecuador following an earlier debut
days by foot, boat, bus and plane to                            in San Ramon, California. After a dis-                               July
tell Chevron management and                                     play in Quito at the Guyasamin                                       Images from a march by the affected
investors how the company has poi-                              Museum, where it provokes national                                   communities in Ecuador are viewed by
soned their tropical rainforest home-                           headlines, it travels to Lago Agrio, the                             millions around the world as part of
lands, dominate the meeting.                                    rainforest town that is hosting the civil                            Amazon Watch’s public service
                                                                trial of Chevron.                                                    announcement aired during the Live
Meanwhile, growing shareholder con-
cern is reflected in the 28 percent                             The photo exhibit, by award-winning                                  Earth concerts, organized by former
support for a resolution calling on                             photographers Lou Dematteis and                                      Vice President Al Gore to raise aware-
Chevron to “adopt a comprehensive,                              Kayana Szymczak, details the human                                   ness of climate change. Over 600
transparent, verifiable human rights                            toll of Chevron’s contamination in the                               marchers form the words “Justicia
policy”—an unusually high number for a                          Ecuadorian Amazon, galvanizes the                                    Ya!”—Spanish for “Justice Now!”—rais-
shareholder resolution. Media cover-                            affected communities and causes                                      ing the profile of Chevron’s Ecuador
age includes an op-ed in the San                                national outrage within Ecuador. The                                 disaster internationally and winning
                                                                                    new levels of support for the fight of     Funds, submits a shareholder resolu-      the Fighting for Justice category. The
                                                                                    Amazon Watch and our Ecuadorian            tion insisting that Chevron Corporation   honor puts Mr. Fajardo, and his
                                                                                    partners for justice.                      review its environmental policies and     cause, on primetime TV in the US as
                                                                                                                               procedures. The New York City             well as on CNN’s global news net-
                                                                                    November                                   Pension Funds behind the measure          work, shining the international spot-
                                                                                                                               are among the largest shareholders in     light on Chevron’s failure to do the
                                                                                    Amazon Watch announces a share-                                                      right thing in Ecuador. Apparently
                                                                                                                               Chevron Corporation, collectively hold-
                                                                                    holder "Buy Freeze" campaign, which                                                  under pressure from Chevron, a
                                                                                                                               ing 6,676,009 shares valued at over
                                                                                    receives significant interest from a                                                 major advertiser, CNN tries to down-
                                                                                                                               $600 million.
                                                                                    number of major institutional investors.                                             play Mr. Fajardo’s award and even
                                                                                    Also subsequent to our outreach                                                      links its CNN Hero’s web pages to
                                                                                    efforts, New York City Comptroller                                                   Chevron’s website. When Amazon
                                                                                    William C. Thompson, Jr., acting on        The plaintiffs’ lead lawyer Pablo         Watch points out the discrepancy,
                                                                                    behalf of the New York City Pension        Fajardo wins CNN’s Hero award, in         the New York Post runs a story.
                Daryl Hannah, visiting Chevron waste pit in Ecuador (Megan Weise)
Lou Dematteis
                                   Ecologists and indigenous leaders gather to call for the protection of Yasuni National Park (Lou Dematteis)

              During 2007, Amazon Watch and our indigenous partners,
              the Kichwa of Sarayaku, the Shuar and the Achuar, man-
              aged to prevent new oil drilling in Southern Ecuador.
 PROTECTING   ConocoPhillips confirmed suspension of its oil operations
              in blocks 23 and 24. Meanwhile the Government of
  ECUADOR’S   Ecuador adopted a de facto moratorium on granting new
              concessions in the region. A participatory indigenous lands
 REMAINING    mapping project, supported by Amazon Watch, was com-
              pleted facilitating the land titling process for Achuar and
              Shuar indigenous communities.

              Amazon Watch also helped to advance sustainable eco-
              nomic alternatives to oil drilling for the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Our team became directly involved in promoting the new Yasuni-Ishpingo Tambococha Tiputini (ITT) Initiative of the
Government of Ecuador to save Yasuni, one of the most biodiverse national parks in the Amazon and home to several iso-
lated indigenous peoples. Through this initiative, the Correa administration called on the international community for finan-
cial compensation including debt cancellation to help offset a portion of revenues to be foregone from not exploiting ITT’s
one billion-barrel oil reserve. This is arguably the most significant proposal from a developing nation on climate change,
simultaneously aiming to reduce emissions from both tropical deforestation and petroleum consumption.

May                                         begins working as an advisor to the          September
                                            Government of Ecuador’s Minister of
At ConocoPhillips’s annual general                                                       Amazon Watch travels to New York
                                            Foreign Relations on the Yasuni-ITT
meeting, CEO James Mulva tells a                                                         where we support President Correa's
delegation of Ecuadorian indigenous                                                      launch of the Yasuni-ITT Initiative dur-
leaders and Amazon Watch staff that                                                      ing the UN Special Session.
                                            July                                         Concerted lobbying efforts by Amazon
the country is now dropping off the
Houston-based oil major’s list of pri-      Amazon Watch and the Quito-based             Watch leads to the Clinton Global
orities and the company has no plans        Accion Ecologica team up to organize         Initiative’s acceptance of the initiative
to move ahead with blocks 23 and            a special event in the heart of Yasuni       as part of its annual summit, giving the
24. This development is in response         National Park, calling on the internation-   Ecuadorian government and others
to community opposition supported           al community to support the Ecuadorian       working around Yasuni the chance to
by Amazon Watch. After the meeting,         government’s groundbreaking Yasuni-          connect with major donors. Amazon
Patricia Gualinga, a leader of the          ITT Initiative. Led by Ecuador’s Vice        Watch begins coordinating a US
Kichwa community of Sarayaku, says:         President Lenin Moreno Garces, nearly        NGO working group to support the
“Mr. Mulva’s response tells us one          100 ecologists and indigenous leaders        initiative.
thing: Our resistance has borne fruit.      gather in a small clearing in the forest
We’ll continue resisting until our          to spell the message “Live Yasuni.”          November
communities can live without the            Aerial images of this event are sent to      Amazon Watch travels to Ecuador to
threat of oil.”
                                            the world feed for the Live Earth con-       participate in the Ecuadorian
Amazon Watch establishes its first-         certs, organized by former Vice              Government’s technical workshop on
ever South American office in Quito,        President Al Gore to raise awareness         the Yasuni-ITT Initiative. Ecological
Ecuador. This on-the-ground presence        about climate change. Millions around        economists and strategists from
greatly facilitates our work with indige-   the world see an Amazon Watch public         NGOs form technical working groups
nous and NGO partners. In addition,         service announcement narrated by             to make recommendations to the gov-
our Ecuador-based staff member              Martin Sheen.                                ernment about the path forward.
                                               Andean foothills rise above the Amazonian rainforest of the Lower Urubamba River (Simeon Tegel/Amazon Watch)

          In 2007, Amazon Watch’s Peru program sounded the alarm bells about the Peruvian
          Government’s granting of oil and gas concessions covering over 70 percent of the
   PERU   Peruvian Amazon. Working in coalition with indigenous and environmental groups,
          Amazon Watch challenged the entry of key oil industry actors into ecologically and
PROGRAM   culturally sensitive areas, including isolated peoples’ territories. A focal point for our
          work was the Camisea gas project led by Texas-based Hunt Oil. We continued to
          expose the project’s damaging impacts on the highly biodiverse rainforests of the
          Lower Urubamba River basin in the Peruvian Amazon. Our strategies included
          blocking public financing for the second phase of the project and establishing it as
          a model for how not to bring "development" to indigenous rainforest communities.
          These efforts helped strengthen the policies of the Inter-American Development
          Bank (IDB), one of the largest multilateral lenders to the region and one which has
          a dismal environmental record.
February                                   ists to shape media coverage critical       with both phases of the Camisea proj-
                                           of IDB policies. Amazon Watch also          ect, as measured against key social
Peru’s national hydrocarbon agency,        organizes a delegation from Peru,           and environmental standards of the
Perupetro, puts up for auction 18 new      including a former Energy and Mines         IDB and the IFC, as well as applicable
concessions during a national petrole-     Minister, to explain the deficiencies of    international standards on indigenous
um expo in Houston, Texas. The new         the Camisea project to Bank staff.          rights. We distribute this report widely
blocks within the Amazon rainforest
                                                                                       to bank directors, members of
cover more than 20 million acres, an
                                           June                                        Congress and the media. The Spanish
area the size of Maine, bringing the
                                                                                       version is distributed to Peruvian mem-
total amount of the Peruvian Amazon        Amazon Watch attends and publicizes
                                                                                       bers of Congress, local media and civil
either currently available for hydrocar-   the IDB’s public consultation on
bon development or already in devel-       Camisea, at which Bank staff admit that
opment to a staggering 71 percent.         a heavily touted “Environmental and
Amazon Watch leads a team of 10            Social Audit” fails to examine human        December
indigenous, Peruvian and US leaders        rights abuses or even basic impacts to      Amazon Watch leads a Peruvian dele-
to Houston to intervene at the auc-        biodiversity as a result of the gas proj-   gation to Washington DC to meet
tion—calling attention to new blocks       ect. Initially demanded by Amazon           with senior officials from the World
superimposed on territories of isolated    Watch and affected communities as a         Bank, IDB and US Export-Import
indigenous peoples and protected           means of independently assessing the        Bank, to discuss pending loans to
areas. The team meets with the head        project’s negative impacts, the audit       Camisea. Bank executives are left in
of Perupetro and communicates              serves as a rubber stamp for pushing        no doubt that Camisea is a harmful
directly with potential corporate          forward with financing for the second       project that should not be receiving
investors in attendance. Following         phase of Camisea, despite unresolved        any public financing. Despite our
these interventions, the Peruvian gov-     problems with the first phase.
                                                                                       efforts, including an in-depth feature
ernment moves to exclude three terri-
                                                                                       story in the Wall Street Journal, the
torial reserves for isolated indigenous    September                                   banks succumb to political pressure
peoples from the auction – a small vic-
                                           The IDB, the World Bank’s                   from Hunt Oil and approve over $1
tory for the protection of these vulner-
                                           International Financial Corporation         billion in taxpayer-backed loans to
able peoples.
                                           (IFC) and the US Export-Import Bank         Phase II of the gas project. Although
                                           carry out a biased due diligence            this is a major setback, pressure from
March                                                                                  our delegation forces the banks to
                                           process for over $1 billion in additional
Amazon Watch staff attends the IDB         loans to the Camisea project. In            stipulate key environmental loan con-
annual board meeting in Guatemala          response, Amazon Watch commissions          ditions, including the creation of an
City, meeting with Bank directors and      a technical report examining major          independent Peruvian environmental
executives, while talking with journal-    environmental and social problems           protection agency.
                                       Benjamin Bratt, Daryl Hannah and Q'orianka Kilcher join the Achuar rally outside Occidental Petroleum's AGM (Saskia Kilcher)

           This program focuses on supporting the Achuar people of Northern Peru in chal-
           lenging new oil concessions on their ancestral territories and forcing Occidental
NORTHERN   Petroleum (Oxy) and Pluspetrol to clean up the toxic mess they created on Achuar
           lands. During its 30 years in the region, Oxy dumped over 9 billion barrels of toxic
    PERU   production waters directly into the rainforest and, in 2000, sold the operation to
           Pluspetrol. Now the Achuar are fighting for justice, demanding that Oxy and
PROGRAM    Pluspetrol clean up the mess and compensate affected communities. During 2007,
           Amazon Watch’s collaboration with the Achuar to stop new oil concessions reached
           new heights. Our work succeeded in forcing Oxy and ConocoPhillips to pull out of
           oil blocks 64, 101, and 104 within the Achuar’s rainforest homelands. Sadly, Hunt
           Oil, Petrolifera and Pluspetrol signed several new oil lease agreements with the
           Peruvian Government that the Achuar declared in violation of their land rights. With
           support from Amazon Watch and Peruvian allies, the Achuar continued to challenge
           all new oil drilling while demanding redress for past harm.
May                                       CEO Ray Irani over his company’s                           headlines, including in British newspa-
                                          refusal to right a historic wrong. Apu                     per the Guardian, when they formally
The foundations laid in 2006 for our      Tomas Maynas Carijano, an Achuar                           file a lawsuit against Oxy in Los
Northern Peru program bear fruit in       elder, tells Dr. Irani: “We are dying                      Angeles Superior Court, alleging egre-
2007, as an Achuar delegation attends     because of the contamination you                           gious harm, including the destruction
Oxy’s annual general meeting for          caused in our lands. We cannot eat                         of their way of life. The lawsuit comes
shareholders in Santa Monica and files                                                               after much collaborative work by
a lawsuit against the company in Los                                                                 Amazon Watch, which subsequently
Angeles Court. On May 3, Amazon                                                                      becomes a plaintiff, joining the original
Watch, EarthRights International and                                                                 24 Achuar who filed the class action.
Racimos de Ungurahui release an in-                                                                  The lawsuit’s first hearing is scheduled
depth report entitled “A Legacy of                                                                   for 2008.
Harm: Occidental Petroleum in
Indigenous Territory in the Peruvian                                                                 Amazon Watch and the Achuar travel
Amazon.”                                                                                             to Houston to attend ConocoPhillips’s
                                                                                                     annual shareholder meeting and
Based on information gathered by a                                                                   receive the news that the company
2006 fact finding delegation to the                                                                  has relinquished nearly half of block
                                                              Oil flare (Maria Ramos/Amazon Watch)
region, including a doctor, nurse,                                                                   104, located within Achuar territory.
lawyers, soil scientist, agronomist,      the fish; we cannot drink the water. It’s                  The company admits to the Wall
environmental engineer, and chemist,      all toxic. You, Oxy, need to clean up                      Street Journal that it pulled out of this
the report details elevated levels of     the mess you left.” For the first time in                  area following opposition by the
lead and cadmium in the Achuar’s          Amazon Watch’s experience of attend-                       Achuar and Amazon Watch.
blood. It also finds that Oxy had vio-    ing Oxy shareholder meetings, the
lated various national and internation-   mood of the investors appears to be                        December
al laws and norms, and is therefore       turning against company management
vulnerable to legal action within the                                                                The Wall Street Journal publishes a
                                          and in favor of the Achuar, with several
                                                                                                     critical article examining Hunt Oil’s
US. The study receives coverage in        shareholders asking Dr. Irani what he
                                                                                                     operations in Peru, including in Achuar
the UK Independent newspaper,             proposes to do about the Achuar’s
                                                                                                     territory. Also in December,
among others.                             complaints. The confrontation is cov-
                                                                                                     Occidental Petroleum formally pulls
                                          ered by the Los Angeles Times,
Two days later, at Oxy’s shareholder                                                                 out of blocks 64 and 101 in Achuar
                                          among other media.
meeting, the Achuar and celebrity sup-                                                               territory in Peru. The blocks are trans-
porters including Benjamin Bratt and      Five days later, the Achuar, with                          ferred to minority partner, Canada-
Daryl Hannah directly confront Oxy        Amazon Watch’s support, again make                         based Talisman Energy.
                                                                                  U’wa indigenous leader (Terrence Freitas)

          As the Colombian government and its oil     Colombian government, to encourage
          company, Ecopetrol, continue to covet the   Ecopetrol to give up its attempts to enter
          oil beneath the indigenous U’wa people’s    ancestral U’wa territories.
   U’WA   land, the U’wa’s need for the support of
                                                      As part of this campaign, Amazon Watch
          Amazon Watch is greater than ever. In
                                                      works to leverage its contacts with inter-
DEFENSE   2007, Amazon Watch staff visits Colombia
                                                      national groups and with individual
          to strategize with the U’wa leadership
                                                      donors to facilitate financial backing for
PROJECT   about how best to meet the threat from
                                                      the U’wa. We sponsor activities by the
          Ecopetrol and the armed groups making
                                                      National Indigenous Organization of
          incursions on U’wa territory.
                                                      Colombia (ONIC) including national
          Amazon Watch also channels funds to         speaking tours enabling U’wa leaders to
          the U’wa to allow them to hold a commu-     travel to other parts of Colombia, mobi-
          nity assembly, conduct national speaking    lizations of larger groups of U’wa at
          tours and meet key indigenous and legal     national events for indigenous and
          allies within Colombia. Amazon Watch        human rights, and international advocacy
          continues to organize a grassroots cam-     trips to Washington, DC and and Latin
          paign, including writing letters to the     America.

                                                            Women in U’wa village (Terrence Freitas)            Overlooking the U’wa cloudforest territory (Terrence Freitas)

July                                     national meeting of indigenous people                         Colombian Ambassador to the US,
                                         in Machiques, Venezuela. Positive out-                        Carolina Barco.
Amazon Watch sends three staff mem-
                                         comes include U’wa leadership devel-
bers on a field mission to Bogotá. The
                                         opment and strengthening solidarity                           December
team strategizes with U’wa
                                         among indigenous groups across the
Association leaders and with repre-                                                                    Amazon Watch supports and accom-
                                         Colombia–Venezuela border as well as
sentatives of the UDP’s three partner
                                         the reunion of Colombian U’wa and                             panies a delegation of 35 U’wa com-
groups, ONIC, Fundación Hemera,
                                         Venezuelan U’wa.                                              munity leaders at the 25th anniversary
and Censat. We collectively assess
the current situation in Colombia and                                                                  congress of the National Indigenous
plan our campaign for the rest of the    November                                                      Organization of Colombia – ONIC, in
year.                                    Amazon Watch creates direct pres-                             Ibague, Tolima. U’wa leaders maintain
                                         sure against the planned entry of                             a high profile, garnering national soli-
September                                Colombian state-run oil company                               darity for their campaign among other
Amazon Watch provides financial sup-     Ecopetrol onto U’wa ancestral territo-                        indigenous federations.
port for 16 U’wa leaders and commu-      ry, activating grassroots supporters of
nity members to attend a three day bi-   the U’wa to send a letter to the

NASA satellite image of the Amazon rainforest (Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC)                                     Tucurui dam, Brazil (Atossa Soltani/Amazon Watch)

Climate Change                                                                                                   IIRSA
With deforestation accounting for roughly 20 percent of all                                                      In 2007, Amazon Watch increasingly focused on IIRSA (the
greenhouse gas emissions, it is easy to see why scientists                                                       Spanish and Portuguese acronym for the Integration of
are sounding the alarm bell regarding the accelerating inter-                                                    Regional Infrastructure in South America scheme), a region-
play between climate change and rainforest destruction in                                                        al meta-development blueprint that would leave vast areas
the Amazon basin. Amazon Watch is increasingly monitor-                                                          of pristine Amazon rainforest open to industrialization.
ing and publicizing this problem and advocating long-term                                                        Amazon Watch discussed IIRSA with officials from the
solutions, including the declaration of de jure and de facto                                                     Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) at the bank’s
rainforest reserves and indigenous territories off-limits to                                                     annual meeting in Guatemala City, while also catalyzing
the extractive industries. We believe that preserving and                                                        debate and coordination among South American partners
protecting the Amazon rainforest, for which Amazon Watch                                                         and communities. Amazon Watch published detailed infor-
has been campaigning for more than a decade, perfectly                                                           mation on a number of key IIRSA projects, including the
complement the broader policy solutions now urgently                                                             Madeira River dam complex, and led several strategy meet-
required to stop global warming. We also believe that any                                                        ings with partner organizations. As a result of this ground-
international agreement to curtail deforestation must strictly                                                   work, Amazon Watch will be hiring a full-time campaigner in
adhere to international law and respect the collective rights                                                    2008 to focus exclusively on Brazil and IIRSA.
of indigenous peoples as enshrined in the UN Declaration
for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples adopted by the United
Nations General Assembly in September 2007.

Statement of Financial Activity                                                                                  Organizations    Investment and
                                                                                                                 & Businesses      Other Income
                                                                                               Individual Donors     7%
January 1 to December 31                                           2007             2006                                                3%
INCOME                                                                                                                               Foundation Grants
Foundation Grants                                             252,328             243,758       Funds for                                  31%
Foundation Grants                                                                              Amazonian
Temporarily Restricted                                        201,352             476,667        Groups
Funds for Amazonian Groups                                    111,005              88,388         14%
Individual Donors                                             175,281             126,601
Organizations & Businesses                                     53,560              66,597
Investment and Other Income                                    27,165              10,791
Unrealized Loss on Investments                                                      (388)
TOTAL INCOME                                                $820,691            $1,012,414                                        Foundation Grants
                                                                                                                                 Temporarily Restricted
                                                                                              INCOME 2007                               25%
Programs Services                                             570,584             446,007
Grants to Groups in the Amazon                                136,097              89,538
Total Program Services                                        706,681             535,545
Management                                                     53,551              50,429
Fund Development                                              116,527             104,044

TOTAL EXPENSES                                               $876,759            $690,018
                                                                                                                   6%              Fund Development
Net Income                                                 $(56,068)             $322,396        Grants to Groups                        13%
                                                                                                  in the Amazon
Net Assets on January 1                                     $474,409             $152,013              16%

Net Assets on December 31                                   $418,341             $474,409

Net Assets on Dec 31 Include:
Cash Assets                             189,164                                    116,493                          Program Services
Short-term Investments                   30,405                                                                           81%
Prepaid Rent                               7,452                                     6,568
Grants Receivable                       161,200                                    340,300
Net Equipment Assets                       8,400                                     4,520
Other: Stock Donations, Interest Earned 24,229                                      10,280
Less: Accounts Payable                   (2,206)                                    (3,752)

TOTAL NET ASSETS                                            $418,644             $474,409     EXPENSES 2007
Note: This report is based on the 2006 and 2007 audited financial statements.
Amazon Watch                                SPECIAL THANKS TO
Atossa Soltani        Mitchell Anderson     Contract Staff and Consultants
Founder and           Corporate
Executive Director                          Celia Alario                Sue Goranson, CPA          Leslie Morava
                                            Nadia Allami                Tom Griffiths              John Parnell, Wavebridge
Jennifer DeLury       Campaigner
                                            Greg Bernstein              Zachary Hurwitz               Communications
Ciplet                Maria Lya Ramos       Luis Eduardo Cisneros       Kellie Kemp                Henry Pilares
Associate Director    Southern Amazon          Mendez                   Ariel Lopez                Bill Powers
Paul Paz y Miño       Program Coordinator   E-Tech International        Marianne Manilov           Radical Designs
Managing Director
                      Andrew Miller         Design Action               David Matchett
Simeon Tegel          Environmental and
Director of           Human Rights
Communications        Campaigner
Thomas Cavanagh       Andrew Fandino
Technical and         U'wa Defense
                                            Our Partners in the Amazon
Financial Manager     Project Coordinator   We offer special thanks to all of our Amazonian partners who stand on
Kevin Koenig          Elisa Bravo           the frontlines of this struggle for life, land and dignity. We are honored to
Northern Amazon       Research, Finance     stand with them.
Program Coordinator   and Development       Accion Ecologica             Derechos Ambiente y         NAE
Leila Salazar Lopez   Associate             AIDESEP                         Recursos Naturales       OilWatch
Clean Up Ecuador                            AsoU’wa                      FECONACO                    ONIC
Organizer                                   ATI                          FENAP                       ORACH
                                            CEDIA                        FIPSE                       ORAU
                                            CENSAT Agua Viva             FICSHE                      Racimos de Ungurahui
Board of              Ambassadors           COIAB                        Fundacion Hemera            Selva Viva
Directors                                   COICA                        Frente de Defensa de la     Shinai
                      Antoine Bonsorte
Andrew Beath                                COMARU
                      Cary Elwes                                         Fundacion Pachamama
Treasurer                                   Comunidad de Sarayaku
                      Daryl Hannah
Dee Dominguez
                      Bianca Jagger
Jonathan Frieman
                      Q'orianka Kilcher
                      Youth Ambassador
Lisa Henderson                              International Organizations and Businesses Allies
                      John Quigley
Ken Larson                                  Amazon Alliance             InkWorks Press              Project Bandaloop
                      Zoe Tryon
Daniela Meltzer                             Alter Eco Fair Trade        International Forum on      Rainforest Action Network
                                            Amnesty International          Globalization            Rainforest Information Center
                      Executive             As You Sow                  International Rivers        Rainforest Foundation UK
Jeff Mendelsohn
                      Director's            Earth Economics             LowePro                     Save America’s Forests
                                            Earth Island Institute      MoFilms                     Spectral Q
Jonas Minton          Leadership
                                            EarthRights International   New Leaf Paper              Witness
Ana Maria Murillo     Council
                                            EarthWays Foundation        Oxfam America               World Resources Institute
Atossa Soltani        Megan Wiese                                       The Pachamama Alliance
                                            Finding Species
Jeanne Trombly
                      Suzanne West
Collaborators, Volunteers and Hosts
Rebecca Adamson              Lou Dematteis               Sheila Laffey                Heather Rosmarin             Violeta Villacorta
Sandra Alvarez               Steven Donziger             Laura Loescher               David Rothschild             Nathalie Weemaels
Janet Anderson               Larry Fahn                  Josh Mailman                 Amelia Rudolph               Nadine Weil
Karolo Aparicio              Rabbi Dan Goldblatt         Jerry Mander                 Matthew Rudolph              Suzanne West
Evelyn Arce-White            Stephanie Gonzales          Billy Marchese               Benjamin Schonbrun           Audrey Wells
Moira Birss                  Rev. Steve Harms            Victor Menotti               Kayana Scymczak              Megan Wiese
Benjamin Bratt               Daryl Hannah                Laura Miller                 John Seed                    Deborah Zierten
Peter Bratt                  Paul Hawken                 Esai Morales                 Kurt Soderling               Zara Zimbardo
Mark Brown                   Randy Hayes                 Amanda Moran                 David Solnit
Adam Browning                Marika Holmgren             Sarah Nicholson              Ashkan Soltani
Mike Brune                   Tamar Hurwitz               Martin O’Brien               Roxana Soltani
Kenny Bruno                  Q’orianka Kilcher           Lora O’Connor                Daniel Susott
Andre Carothers              Saskia Kilcher              Robbie Proctor               Stuart Townsend
Michelle Chan-Fishel         Lauren Klein Hayes          John Radzik                  Lynn and Bill Twist
David Ciplet                 Todd Laby                   Mark Randazzo                Thomas Van Dyck

Jaguar                              The Moriah Fund                    Raj and Helen Desai                  Funding Exchange
$100,000 and Up                     The Overbrook Foundation           Polly Howells                        Heidi Gifford
Blue Moon Fund                                                         Fineprint Software                   Beth Klein
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation     Pink River Dolphin                 First Giving Zoe Tryon Walk Fund     Todd Laby
The Sigrid Rausing Trust            $10,000 to $24,999                 Latin America Fund—Combined          Ken Larson
                                    Faro Foundation                       Federal Campaign                  Matthew May/May Realty
                                                                       Oxfam America                        Mertz Gilmore Foundation
Harpy Eagle                         Flora Foundation
                                    Jacqueline Pratt                   Public School 321 PTA NYC            John and Jincy Nielson
$50,000 to $99,999
                                    Kohn, Swift & Graf                 Tebtebba Foundation                  Daniel Nord
Wallace Global Fund
                                    Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation       Vitaquest                            Jenny Overman
                                    Mental Insight Foundation                                               Pachamama Alliance
Anaconda                                                               Kapok Tree
$25,000 to $49,999                  Megan and Russell Wiese                                                 Daniel Pelsinger
                                                                       $1,000 to $4,999                     Tracey Petersen
                                    The Mailman Foundation
                                    Tides Foundation / Tom Bennigson   Irwin & Rita Blitt                   Quest
American Jewish World Service
                                                                       Barbara Bosson                       Rainforest Action Network
Atticus Foundation
                                    Spider Monkey                      Eldy Bratt                           Peter Rosmarin
Conservation, Food & Health
                                    $5,000 to $9,999                   CaliBamboo / Jeffrey Goldberg        Atossa Soltani
                                    Anonymous Donor                    Jonas M. Minton & Julie Carrasco     Trillium Asset Management /
Levi Strauss Foundation
                                                                          Minton                                Randall P. Rice
Rudolf Steiner Foundation           Marie Bitetti
                                                                       Jose Luis Cortizo                    Nadine Weil
Francis Tansley                     Benjamin Bratt
                                                                       Environmental Defense                Frederick Welty
The Max and Anna Levinson           Harriet Crosby
                                                                       Jonathan Frieman                     World Resources Institute
   Foundation                       EarthWays Foundation / John Seed

Tree Frog                             Andre Carothers                        Sorina Igreti                         Jimeno Rodriguez
$500 - $999                           Linda and Ron Cavanagh                 International Forum on                Heather Rosmarin
Francisco Borges                      Henry Chalfant                            Globalization                      David Rothschild
Drucilla Haskin                       Jenny Chartoff                         Lori L. Kemp                          Jenny Rudolph
Michael Hirschhorn                    Cheeseman’s Ecology Safaris            Dorka Kheen                           Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph
Richard Lewis                         Milton and Carolyn Ciplet              Julie Kirsner                         Revi Schlesinger
Rusell Long                           Liane Collins                          Lauren Klein                          AnoreShaw
Jeff Mendelsohn                       Kevin Connelly                         Verna Kuo                             Gabrielle Shubert
Mark and Jamie Myers                  Gary Cook                              Keith P. Laby                         John Shurtz
Shannon Wright and Todd Paglia        Custom Direct                          Chun Lai                              Beth Singer
Paul and Betsy Zeger                  Mary C. Dalton                         NM Langeborn                          Brian Stanley
Carl Page                             Davis Family Trust                     Eric Leenson                          Marie-Elisabeth Steindamm
Perforce Foundation                   Mark Decena                            Pauline Leonard                       Stephen Stewart
                                      Jennifer DeLury Ciplet                 Linda C. Lye                          Daniel Susott
River Spirits                         Dolphin Foundation                     Elizabeth Martin                      The Susan Sarandon Charitable
$100 to $499                          Earth, Wind and Raider                 Linette Martinez                         Foundation
                                      Eleventeen Productions                 Patrick McCully                       Robert Tindall
Stan Adler
                                      Lawrence E. Fahn                       Patrick McDaniel                      Jeanne Trombly
Michael and Janet Anderson
                                      Fidelity Charitable Foundation         P McEvoy                              Bill and Lynne Twist
Karolo Aparicio
                                      Scott Fitzmorris                       Kerry McKee                           United Way Inc.
April & Co.
                                      Heidi Flagg                            Brian Mckeon                          David Usner
Aria Foundation
                                      Anne Frans Van Vlieti                  Imke Meier                            Behrouz Vafa
Sheldon Baker & Karena Dillon
                                      David Freeman                          Nadine C. Mellor                      Michael VanDam
Yelda Basar Moers
                                      Frey Vineyards                         Daniela and Adam Meltzer              Maria Verdesoto
Barbara Bernard
                                      Al Gedicks                             Enrique Mendoza                       Sheila M. Verna
Kenneth Berstein
                                      Robert Goodland                        Larry Messer                          Wendy Volkman
Gerlad S. Blakley
                                      Parameswaran Gopikrishnan              Ana Maria Murillo                     Stuart Weinstein
Ted Boerner
                                      Green Planet Films                     Jeffrey Newman                        Marc Weiss
Colleen Bolton
                                      Aurora Guerrero                        Martha Nicholson                      Yisrael Welcher
Patrick Bonner
                                      Allen R. Gunn                          Karen I. Nyhus                        Greg Wendt
June Brashares
                                      Woodland Hastings                      Patricia Oliansky                     Claudia Wheeler-Rappe
Joel Braun
                                      Jeffrey Hertz                          Lucky Otting                          Clinton D. Wilder
Adam Browning
                                      Greg Hetson                            Sheridian Pauker                      Wilks Family Foundation
Scott Bryan
                                      Eric Hoffman                           Nancy E. Pfund                        Witness
Kelley Buestad
                                      Marika Holmgren                        Robert Plattner                       Marcus Yoder
Jennifer Burroughs
                                      Tamar Hurwitz                          Paul Preston                          Gina Zappia
Marlena A. Byrne
                                      I Do Foundation                        Tao Radoczy                           Zion Christian Church
Ann Capitan
                                                                             Mark Randazzo

And a very special thanks to our hundreds of grassroots supporters whose contributions help make our critical work possible.
                                                                               Back Cover: Achuar community in the Pastaza region of Peru (Nathalie Weemaels)

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