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									The Future of Construction in France to 2014

This report is the result of Company’s extensive market, company and deals research covering
the French construction industry. It provides detailed analysis of both historic and forecast
construction industry values, at market and category level, analysis of the leading companies in
the industry, and an annual review of major events in the industry from the previous 12 months.
With a combination of textual commentary, analysis, data tables and charts, the report covers the
following markets:

Commercial Construction
Industrial Construction
Infrastructure Construction
Institutional Construction
Residential Construction

Data for the historic years (2005-2008), full year 2009, forecasts from 2009 through 2014 along
with growth rates is provided. The performance of each construction market is analysed. Latest
news on construction industry and markets is also provided. Also included the top construction
industry company profiles.

analysis of individual construction markets and categories including full year 2009 market value
and forecasts till 2014
supporting text on current year performance and forecast assumptions for each construction
market and category
latest industry, market and category news
Profiles of top construction companies in the country

Reasons To Buy
Why buy this Report?

• Gain insight into French construction industry with current, historic and forecast market values
• Get insight on key markets of the French construction industry along with the breakup of
categories with which markets are made up of
• Identify top companies of the French construction industry along with profiles of all those
• Gain knowledge on major annual events in the industry from the previous 12 months.

Key Highlights


During 2004-07, the French construction industry grew at a CAGR of 9.69%, resulting from
easier access to credit for mortgages; extended loan durations and lower down-payment
requirements. However, the global recession led to a decline in construction value by 2.3%
during 2008. The French construction industry experienced recovery with a growth of 5.2% in
2009, backed by the large-scale infrastructure investments by the government. President Nicolas
Sarkozy unveiled a stimulus plan worth US$32,900 million in December 2008 for the faltering
French economy. The stimulus plan allocated US$15,400 million for infrastructure, research, and
support for local authorities. This plan included US$5,800 million investments for state-owned
rail, energy, and including a focus to speed up projects such as a fast speed train link in western
France. Further, in February 2009 the government unveiled a series of measures totaling
US$34,000 million to support the economy.

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