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					   SiGe, Ge, & Related                     Symposium Topics                                    6.Strain Engineering
                                      The Fourth International SiGe, Ge, & Related             Relaxed SiGe buffer layers, pseudomorphic
  Compounds: Materials,               Compounds: Materials, Processing, and Devices            SiGe, superlattices, embedded SiGe, Ge
                                      Symposium is part of the Fall 2010 ECS                   condensation, SSOI, SGOI substrates, global
 Processing, and Devices              conference to be held in the Riviera Hotel Las           strain, local / process-induced strain, strain
                                      Vegas, Nevada from October 10-15, 2010. This             characterization, strain modeling & simulation,
      Symposium                       meeting will provide a forum for reviewing and           defects, manufacturing issues.
                                      discussing all materials and device related              7. Surfaces and Interfaces
                                      aspects of SiGe, Ge, Related Compounds (eg               High K interface, Metal Contact, Interfacial
                                      SiC). There are 9 areas of interest for the              electrical properties and its characterization.
                                      Symposium described below:                               Electro-mechanical properties of SiGe layers,
                                      1. Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors                    MEMs, TFTs,
                                      Device physics, process technology, modeling
                                                                                               8. Germanium and Related Compounds
                                      issues, reliability, and circuit applications (analog,
                                                                                               Novel Structures Growth         (Si:C, III-V on
                                      digital, and RF to mm-wave).
                                                                                               Ge/SiGe), Strain, Devices, Defects, Diffusion,
                                      2. FET Technology                                        Dielectric Deposition, Surface Effects
                                      SSCMOS, SiGe FET structures, SiGe HEMTs,                 9. Emerging Applications
                                      SiGe MODFETs, SiGe FET structures on SOI,
                                      RTD, Ge-FETs, Low voltage, & low power                   Nano-structured devices, quantum computing,
                                                                                               THz devices, electro-mechanical properties of
                                      3. Optoelectronics                                       SiGe layers, MEMs, TFTs, amorphous SiGe
                                      Detectors, W aveguides, Quantum cascade                  layer applications.
                                      structures, Photovoltaic cells,                          Special Evening Workshop Session
                                      Photoluminescence, Electroluminescence,
                                      Integration with CMOS electronics, Ge buffers            A Panel of experts will discuss issues related
                                      for III-V Optoelectronics on Si, monolithic              to a topic in SiGe, Ge, or Related Compunds
     Las Vegas, Nevada                optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs).
                                                                                                 Conference & Symposium
                                                        4. Epitaxy
     October 10-15, 2010              Surface preparation of Si, SiGe and Ge for low                     Details
                                      thermal budget Epitaxy; Growth of all kinds of
The SiGe, Ge, & Related Compounds                                                              Conference Fees and Registration
                                      group IV epitaxial layers: graphene, Si, Ge, SiC,
                                                                                               The SiGe, Ge, & Related Compounds
 Symposium is part of the Fall 2010   SiGe, SiGe:C, GeSn, SiGeSn. Novel growth
                                                                                               Symposium is part of the Fall 2010
                                      techniques, precursors, tools; Selective growth;
   218th Electrochemical Society      Novel in-situ doping approaches; Growth of III-V         Electrochemical Society Conference.
              Meeting                 on SiGe layers or Ge; Quantum wire/dot growth.           Registration and Hotel arrangements must be
                                                                                               booked through the ECS (see
                                      5. Processing
   Abstract Submission                All aspects of processing including diffusion,
                                                                                               SiGe & Ge Symposium Details
         Deadline                     oxidation, strain, thermal mixing, and defects.
                                      Impurity diffusion and diffusion suppression, Si
                                                                                               For the latest symposium details please see the
                                                                                               Symposium website at: The
                                      and Ge intermixing, Oxidation and Nitridation,
       April 22nd, 2010               Cleaning and etching of SiGe, Ge, and SiGeC
                                                                                               Symposium website is maintained by John
                                                                                               Boquet (
   Instructions for Authors                           Organizing Committee                                 Organizing Committee
                                                      General Committee                                  Processing Committee
Abstract Paper Submission                                                                                B. Tillack, Chair (IHP, TU Berlin, Germany)
                                                      J. Murota, (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Authors must submit an ECS abstract (using the                                                           C.-W. Liu (National Taiwan University)
                                                      HBT Committee                                      M. Miyao (Kyushu University, Japan)
ECS provided template) to the Electrochemical         M. Östling, Chair (KTH, Sweden)                    J.C. Sturm (Princeton University, USA)
Society Website. The ECS website will be open         J. Cressler, (Georgia Tech, USA)                   E. Hijzen (NXP Semiconductors, Belgium)
for abstract submission to the SiGe, Ge, &            A. Chantre (STMicroelectronics, France)            D. Dutartre (STMicroelectronics, France)
Related Compounds Symposium from December             J. Osten (University of Hannover, Germany)
                                                      D. Knoll (IHP, Germany)                            Strain Layers Committee
27 to April 22nd, 2010. Please note that this                                                            S. Bedell, Chair (IBM, USA)
deadline is earlier than the general ECS              K. Washio (Hitachi, Japan)
                                                      A. Joseph (IBM, USA)                               D. Houghton (AdvanceSis, UK)
conference deadline. All authors, invited and                                                            V. Moroz (Synopsys, USA)
                                                      G. Niu (Auburn University, USA)
contributed, must submit an ECS abstract and a                                                           C. Mazure (SOITEC, France)
                                                      FET Committee
Proceedings manuscript both to the ECS website                                                           R. Loo (IMEC, Belgium)
                                                      Y.C. Yeo, Chair (University of Singapore,
by the respective submission deadlines. Details       Singapore)                                         K. Uchida (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
are at the Symposium website (       K. Rim, (IBM, USA)                                 Surfaces and Interfaces Committee
                                                      T. Tezuka (MIRAI-ASET, Japan)                      S. Miyazaki, Chair (Hiroshima U. Japan)
                                                      J. Hoyt (MIT, USA)                                 S. Zaima (Nagoya University, Japan)
                                                      T. Skotnicki (STMicroelectronics, France)          E. Garfunkel (Rutgers University, USA)
   Abstract Submission deadline:                                                                         V. Le Than. (CRMS-N/CNRS, France)
                                                      S. Deleonibus (LETI, France)
           April 22nd, 2010                           K. De Meyer (IMEC, Belgium)                        A. Nishiyama (Toshiba Co., Japan)
                                                      A. Thean (IBM, USA)                                Related Compounds Committee                            Optoelectronics Committee                          A. Reznicek, Chair (IBM, USA)
                                                      G. Masini, Chair (Luxtera, USA)                    E.A. Fitzgerald (MIT, USA)
                                                      Y. Kang, (Intel, USA)                              M. Bauer (ASM, USA)
Proceedings Manuscript Submission                     J. Liu, (MIT, USA)                                 Y. Cho (AMAT, USA)
The Symposium Proceedings will be available at        J. Xia, (Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan)   SiGe Workshop
the time of the Symposium and will serve as the       Y. Ishikawa, (University of Tokyo, Japan)          S. Koester, Chair (University of Minnesota, USA)
digest of technical papers. All regular and invited   A. Vonsovici, (Argessus Photonics, UK)             M. Caymax, (IMEC, Belgium)
paper authors will need to submit a full-length       G. Capellini, (Universite Roma Tre, Italy)         K. Rim (IBM, USA)
manuscript to the Electrochmical Society website      Epitaxy Committee                                  Publications Chair
                                                      M.R. Caymax, Chair (IMEC, Belgium) Detailed instructions and                                                           John Boquet
                                                      J.M. Hartmann (LETI, France)
templates for the preparation of the Manuscript       S. Thomas (ASM, USA)                               IBM, Essex Junction, VT 05452, USA
may be found at the ECS Website open for              Y. Kunii (Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Japan)
submission May 28th. Note that the Proceedings        M. Sakuraba (Tohoku University, Japan)             Phone +1-802-769-5658
Manuscript     must    be    submitted    to    the   Y. Kim (AMAT, USA)                                 Symposium Organizer
Electrochemical Society website.                      Emerging Applications Committee                    David Harame
                                                      T. Krishnamohan, Chair (Intel, USA)                IBM, Essex Junction, VT 05452, USA
        Proceedings Manuscript                        S. Koester, (University of Minnesota, USA)
         Submission deadline:                         E. Tutuc, (University of Texas Austin, USA)
                                                                                                         Phone +1-802-769-9231
                                                      M. Eriksson, (University of Wisconsin, USA)
            June 25th, 2010,                          D. Paul, (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK)