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									skin rejuvenation using gentle laser stimulation


       Phone (02) 9327 8544 or (02) 9386 5051
       189 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, NSW 2025
          the scheibner Centretm -
Gentle Laser treatments and so much more...

R e a lise Your Inherent Beauty

        rejuvenate ..... your Face
     regenerate ..... your appearance
         revitalise .... your skin
         restore .... your Beauty
          regain .... your Youth
        remodel .... your thinking
           reinvent .... Yourself
          reach .... for the stars
                           E t e r n a l l y Yo u n g
 What can ‘eternally Young’                       tM

 Laser treatments do for me?
        1. reverse the signs of ageing
           2. reverse sun-damage
     3. slow down the acceleration of the
          ageing process of your skin
                If you have:
      sun-damaged skin - skin Cancers
    Wrinkles - acne scarring - active acne
  Pigmentation - accident scars - Burn scars
 surgical scars - Broken Capillaries - rosacea
     redness - large Pores - stretchmarks
   sun-spots - age spots - Wound Healing
     the scheibner CentretM can address
        all of these skin conditions in
     one full-face gentle laser treatment.

“eternally Young”tm treatments at the scheibner
Centretm involve a gentle and safe method
of gentle laser stimulation, stimulating the
deeper dermal layers of skin and repairing
the deeper tissues without removal of any
skin and without loss of pigmentation. the
collagen restructuring begins immediately.
over time the collagen rebuilds and repairs,
re-elasticising, tightening and ‘lifting’ the skin.

“eternally Young”tm gentle laser stimulation
treatments are not to be confused with laser
resurfacing. laser resurfacing burns off the upper
layers of skin in a puff of smoke often leaving
the skin thinned out with scarring and loss of
For an appointment please call 02 9327 8544
         For more information see                      1
    the scheibner Centretm

    the scheibner Centretm is the first full-time laser dermatology centre
    in the world, founded in 1983 in sydney australia by Dr. adrianna

    the scheibner Centretm specialises in a unique technique of gentle
    laser rejuvenation of facial and body skin, hands, various scars
    and reversing the effects of sun damage on skin. the best way to
    have your questions answered is to come in for an appointment
    so that we can see you in person – and can assess your skin. it is
    difficult for us to completely answer your questions just by email or
    over the phone.

    our friendly staff have all been recipients of these treatments
    themselves and fully understand the process and the changes that
    occur as a result.

    For an appointment
    please call us at 02 9327 8544 or 02 9368 5651
    189 edgecliff road, Woollahra, nsW 2025

    For more information see

scheduling a Consultation

all consultations are by appointment only and usually take about
half an hour.

Please telephone us to schedule a convenient time. Consultations
cost $75.00and are partially rebatable through medicare. You
will meet with a doctor who will review your condition and answer
any questions.

the recommended treatments and costs will be explained and
your questions and concerns answered. treatments are usually
scheduled for a later time after the initial consultation. a 50%
deposit is required at time of booking for any treatment one hour
or longer. Please give us at least 5 days notice if you are unable to
attend your appointment.

if you are coming from interstate or overseas, phone consultations
are au$100.00 and we require detailed photos and a letter or
email explaining your condition prior to your phone consultation
and cost estimate. We can then schedule your treatment to follow
your consultation when you do come into our clinic.

We would be glad to help you co-ordinate your travel and
accommodations, just let us know.

    a Brief History of Lasers

    albert einstein first conceived of
    lasers in 1917. the word laser is
    an acronym for light amplification
    by the stimulated emission of
    radiation. lasers were originally
    used in dermatology to treat portwine
    birthmarks. unfortunately because the
    lasers were used at very high powers
    in those days, they also created
    scarring in the process.

    Dr adrianna scheibner first started using medical lasers at
    sydney Hospital in 1980 under the direction of Professor William
    mcCarthy, who established the first medical laser unit in australia.
    one day in trying to help a patient who had come in with a minor
    cosmetic problem, Dr scheibner intuited a gentler laser method
    which eliminated scarring. she has since further pioneered the use
    of low level laser light to rejuvenate skin without scarring or loss
    of pigment, risks which are commonly associated with traditional
    laser resurfacing.

         Benefits of eternally Youngtm
         Laser treatments
     •     reverse sun Damage
     •     improved healing time compared to other invasive,
           resurfacing type laser procedures.
     •     eternally Youngtm collagen stimulation triggers skin
           rejuvenation without tissue loss such as with laser
     •     overall firming, rejuvenating effect.
     •     natural: no artificial collagen injections or cutting into skin.
     •     allows skin rejuvenation to body parts that were previously
           untreatable such as neck and hands.
     •     twenty five years extensive clinical experience.
     •     Can accelerate healing of scars, improve stretchmarks,
           wrinkles, large pores, birthmarks, broken capillaries, etc.
     •     Does not have thr risks associated with surgery.

Laser treatments at the scheibner Centretm

the lasers used are specifically set up to deliver laser light deep into
the dermis and stimulate the collagen layer by raising its temperature
to about 50°C to 65°C, without destroying the upper layers of the
skin. this particular type of treatment uses very low energy and a
delicate application, so the treatment takes special skill and hours
to perform. the results, however are uniquely effective and (unless
the skin is accidentally or purposefully interfered with during the
acute healing process) the skin heals, looking noticeably younger,
smoother and firmer over time.

roacutane and cortison in particular counteract the beneficial
effects of the treatment.

                                        laser light enters skin to depth
                                        as specified by colour of the
                                        light and triggers the healing
                                        of scars, wrinkles, capillaries,
                                        sun damage, etc.

Heal thyself. Literally.
in all healing, the genetic code in the cells acts as a blueprint which
the body uses as an ideal by which to heal itself. the laser light
when used in this unique manner acts as a trigger for this healing
process. stimulating the body’s own collagen and elastins. the
results are natural, reversing the effects of time and sun damage
over many months after treatment.

the skin continues to improve over twelve months or more after the
treatment. it is a subtle gradual change, but the end results can be
quite dramatic.

the treatments are suitable for women and men of all ages. in the
young (people in their twenties) as preventative and in the older
age groups for the purpose of reversing sun damage and signs
of ageing.

    Dr adrianna scheibner

    Born in Czechoslovakia, Dr scheibner
    m.B., B.s. moved to australia after the
    russian invasion in 1968 and received
    her medical degree in 1980 from
    sydney university.

    Dr scheibner has been deeply
    motivated to help others as a result of
    her own skin condition in childhood.
    she has helped tens of thousands of
    people deal with their skin problems
    since she opened the first full-time laser
    dermatology practice in 1983. she
    has written numerous articles, books and developed a complete
    line of scientifically formulated skin care products.

    Dr adrianna sceibner has perfected ground-breaking techniques
    to gently and safely rejuvenate skin. she is recognised as one
    of the foremost experts in the highly specialised field of laser

    The Essence of Beauty
    by Dr Adrianna Scheibner
    With valuable tips on skin care, how to maintain
    optimal skin and look your best. available for
    $19.95 (incl gst) plus shipping/handling.

    On The Wings of Faith
    by Dr Adrianna Scheibner
    life is a challenge! sometimes more than we
    can bear. like so many of us, i have been
    through more than my fair share of challenges!
    throughout it all, i have learnt how to deal with
    stress without losing my peace of mind. i would
    love to share my life experiences with you.

    it is with this motivation that i have written my
    life story called ‘on the Wings of Faith’.
    this paperback is available at a cost of
    $33 plus postage and handling.

    to order by credit card Phone 02 9327 8544 or email us
    your request at
    (be sure to give us your phone number).

Laser stimulated repair of sun Damage

We call it sun damage, you call it premature ageing, broken capillaries,
wrinkles, pigmentation variations, freckles, age/liver spots, large pores
and skin cancers. Wrinkles are a direct result of uV damage, usually at
an early age. With eternally Young laser treatment at scheibner Centre
much of the damage caused by the sun can be reversed.

Prevention is better than repair
People exposed to the sun in childhood will tend to have looser skin
because of sun induced collagen losses. the performance of the
gentle laser treatment in late 20’s or early 30’s will help prevent these
collagen losses and thereby prevent the appearance of wrinkles in later
years. Proper skin care maintenance is also important to help prevent
premature ageing. an ounce of prevention can save a lot of face.

after wrinkles are already in place, gentle laser treatment can still help.
the degree of improvement will depend on the number and depth of
wrinkles and skin thickness. in general, thin skin responds better than thick
skin. this is because in areas where the skin is thicker such as upper lip
or naso-labial fold more repair needs to take place and it takes longer to
see the results. it may also take more than one treatment because the lines
are deeper and more stimulation to build collagen may be needed.

    Faces treated by Laser

    Laser treatment can make you look a decade younger as well as
    slow down the acceleration of ageing. the face when treated by laser
    stimulation lifts gently. there is also reduction of unwanted blemishes,
    large pores, freckles and acne. tightening of the eyelids occurs, making
    the eyes appear larger and younger. the results are long lasting as long
    as you take care of your skin. Botoxtm can also be used to complement
    your treatment.

    Start Early to slow down ageing

    “Many times you have heard the saying “If only I could be young
    again and know what I know now.” Well, now it is a reality. ...I easily
    look fifteen years younger.”
    —Leslie R.

acne scarring treated by Laser stimulation

active acne is a heartbreaking condition. While excellent skincare
products can put active acne in check, the scars from this condition
can plague many. We have obtained excellent results in normalising
the scars with laser treatments. active acne can also be dramatically
reduced by laser stimulation.

many teenagers have oily skin and clogged pores. our Cleanser
and scrub products help both in normalising oily complexions and in
reducing bacterial levels. to learn about our skin care products, see:

active acne is usually triggered by stress. For those with chronic active acne,
we recommend Clay Masque to dry it up. Coupled with the Clarifying
Gel and stimulating cream, active acne can be normalised very quickly.

those who have had severe acne, usually have some scarring, and
skincare will not help, so it is important to prevent acne early. For those
who have used roaccutane the results can be slow to appear due
to the delayed healing and skin thinning caused by this medication.
repeat treatments are also likely to be required.

 acne rosacea and acne treatments

 acne rosacea is a common skin condition, and is often confused with
 active acne. it is actually caused by sun damage in your early years,
 showing up much later as redness and broken capillaries. Because
 the vessels enlarge over time, it is better to treat acne rosacea earlier
 rather than later.

     Acne Rosacea before and after Eternally YoungTM laser treatment

 “My whole face was bright red as I
 was suffering from (steroid induced)
 rosacea. I hated looking in the mirror
 and going out in public and I was
 only thirty years old. When I heard
 about Dr Scheibner’s treatments, I
 was sceptical although I was ready
 to give anything a try.

 ...The results are better than anything
 I could have imagined, it’s only been
 two months since I
 had the treatment and
 my face is wonderful.
 ...Thank you for giving
 me my confidence
 - Greg N.

 Pigmentation treated by Laser

 Pigmentation problems occur as a result of sun damage to skin. the body
 tries to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation by producing melanin which is
 the brown pigment in skin. the fairer and thinner the skin the more likely uV
 exposure will cause damage. When this effect occurs evenly, it is known as the
 much coveted suntan. However the uneven manifestations of this are freckles
 and age or sun spots.

                   Before and after two laser treatments.

   The photos above were taken nine years apart before and after laser
treatment. Note reduction in pore size and lack of appearance of ageing.

 “I had terrible pigmentation problems for many years. I had to cover up
 my face with thick make-up every day. Now, thanks to The Scheibner
 Centre, I have no pigmentation issues and can walk out of the house
 without make-up! Not only that, but my whole face has been rejuvenated
 by The Scheibner Centre’s unique technique. I feel fabulous! Thank you
 so much!”

 accident and surgical scars treated by Laser

 surgical scars, from reconstructive procedures if left untreated can thicken
 and stretch making them more difficult to treat as time goes by. if you are
 able to schedule the laser treatment on the same day as the surgery, the
 scarring is likely to be much less than if the scar is allowed to heal without
 this additional help.

 even very good doctors find this difficult to believe as they consider fresh
 cuts very delicate. they are, and we treat them extremely delicately. We
 have decades of clinical proof and thousands of results demonstrating the
 efficacy in treating new and old scars. if your surgeon is concerned we
 welcome the opportunity to discuss our treatments and results with them.

                            Thank you so much Dr Adrianna Scheibner for
                            healing my scars! Since my treatment with you
                            only one year ago, my scars have diminished
                            ... I never could believe I could finally let go
                            of my past and enjoy life. I can’t express how
                            emotionally meaningful this is to me.
                            Stella C.
                             eternally Youngtm treatment of accident scars - all
                                 scars are best treated as soon as possible

Burn scars treated by Laser stimulation

Burn scars are traumatic at the time, but the scars they leave can be a
constant reminder and source of emotional pain. the sooner after the
accident the scars are treated, the better and more likely they can be
resolved. even old thick scars can be reduced to a great degree by
laser stimulation, but they will require repeat treatments.

     Many burn scars require repeat treatments for full resolution
     (top images) but enormous improvement can be seen even
                    after one or two treatments.

With over two decades of experience, the scheibner Centretm has a
long track record in treating burn scars successfully.

 stretchmarks treated by Laser

 We know just how embarrassing stretchmarks can be, and we can
 help. stretchmarks are easiest to treat when they first appear in
 adolescence during the rapid growth spurt. at this early stage, they are
 red. later they settle and become whiter than normal skin because the
 skin is stretched and there are fewer pigment cells than in the normal
 surrounding skin.

 at the red stage, the improvement occurs with one or two treatments. the
 wider and whiter the stretchmarks, the more treatments are necessary to
 stimulate rehealing and resolution.

 Complete removal is difficult when the stretchmarks are wider than 1
 or 2mm.

 “I am a patient of Dr Scheibner and have been thrilled with the results
 of laser therapy for stretchmarks. After seeking help for this condition
 from many skin specialists I was continually told nothing was avail-
 able. ...It’s like a little miracle.“
 — M.G.

neck treated by Laser

neck skin firms as eternally Young laser treatments stimulate the collagen
layer and triggers the body’s own rejuvenation to repair the area, firming
and lifting the skin in the process. the skin remains looking natural. Body
skin may take more than one treatment with the gentle laser treatment
to produce the desired tightening. it is therefore best to start reversing
collagen losses earlier rather than waiting until the skin is really loose.

                   Neck skin following two treatments

                 Neck skin following one laser treatment

“It’s like getting ten treatments for the price of one. From tightening the
skin on your neck, face and eyelids to getting rid of broken capillaries,
skin discolouration, sun damage, wrinkles and freckles - you can’t get
more bang for your buck! And it’s all done in an office under local
anaesthesia. The end results? Well let’s put it this way: I don’t worry
about younger women anymore - they worry about me! “
— Margot B

 Hands treated by eternallyYoungtM Laser

 Hands tell your age - at least they used to. the thinner the skin of the
 area treated, the better the result.the overall effect of laser treatment to
 hands is smoother, better quality, tighter skin, removing the appearance
 of age spots and blemishes.

 Depending on your lifestyle and how much you use your hands, we
 normally only treat one hand at a time. to reach the degree of resolution
 you desire may take more than one treatment, and the second treatment if
 required is usually a Brt (Body rejuvenation therapy), or a medical peel.

Body rejuvenation treatment (Brt)

While laser treatments work really well on the deeper layers of the
skin, sometimes it is only the upper skin that needs treatment. We use a
specific medical strength formula of trichloroacetic acid and apply it on
areas of your skin to tighten and rejuvenate it.

sometimes it is used in conjunction with laser treatment. We may
recommend this as an alternative and less expensive way to achieve
good results. it takes less time to apply, but you basically have to go
through the same healing procedure as with the laser.

We give patients a combination of a soothing spray and moisturiser to
apply afterwards to help the skin heal faster. the results are impressive,
and the costs affordable. again, like laser treatments, the metamorphosis
phase requires patience.

Brt’s are the best way to decelerate ageing of body skin. to maintain
tightness, we recommend a Brt procedure every two years or so. if the
accumulated sun damage is moderate to severe, more than one treatment
may be required depending on the results you are after. if consecutive
treatments are required, they are separated by at least six months.

 sclerotherapy: treating unnecessary veins

 if you have varicose veins or
 spider veins, the best method of
 treatment is sclerotherapy. this
 involves injecting a concentrated
 salt solution which irritates the
 inside lining of the unwanted
 veins. this irritation results in the
 patient’s own body shrinking
 and eventually removing the
 undesirable vessels. this process almost always takes repeat sessions
 ideally spaced about 2 months apart. although needles are used, they
 are the smallest available and therefore minimally painful.

 What causes varicose veins?
 Pregnancy, standing still for long periods, heredity and hormones will
 contribute to the vessels forming. if your mother or father have these
 vessels, you are also likely to get them. as with everything, prevention is
 always better than cure. start treatments early to prevent the vessels from
 progressing to a larger size and greater extent. large veins, unlike spider
 veins do not need to be removed completely as a normal sized channel
 is needed to carry blood. in contrast, removal of the current spider veins
 needs to be complete. it will then take the next lot of vessels as long to
 grow in as it did the ones you have now. You may not need another
 treatment for 5 years or more. if the veins are not completely removed,
 they are likely to grow back as there is still something to grow into. For
 this reason, it is best to complete the session of treatments until all or most
 of the spider veins are gone.

              Before and after sclerotherapy on spider veins

Hair Products


eternally Hairtm is a shampoo and
conditioner range that is scientifically
formulated for the scheibner Centretm.
the eternally Hairtm range is enriched
with an extract from the neem Plant.
the neem herb is widely regarded as
a powerful healer and protector of the
body and hair from free radical damage.
after just one wash, your hair feels more
luxurious, stronger and revived.

neem rich shampoo and neem
rich Conditioner work together to
restore and enhance health and
vitality to hair and scalp without
harsh chemicals.

neem rich shampoo gently cleans
and conditions the hair and scalp. it
penetrates completely to deliver the
neem to your scalp, where it is most
beneficial. neem rich shampoo
helps restore moisture to your hair &
soothes scalp irritation.

neem rich Conditioner offers
superior protection and shine for
your hair and restores body, helping
to reduce split ends, resulting in
healthier, lustrous, stronger hair.

Products can be purchased online at or Phone (02) 9327 8544

 Laser Hair rejuvenation

 eternally Hairtm treatments are a breakthrough (patent pending) in the
 rejuvenation and improvement of hair quality with laser stimulation. the
 most common cause of premature hair loss is stress. if your family has
 a history of hair loss, you will be more at risk because of your genetic
 makeup. now there is a safe and effective alternative to drug use.
 this breakthrough new method involves a very low intensity laser light
 application which stimulates your hair follicles.

 Prevention of hair problems is better than cure. the most exciting part of this
 new discovery is achieving and maintaining strong healthy hair. the low
 intensity laser light appears to act as a biological activator, restoring as close
 as possible the original “blueprint” of your hair. We recommend 4 treatments
 spaced two months apart, and then twice a year for maintenance. most
 people notice stronger thicker hair within two to six weeks, and definite
 improved appearance of hair within six to eight weeks. We may also
 recommend some supplementary topical scalp applications based on
 your individual case as well as nutritional supplements which help your
 body better regenerate hair.

 Based on observations over the last five years, light stimulation also has
 the advantage of slowing down hair loss. this occurs even in people
 who have a genetic pre-disposition to male or female pattern baldness.
 the treatment feels pleasant, like warm air passing over the hair and
 scalp. most people find it pleasant enough to fall asleep. a major
 advantage is that the average number of treatments needed is much
 less than what is currently available with light sources. People with
 slight hair loss may require two to four treatments, moderate hair loss,
 four to eight treatments, whilst advanced hair loss may need eight or
 more treatments. the exact number of treatments cannot be predicted
 exactly as each individual may vary in their response. the main factor in
 response variation is stress.

                                           4 months after 1 treatment

                                           3 months after 2 treatments

                                           2 months after 3 treatments

Laser Hair rejuvenation

this represents a major advance in not only stimulating hair to grow
but also improving the quality of existing hair.

Based on observations over the last five years, the treatment also has
the advantage of slowing down hair loss. this occurs even in people who
have a genetic pre-disposition to male or female pattern baldness.

a major advantage is that the average number of treatments needed is
much less than what is currently available with light sources.

People with slight hair loss may require two to four treatments,
moderate hair loss, four to eight treatments, whilst advanced hair
loss may need eight or more treatments. the exact number of
treatments cannot be predicted exactly as each individual may vary in
their response. the main factor in response variation is stress.


     For decades patients have asked about the best way to maintain
     their new found youth and prevent further skin problems. the solution
     is eternally Youngtm skincare. We proudly offer what many of our
     patients say are just the best products they have ever tried.

     eternally Youngtm skincare products from the scheibner Centre
     are designed to replenish the natural moisturising Factor (our skin’s
     natural protection) and to protect skin from losing moisture. in this way
     it maintains a barrier both from losing water and preventing pollutants
     from entering the skin. our skin’s natural moisturising Factor production
     diminishes with age and sun damage and thus the eternally Youngtm
     skincare is an essential way to replenish your skin.

     Products include:
     moisturiser, Cleanser, scrub,
     Body lotion, sunscreen,
     Clay masque, stimulating
     Cream, Clarifying gel

22      Dramatic before & after effects from Eternally YoungTM Skincare
scheibner skincare products

Clarifying Gel
the Clarifying gel can be used as a light peel, or for pigmentation problems
or to help to dry and treat active acne. only use as advised by the doctor.
it has a convenient roller-ball applicator tip.
note: gel must be used in conjunction with the Clay masque and
stimulating Cream (for acne) and / or moisturiser (for normal skin).

stimulating Cream
the stimulating Cream contains anti-oxidants which can be used to stimulate
healing after medical procedures and maintain optimal skin (specifically
around your eyes), reducing the appearance of fine lines.

apply scheibner moisturiser to wet skin to replenish your natural moisturising
Factor (nmF). the moisturiser contains substances that act as humectants
(substances that draw moisture into the skin). this results in reduction in
wrinkles and fine lines. Derived from a natural process, the use of lactic acid
(alpha hydroxy acid) in low concentrations reduces the thickening of the
top layer of skin, enabling better and more effective absorption of moisture
through the epidermis.

Body Lotion
While our moisturiser is specifically designed for faces, your body needs
natural moisturising Factor (nmF) replacement as well. our Body lotion
which we recommend applying to moist skin in the morning and evening,
will keep the rest of your body moisturised and supple as well.

For daily use, we recommend cleansing using the scheibner Cleanser which
effectively cleans and normalises the skin. it also prevents bacterial growth
(acne). Washing with soaps can dry your skin too much. the Cleanser is
completely water soluble and leaves the face feeling soft and clean.

sun damage is the number one problem with caring for skin. For this reason
we recommend staying out of the sun. For those who must go out in the sun,
we have developed a gentle sunscreen. it is non-greasy, sPF 28, water
resistant, with excellent uV a&B protection.

exfoliate once (and no more than twice) a month in the shower. the scrub is
an excellent exfoliation treatment designed to eliminate dead skin cells and
environmental pollutants buried in the dead cell surface which blocks pores.
With regular use it will assist in stimulating new cell growth, and leave your
skin tighter with a more radiant, supple and youthful tone and texture.

Clay Masque
once a month or so use the Clay masque for deep cleaning of accumulated
oil secretions and clogged pores. also helps dry up active acne.

Products can be purchased online at
or Phone (02) 9327 8544 or (02) 9386 5051                                         23
 optimal skincare

 Women: Daily in the morning cleanse your skin with water
 (no soap) and leave skin wet. While still wet, work in a small
 amount (about the size of a pea) of moisturiser to face, neck
 and chest. then apply sunscreen to exposed areas if you will
 be in the sun. Wait five minutes and apply makeup if desired.

 evenings: use Cleanser to remove makeup. Wash with water
 (no soap) and then while skin is still wet, apply moisturiser.
 We recommend applying the stimulating Cream around the
 eyes (or areas treated by laser). Dampen skin with water (spray
 bottle or after bath) and apply Body lotion to the rest of your

 monthly: use the Clay masque after cleansing, then apply
 moisturiser. it is important to apply moisturiser to wet skin only.
 once, but not more than twice a month, use the scrub to the
 face and around the eye areas, to tighten skin and to exfoliate
 the dead skin layer. For those with sensitive skin, once a month
 is enough. always apply moisturiser after exfoliating.

 Men: Daily in the morning shave using Cleanser as a shaving
 cream. Wash thoroughly with water (no soap) and while your
 face is still wet, work in a small amount (about the size of
 a pea) of moisturiser to face (neck and hands). then apply
 sunscreen if you will be in the sun.

 monthly: once, but not more than twice a month, use the scrub
 to the face, which tightens skin and helps exfoliate the dead
 skin layer. For those with sensitive skin, once a month is enough.
 always apply moisturiser after exfoliating with the scrub.

 Teens: Care for your skin the same as above, however if
 active acne is a problem, we recommend Clay masque,
 stimulating Cream, scrub and Clarifying gel to normalise
 problem complexions.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. What does it cost?
a:   the scheibner Centre feels very strongly about keeping the
     services affordable. Because individuals vary, prices for
     procedures are given at time of consultations.

Q. is laser dermatology safe?
a:   Because the scheibner Centretm uses a delicate approach the
     tissue is not destroyed hence traditional laser complications
     such as infection are rarely seen unless the healing skin is
     accidentally (or purposefully) removed before healing is
     completed. as with all procedures, there is an element of
     risk, and like any medical procedure there are no guarantees

Q. Does it hurt?
a:   Breakthrough techniques and low energy levels mean minimal
     discomfort. in some cases, no anaesthesia is required. For
     the sensitive, pain medication or local anaesthetics are
     used to numb the areas being treated. With extensive facial
     treatments the healing period can be uncomfortable due to
     tightness and swelling for the first few days, however there
     should be no pain.

Q. Will the effects be long lasting?
a:   Yes. once your collagen has been stimulated to restructure,
     that new structure will last (unlike collagen injections), as
     long as you maintain your results with the eternally Youngtm
     scheibner skincare. in fact by reversing the sun damage the
     acceleration of ageing should stop or at least slow down.

More questions?
Call us on (02) 9327 8544
or (02) 9386 5051
or see
s k i n r e j u v e n at i o n u s i n g g e n t l e l a s e r s t i m u l at i o n
                                                                                                              sun Damage

                                                                                                              skin Cancers


                                                                                                             acne rosacea

                                                                                                             acne scarring

                                                                                                               active acne


                                                                                                                  sun spots

                                                                                                                 age spots

                                                                                                            accident scars

                                                                                                            surgical scars

                                                                                                               Burns scars


                                                                                                               Large Pores


                                                                                                           Wound Healing


                                                                                                        Hair rejuvenation


                                                                                             The Scheibner Centre
                                                                                                          Phone (02) 9327 8544
                                                                                                             or (02) 9386 5051
                                                                                      189 edgecliff road, Woollahra, nsW 2025

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