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									                           12 March 2011

   Google Docs
Documents, Spreadsheets,
  Templates and Forms
  Mary Fran Lynch
 3rd Grade Teacher

 Alta Vista School
Union School District
     San Jose
            Workshop Outline
What is Google Docs and how is it different?
Why use Google Docs?
What is included in the Google Docs Suite?
• Document
• Templates
• Spreadsheet
• Forms
• Presentation
   What is Google Docs?

• web-based program for text editing,
  spreadsheets, and presentations

• online access – anytime, anywhere
What is “the Cloud”?
What is Web 2.0?
"Despite the widespread presence of
computers, Maria's school experience isn't too
much different from her mother's experience a
little over two decades earlier. Whereas her
mother did the research through reference
books, Maria now does it online; and whereas
her mother typed out her project on a
typewriter, Maria types it on a word processor.

 Why haven't computers brought about a
 transformation in schools the way they
 have in other areas of life?"
 Clayton M Christensen, Michael B. Horn & Cuertis W Johnson,
 Disrupting Class (New York, McGraw Hill, 2008) p. 72
What Employers Look for
     in Employees
• Communication Skills

• Creativity

• Collaboration
In Classroom Instruction that
Works, Marzano lists cooperative
learning as one of the nine
"Research-Based Strategies for
Increasing Student Achievement."
Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, Jane Pollack, Classroom Instruction
that Works, Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student
Achievement (Alexandria, VA, McREI, 2001) p 8
                                      Horizon Report
                                      2009 K-12 Edition
                                      The New Media Consortium

                                      1 year or less:
                                      Cloud Computing
                                              Horizon Report
                                              2010 K-12 Edition
                                              The New Media Consortium
                                              "Increasingly, both students and their
                                              professors see the challenges facing the
                                              world as multidisciplinary, and the need
                                              for collaboration great. Over the past few
                                              years, the emergence of a raft of new (and
                                              often free) tools has made collaboration
                                              easier than at any other point in history."
     How does Google Docs help?
Because files are stored on
the internet and can be
accessed from anywhere at
anytime, by multiple users,

      Google Docs
  More Reasons to Use Google Docs
Your work is stored on Google's secure servers

       •   Flash drives
       •   No need for attachments
       •   Worries about hard drive crashes
       •   Viruses
       •   Worries about storage
       •   Always have the latest version
    Online Access for Young Students
 The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
“The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and Rule apply
to individually identifiable information about a child that is
collected online, such as full name, home address, email
address, telephone number or any other information that
would allow someone to identify or contact the child.”
Docs "at work" in Schools
Getting Started
Getting Started
             List Page
Upload existing file from your hard drive
Files that you store but don't convert to Google Docs
format can't be larger than 1 GB each.

You get 1 GB of free storage for your Google Account.
Additional storage is $.25 per GB/year.
You can also create Google documents from
the text in PDF.
 List Page
Create a new item
        Document Toolbar
Many features are the same as those
found in other text editing programs.
          Spreadsheet Toolbar
Many features are the same as those found in other
spreadsheet software.
      Presentation Toolbar
Many features are the same as those found in
other presentation software.
So, what's so special
about Google Docs?

The ability to collaborate
• online
• real-time
"Your files are, by default, set to private, but you can choose to publish them to
the Web or invite viewers. Your files will not appear in Google Web Search
results, but published files may appear in other search engines. "
       Document Features
• You can share your Document with up to 200
• Up to 50 people can edit a Document at the
  same time.
• See who else is editing at the same time.
• You can even chat with whomever is
  also viewing the document.
Real-Time Collaboration
   Spreadsheet Features
• You can share your Spreadsheet with up
  to 200 people.
• Up to 50 people can edit a
  Spreadsheet at the same time.
• See who else is editing at the same
• You can even chat with whomever is
  also viewing the document.
Real-Time Collaboration
Notification Rules
 in Spreadsheet
   Presentation Features

• You can share your Presentation
  with up to 200 people.
• Up to 10 people can edit a
  Document at the same time.
• See who else is editing at the same
Real-Time Collaboration
Revision History
 in Document
Revision History
in Spreadsheet
Revision History
in Presentation
in Document
                  in Spreadsheet

A small orange triangle will appear in
the corner indicating a comment.
Saving Student Work
Managing Files
  Saving on your Computer
Download as:

Docs: ODT, PDF, RTF, Text, Word, HTML

Spreadsheets: CSV, HTML, Text, Excel,
Open Office, PDF

Presentation: PDF, PowerPoint, Text
Sharing with a Wider Audience
  Share by including as an attachment
  in an e-mail

  Publish to the web

  Insert in your Google Site or Blog

Other Documents Features
Other Spreadsheet Features
             Other Spreadsheet Features
              Search the Internet from a cell
Still More Spreadsheet Features
       Use Google Functions
       Still More Spreadsheet Features
                 Use Google Functions

Great resource to find out more about how to use
         Still More Spreadsheet Features
            Use the Google Translate Function
Presentation Features
Online viewing with chat
      What Teachers are Saying:
              about Comments

"Oh my gosh, I love it! As a matter of fact, I
just edited someone's bibliography, in five
minutes it's all done, and no paper wasted,
and the input is given. I've been editing
their papers on the couch, watching
"Dancing with the Stars", and I can give
much better input since this is much faster
than writing."                          Alice
Baum, Dartmouth, Union School District
             What Teachers are Saying
                     about Collaboration
"It's about eleven on Monday night and I just had the MOST
AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! I have journals due through google
docs for tomorrow. So I hopped on, just to investigate what was
going on with the kiddies. At any rate, I got to reading a few of the
journals, and started writing comments and found that my kids were
editing online as I was. It was such a great experience! There were
about 10 of us each collaborating with each other and discussing
these texts. And I'm sitting here, thinking to myself, can these kids
really be having this much fun with this at eleven on a Monday
night? The answer is YES! "
Elizabeth Bagish, New Jersey
           Some Ways to Use Google Docs
                 in the Classroom

• Journaling/Journalism Class (Palo Alto High
• Essays (individual or co-edited)
• Writing portfolios
• Promote group collaboration and creativity by having
  your students record their group projects together in a
  single doc.
   o Collaborative research papers (history, geography,
   o Collaborative book reports
   o Creative writing (script writing, poetry)
• Meeting notes
   o Have colleagues take together to make sure nothing
          Some Ways to use Spreadsheet
                in the Classroom

• Grades, assignments, attendance, behavior
• Contact information
• Keep track of expenses for field trips
• Collect information on science experiments
• Collect statistics on weather patterns
• Make quizzes
• Have students enter book report data
• Have students collect data and create charts/graphs
Create a new
Edit your                       Delete the question

            Make a duplicate question





Pick a Theme
                      Sharing a Form

A Form can be
embedded in an

A Google Account is
not required

Responses can be
              Sharing a Form
Online response, just provide URL
Sharing a Form
             Sharing a Form

Embed in a
or site.
Sharing a Form
          Some Ways to Use
        Forms in the Classroom
• Homework assignment
   o book report
   o Field Trip debrief
• Lunch Count
• Gather Parent Contact information
• Multiple Choice test
• Getting to Know You
• Voting
• Anonymous Surveys
• Feedback from Parents
 Self-Correcting Quiz Using Google Forms
      Create a Master Template
• Create a Document
  o Under Share, give viewers "permission to view"
    access the document
  o The viewer can make a copy and edit it
Google Docs Website:

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    Google Docs
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