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					MBA 8993
Peer Evaluation
The attached peer evaluation form gives you the opportunity to communicate to me your
perceptions of the performance and contributions made by your team members.
Everyone must turn in a peer evaluation form to receive a final grade.

I will take into consideration the results of these forms to make adjustments to the final
credit individual team members receive for the final project. As noted on the attached
form, you will allocate 100 points across all team members, based on their relative levels
of participation. This means that in a four person team in which all contributed equally,
25 points (100/4) would be assigned to each member.

Please note that the purpose of this evaluation process is to communicate all types of
performance and contributions. Only the scores of those whose contributions were noted
as being meaningfully above or below the norm by two or more team members may have
their scores adjusted. This means that if one individual's score is increased because at
least two individuals perceived his or her contribution to be above average, the rest of the
team's score does not go down by an equal amount. Likewise, if one member's score is
decreased due to lack of contribution, the remaining member's scores are not increased by
a commensurate amount. Bottom line: you can not impact your score based on how you
score others.

Divide 100 points among all team members in accordance with your perception of their
relative effort and contribution to the team project. When giving an individual higher or
lower points than the average, provide an explanation for that difference (what specific
behaviors did you witness that resulted in your point allocation). In addition, when
giving lower points also provide a brief description of the steps that were taken by your
team to remedy the discrepancy in effort/contribution.
                  Peer Evaluation Form

Team Letter______________

1.__________________________________________(your name) Points____

2.__________________________________________ Points____

3.__________________________________________ Points____

4.__________________________________________ Points____

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