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					                       SULLIVAN COUNTY BOCES

                           Student Handbook
                              2009 – 2010

                             6 Wierk Avenue
                         Liberty, New York 12754
                           Phone: 845-295-4000
                           Fax: 845-292-8694

Revision Date: 10/09                1
       Dear Student:

            The staff at Sullivan County BOCES would like to extend a warm
       welcome to you and wish you the best for a successful school year.

             The staff looks forward to providing a strong foundation of skills and
       knowledge accompanied by a variety of hands-on activities and
       experiences to increase learning opportunities and prepare students for
       worthwhile careers. Educational success is dependent upon the
       cooperative efforts of staff and students in achieving maximum benefits
       from the experiences at Sullivan County BOCES.

             This handbook is provided to assist students in understanding the
       procedures and philosophy of Sullivan County BOCES. Please read it
       carefully and have your parent/guardian sign the last page and return it to
       your teacher. If further explanation is necessary, please do not hesitate to
       contact our staff for assistance.

             On behalf of everyone at Sullivan County BOCES, we are pleased
       you have chosen to expand your education here, and I again wish you the
       best for a successful year and future.


Revision Date: 10/09                         2

             Sullivan County BOCES is a progressive county-wide education facility
       whose mission is to increase student performance in districts and communities of
       Sullivan County, New York.
                          We will accomplish this mission through...

                         Leadership and Cooperative Services


           Preparing for a job in today’s world.
           Meeting the employment needs of the community.
           Gaining skills and knowledge to enter today’s workforce or further your
           Learning skills needed to succeed throughout your career including skills in
            problem solving, relating to others, decision-making and communication
           Meeting new people while participating in programs that can be fun and
           Offering students the opportunity to develop career awareness and the ability
            to make career educational choices.
           Achieving self-awareness and realization of self-worth through successful
            educational experiences.
           Offering students education and training in areas that traditionally have not
            been available to them.



          Each student has the right to:
           An education.
           Be involved in the planning and implementation of his/her educational
           Learn in a quiet orderly classroom, secure in the knowledge that no other
            student or group of students will interfere with the learning process.

Revision Date: 10/09                           3
           Choose how to behave, based on consequences that will follow, both
            positive and negative.
           Participate in activities on an equal basis regardless of race, color, creed,
            national origin, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation.
           Be informed of all school rules.
           Be guided by a discipline policy that is fairly and consistently implemented.


              Each student has the responsibility to:
             Attend school regularly, and to appropriately perform to the best of his/her
             Follow his/her established program.
             Know and abide by all school rules.
             Act in an appropriate manner to ensure a safe environment.
             Express himself/herself in such a manner that is sensitive and respectful to
              his/her peers and school personnel.
             Follow the appropriate due process procedure.
             Accept responsibility for his/her own actions.
             Actively discourage inappropriate behavior of other students and report the
              incidents to administration.
             Correctly identify myself promptly in a courteous manner when requested.
             Concern himself/herself with a job well done.


       All parents are expected to:
           Recognize that the education of their children is a joint responsibility of the
             parents, school, and community.
           Send their children to school ready to participate and learn.
           Ensure their children attend school regularly and on time.
           Ensure absences are legitimate and accompanied with a note upon student’s
             return to school.
           Insist their children be dressed and groomed in a manner consistent with the
             student dress code.
           Help their children understand that appropriate rules are required to maintain
             a safe, orderly environment.
           Know and support the school rules.
           Convey to their children a supportive attitude toward education.
           Build positive relationships through communication with school personnel
           Help their children deal positively with peer pressure.

Revision Date: 10/09                             4
           Inform school officials of changes in the home situation that may affect
            student conduct or performance.
           Provide a place for learning and ensure homework assignments are
           Notify school personnel of changes in phone number, address, or emergency


              Good attendance is the key to success at Sullivan County BOCES, as it is to
       succeed in obtaining a High School Diploma. Each student is expected to be on
       time and attend all classes. Students with poor attendance would have
       difficulty in getting good grades and earning credits. Continual tardiness will
       also affect your grade. Students are responsible for bringing in a note from their
       parent/guardian or physician after they have been absent.
              If you are absent your parent/guardian and your home school will be
       contacted. Home schools may not award credit for academic classes if the
       student’s attendance is especially poor.

             The following reasons for student absences from school are recognized as
       excused with supporting documentation:
                 Student illness (note from doctor if one is seen).
                 Illness or death in the student’s family.
                 Impassable roads or weather making travel unsafe.
                 Religious observance.
                 Home school transportation cancelled or late.
                 Approved school-sponsored trips or related home school activities.
                 Medical quarantine.
                 Required court appearance with documentation (official note).
                 College visit with prior approval from administration

              Any other absence is considered unexcused.


             Students arriving late must sign in and pick up a late pass at the main office
       before going to class. Excessive tardiness will not be tolerated and may lead to
       negative consequences. Students with driving privileges who are consistently
       tardy may have their driving privileges revoked.

Revision Date: 10/09                             5

              Classroom teachers will evaluate and assign grades according to the
       established system. All students are expected to complete the assigned class work
       and homework as directed. Students are also expected to submit their own work
       for credit. The taking, using, and copying of the work of others is unacceptable.
       Students are also expected to participate meaningfully in class discussion and
       activities in order to receive course credit.
              Report cards are issued four times a year, interim progress reports are issued
       throughout the year and/or a daily point sheet. Grades are a combination of theory
       and practical application. A grade of 65% is considered passing. Parents should
       schedule appointments with Teachers and Counselors if there are any questions
       regarding report cards or interim reports.


               Homework provides excellent opportunities for developing good study
       habits, providing for individual differences and abilities, and encouraging self-
       initiatives on the part of the student.
               Parents and the school share the responsibility for student leaning. All
       homework assignments will be graded and counted towards each student’s
       quarterly grade.


          You are required to:
           Use bus transportation provided by your home school.
           Show respect for the driver at all times.
           Enter and leave the bus in an orderly fashion without pushing or crowding.
           Obey the NO SMOKING/SMOKELESS TOBACCO regulation.
           Talk in a reasonable tone of voice.
           Refrain from any unsafe or destructive behavior, including throwing objects
            from the bus or in the bus.
           Report immediately to your home school office if you miss the bus. DO


              Due to space limitations, parking permits will be issued on a priority and
       eligibility basis only. This will only include those students with verifiable work
       responsibilities and/or internships. EVERY STUDENT IS NOT GUARANTEED
       A PERMIT.

Revision Date: 10/09                             6
       Eligible students applying for driving permission must:

             Report to the office and obtain an application.
             Complete the application and return it with appropriate signatures.
             Bring in a letter from your employer, including the days and hours you are
              scheduled to work and this will be verified before permission is granted.
             Bring in a copy of a valid NYS Driver’s License, vehicle registration and
              insurance card.
             Students must park in designated areas.
             Temporary driving permission will be monitored on a weekly basis.

       Students may have their driving privileges revoked if:

             Student does not follow the driving policy.
             Student parks in an undesignated area.
             Student is recklessly driving or speeding on campus.
             Student is late to class or leaves early.
             Student is a chronic disciplinary problem.
             Student is academically failing.
             Student has a poor attendance record.
             Student does not obey NYS driving laws especially those pertaining to school
              buses on and off campus.

       Students WILL NOT be given permission to ride with other students. Extenuating
       circumstances will be reviewed by School staff to determine eligibility.


             Occasionally students are required to participate in field trips unless excused
       by the Teacher or Director. Standard school regulations concerning conduct,
       smoking, etc. remain in effect. A Sullivan County BOCES issued permission slip
       must be completed and returned before the field trip takes place. No student will
       be permitted to go on a field trip that has failed to return a permission slip
       containing the appropriate signatures.
             Students on a field trip will be viewed as representatives of Sullivan County
       BOCES, and should wear tasteful, appropriate attire.

Revision Date: 10/09                             7

             If a student is hurt or ill, he/she should tell a teacher and ask for a pass to the
       school nurse. The school will provide emergency care for students in accidental or
       unexpected medical situations on the Sullivan County BOCES campus.
             If a student needs to take medication during the school day, he/she must
       follow these rules:
            Bring in a note from his/her parent/guardian which gives the nurse
             permission to dispense the medication
            Give the nurse a doctor’s order
            Bring in the medication in a properly labeled prescription bottle.
            Over the counter prescription medications can only be dispensed with a
             physician’s order (i.e.,Tylenol).


              No student shall be released to any person other than a parent, guardian,
       child protective services, or law enforcement personnel, unless the name and
       identity of such person/s is verified by the parent or guardian.
              Any individual who seeks the release of a student must report to the main
       office and present identification to the satisfaction of the Director or his designee.
              The student will meet you at the Main Office, where he/she will
       be signed out.
              Students who drive may not sign out before the end of the school day
       without a verification note from their parent or guardian.
              In addition, if your son/daughter is NOT to be released to a specific person,
       please provide supporting legal documentation.

       DRESS CODE:

             We expect all students to be well groomed and neatly dressed. Students
       should be appropriately dressed for their educational program. We expect students
       to comply with the dress code outline in the Code of Conduct.


                The use of personal electronic devices such as psp’s, ipods, disc players,
       beepers, cell phones, radios, and electronic games will not be permitted on the
       Sullivan County BOCES campuses. If student brings any of these items to school
       it is at their own risk and the school cannot be held accountable if these items are
       lost or stolen. If confiscated, it will be the parent/guardian’s responsibility to
       pick up the items.

Revision Date: 10/09                               8

              Students are encouraged to use the many counseling services that are
       available to them. These include career counseling, job placement, and assistance
       in dealing with problems and/or concerns of the students.


              Textbooks are loaned to the student who is expected to return them in good
       condition. Students will be charged for lost or damaged books. At the completion
       of the program, students may purchase the books at a reduced rate.


               The goal of the Sullivan County BOCES discipline policy (Code of
       Conduct) is to ensure the right of a student to a productive educational
       environment that offers opportunities to learn appropriate social skills in order to
       develop into mature, responsible adults. The Code of conduct outlines
       unacceptable student conduct and consequences for that conduct.
               The Code of Conduct will be reviewed by each teacher. Students attending
       Sullivan County BOCES are expected to accept personal responsibility, conduct
       themselves in an orderly manner and respect each other, the School’s Staff, and
               Gambling of any nature is forbidden in school, on school property, or at a
       school-sponsored event.


             Harassment is words, writing, or gestures which insults or slanders an
       individual or group of individuals. Harassment of any kind will not be
       tolerated, and any student who engages in harassment of any type will be
       subject to appropriate discipline. Any student who feels he/she is being
       subjected to harassment should immediately report the incident to his/her teacher
       or administrator.
             Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature.
       This may include verbal comments, obscene gestures, requests for sexual favors,
       sexual advances, and other verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature.
       Students are instructed to clearly inform the offender that the behavior is
       unwelcome, and for them to stop that behavior and notify the Principal/Supervisor.

Revision Date: 10/09                             9

              State and federal laws prohibit tobacco use on school premises and in school
       vehicles, therefore students MAY NOT possess or use tobacco products,
       including smokeless tobacco, matches or lighters in these areas. This includes
       tobacco use in all school vehicles parked on or off school property. Tobacco use
       and possession are also prohibited at school functions, field trips, and any other
       school-sponsored activities. Any student who violates this rule is subject to
       disciplinary action, and possibly legal issues.


              Sullivan County BOCES is committed to the prevention of drug and alcohol
       abuse. No person may use, possess, sell, or distribute alcohol or other illegal or
       controlled substances, nor may they possess drug paraphernalia on school premises
       or at school sponsored events, except drugs as prescribed by a physician per our
       drug/medication policy.
              All prescription and non-prescription medication must be registered with the
       school nurse and taken in the presence of the nurse unless other arrangements have
       been made by the school nurse.


              The right to inspect student’s personal property will be exercised only when
       there is reasonable suspicion to believe that weapons, narcotics, alcoholic
       beverages, contraband, or stolen property has been concealed. Care will be given
       to protect the unwarranted invasion of personal privacy; however, student consent
       for these searches is not required.
              School lockers and desks are the property of Sullivan County BOCES and
       may be inspected at any time, when there is reasonable suspicion that they contain
       illegal or stolen items. This includes vehicles parked on Sullivan County BOCES
              An administrator may request a student to empty the contents of his/her
       pockets, purse, or other personal carrier such as a book bag or a gym-type bag, if
       he/she has reasonable grounds for suspecting that the student has, or is violating
       the law or a school regulation. Any student who refuses such a request may be
       subject to suspension in accordance with the procedure set forth in Section 3214 of
       the Education Law.
              Vehicles on school property are subject to search.
              In collaboration with law enforcement officials, police handler(s) and drug
       detecting canines (dogs) may be used from time to time, to detect illegal drugs and
       controlled substances in the district’s lockers provided to the students. The use of

Revision Date: 10/09                            10
       dogs is to combat the illegal use of contraband by students while in the school. It
       is the goal of the district to maintain a learning conducive environment for all of
       the students.


              This is to advise you of your rights with respect to the school records
       relating to (your son) (your daughter) (you) pursuant to the Federal “Family
       Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.”
              Parents or eligible students have a right to inspect and review any and
       all education records.
              Such parents and eligible students are also entitled to an opportunity to
       a hearing to challenge the content of such records, to insure that they are not
       inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the student’s privacy or other
       rights, and to provide an opportunity for the correction or deletion of any such
       inaccurate, misleading or otherwise inappropriate data contained therein. Any
       questions concerning the procedure to be followed in requesting such a hearing
       should be directed to the program Director.
              Student records, and any material contained therein which is personally
       identifiable, are confidential and may not be released or made available to
       persons other than parents or students without the written consent of such parents
       or eligible student. There are a number of exceptions to this rule, such as other
       school employees and officials, and certain State and Federal officials, who have
       a legitimate educational need for access to such records in the course of their
              Parents or eligible students have the right to file with the U.S. Department
       of Education a complaint concerning alleged failures by the District to comply
       with the requirements of FERPA.
              Sullivan County BOCES designates the following information as directory
       information: “Directory Information” shall mean and include the following:
       student’s name, parent’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth,
       major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports,
       weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and
       awards received and the most recent previous educational agency attended and
       photograph. When making student directory information public, Sullivan County
       BOCES shall give annual public notice as to the type of information to be made
       public and shall allow thirty (30) days after such notice for a parent to inform
       Sullivan County BOCES that any or all information designated shall not be

Revision Date: 10/09                            11
                              SCHOOL CLOSINGS

       SEPTEMBER 2009
           7 - Labor Day
          28 - Yom Kippur

       OCTOBER 2009
           12 - Columbus Day

       NOVEMBER 2009
            3 - Conference Day
           11 - Veteran’s Day
           26/27 - Thanksgiving

       DECEMBER 2009
           24-31 - Winter Recess

       JANUARY 2010
           1 - Winter Recess Continued
           18 - Martin Luther King

       FEBRUARY 2010
           15 - President’s Day

       March 2010
           10 - Superintendent’s Conference Day
           29 – 31 – Spring Break

       April 2010
           1/2 - Spring Break continued

       MAY 2010
           31 - Memorial Day

       JUNE 2010
           15-24 - Regents Exams

Revision Date: 10/09                      12

    In the event of inclement weather, please do not call the school. All delayed
  openings, school closings or early dismissals will be announced on the following
          radio stations and also on the Sullivan County BOCES website at

                           WVOS (1240 AM, 95.5 FM)
                              WSUL (98.3 FM)
                           WDLA (1270 AM, 92.1 FM)
                               WDNB (102.1)


To:           All Parents/Guardians


Subject:      Student Handbook

        The contents of this Handbook are intended to familiarize you and you child/ren
with all aspects of Sullivan County BOCES programs. To acknowledge receipt of this
Handbook, please review this statement and return this page to the Main Office.
        “I understand and consent to the responsibilities outlined in the Sullivan County
BOCES Handbook. I also understand and agree that my child/ren shall be held
responsible for their behavior and consequences included in the school conduct and
discipline code while on school property or attending school-sponsored activities. I also
understand that any student who violates the student code of conduct shall be subject
to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from school.”
        “I understand that the district does not discriminate on the basis of disability with
regard to admission or access to, or treatment or employment in school program and
activities; and that my child/ren has (have) the right to: individualized evaluation, and
examination of relevant records, demand an impartial hearing, and/or a subsequent
review with respect to discrimination on the basis of disability.”
        “Regarding student records, I have read and understood the information
regarding access to my child’s/children’s educational records. I also understand that
certain student information is considered directory information. “Directory Information”
shall mean and include the following: student’s name, parent’s name, address,
telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially
recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates
of attendance, degrees and awards received and the most recent previous educational
agency attended and photograph.”
        “Lastly, I have read and discussed with my child/ren the information contained in
this Handbook, and have been assured that the teacher has also reviewed the
Handbook with my child/ren.”

Parent/Guardian Signature                                               Date

Student’s Signature                                        Date

Teacher’s Signature                                        Date

                                   Sullivan County BOCES
                                          2009 - 2010

       Welcome to the 2009-2010 Sullivan County BOCES School year! Enclosed is our Student
Handbook for you to review and keep. Please sign the attached forms and return them to your classroom
instructor by Monday, September 14, 2009.
       A copy of these forms is also attached to the handbook for your records.
       Thank you and have a great year!

                                       SULLIVAN COUNTY BOCES

I, ____________________________________________ agree to the following responsibilities.

1.       I must ride on the bus provided. Upon arrival at the School, I will go directly to my class.
         At dismissal, I will go directly to my bus and return to my home school. Any changes in transportation
         policy must be approved by my home school at least two days in advance. I will begin by asking my
2.       I will drive to BOCES only after I obtain prior permission at least TWO DAYS in advance. I understand
         I may not transport any other students with me unless I have written approval in advance from my home
         school, parent/guardian and Principal. Again, I will begin by asking my instructor.
3.       Attendance is extremely important in education. We have found a high correlation between good
         attendance and good grades. Poor attendance may result in the loss of credit from my home school. I will
         maintain good attendance to enhance my learning and to develop satisfactory work habits.
4.       I will not bring valuables to school, including IPOD’s, PSP and cell phones.
5.       I will help the teachers with their classroom management by following the teacher’s suggestions and
         directions. I will be responsible for all my books and materials. I will also be courteous and will refrain
         from using profanity.
6.       I will be respectful and considerate of others when they are working.
7.       I will correctly identify myself promptly in a courteous manner when requested.
8.       I will remain in the classroom area and will only leave prior to dismissal, when I have a signed pass.
9.       I will submit for classroom credit my own work. The taking, using or copying of the work of others is
10.      I will dress appropriately for school. Clothing with symbols of alcohol, illegal drugs or profanity
         is not permitted.
11.      I will display good work habits at all times.
12.      Smoking/use of tobacco, including smokeless tobacco, drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted at Sullivan
         County BOCES or on the buses.
13.      Possession or use of firearms, pyrotechnics or other weapons is not permitted.
14.      Verbal or physical intimidation, along with fighting or causing physical harm to another, is unacceptable.
15.      Gambling of any nature is forbidden in school, on school property, or at a school-sponsored event.
16.      A willful or reckless act which disrupts the normal operation of the school community is unacceptable.
17.      Cell phones and beepers are not permitted at any time.
18.      Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, and any student who engages in harassment will be subject
         to appropriate discipline.

If you have a problem or question which concerns yourself or your program, please feel free to discuss it with your
instructor, Counselor and/or the Principal.

Student Signature _____________________________________________                    Date ________________________

I understand that it is my responsibility to cooperate with the school and to help my son/daughter fulfill this contract.

Parent/Guardian ______________________________________________                     Date ________________________


TO:    Parents of Sullivan County BOCES Students

From time to time, it will be necessary for your son or daughter to be engaged in educational
activities away from Sullivan County BOCES. This will be a part of his/her education under the
supervision of his/her instructor.

We would appreciate your signature authorizing Sullivan County BOCES to transport him/her to
and from the off-school premises as our instructional program dictates. It should be returned to
Sullivan County BOCES for our files.


                        SULLIVAN COUNTY BOCES

I give permission for ____________________________________ to be transported to and from
educational activities away from Sullivan County BOCES. This will happen only as
it pertains to the instructional program for the class your child is enrolled in.

Signed: _____________________________________________ Date: _________________

                                Sullivan County BOCES
                     Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet Services

              Sullivan County BOCES fosters the freedom to pursue accurate and
                     appropriate information, promoting life-long learning.

         The Internet is changing every aspect of our lives from medicine to entertainment. We are proud
that Sullivan County BOCES is keeping up with the technological advances of our age by offering this
tool to our school community.

       The Internet is a vast network that allows users to pursue an individualized search for
information. It uses text, graphics, sound and video to present ideas and information.

        1.      The Internet Network has been established for a limited educational purpose. The term
                “educational purpose” includes classroom activities, career development, and limited
                high quality self-discovery activities.

        2.      The Internet Network has not been established as a public access service or a public
                forum. Sullivan County BOCES has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the
                material you
                access or post through the system. You are expected to follow the rules set forth in the
                Acceptable Use Agreement.

        3.      E-mail accounts for students will not be issued. If e-mail contact serves a student’s
                research needs, he or she can ask a supervising adult to send and receive requests
                and information for them.

        4.      You may not use the Internet Network for commercial purposes. This means you may
                not offer, provide, or purchase products or services through the Internet Network.

        5.      You may not use the Internet Network for political lobbying.

         The ability to access the Internet comes with responsibility. The Acceptable Use Agreement of
Sullivan County BOCES was designed to make students and parents aware of policies governing Internet
use in the district. No child will be allowed to use the Internet without his/her guardians’ permission and
signature on file.

         If after reading the Agreement, you would like your child to have access to this services, please
sign the attached form and have your child return it to his/her teacher.

        If it is your wish that your child shall not have access to the Internet, simply do not return this
        Sullivan County BOCES does not endorse any opinions stated on the Internet. Parents should be
aware of the existence of materials on the Internet, which may contain inaccurate, defamatory, abusive,
obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material. Our school district
does not condone the use of such materials, and we do not expect your child to access these sites.
However, we cannot guarantee that they will not encounter objectionable material. The district will make
every effort to monitor your child’s access to appropriate materials on the Internet, but we ask your
assistance in developing responsible attitudes and practices on the network.

         Be advised that students violating any aspect of this Agreement will be subject to parental
notification, as well as loss of privileges for Internet usage. Any acts of computer vandalism, tampering
with the system or engaging in any illegal act will be dealt with by a Law Enforcement Agency.

Please complete the forms below and return this entire Agreement to the classroom teacher.

         I have read this Agreement and spoken with my parents/guardian. By signing below, I agree to
the terms necessary to earn Internet privileges and will demonstrate appropriate behavior in the use of the
Internet as explained in this Acceptable Use Agreement. I understand that failure to follow the rules will
result in a loss of privileges and, depending on the violation, possible criminal actions and/or financial

(Student’s PRINTED name)_____________________________________________________________

(Student’s signature) ___________________________________________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN: (If appropriate, both parents or guardians should sign below)
         I have read the Acceptable Use Agreement of Sullivan County BOCES. By signing below, I
agree to allow, the student named above, the privilege of using the Internet in school. I understand that
failure to follow the rules will result in a loss of privileges and, depending on the violation, possible
criminal actions and/or financial penalties. I also reserve the right to cancel this privilege at any time, and
at my own discretion.

(Parent/Guardian signature)____________________________________________________________

(Parent/Guardian signature)_____________________________________________________________