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					                             Lit Circle Project Options
Select one of the following options for your lit circle project:

Diary: Write five or six (full page) entries for a diary kept by one of the characters in
your book.

Letter from a character: Write a letter (perhaps a thank-you note or a complaint) from
the point of view of a character in the book, either to another character or to the author.

New ending: Write a different ending for the book (must be at least three pages).

New scene: Write a chapter or passage that would fill a gap somewhere in the book
where the author skipped over a conversation, incident, or period of time (at least three

News story: Write a front-page news story about an important incident from your book.
You may want to draw a “photo” to accompany your story.

Sequel: Write an additional chapter for the book, showing what happens to the main
characters after the book ends.

Analyzing theme: Write an essay in which you do the following:
  1. State what you think is the book’s main theme (message or idea).
  2. Support your statement with evidence from the book.
  3. Give your opinion of the theme (Do you agree or disagree with what the book
      says about life?).
  4. Support your opinion with evidence from your own experiences and knowledge.

Crossing the curriculum: Write a proposal suggesting that your book be studied in a
different course offered at HFA. To make a strong case, your proposal should show that
you understand the scope and goals of that class (you may want to meet with its teacher
to be sure that you do) and should explain how including the book would enrich the class.

Art log: Choose six quotations (usually a sentence or two) from your book that interest
you in some way. Divide a large sheet of paper or poster board into six sections and copy
one quotation at the bottom of each section. Then illustrate each quotation, either
literally or symbolically.

Board game: Create a board game based on the characters and events of your book.
Include clearly written instructions, a board, and playing pieces.

Collage: Using words and pictures cut out of old magazines and newspapers, as well as
paint, markers, colored pencils, and other art supplies, create a collage illustrating the
plot, theme, characters, or setting of your book. You may want to include phrases or
sentences copied from the book. Include a written explanation of the significance of the
images you chose.

Comic book: Draw a comic book based on the events of your book. Remember that a
comic strip doesn’t have to be funny; the tone of your comic book should be appropriate
to the tone of your book.

Movie poster: Design a poster advertising a movie version of your book. Cast real
actors in the roles of the main characters.

Map: Draw a map of the book’s setting, showing with words and symbols where key
events took place (or make a three-dimensional map out of paper mache).

Scrapbook: Compile a scrapbook for one of the characters in the book. Write captions
explain each item you include.

Song: Write a song (can be a rap) with lyrics based on the characters or events of the

Soundtrack: Create a soundtrack for your book, including a cover and liner notes which
identify the songs and explain how they relate to the book.
                           4                                3                                    2                                     1                   Your
 Content     The project demonstrates        The project demonstrates            The project demonstrates limited      The project demonstrates little
  (triple    deep understanding of the       satisfactory understanding of       understanding of the novel. This      or no understanding of the
             novel which reflects            the novel which reflects            understanding may be the result       novel. Its content is artificial,
  score)     personal reflection and         personal reflection and group       of personal reflection or group       as though it was created by
             group discussion. It focuses    discussion. It relates to the       discussion, but not the perfect       someone who did not read the
             and elucidates the literary     literary focus of the unit with     balance of both. It relates mildly    novel. It has little or no
             focus of the unit.              few distractions.                   to the literary focus of the unit.    relation to the literary focus of
                                                                                                                       the novel.
Form and     The project has a form and      The project’s form and style is     The project’s form and style are      The project’s form and style
  Style      style that is highly            satisfactorily appropriate to its   not completely appropriate to its     are completely inappropriate
             appropriate to its genre. It    genre. It is neat, organized,       genre. There are significant          to its genre. Major flaws in
             is presented in an extremely    and professional, with only         flaws in its neatness,                neatness, organization, and
             neat, organized, and            minor flaws which do not            organization, and professional        professional appearance make
             professional fashion.           distract from appreciation or       appearance, and these distract        the project unappealing and
                                             understanding.                      from appreciation and                 significantly hinder
                                                                                 understanding.                        appreciation and

Creativity   The project’s creator           The project’s creator showed        The project’s creator showed          The project’s creator showed
             showed extreme ownership        ownership over its creation,        modest ownership over its             little to no ownership over its
             over its creation. It is one-   though it may lack optimal          creation. It would be feasible to     creation. It would be quite
             of-a-kind and virtually         originality. It would be            recreate it.                          easy to recreate it.
             impossible to recreate.         difficult but not impossible to
Grammar      Written text related to the     Written text related to the         Written text related to the project   Written text related to the
  and        project is grammatically and    project as few errors in            has significant errors in grammar     project has gross errors in
             mechanically perfect. There     grammar and mechanics, and          and mechanics, and these also         grammar and mechanics, and
Mechanics    are no errors.                  these do not interfere with         interfere with understanding.         the multitude of errors make it
                                             understanding.                                                            very difficult to understand.