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                            WAG TECHNICAL UPDATE
                                     FEBRUARY 2011
The official travelling scores for National Novice and National Open for Canadians 2011 will
be 46.80. This score is based on an average “D” score of 4.2 and “E” score of 7.5 on each
apparatus. Petitions may be heard for scores within .2 of this score. This score must be met at
least once throughout the trial process. AA score must be reached not individual D and E
scores. Minimum score allows athletes to represent BC at CC10 but does not necessarily
guarantee funding. Funding will be determined based on total funding base from GBC and
the current tier system. See technical policies and procedures for more details.

      WESTERNS – NONE FOR 2011
      CANADIANS – training camp for Canadians includes HP athletes, all coaches and
      judges and will be held May 14-15. Details TBA. Please ensure your availability.

We will be using the light blue Adidas body suits (same as 2010) and a new “high 5” track suit
for 2011. All athletes who have not yet been sized and may require a body suit or track suit
for Westerns or Canadian champs must submit sizes based on sizing chart (body suits) or try
on (track suit) before or at the surrey competition. Deadline for WAG orders will be March 8.
Announcements will be made at the competition regarding the on site location. Orders will
be taken by cheque with order form on site at surrey to Nancy or online. Nancy has already
completed an order for all WAG body suits to ensure we have them in time. It is an estimate
so priority will be given to those first come first serve with priority to Western Canadian team
BC members before those for CC2010.

We are very pleased that the pre-novice competition will be permitting individuals to attend
Westerns in 2010. This allows our BC pre-novices to attend a larger event for valuable
experience in both the Elite and Aspire categories. There will be no funding for this category
from GBC as we will fund Gymnix. All pre-novice attending will be required to purchase the
team BC body suit and track suit.
Please note that any pre-novice athletes and coaches must be registered through the
province. Please notify Nancy Beyer or Andree Montreuil by March 6 if you are planning to
attend so that you may be registered by GBC.

                                                                             230 - 3820 Cessna Drive
                                                                              Richmond, BC V7B 0A2
                                                                                   604 333.3GYM p
                                                                                   800 556.2242 tf
                                                                                   604 333.3499 f

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