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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ARAB TIMES, WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2011
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                                     World News Roundup

A handout graphic image released by France’s National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), on May 16, shows a model of the possible surface temperatures of planet Gliese 581d that orbits a red dwarf star called Gliese 581, (right), locat-
ed around 20 light years from Earth.Cooler temperatures are represented with blue colours and warmer temperatures red. The arrows represent winds at 2 kms altitude. Scientists said on Monday a rocky world orbiting a nearby star was
          confirmed as the first planet outside our solar system to meet key requirements for sustaining life. Modelling of the planet shows it has the potential to be warm and wet enough to nurture Earth-like life, they said. (AFP)

       Forest                                                                                                      Species

      Obama rules hit                                                                                                                                              ‘Biodiversity in crisis’
  ‘Use science to
  set standards’
  GRANTS PASS, Oregon, May 17,
                                                                                                European species face extinction
  (Agencies): The Obama adminis-                                                                BRUSSELS, May 17, (AP): The                  preserving species from extinction.           behind only Asia — and about three                But the Center for Biological
  tration’s proposed new rules for                                                              Iberian lynx that prowls the grass-             “People say, ‘Yes, but we don’t            times as densely populated as North            Diversity criticized the deal for leav-
  protecting clean water and wildlife                                                           lands of southern Spain. The                 have the money to spend on envi-              America.                                       ing out some species that could be
  on the United States’ nearly 200                                                              Mediterranean monk seal swimming             ronmental protection. Surely growth              “Today, biodiversity doesn’t sim-           hurt by climate change, including
  million acres (80 million hectares)                                                           waters off Greece and Turkey. The            and jobs are more important,’”                ply mean the protection of rare                the Pacific walrus and wolverine.
  of national forests goes against the                                                          Bavarian pine vole that forages in           Hennon said. “You have to say,                plants and species,” said Sarolta              The group also argues that the deal
  president’s pledge to let science be                                                          the high meadows of the Alps.                ‘Well, look what happened in                  Tripolzsky, with the European                  is not enforceable.
  the guide, conservation groups and        In this product image provided by
                                            Osram Sylvania, an ULTRA High                          These are among hundreds of               Pakistan last year. You can have cat-         Environmental Bureau. “It’s about                 The center is not a direct party to
  two former Clinton administration         Performance Series omni-directional                 European animal species — up to a            astrophic flooding because forests            protecting a system people rely on to          the 12 cases covered by the settle-
  officials said Monday.                    LED A-Line lamp, designed to give                   quarter of the total native to the con-      have been cut down. So it ends up             live. The costs of replacing nature’s          ment, but is a plaintiff in a related
     The administration made a “clear       the equivalent brightness of a 75-                  tinent — that are threatened with            costing you more in the long run.”            free services would be devastating.”           case. That gives it potential legal
  commitment” to make conservation          watt standard bulb, is displayed. Two               extinction according to a warning               The strategy proposed this month              Conservationists     argue    that          leverage to influence enactment of
  policy based on sound science             leading makers of lighting products
  when it took office, said Jane                                                                issued this month by the European            by Potocnik sets a variety of targets         ecosystems over time find a com-               the deal.
                                            are showcasing LED bulbs that are                   Union.                                       — among them, halting the loss of             plex balance and changing one                     “We basically want the court to
  Danowitz of the Pew Environment           bright enough to replace energy-guz-
                        Group.              zling 100-watt light bulbs set to dis-                 “Biodiversity is in crisis, with          species in the European Union coun-           seemingly small aspect can have                hold off on approving the settlement
                           “One of the      appear from US stores in January.                   species extinctions running at unpar-        tries by 2020, putting management             significant consequences that cannot           agreement until we’ve had a chance
                        things we are          Their demonstrations at the                      alleled rates,” said a statement from        plans in place for all forests, restor-       always be foreseen. They say there’s           to explain our concerns and negoti-
                        asking       for    LightFair trade show in Philadelphia                the European Union’s Environment             ing at least 15 percent of degraded           also an obligation to preserve                 ate with the government further,”
                        today is sim-       this week mean that brighter LED                    Commissioner, Janez Potocnik.                ecosystems, controlling invasive              species, regardless of the conse-              said Noah Greenwald, endangered
                        ple: Use sci-       bulbs will likely go on sale next year,                The threatened species include            species, and more.                            quences.                                       species program coordinator for the
                        ence to set         but after a government ban takes                    mammals, amphibians, reptiles,                  Environmentalists have generally              “The species was here before we             center.
                        clear     stan-     effect.                                             birds and butterflies. Plant life is         welcomed the targets but expressed            were even here, so there’s also a                 Court approval of the settlement
                        dards,”                The new bulbs will also be expen-                under threat as well. The crisis is due      skepticism.                                   moral issue,” Nieto said.                      agreement is pending. A hearing in
                        Danowitz said.      sive — about $50 each — so the
                                            development may not prevent con-                    to several factors, including loss of           “There needs to be funding and                         Also:                              the case is scheduled for Tuesday in
                        “Make      sure                                                         habitat, pollution, alien species            there’s not really funding,” said                                                            Washington.
                        water       and
                                            sumers from hoarding traditional                                                                                                               BILLINGS, Montana: An environ-
                                            bulbs. (AP)                                         encroachment, climate change and             Nieto.                                        mental group asked a judge on                     Attorneys for the government and
      Rappaport         wildlife     are                                                        overfishing.                                    Hennon, the EU spokesman,                                                                 WildEarth Guardians filed docu-
                        protected for                                                                                                                                                      Monday to delay action on a pro-
                                                                                                   Critics say the EU’s proposed             acknowledged Monday that funding              posed legal settlement that would              ments Monday arguing that the
  generations to come.”                                                                         solutions don’t go far enough and            so far is insufficient to meet the                                                           Center for Biological Diversity
     The comments came in a tele-                                                                                                                                                          require the US government to con-
  conference from Washington,
                                                                                                lack funding.                                EU’s goals. A paper explaining the            sider new protections for hundreds             should not be allowed to interfere
  marking the end of a 90-day public                                                               “Life is possible because of biodi-       new proposals said the European               of animals and plants considered in            with the proposed settlement at this
  comment period on new rules gov-                                                              versity,” said Ana Nieto, with the           Commission, the EU’s executive                danger of extinction.                          point.
  erning administration of the                                                                  International         Union          for     arm, is “assessing the funding                   The Center for Biological                      Approval of the deal would speed
  National Forest Management Act.                                                               Conservation          of        Nature.      needs” for implementing the 2020              Diversity filed court documents in             up decisions on imperiled species
  The US Forest Service expects to                                                              “Everything comes from biodiversi-           goals. The EU failed to meet its bio-         Washington, D.C., seeking to put               that in some cases have languished
  come out with final rules by the end                                                          ty. Everything comes from having             diversity targets for 2010.                   the settlement agreement on hold.              for more than 30 years, said Nicole
  of the year.                                                                                  well-functioning ecosystems.”                                Protect                       The Tucson, Arizona, group said                Rosmarino         with     WildEarth
     Also participating was Jamie                                                                  The crisis threatens humans as              The European Environmental                  the deal was hatched in secret and             Guardians.
  Rappaport Clark, a Defenders of                                                               well, potentially wreaking economic          Bureau, a confederation of grass-             suffers from serious flaws.                       Under the agreement, the — Fish
  Wildlife executive and former US                Heuer                    Higgs                and social havoc in Europe, said                                                                                                          and Wildlife Service also would
                                                                                                                                             roots environmental organizations,               Announced last week, the agree-
  Fish and Wildlife Service director.                                                           Potocnik spokesman Joe Hennon.               said the EU strategy “appears to fall         ment between the Obama adminis-                resolve petitions seeking protections
  Clark said forest supervisors being                                                                           Alarming                                                                                                                  on approximately 600 additional
  given unprecedented discretion                    Science                                        The continuing loss of birds can
                                                                                                                                             short of delivering what is needed to
                                                                                                                                             protect Europe’s valuable natural
                                                                                                                                                                                           tration and Denver-based WildEarth
                                                                                                                                                                                           Guardians received strong praise               species.
  under the new rules need strong                                                                                                                                                                                                            “The most important issue is
  standards and guidelines to resist                                                            allow insects to breed at alarming           resource base.”                               from many conservation groups.
                                                                                                rates, harming crops, Hennon said.             Nieto said the loss of biodiversity            It would address a backlog of 251           whether the status quo is serving
  the political pressure they regularly     ‘Riddle may be solved by 2012’:                                                                                                                                                               (imperiled species) better than our
  face in making decisions on manag-        Physicists said on Tuesday they believed
                                                                                                A reduced number of bees inhibits            is more acute in Europe than in               species currently listed as “candi-
                                                                                                plant pollination. Diminishing               many other parts of the world                 dates” for protections that the gov-           agreement with the Interior
  ing their lands.                          that by the end of 2012 they could deter-                                                                                                                                                     Department. I think any reasonable
               Decisions                    mine whether a theorised particle called            forests mean water is not cleaned            because of the scale of residential           ernment lacks the resources to pro-
                                            the Higgs boson, which has unleashed a              naturally and the soil is loosened,          and industrial development. With an           vide. Those include widely recog-              person would say no,” Rosmarino
     Jim Furnish, a former deputy chief                                                                                                                                                                                                   said. “Clearly we need to get the ball
  of the Forest Service, said the pro-      gruelling decades-long hunt, exists or not.         too, making floods and mud slides            average of nearly 70 people per               nized species such as the greater
                                               “I’m pretty confident that towards the           more likely.                                 square kilometer (180 people per              sage grouse and Canada lynx and                rolling and address the plight faced
  posed rules tell local forest supervi-                                                                                                                                                                                                  by these endangered animals and
  sors to consider science but leave        end of 2012 we will have an answer to the              All of that, Hennon said, means           square mile), Europe is the second            dozens of lesser known plants and
                                            Shakespeare question for the Higgs boson            governments should spend money               most densely populated continent,             animals.                                       plants.”
  them room to ignore science when          — to be, or not to be?” Rolf-Dieter
  making decisions on protecting clean      Heuer, director general of the European
  water resources, fish and wildlife        Organisation for Nuclear Research
  habitat, and endangered species.          (CERN), told a press conference at              occurred on September 10, 2008. The            2012 for work enabling it to crank up to        between particles and a non-matter parti-        endary Tevatron collider at Fermilab in
     The proposed rules represent           Britain’s Royal Society.                        smasher then had to endure a 14-month          full power.                                     cle, or boson, called the Higgs. These col-      Chicago will be shut down for good in 2011.
  another shift to the right on environ-       CERN has ordered the world’s biggest         shutdown to fix technical problems.               However, a decision was made several         lisions slow down some particles and give           In late April, rumours circulated like
  mental issues for the Obama admin-        particle collider to step up the quest to          The LHC recently notched up the             weeks ago to delay closure for a year to        them mass, but other particles experience        wildfire that CERN had detected the shad-
  istration, which recently stood aside     explain mass, one of the greatest puzzles       biggest-ever energy release from particle      help the search for the Higgs, said Gianotti.   few collisions or none at all.                   ow of a Higgs, but this was only a partial,
  as Congress lifted Endangered             in physics.
                                               The key to this is believed to be the        collisions, although this is still only half      The theory behind the Higgs is that mass        Europe and the United States have been        draft result that was leaked on an Internet
  Species Act protections for wolves in                                                     of its design capacity.                        does not derive from particles themselves.      jousting for Higgs glory — and the competi-      blog and turned out to be false, said
  the Rocky Mountains and took steps        Higgs, a notional sub-atomic particle
                                            named after British physicist Peter Higgs          It had been due to shut down in early          Instead, mass comes from collisions          tion is feverish right now, because the leg-     Gianotti. (AFP)
  to ramp up domestic oil production
  by extending drilling leases in the       who mooted its existence in 1964.
  Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of          If it is found, one of the last pieces
  Alaska.                                   would be set in place in the famous                                                                                                                           ‘Diagnosis more than 3,500 yrs late’
                                            Standard Model, which seeks to bring all
     The 155 national forests and           the particles and forces in the Universe
  grasslands managed by the Forest
  Service cover 193 million acres (78
  million hectares) in 42 states and
                                            under a single, unified theory.
                                               “By the end of 2012 we will either dis-                                                                                                     Egyptian princess had heart disease
                                            cover the Standard Model Higgs Boson, if it
  Puerto Rico. They provide about 40        exists, or we will rule it out,” said Fabiola                                                                                                  PARIS, May 17, (AFP): The diagnosis is           of Princess Ahmose-Meryet-Amon
  percent of the nation’s clean water       Gianotti, who is the spokesman for CERN’s                                                                                                      more than 3,500 years late, but no less          using a computerised tomography (CT)
  and threatened and endangered             biggest particle-collider lab, called Atlas.                                                                                                   stunning for all of that.                        scanner, a non-invasive technique that
  species habitat.                             CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is                                                                                                          An Egyptian princess who lived                gives highly detailed cross-sectional
     Balance between industry and           located in a 27-kms (16.9-mile) ring-shaped                                                                                                    between 1580 and                                 images of the body.
  conservation in those areas has           tunnel 100 metres (325 feet) below ground,                                                                                                     1550 BC has become                                  The princess, who died in her 40s,
  been tough to find since the exist-       straddling the French-Swiss border.                                                                                                            the earliest person in                           had atherosclerosis, or a buildup of
  ing rules took effect in 1982. The           It is designed to accelerate protons to                                                                                                     human history to be                              fatty material, in two of her three main
  existing rules were the basis for         nearly the speed of light and then smash                                                                                                       diagnosed with coro-                             coronary arteries, the European Society
  lawsuits that cut logging by more         them together in house-sized labs where                                                                                                        nary heart disease,                              of Cardiology (ESC) said in a press
  than 80 percent to protect salmon,        detectors record the seething sub-atomic                                                                                                       according to comput-
  the northern spotted owl and other                                                                                                                                                       er scans presented at                               “Today she would have needed by-
  fish and wildlife.                           The smashups briefly stoke temperatures
                                            100,000 times hotter than the Sun, fleeting-                                                                                                   a medical conference                             pass surgery,” said Thomas, who led the
     Tony Tooke is overseeing devel-        ly replicating conditions which prevailed                                                                                                      this week.                                       analysis.
  opment of the rules as Forest Service     split-seconds after the “Big Bang” that cre-                                                                                                      “We can’t be sure          Thomas                The work was to be presented this
  director of ecosystem management          ated the Universe 13.7 billion years ago.       Richard Branson reacts after watching the last launch of the space shuttle                     what she died of, but                            week at an annual conference of non-
  coordination. He said the agency is          In this primordial soup, novel particles     Endeavour, on May 16, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Space shuttle Endeavour                       we can see what illnesses she had,”              invasive cardiovascular imaging, taking
  trying to write rules that will guide a   may lurk that will resolve mysteries            soared from a bank of clouds, its towering plume of white smoke lighting the                   Gregory Thomas, director of Nuclear              place in Amsterdam, the ESC said.
  collaborative process based on sci-       clouding our understanding of fundamen-         azure sky. There were dozens of space junkies at NASA’s news center watch-                     Cardiology Education at the University              The May 15-18 event showcases
  ence and other information sources.       tal matter, scientists say.                     ing Endeavour lift off on its final mission. Many arrived several days before the              of California at Irvine, said by phone.          advances in diagnostic tools for heart
                                               The first proton collisions at the LHC                          launch, ahead of the news networks. (AP)                                       Researchers delved into the mummy             doctors.