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					55 West 8th Street NYC

      Monday - Friday 11 - 7
Saturdays and Sundays 10 - 6
Welcome to Eve Salon.
Proudly serving the West Village and NYC for
over 25 years, we remain dedicated to creating
a place where our clients can receive superior
service in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Here on 8th Street, we hope to continue to
provide you with the service you expect and the
treatment you deserve.

Come in…Hang out…Get stuff done
Are you on any medications? Accutane, Retin-A, Differin
and many other medications can adversely affect how your
skin reacts to hair removal. Please notify us if you are taking
any medication topically or orally.

Waxing and electrolysis are contraindicated for:
Skin that is recovering from chemical peels,
microdermabrasion, laser or any other professional or
medical skin care treatment,
Skin that has, within 24 hours before or after, had or will
have significant sun or tanning bed exposure,
Skin that, within 24 hours before or after, was or will be

Please keep in mind that engaging in any of these activities
puts you at risk for damage to your skin.

The health of your skin is our top priority. Please advise
your technician of anything you feel may have an impact on
your skin’s reaction during hair removal.

We give you a choice – honey wax or our gourmet wax
(recommended for sensitive skin and areas)
We strongly recommend performing a patch test a day or
two before your first waxing visit to Eve to detect any allergic
reaction to our depilatory wax. This can be scheduled
through our front desk. While this doesn’t guarantee that
your skin will not react, it may help identify an allergy.

                                   HONEY          GOURMET

Full legs                            $29              $53
Bikini*                               19               28
French bikini*                        27               37
Brazilian*                            35               47
The Sphynx®*                          42               56
Stomach (yummy trail)                  7                9
Full stomach                          17               27
Underarms                             12               19
Upper legs                            19               37
Lower legs                            17               30
Full arms                             25               37
Half arms                             19               30
Eyebrows                              21               26
Lip                                    7               12
Chin                                   8               13
Cheeks                                11               17
“Date Wax”
  (Brazilian bikini and
   eyebrow combo)                      --              63
Are you looking to wax another area not listed here? Please
call for a price.

Men’s Waxing is available but prices differ. Please call to

* What is the difference between the 4 types of bikini

The Basic Bikini wax eliminates the FDR Drive and the West
Side Highway and tidies up Harlem. (It removes whatever
would show if you were wearing a traditional bathing suit.)

The French Bikini wax will reach Central Park on the East
and West Sides as far south as 59th street. The same line is
followed up through Harlem. Everything in the Downtown
Area remains intact. (It goes a little more narrow than the
Basic bikini wax but not into the Brazilian zones It is a happy
medium between a Basic bikini and a Brazilian bikini.)

The Brazilian Wax will remove the entire East and West
Sides and (in between) the Downtown Area. You decide
how much to remove or leave behind in Central Park and
Harlem. (It removes whatever hair would show if you were
wearing a thong bikini. There is hair remaining.)

The Sphynx® wipes out all of Manhattan!

THREADING                    by appointment only
     Eyebrow............................. $26
     Lip ...................................... $12
     Chin .................................... $13
     Cheeks ............................... $17

Still the only proven permanent method of hair removal.
We, of course, use only disposable probes. Complimentary
consultations are available.
Priced: # of minutes + $25
                         Ex: 25 minutes = $50
                              49 minutes = $74

Manicures and pedicures are an integral part of grooming.
We strongly recommend working with your natural nails.

           Classic European Manicure         $14
           Classic European Pedicure         $28
           French Manicure                   $18
           French Pedicure                   $33
           Lacquer change (fingers)           $7
           Lacquer change (toes)             $12

           15 minutes of massage             $10
           Hydrating hot mitt treatment      $10
           Scrub                              $7

           15 minutes of massage             $10
           Hydrating bootie treatment        $10
           Scrub                             $10
           Callous remover                    $5


Essential PedicureTM—A luxurious foot treatment, your feet
first soak in a relaxing bath, followed by a softening scrub.
Next your tired toes are wrapped in hot booties, massaged
with a hydrating cream and your pedicure is completed
with the polish of your choice. 1 hour $50

Essential ManicureTM – Beautify those overworked hands
with our herbal based, hydrating super manicure. After
soaking in a warm herbal mixture, your hands will be
sloughed to softness, moisturized to dewiness, and lastly,
polished to perfection. 45 minutes $25

Hot Cocoa Manicure and Pedicure - our classic Manicure and
Pedicure with a chocolatey twist. Includes a mouthwatering
cocoa soak, delicious cocoa scrub and delectable cocoa butter
ultra moisturizer. Hands -- $20 Feet -- $40

Have any Special Manicure or Pedicure with French polish.
Add $4 for hands and $5 for feet

The non-sanitizable nail file sets are included with every
service. You can be both “green” and thrifty and bring them
back with you (you’ll save $1 on the manicure and $2 on the
pedicure.) We apologize that we are unable to hold or store
any nail file sets.

80 Minutes in EdenTM – Completely indulgent and
thoroughly rebalancing, this combination of our “Essential”
and “Accent on Eyes” facial therapies will leave you glowing
and in seventh heaven.       80 minutes $125.

Essential – Whether your skin needs extra hydration or
nourishment, a deep cleaning, gentle resurfacing, or a
uniquely individualized maintenance treatment, this facial is
completely customized to treat and correct all of your concerns.
60-75 minutes $95     90 minutes $125

Essential for Men – Serious about getting your skin in
gear? This high performance corrective grooming facial
cleans, detoxifies and perfects skin. From breakout woes to
flakiness, we will address and treat many of your skincare
concerns. It’s the ideal treatment for the guy who works
or plays hard.      60-75 minutes $95     90 minutes $125

Timeless – Our rejuvenating facial can stop the facial
clock. This extraction-free facial will stimulate the natural
production of collagen, regenerate fragile tissue, reduce
visible lines and firm contours. Includes a Lifting Mask
treatment for instant outstanding results. 60 minutes $110

Accent on Eyes – Our unique “facial for the eyes” will
address concerns such as fine expression lines, puffiness,
dark circles, and muscle fatigue using aromatherapy and
three specific massage techniques. Not recommended for
skin prone to breakouts.    45 minutes $70

Escape – Our mini facial revives and nourishes your face,
neck and décolleté. You’ll feel relaxed and radiant in half an
hour. Because there is no extraction, this is ideal for an instant
glow before a special occasion.       30 minutes $55

Clarity – This facial, specifically designed for acneic skin,
will purify and resurface your skin by thoroughly extracting
clogged pores and using customized products that
incorporate enzyme technology.
75 minutes $115         90 minutes $135

Back in Order – Backs need love too! Repair sun damage,
hydrate and nourish this neglected area or effectively
and thoroughly treat your breakouts. This treatment will
resurface this hard to reach area using AHAs and BHAs.
60 minutes $120
For best results this service should be performed in a series.
Purchase a series of 6 $630
Radiance – Resurface facial skin with an AHA and BHA peel.
Customized to your skin type, this extraction-free treatment
is effective against fine lines, discoloration, scarring, and
breakouts. 30 minutes $70
Purchase a series of 6 … $360
Add on to any facial 15 minutes         $40

Lifting Mask Treatment – Add it on to any facial for an
instant and dramatic age-defying effect. Your skin will look
instantly clarified, tightened, lifted and luminous! Add it
to the “Escape Facial” or “Accent on Eyes” for pre event
resplendence!          Adds 20 minutes on to the time of the
facial $25

Taking a little time for yourself . . . at Eve

Reservations & Cancellations

We are open Monday through Friday 11:00 to 7:00, and
Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 6:00. Our hours may
change around certain holidays and during the summer
months. Please call for updates.

We encourage you to make your appointments in advance
to ensure your preferred booking time. We require a credit
card to secure some appointments.

Valuables should not be brought to Eve as we are not
responsible for articles lost, stolen or damaged.

With the exception of guide dogs, Eve requests that you
leave your pets at home.

It is important to us that you enjoy every moment of your
experience at Eve. Please remember to keep your cell phones
and conversations in “etiquette mode” during your visit.

Please allow 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a
reservation. Appointments cancelled in less than the
requested time may incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Eve is available for groups and events. Reservations for 4
people or more are considered a group and are subject to
special consideration. Please contact us for more details.

We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover
and cash.

It is important to us that you receive the best home care
possible. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your
product purchase, please return it within 30 days with a
receipt for store credit. Some exceptions may apply.

All of our services and products are available in gift card
form. Visit our website to order and
instantly print out or email gift certificates.

There is a 4.5% tax on services and 8.875% tax on products
in NYC

Ask about our EVEryday points and rewards program! You
instantly earn points to use towards future visits every time
you visit!

Eve Online

Visit our website for additional
contact information, directions, frequently asked questions
and to purchase an instant Gift Certificate that can be
instantly emailed to you or to the recipient.

Join our Be the First to Know VIP email list to be kept in the
loop on Eve specials, events, promotions and beauty tips.
Join online by entering your email through our website,, or speak to a Salon Coordinator during
your next call or visit!

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Taking Care of You

Whenever possible, Eve uses only the most natural
ingredients and products. This does not guarantee that you
will not have a reaction to any of our products or services.
Please tell us if you are on any medications to avoid any
interactions. If you would like a test patch we are happy
to provide one for you 24 hours prior to your appointment

Some of our services are not recommended during
pregnancy, please check with your physician and advise us
even if you suspect you may be pregnant.

To avoid complications, please check with your doctor if
you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or any other
condition or are taking any medications. Please also, inform
us of any such condition or medication.

We look forward to seeing you!