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					                      REGULAR MEETING – October 20, 2010

       The Town Council of the Borough of Conway met in Regular Session on Wednesday,
October 20, 2010 at 7:00 P.M., in the Fire Department Banquet Hall, South Gross Street, for the
purpose of transacting General Business. President Levenson presided and opened the meeting
with the pledge to the flag.

ROLL CALL:        PRESENT – B. Gilmore, R. Pribulsky, K. Helbig, S. Levenson, R. Senock,
                           A. Sobolosky, P. Then, Chief Blum, Solicitor Ott,
                            Engineer - R. Antonelli
                  ABSENT – Mayor Rose

A Public Meeting to consider adoption of amendment to Borough Code Chapter 78-2 regulating
garbage receptacles and adoption of an Ordinance regulating the placement of waste dumpsters
and storage units within the right-of-way of Borough Streets was held at this time. As there was
no public comment, the meeting was closed.


       Upon motion of Sobolosky seconded by Pribulsky and carried, the minutes from the May
19, 2010 Regular Meeting, the September 1, 2010 and October 6, 2010 Workshop Meetings
stood approved.


       Upon motion of Gilmore seconded by Sobolosky and carried the reports read were
accepted and ordered to be placed on file after proper action is taken.


     A motion was made by Pribulsky seconded by Sobolosky and carried the
communications read were accepted and ordered to be placed on file after proper action is taken.

           Re: Conway Borough Police Pension Plan schedule of changes in net assets
           month ending September 30, 2010.
           Re: Conway Borough Police Pension Plan schedule of changes in net assets
           month ending August 31, 2010.
NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
     Re: Copy of letter sent to DEP regarding Sewage Treatment Plant.
     Re: Punch List items for 2010 Paving Program.
     Re: Un-named 40’ Road Right-of-way between Roosevelt Street and East Ridge
     Re: Roosevelt Street Waterline Replacement.

Mark C. Turnley, CPA – Re: 2009 Borough Audit

Goehring, Rutter & Boehm
      Re: CWM proposal for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation.
      Re: Dumpster Ordinance and Notice.
      Re: Garbage Receptacle Ordinance Amendment and Notice.

CMW Environmental
    Re: Proposal for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation.

Beaver County Emergency Services
      Re: Beaver County Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Parkinson Foundation
       Re: Thank you for donation in memory of Jack Andolina.

Representative Robert F. Matzie
      Re: Blight Summit.

Beaver Falls Municipal Authority
       Re: Chloramines switchover.

Penn DOT
      Re: Estimated Liquid Fuels allocation for 2011.
      Re: 2010-11 Winter Preparedness Meeting.

Penn Vest – Re: Final Amortization for Loan.

First National Insurance Agency, LLC
       Re: Profit Sharing Check for participating in the Safety Group Program for the
       year 2007.

PA One Call System Inc.
       Re: Board of Directors meeting.

Beaver County Planning Commission
       Re: minutes from their Tuesday, August 17, 2010 meeting.

PMRS – Re: 2009 Annual Financial Report.
         Beaver County Regional COG
                Re: Minutes from their August 26, 2010 meeting.
                Re: PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency Grant Award.

         Department of General Services
               Re: Surplus Sampler – September 2010.

         Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
               Re: 2009 PURTA Distribution check.

         PSAB – Re: House Bill 1231 – Firefighter Workers’ Compensation Cancer Bill.
              Re: 100th Anniversary.
              Re: PSAB Update – October 2010.

         Janet Barker – Re: Resignation from Recreation Board.

         Conway Borough Planning Commission
              Re: Minutes from their Tuesday, September 28, 2010 meeting.

         Beaver County Waste Management
               Re: Open House.

         Peoples Natural Gas
               Re: High Consequence Areas.

         A motion was made by Gilmore seconded by Sobolosky and carried to pay the following

Blackhawk Neff                      Replace Pump Cont./STP            1,888.85
CWM Environmental                   Testing & Services/Water & STP    1,999.00
Drnach Environmental, Inc.          Flow Monitoring/STP               2,080.00
Economy Septic Service              Pumping/STP                       3,500.00
Goehring, Rutter & Boehm            Services/Water and Sewer            779.00
Gordon Brothers, Inc.               Water Softener/STP                   36.00
NIRA Consulting Engineers           Services/W&S                      3,360.00
PA One Call System, Inc.            Monthly Fee                          12.15
Sherwin-Williams                    Supplies/STP                         27.20
Univar USA, Inc.                    Chlorine/STP                        337.50
Ambridge Do It Best Home            Supplies/Maintenance & Parks         31.72
Amcom Office Systems                Qrtly Metering/Office & Police      169.91
Terry Barnick                       Electric Repairs/Fire Dept.         180.00
Beaver County Times                Advertising/Dumpsters-Receptacles     363.89
Bohach, Lori                       Commission/September                  163.46
Cercone Sales & Service            Repairs/Police                         55.65
Crystal Springs                    Water-Rental/Municipal Bldg.           50.42
Economy Plumbing & Heating         Supplies/Maint. & Parks                17.08
Emblem Enterprises, Inc.           Patches/Police                        437.01
Garcia Marketing Inc.              Film Processing/Police                 12.34
Giant Eagle                        Supplies/Building                      12.79
Goehring, Rutter & Boehm           Services/September                  1,161.76
Brandon Galderisi                  Computer Services/Police-Office       530.00
Keystone Municipal Collections     Commission/September                  210.84
Keystone Municipal Collections     Postage/September                        .18
Martino, Inc.                      Diesel Fuel/Maintenance               203.83
NIRA Engineers                     Services/September                  2,810.25
PA State Association of Boroughs   2011 Membership Dues                  435.00
Quill                              Supplies/Office                       110.38
RA Services                        Checks/General Fund                   160.00
Rally Specialist, Inc.             Repairs Video System/Police           109.50
Scobie Transit & Supply, Inc.      Gravel/Fire Hall                      382.14
S & D Calibration Services, Inc.   Acutrak Cert./Police                   33.50
Sherwin-Williams                   Supplies/Maintenance                   27.61
Sprint                             Air Card/Police                        42.99
Traffic Systems                    Monthly Fee/October                    70.00
Triangle Pet Control               Monthly Fee/September                  50.00
US Bank                            Xerox Copier                          176.91
Valley Waste Service, Inc.         Refuse Pickup/September             10,599.50
Witmer Public Safety Group         Ammunition/Police                   1,312.41
Auto Zone, Inc.                    Supplies                               60.12
Economy Plumbing & Heating         Supplies/Signs                         44.39
Newman Traffic Signs               Traffic Signs                       1,178.95
Newstripe, Inc.                    Stencils/Crosswalks                   241.98
Sherwin-Williams                   Paint                                   3.69



MAYOR’S REPORT: Debbie Giska Rose, Mayor

       Mayor Rose was not in attendance. Chief Blum read the police call record for the month
of September 2010.
CHIEF’S REPORT: Anthony P. Blum, Chief

      Chief Blum stated that Trick-or-Treat will be held on Thursday, October 28th from 6-8
pm. He also said that there will be a police volunteer and the duty cop patrolling.
      Chief Blum stated that he wanted to put the recent incident near the Freedom Area
Middle-High Schools on the Nixel announcement system.
      Solicitor Ott reported that she and Mayor Rose will fine-tune the Traffic Ordinance.

ENGINEER'S REPORT: Ray Antonelli, Jr., NIRA Engineers

       Engineer Ray Antonelli, Jr. stated that work on the Punch List for the 2010 Road Program
would start the week of October 25th.
       Mr. Antonelli went over the meeting with the DEP regarding flows at the Sewage
Treatment Plant, and proposals for corrective action. A discussion was held on the
recommendation to have NIRA Engineers prepare a Corrective Action Plan (CAP).

              -Gilmore made a motion seconded by Sobolosky to have NIRA Consulting
       Engineers prepare a Corrective Action Plan at a cost not to exceed $3,000. After a
       discussion, Sobolosky amended the motion to have the cost not exceed $5,000. This was
       seconded by Gilmore. The amended motion passed.

        Mrs. DiTomasso of 901 Roosevelt Street asked the engineer what would be done about
the pavement in front of her house. Mr. Antonelli responded that the pavement was to be
removed and re paved, and that the stormwater drains from her house to the curb would be open
for flow.
        Mrs. DiTomasso then asked who is responsible for the 40’ right-of-way next to her
property. After affirming that this is the property of Economy Borough, Council had a discussion
of having Russell Standard pave/improve the right-of-way when they are in Conway fixing
Roosevelt Street.

-A complete copy of the Engineer's Report appears at the end of the minutes.


       Solicitor Ott stated that 1516 2nd Avenue has transferred into the ownership of Herr-Voss.
As of this date there has not been a request for a razing permit.
       The Solicitor gave an update on the placement of two properties, 204 11th Street & 1241
4 Avenue on the County Demolition Grant. She explained that a Court Order or agreement
from all parties involved is needed before the County will put properties on the list for the grant.
She asked Council for permission to petition the Court for an Order, to be done on her time at no
charge to the Borough.
       Solicitor Ott reported that ALCOSAN in Allegheny County has been doing Dye Testing
with their customers, and that she has Dye Test Ordinance samples that she will give to Council.
                -A motion was made by Gilmore seconded by Helbig and carried to authorize
Solicitor Ott to prepare Court Order for demolition of houses located at 204 11th Street and 1241
4th Avenue, at no charge to the Borough.



        Mr. Gilmore informed Council that the Fire Department Roof project Punch List is done
and that we are waiting on the letter that it is complete so as to release funds. Ms. Sencok asked
about the replacement of the antenna. Mr. Gilmore replied that this was not in the contract. A
cable is needed for the work to be done. He stated that Shawn Hastwell will be getting the cable
and doing the work. It was asked if the invoice for repair of rain damage was given to the
Borough Secretary by Bob Skocich. This is to be checked on and the amount deducted from the
final money released for the contract.
        Mr. Gilmore reported that the Borough Insurance would cover employees taking Borough
Vehicles home. He asked what Council would like to decide on a Policy regarding such. A
discussion was held, and Solicitor Ott stated that she would look for a sample policy on the use
of Borough Vehicles for Mr. Gilmore.

              -A motion was made by Pribulsky, seconded by Senock to authorize a policy for
Borough Employees taking trucks home. After a roll call vote, the motion passed 6-1.
ROLL CALL: Gilmore – yes; Pribulsky – yes; Helbig – yes; Senock – yes; Sobolosky – yes;
Then – no; Levenson – yes.

        Mr. Gilmore gave an update on the Clean-up Day that was held on Saturday, October 16
from 9am – 1pm at Crows Run. He reported that they picked up trash from the first bend to the
railroad culvert. Seven bags and miscellaneous items were collected. A question was raised to
the engineer regarding lack of public involvement, as the volunteers were council members. The
engineer will check with the DEP if this fulfills our requirements.

      Mr. Gilmore announced that the Finance Committee will hold a budget meeting on
Tuesday, October 26 at 7pm.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Robert Pribulsky, Chairman

        Mr. Pribulsky asked about the neighborhood watch – is the Mayor working on it? Chief
Blum responded yes. Mr. Pribulsky stated that the school busses have slowed down on Borough
streets after his talk with the bus company. Mr. Gilmore added that the Conway Borough Action
Committee (CBAC) meeting on Monday, October 26 at 6pm will have the neighborhood watch
on its agenda.
PUBLIC WORKS: Albert Sobolosky, Chairman

        Mr. Sobolosky reported that he is working on the Sewer Plant equipment quotes and
interviews for part-time laborers. He stated that the Sewer Plant equipment quotes would be on
the agenda for the Workshop meeting.
        Mr. Sobolosky explained that a motion was made in 2007 to pay for an air conditioning
unit for the Fire Hall but that it was never purchased. He asked that a motion be made to amend
the original to approve payment of $3577.28 to Virginia Air Distributors, Inc. for the air
conditioning unit for the Fire Hall.

             A motion was made by Pribulsky seconded by Senock and carried to approve
payment of $3577.28 to Virginia Air Distributors, Inc. for the Air Conditioning Unit for the Fire

              A motion was made by Sobolosky seconded by Pribulsky and carried to send
Public Works Supervisor Brian Giles to the 2010-11 Winter Preparedness meeting at the
PennDOT Rochester office on Thursday, November 4th at 10:00am.

       The subject of a Snow Emergency Plan was brought up. Mr. Pribulsky of the Public
Safety Committee stated that he would talk with Mr. Skocich of the EMA to work on a plan


        Mr. Helbig stated that minutes from the last Planning and Zoning Commission meeting
were distributed. Solicitor Megan Ott will give information on handling property maintenance
issues at the next Planning and Zoning Commission meeting to be held Tuesday, October 26th.

PARKS/RECREATION: Patty Then, Chairwoman

       Mrs. Then state that a letter of resignation was given by committee member Janet Barker.

               A motion was made by Then seconded by Sobolosky and carried to accept the
resignation of Janet Barker from the Recreation Committee.

        Mrs. Then reported that the Children’s Halloween Party on the 16th was a success, and
that food left over from a celebration held the night before at the hall was donated to the party.
Tickets are still available for the Night at the races Fundraiser on Saturday the 30th.


               A motion was made by Sobolosky seconded by Then and carried to adopt
Ordinance #533 regulating the placement of waste dumpsters and the storage of other items
within the right-of-way of any public street in the Borough.
              A motion was made by Sobolosky seconded by Then and carried to adopt
Ordinance #534 limiting the amount of time garbage receptacles may be placed on Borough
curbsides before and after garbage collection.


          Mr. Gilmore stated that he received the price quotes for a computer for the Secretary’s

               A motion was made by Gilmore seconded by Sobolosky and carried to purchase a
new Dell computer for the Secretary’s Office comparable to the one just purchased in January
with the cost not to exceed $739.99.


       Mr. Brandon Galderisi of 1733 Porter Street complimented the Recreation Committee for
a “good job on the Halloween Party.”

          A motion was made by Sobolosky seconded by Then and carried to adjourn at 8:35 PM.

                                               Respectfully submitted,

                                               Rachel Micija
                                               Assistant Borough Secretary

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