google_earth_presentation by shuifanglj


									Exploring Google Earth
Exploring Google Earth
   Google Earth is a downloadable program
   available at
   There is a free version which allows the
   viewer to do almost all functions except
   attach GPS points and operate some of the
   file attachment options
   The option to attach GPS points is available
   for $20.00 a year in Google Earth Plus.
Download Google Earth
Help for Google Earth
   Go to the main toolbar at the top of the
   screen and click on Help

   Click User Guide or
   Help Center Website
   This will open up a new screen called
   User Guide
Help for Google Earth
   Lots of topics and subtopics
Google Earth Simple Help Handout
Google Earth Advanced Help
Google Exercise
   You will download Google Earth to your
   Follow the hand-outs to complete the
   If you finish early, feel free to play
   around with Google Earth

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