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									      Using Google Earth for Tallis Lab

How do I use it?         How do I set a placemark?

   How can I embed media within a map?

      How do I make and record a tour?

        How can I save files I’ve made?

       How can I share files I’ve made?
                                             Google Earth

                     What is it?                              Where do I get it?
A tool that lets you fly around 3D satellite
imagery of Earth, as well as the surface of the                Download it from
moon, and the constellations in the sky.          

            How could we use it in class?             Install it on your computer and use
•Students can familiarise themselves with a place     the search bar to find things. You
for location-based work.                              can search by keyword, postcode,
•Go on virtual ‘holidays’ to different countries.     latitude and longitude.
•Students can record their own tours and add
audio, pictures and video to them.
•Follow a travelogue or travellers diary.
•Attach photos, audio, stories to placemarks for
field trips, school journeys, sports days etc.

            From Left to Right:
1.Add a placemark
2.Add a polygon                                   How do I use it?
3.Add a path
4.Add an image overlay                 Put a postcode or place name into the
5.Record a tour                       search bar, and Google Earth will find it.
6.Look at historical data
7.Change the time of day               You can use the mouse to move the
8.Google Sky                          globe around, double click to zoom, or
9.Ruler                                        use the scroll wheel.
10.Send a link to this place
11.Print the screen
12.Switch to Google Maps
                                         Drop a pin / Add a placemark.

                                                                          Is that all?

                                                            The placemarks are versatile, and can
This is the way we make marks, or add
                                                           contain a lot of embedded information,
information to a map.
                                                                     linked to a location.
How to:
(1)Fly to a place that has a special meaning to you by    Look for ideas in some of the files here on
typing in the text bar, or by using the mouse.                           this website.

(2)Click on the ‘add placemark’ icon, or select it from   If your computer has a microphone, you
the ‘Add’ menu at the top.                                     can record narration on a tour.
(3)Change ‘Untitled Placemark’ to a different name, and   Ambitious types could even design 3D models
write something in the description box that means         in Google Sketchup and export them as a KMZ
something to you.                                                             file.
(4)Click on OK at the bottom.
                                                           Try going to this website and download the
(5)Congratulations, you have made your first                      Thomas Tallis school 3d model
                                Embedding media in a placemark.


Add a placemark by clicking on the
icon, or selecting it from the ‘Add’

 If you copy and paste the embed
code from a website like youtube or
 voki into this box and click on OK.

  then an embedded file will play
 inside the pop-up window when
someone double clicks it in Google
       Earth, it will appear!
                                <embed> with the best of ‘em

    Go to
                                                        Grab the <embed> code for a wallwisher.
   And embed a wordle in a placemark, by
                                                        Paste It into a placemark, and you have a
        grabbing the <embed> code.
                                                                    location-linked wall.
 Go to YouTube, grab the <embed> code and
    paste it into the description box of a
                  placemark.                           Grab the <embed> code for an audioboo.
                                                        Copy –Paste. You can now place sound
  Make a Voki, copy and paste the <embed>                        recordings on a map.
code. –You now have a personalised soundbite
                  to add.
                                                         Make a questionnaire in google docs.
Post a the url of any old website and see what
                                                               Embed that in a kml file

Most importantly . Anything that you make will be lost, unless you save your placemarks using the
              ‘Save Place As…’ option by right clicking in the My Places window .
                                       Making and Saving Tours

          Tours are amazing.
                                             How do I make a tour?
They record anywhere that the student
 flys to, and allows them to record an       •Go to the ‘Add’ menu
audio track over the top of their fly-by.    •Select Tour
                                             •Press the record button
         They could use this to:             •Begin your fly around
              - Tell a story                 •Click on the microphone if you wish to narrate
    -Virtually visit another country         over it.
-Recount a journey that they or others       •When you have finished, Click on the record
               have made                     button to stop.
  -Tours can follow a predetermined
                                             •A player bar appears to control the speed of
Download The Beast of Ditchling here         playback.
  and see how to combine different           •Click on the disk icon to save a tour.
         elements together.
                                                 Saving your maps

Google Earth saves annotations and content in a format
called KMZ/KML. Anytime you edit a placemark, place
a photo, or record a tour, it will appear on the menu in
the ‘My Places’ bar shown here.

How to save a file.
Right click on anything that you have made or edited in
this menu. You need to click and select ‘Save Place
as…’, and choose a filename and directory to save it in.

The file will be saved with a .KMZ or .KML suffix. These
can then be e-mailed to other people, uploaded, or
joined together for whole class annotations.
                           How can we share the files with each other?

                          Email the complete .KMZ files to
                           Upload the files to your TallisLab Google Docs Account

                           What if I can’t use Google Earth for whatever reason?
Most of the activites in the second half of term 3 can be explored without Google Earth itself, but it does
allow us to do amazing things with media.

-Imovie has a ‘map’ option that can be used to chart a journey in an Indiana Jones stylee
-Google maps can be accessed from any computer, and can print maps.

                                 What if I don’t want to use Google Earth?
There are analogue ways to do these activities, creative writing, in the workbooks, using printed maps
and pins, audio recordings, role-plays, drawing their own maps, posters, animations, comics, storyboards,
animations, making models….

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