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									                            Skylands Ski Club
                               PO Box 483
                           Stockholm, NJ 07460

Dear Friends, Family and Business Acquaintances,

Skylands Ski Club and Mountain Creek will be hosting the 15th
Annual Karen Wiebel Memorial Ski Race on February 27, 2011.

The Wiebel Family was involved in Ski Racing in New Jersey for
many years. In memory of wife and mother, Karen, her family
decided to organize a race in her name, and the tradition has
evolved since then. Each mountain in the area, Hidden Valley and
Mount Peter has hosted the event each for 2 years and then passes
onto the sister mountain. We have the traditional event which is
the race followed by a “Tricky Tray Raffle” for our Racers between
the ages of 7 to 12. To make the raffle as exciting as possible, we
are asking for all racer families as well as local businesses and
friends and family of our racers to consider donating prizes for the

We hope you’ll consider helping out by making a donation that can
be ski gear, games for kids, gift cards, gift certificates or just about
anything that even an adult would like to win. Adults and all
siblings of racers are invited to join in and buy tickets so they can
be included in the raffles. Money - Checks can be written out to
Skylands Ski Club (we will buy large ticket items with the money
received, ie-ski’s, Wii game, Ipod, Digital Camera etc.) and raffle
them off.

Please be sure to include your name and address so we can
properly send out Thank You cards.

Together we can continue to promote the camaraderie and joy that
comes from the exhilarating and fulfilling sport of Ski Racing.

On behalf of Skylands Ski Club, Mountain Creek, Mount Peter,
Hidden Valley, Campgaw Mountain, all of the Racers and their
Families, Thank you!

Sharon Drexler – Chair of the Wiebel Event

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