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					                                              TOWN OF FREETOWN
                                             BOARD OF SELECTMEN
                                          3 North Main Street/P.O. Box 438
                                              Assonet, MA 02702-0438
                                         PHONE: 508-644-2201; FAX: 508-644-3342

                             MINUTES OF MEETING MONDAY, JANUARY 31, 2011


6:00 P.M. Meeting called to order by Chairman Lawrence N. Ashley. Those present:
Selectman Lisa A. Pacheco, Selectman Jean C. Fox and Interim Town Administrator, John
F. Healey.

Signing of biweekly payroll/vendor warrants.

Weekly Public Discussion period: None.

Report of Interim Town Administrator: Mr. Healey read his report and informed the Board
that he attended the MMA Annual Meeting and Trade Show and shared the Governor’s FY12
budget numbers. Mr. Healey held a Financial Management Team Meeting where the expectation
is that there will be a need to cut at least 5% and will consider targeted cuts rather than across the
board cuts.

Chairman Ashley stated that once the budget is all together, the numbers will be released. At this
time, we are still waiting on the Treasurer/Tax Collector’s figures and the School Department
and until all that data has been presented, figures can not be released. Ms. Anita Howland, Tax
Collector/Treasurer, has 11.9% increase from MIIA with regards to insurance and Chairman
Ashley said to use that number.

6:00 P.M. Highway Surveyor, Charles Macomber, relative to Chapter 90 project final
reimbursement requests for crack sealing various roads; road building equipment; drainage on
South Hillside Avenue; Elm Street Engineering & Design for final payment on these projects.
Selectman Pacheco questioned the amount on the crack sealing as the amounts didn’t match. Mr.
Macomber stated that the discrepancy in the two amounts was due to the fact that one of the
sheets were missing $320.00 for the police detail. Motion (Fox/Pacheco) to approve the crack
sealing on various roads. Passed unanimously.

The road building equipment, Selectman Pacheco asked if it will be coming out of the snow
budget and Mr. Macomber confirmed that it would. He stated that fuel is not included in the
snow budget. Selectman Ashley questioned why this is not coming out of the Capital Equipment
Account that was set up for items such as these. Mr. Macomber stated he always said that the
money for this snow plow that Chapter 90 didn’t cover would come from the snow budget. He
stated it’s not the same as capital equipment due to the fact that it’s related to snow vehicles.
Board of Selectmen-January 31, 2011                                                         Page 2

Selectman Pacheco said that discussion needs to be had regarding this capital account being used
for snow vehicles and the snow budget being strictly used for supplies for snow removal. Mr.
Macomber stated that for the snow plow alone it would cost $16,000. A breakdown of the costs
was requested. Motion (Pacheco/Fox) to approve $131,585 for total price of the truck with the
snow plow with the Town’s portion being $16,050. Passed unanimously.

Mr. Macomber stated that the project of the drainage on South Hillside Avenue is dead without
easements from the residents. He said that the residents are all for it until they realize a drain
pipe has to be run through their property and then they are not so amenable to it. Motion
(Pacheco/Fox) to approve Chapter 90 reimbursement request. Passed unanimously.

Elm Street Bridge and Engineering Design in the amount of $2,931 covered at 100% through
Chapter 90. Motion (Fox/Pacheco) to approve. Passed unanimously.

Selectman Ashley asked Mr. Macomber the status of the snow budget. Mr. Macomber estimates
that by the time winter is over, if the weather continues as it has this winter that we will hit
$400,000. He stated that as of last week’s bills, $214,000 has been spent (not including last
week’s storm). If this trend continues it will roughly cost anywhere from $35,000-$50,000 every
storm. Selectman Ashley stated that Mr. Macomber has done a great job on the roads but said
that he read in the paper that other towns are doing it for less and asked him if there is anything
cost effective that could be done without jeopardizing safety to which Mr. Macomber answered
no. He stated the last major storm we had, he worked 39 hours straight. The Board asked Mr.
Macomber for an opinion with regards to perhaps cutting back on paving the roads down to the
actual pavement and perhaps doing it less frequently. He stated that there are 35-27 units out
plowing. It takes 2 units alone to clear the school, Mark, the maintenance person for the Town,
plows the Senior Center and the Police Station and Mr. Macomber does the Town Hall. He stated
that they don’t lose roads as they use to in the past and there’s also been no accidents like there
were in the past. The Board again reiterated that Mr. Macomber and his crew are doing a
tremendous job but they are concerned with how rapid in debt the snow removal account is. Mr.
Macomber stated that the $60,000 that is put in the snow budget every year is depleted by Labor
Day. He emphasized how it doesn’t cover the cost of what’s spent in today’s times, it may have
been enough back in the 1950’s but not for today. Mr. Macomber stated that sidewalks, on main
roads only and not in subdivisions, are cleaned as soon as his crew can get to them. Residents are
responsible for cleaning their own sidewalks.

Consent Agenda

Board of Selectmen: Action relative to:

   •   Motion (Pacheco/Fox) to approve the Minutes for January 18, 2011. Selectman Fox abstains.

   •   Motion (Fox/Pacheco) to approve/sign Perimeter Deed for the landfill. Passed unanimously.
Board of Selectmen-January 31, 2011                                                          Page 3

   •   Motion (Fox/Pacheco) to approve the request from Mr. Paul Dionne to conduct a race over
       State Highways 24, 79 through the Town of Freetown for the New Balance Reach the Beach
       Relay, May 21, 2011. Passed unanimously.

   •   Motion (Fox/Pacheco) to have all monetary articles due on February 28; all non-monetary
       articles are due on April 1st for the Annual Town Meeting as well as all Special Town Meeting
       articles. The Special Town Meeting and Annual Town Meeting will be held on Monday, June
       6th. Passed unanimously.

Board of Health:

Discussion of trash program: Mr. Paul Bourgeios, Board of Health Agent, stated that some of the
merchants selling the trash bags are not making money due to the fact that when residents use
credit cards it is costing businesses 2-3% in credit card machine fees. He told the merchants that
he would approach the Board with this inquiry at their request. It was brought to his attention
that one of the merchants has been selling the bags for more than he’s suppose to and he has
been spoken to and made aware to stop or he will be shut off from selling bags. Merchants state
it is a big expense to purchase bags. Mr. Bourgeois checked with 5 surrounding towns and 3
towns allow the stores to make a small profit of 5cents per bag. Initially Mr. Bourgeois was
against the idea of doing anything differently but after listening to their concerns and checking
with other towns, he thinks that giving merchants back 2-3% per bag to cover the credit card
expense is something worth exploring. One merchant only sells bags for cash. Selectman Ashley
stated that it is more traffic in the stores due to residents having to buy trash bags and therefore
utilizing the stores for other items. Mr. Healey recommended that seeing our revenue projection
is good, that we should do the 2.5% per bag to the merchant. Mr. Bourgeois stated that the
merchants would take anything at this point because they are currently getting nothing in return
for selling the bags. Selectman Ashley noted that the program has only been in place for 6
months and he is not convinced enough time has passed to make a determination to give
merchants a percentage, which the rest of the Board agreed. The Board is open to the idea but
requested that Mr. Bourgeois come back in 3 months and revisit the issue after more data has
been compiled.

Personnel Board:

   •   Motion (Pacheco/Ashley) to approve change of status form relative to resignation of
       Patrolman Mark Bullock. Passed unanimously.

   •   Motion (Ashley/Pacheco) to accept the recommendation from Police Chief, Carlton E.
       Abbott, Jr., appointing Jacob R. Raposo as a temporary 40 hour reserve officer effective
       February 19, 2011. Also, Board to sign M.P.T.C. (Municipal Police Training Committee)
       exemption form for Officer Raposo. Passed unanimously.

New Business:

   •   Correspondence from folders of Boards of Selectmen, Health and Personnel
Board of Selectmen-January 31, 2011                                                              Page 4

Letter was sent from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) with regards to the Clean Water Act.
Mr. Healey stated that this issue is being worked on. He went to the Finance Committee and they
approved a $5,000 request to work on this issue.

Selectman Ashley read a letter submitted by Mr. Jerry Velozo, owner of “Junior’s” in which he states
that a Stop & Shop employee was disciplined by his supervisor for stopping at Junior’s with a
company truck. He further states in the letter that it is Stop & Shop’s understanding that the Selectmen
have requested that the trucks be kept off of South Main Street and the Assonet Four Corners. A
memo was sent to Stop & Shop where the Board asked that they not park in that area but never said
for them not to frequent the business. On the contrary, the Board asked if the Stop & Shop employees
could help the local businesses in that area that were affected with the closing of the Elm Street Bridge
and patronize them as often as they could. The Board asked the Administrative Assistant to forward
the memo that was sent to Stop & Shop to Mr. Velozo.

Selectman Ashley stated that he is interested and would like to have someone from a bank come to the
Town Hall to educate, inform and answer questions for Town Employees with regards to 401K’s.

Motion (Fox/Pacheco) to approve the letter given to the Finance Committee in response to their
records request. Passed unanimously.

Old Business:

    •   Infrastructure rehabilitation updates
                        Narrows Road reconstruction status
                        Gurney Road construction status
                        Forge Road Bridge construction status
    •   Personnel
            o Status of Management contracts. (TA, 04/26/10)
    •   Phone system status. (TA, 04/26/10)
            o Scheduled for September
    •   Sewer Commission
            o Petition to State Legislature (Letter sent to Legislation) (TA, 07/26/10)
    •   Regionalization
            o Assessors (TA, 07/26/10)
Adjournment of regular meeting: At 7:20 P.M., Motion (Fox/Pacheco) to adjourn the meeting.
Passed unanimously. All members voted in the affirmative when polled.

                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                        Elsie Soares, Administrative Assistant