Less9spellprac2 by mudoc123


									Lesson 9 Spelling Practice #2
Choose the vocab word from Less 9 that would best replace the *.
                              CinderFella is a modern * which makes fun of Cinderella
                              by using sound-alike replacements for words to
 1                            comedic effect.

                              Ancient people kept records by drawing * of their
 2                            activities on walls and rocks.

                              "An * to a Greek Urn" is a famous poem that is
 3                            frequently parodied.

                              Technically, an artist is someone who is skilled in fine
 4                            arts , but an * is a skilled craftsman.

                              The archeologist labeled the * before putting it in a
 5                            crate.

                              The con man uses * to convice people to give him
 6                            money.

                              Claire sang a spontaneous * when she found out that
 7                            Mark loves her.

                              The wiccans performed an * using magic words and
 8                            candles.

                              The art teachers asked us to * sorrow through painting,
 9                            photography, or sculpture.

                              The man decided to * his confession to the police after
10                            he sobered up.

                              While Fred's * personality makes him a good friend, it
                              also makes him an easy target for people who
11                            dishonest or street smart.

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