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Your son is invited to participate in the Minnetonka boys basketball association’s (MBBA) traveling team tryouts. The tryouts
                                                            th                        th,
will be conducted on three days: Saturday September 19 , Sunday September 20

                         Saturday September 19       Sunday September 20
           4 grade        1:30 – 3:30 MHS             11:00 – 1:00 MME
           5 grade        2:30 – 5:00 MHS             12:30 – 3:00 MME
           6 grade        4:00 – 6:30 MHS              2:30 – 5:00 MME
           7 grade        5:30 – 8:00 MHS             11:30 - 2:00 MMW
           8 grade        7:00 – 9:30 MHS              1:30 – 4:00 MMW

Players are expected to attend all tryout sessions. Players will be notified after the second session whether or not they have
been selected to participate in the traveling program. Your son should report to the foyer inside the Minnetonka High School
west gym entrance for check in at the assigned start time Saturday. Do not arrive early – all gyms will be in use for the full
day. After check in your son will have an opportunity to warm up before the tryout process begins. The tryout process will be
conducted in one of the large gyms. Parents may not attend or observe the tryout process. Please be prompt in picking up
your son(s) at the session end times.

The goal of the MBBA is to provide a high quality basketball experience that promotes player and team development, while
playing competitive basketball on a traveling tournament team. Every attempt is made to put each team member in a position to
experience success. All team members will receive the benefit of quality paid coaching, increased practice opportunities and
competitive playing time. All players should be present for and prepared to play in all practices and games. A positive and
disciplined "team" attitude is expected of all players at all practices and tournaments. Attendance, performance, effort and focus
at practices will affect a player’s playing time in games and tournaments. The behavior/conduct of all players, coaches, and
parents are expected to reflect positively on the Minnetonka community.
The 4 , 5th and 6th grade basketball experience will be primarily focused on teaching and developing players’ skills within a
"team" context. Players should expect relatively equal playing time during most games and tournaments and over the course of
the entire season (absent disciplinary, health or attendance issues).
The 7th and 8th grade players should expect continuing emphasis on skills development within a "team" context. Increased
emphasis will be placed on the players and team performing at a higher competitive level. Coaches will have discretion
concerning playing time distribution based upon end-of-game and other game/tournament circumstances.

                                      IMPORTANT TRAVELING TEAM EXPECTATIONS

Practices: Beginning in mid-to-late October, each team will practice a minimum of two times per week. Gym availability,
player/team progress and tournament schedules may produce additional practices. Practices will last approximately 90
minutes. Practice times are affected by space availability and will generally be scheduled on weeknights. Players may have late
evening practices on school nights due to gym availability. There may be some Wednesday and/or Friday night practices.
Attendance at all scheduled practices is a team requirement. Conflicts must be discussed with the team coach in advance of
any absence.

Games: 5th through 8th grade team will participate in 30-40 games (10-12 weekends). 4th grade teams will participate in 20-
30 games (6-7 weekends). Tournament weekends begin in early November and continue to mid-March. Tournaments typically
run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

Fees: The fees for 5th through 8th grade teams are $375.00 per player. Fees for 4th grade teams are $250.00. For families
with more than one player in the MBBA, the traveling team fee for each additional child will be reduced by $50. In addition to the
program fee, the MBBA will collect a $100 check, per player, which will be returned following the fulfillment of your parental
obligation to work a 3-5 hour shift at the Minnetonka Holiday Tournament (our primary fundraiser event, November 20-22,
2009). Traveling fees cover the cost of tournaments, coaches’ salaries, equipment and uniform costs. Players/teams may elect
to purchase sweatshirts, gym bags, or other items at an additional player expense. All fees are due at the initial meeting of
players, parents and coaches, which will be held in early October, and must be paid before your son will be allowed to practice.
Proof of grade level and a copy of the player’s birth certificate are also due at time of payment. Each player and parent will be
asked to make a written commitment affirming the mission and goals of MBBA. This commitment acknowledges your son’s
and your understanding and agreement with team expectations as a player and a parent. If you find the commitment or
expectations too rigorous, there is a house league program sponsored by Minnetonka community education. If you have
questions about the MBBA traveling basketball tryout process, please call the tryout coordinators: Chris Steele (952) 200-5872
or Paul Norton (612) 669-6021. General questions may be directed to Brian Olds, MBBA President or any MBBA board
member. .
MBBA provides an opportunity for Minnetonka youth to participate in an enriched and competitive basketball program. Potential
players must participate in the tryout process. Players who are selected following the tryout process will be placed on a team to
play a traveling tournament schedule, primarily during weekends beginning in November and continuing until late March.
Please visit the MBBA website at for tryout details.

    1. Teams are formed based on grade level, not age level
    2. A player may try out for an older grade level, but he may not try out for a younger grade level than he currently attends
    3. In order to make an older grade team, the player must be a consensus dominant player on the “a” team of that higher
        grade level at each tryout session, as determined by the tryout evaluators and coach.
    4. Tryouts will be conducted in two phases. Phase I will be used to determine which boys will participate in this year’s
        program. Phase II will consist of several grade-level practices, to be held in late October, after which each player will
        be assigned to a team, typically, A, B, or C.
    5. All players wishing to be considered for a traveling tournament team are expected to participate in each scheduled
        session of the tryout process. Attendance exceptions and accommodations will only be considered when arranged with
        tryout coordinators and/or president. Exceptions and accommodations will be considered on a case by case basis only
        for compelling and extenuating circumstances.
    6. Tryouts will occur over three days, and players will participate with the grade level for which they are trying out.
    7. The coaches of the respective teams, in consultation with a Minnetonka High School varsity program representative,
        will determine the player selections and team assignments.
    8. The intent of the tryout process is to conduct an impartial, objective, accurate assessment of each player’s basketball
        skills and ability to develop and succeed in a “team” basketball context.
    9. The tryout process will include the assessment of a player’s skill level in various area’s, including shooting, ball
        handling, rebounding, passing, game/court awareness, defensive ability, footwork, agility/athleticism, conditioning,
        communication, movement with and without the ball, on-court decisions, energy/hustle, effort/attitude and team
    10. At the start of the tryout process, prospective players will be assigned a number which they must keep attached to their
        shorts at all time during the tryouts.
    11. Player positions may be considered in payer selections and team assignments, so as to avoid an all-guard or all-post
    12. No parental contact with evaluators or coaches will be permitted during the tryout process, and all questions,
        comments, concerns and issues should be directed to the tryout coordinators
    13. Parents of participants are not permitted to attend or observe the tryout sessions
    14. All notifications of travel players and subsequent team assignments will be made using this website.
    15. Coaches will designate alternatives from the next level team to fill a roster spot should a vacancy exist or need arise

    The MBBA will attempt to provide meaningful feedback to players about their performance during the tryout process.

                                          WAIVER/RELEASE OF LIABILITY

Participation in the MBBA traveling team tryout process and/or playing on an MBBA traveling team is a voluntary
activity. Each participant assumes all risks and danger of personal injury in any way arising from or incidental to
participation in MBBA-related activities. All participants and parents/guardians of participants agree to waive and
release the MBBA and the Minnetonka School District and its/their directors, officers, members and representatives
from any and all claims arising from such risks or danger of personal injury arising from or incidental to MBBA-related

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