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   Sue Bohlin
 Probe Ministries
History of Feminism
              Betty Friedan, The
Woman’s       Feminine Mystique:
Role: The     Housewives are
              unfulfilled and less than
Problem       human ("The Housewife
              Blahs"). The problem's
Without a     name is patriarchy
Name          (male-dominated
History of Feminism
               Women are oppressed
The Verdict:   because they bear and
Biology        raise children; men's
               physical strength and
Equals         genitalia are weapons of
               power. Women's
Destiny        differences = weakness.
               So overcome difference
               to be just like men.
History of Feminism
                Sharing bitterness and
Consciousness   anger in CR groups
Raising: The    surfaced the belief that
                men were responsible for
Personal        women's discontent.
                Women's differences = a
Becomes         source of pride and
Political       confidence.
History of Feminism
                  Expose the male-
                  centered nature of
                  society's beliefs and
Women’s Studies   mores, and replace them
                  with the female
                  perspective. One's own
                  (female) experience is
                  the only legitimate
                  source of truth and
History of Feminism
                 The prehistoric "Golden
                  Age" of women-ruled
                  civilization is lost; we
The First Sex:    must create a matriarchy
Women as          to replace patriarchy.
                  Women are not just
Superior          equal to men, they're
                  better than men.
History of Feminism

                  Judeo-Christian God too
Changing of the   patriarchal; reject him
                  and replace him with the
Gods              Goddess. Goddess
                  worship = self-worship.
The History of Feminism

• Feminism says, “The problem is patriarchy
  (male-dominated society).”
• The problem is actually the sin of people
  within a God-ordained hierarchy.
• We must not confuse the abuses of the
  structure with the structure itself.
Feminism and the Church
• The Magna Carta for Christian feminists is Gal.
  3:28: “In Christ there is no male or female.”
• Therefore, if women are created in God’s image just
  as men are, then they are equal to men and just as
  capable to exercise authority.
• However, the context of this verse is not equal
  rights, but that all believers have the same position
  of humility at the foot of the Cross.
Feminism and the Church

•   Church-women Blahs
•   De-differentiation of male/female roles
•   Equal rights for women: biblical feminism
•   Obliterate sex roles:
       • Role of women in the church
       • Role of women in marriage
Feminism and the Church
•   Emphasis on equality
•   Hierarchy produces inequality
•   Different means unequal
•   Equality means no role distinctions
•   All positions in marriage and the church are open
    to both men and women
Feminism and the Church
• Women should be
   – ordained
   – occupy office of elder
   – exercise authority over others in church
• No differences in marriage roles: mutual
  submission in marriage
Feminism and the Church

• The Bible teaches the equality in VALUE of men
  and women, as well as role differentiation.
• When biblical feminists encounter passages with
  which they disagree, they label them inauthentic
  or simply wrong.
Feminism and the Church

• Egalitarians are reacting against a real problem in
  the church:
   – Men: authoritarian, domineering, proud, and abusive
     of power
   – Women: passive, insecure, not fulfilling their part in
     the Body of Christ, not using spiritual gifts
   – Stereotypes of where to serve and what behavior is
Feminism and the Church

• This problem is due to an abuse and
  distortion of the hierarchy God designed,
  but is not intrinsic in the hierarchy (or
  authority structure) itself.
• Feminists reject the structure along with the
  abuse of the structure.
Feminism and the Church
• Also called “traditionalists”
• Hierarchy and authority in marriage and the
  church reflects that of the Trinity
• Equality in the Trinity: equality in the Body of
   – We are all made in the image of God
   – Jesus paid the same price for us all
Feminism and the Church
• Women are gifted for service with certain
  restrictions: male leadership
   – Not occupying office of elder
   – Not teaching men in the church
• Husbands: called to servant leadership
• Wives: called to submit to husbands as to the Lord
• The myth of “mutual submission”
Feminism and the Church
Inclusive Language
• Feminists rejected the language of the Bible as “male-
• Male language:
   – excluded women
   – reinforced male supremacy
   – relegated women to the position of “other”
• Feminists made God over in their own image
• Inclusive language changes the image of God into a
  feminine God.
Feminism and the Church
What’s Wrong with Inclusive Language
• God is not male, but He relates to us as masculine.
• Switching God from the masculine to the feminine
  sexualizes God.
• Renaming God to “she/he” depersonalizes Him.
• It attacks God’s character.
• It denies the relationship of the Trinity.
• It obscures humanity’s relationship to God.
Feminism and the Church
“Many Christians view feminism as an ideology that
  merely promotes the genuine dignity and worth
  of women. If this were true, feminism would
  definitely be compatible with Christianity, for the
  Bible does teach that women and men are of
  equal value in God’s sight, co-created as
  bearers of God’s image.
Feminism and the Church
“But the philosophy of feminism adds a subtle,
  almost indiscernible twist to the basic Biblical
  truth of women’s worth. Feminism asserts that
  women’s worth is of such a nature that it gives
  her the right to discern, judge and govern that
  truth herself.
Feminism and the Church
“It infuses women with the idea that God’s teaching
    about the role of women must line up with their
    own perception and definition of equality and/or

               Mary Kassian, The Feminist Gospel
Feminism on Campus
• Women’s Studies Courses
   –   Stress women’s lit, religions (Goddess, Sophia)
   –   Male bashing: lots of anger at men by angry teachers
   –   Emphasis on women’s suffering
   –   Wiccans
• Christianity portrayed as an abusive religion
   –   Hierarchical (intrinsically evil)
   –   Teaches women’s subjugation
   –   Submit to suffering
   –   Christ is insufficient as a role model for women
   –   The language of the Bible is patriarchal, must be dismissed
       and changed
Feminism on Campus

Dating relationships
  – Heterosexual dating
     • All men are potential rapists
     • Probability of rape
  – Lesbianism is considered the only
    acceptable expression for feminists in
    some circles.
The Problematic Legacy of
•   Confused women
•   Relational confusion
•   Abortion
•   Feminization of American schools
     – Disrespect for males and masculinity has shaped schools
•   Sexual morality
•   Hurting families
•   Women in the workplace
•   Equity feminists/Gender feminists
     – Two main groups in feminism today
Problems in the Feminist
• To despise the glory of masculinity is to
  reject the very image of God.
• To despise the treasure of femininity is to
  reject the glory of man.
• The problem of feminism: a rejection of
  what God has called good

 At the heart of feminism

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