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THE TRIAL OF TONY BLAIR                          Line Producer
Political Comedy Drama                           Producer:                                         Hal Vogel
Locations: London                                Director:                               Simon Cellan Jones
                                                 Featuring:                  Robert Lindsay, Phoebe Nicholls
                                                                                                Peter Mullan
                                               Production Co:                    Mentorn Barraclough Carey
                                     BAFTA Nomination – Best Single Drama
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS                             Line Producer
Period Drama Mini-Series                         Producer:                                        Paul Lowin
Locations: Ouarzazate (Morocco)                  Director:                                 Robert Dornhelm
                                                 Featuring:                       Dougray Scott, Omar Sharif
                                                 Production Co:                      Hallmark Entertainment

DADDY’S GIRL                                     Line Producer
Mystery Drama                                    Producer:                                   David Lascelles
Locations: London                                Director:                                        Bill Eagles
                                                 Featuring:                 Martin Kemp, Stephanie Leonidas
                                                 Production Co:                          Granada Television

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK:                          Line Producer
THE REAL STORY                                   Producers:                Martin Baker, Thomas Smith
Fantasy Adventure Drama                          Director:                                Brian Henson
Locations: UK                                    Featuring:                Matthew Modine, Jon Voight
                                                                                Mia Sara, Darryl Hannah
                                            Production Co:                     Jim Henson Productions
                                                                                 Hallmark Entertainment
  Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films – Saturn Award for Best Television Presentation
IN THE BEGINNING                                 Production Supervisor
Period Adventure Drama Mini Series               Producer:                                       Paul Lowin
Locations: Morocco, Budapest                     Director:                                     Kevin Connor
                                                 Featuring:                 Jacqueline Bisset, Martin Landau
                                                                              Christopher Lee, Eddie Cibrian
                                                 Production Co:                      Hallmark Entertainment

LEPRECHAUNS                                      Production Supervisor
Family Fantasy Adventure                         Producer:                                      Paul Lowin
Locations: UK                                    Director:                                 John Henderson
                                                 Featuring:                  Randy Quaid, Whoopi Goldberg
                                                                                Colm Meaney, Kieran Culkin
                                                 Production Co:                     Hallmark Entertainment

SECOND SIGHT                                     Line Producer
Mystery Drama                                    Producer:                                  David Lascelles
Locations: UK                                    Director:                                  Charles Beeson
                                                 Featuring:                        Clive Owen, Stuart Wilson
                                                 Production Co:                    Twenty Twenty Television


Laura Julian cont…

THE UNINVITED                      Line Producer
Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller Series     Producer:                                        Ruth Boswell
Location: Norfolk (UK)             Director:                                      Norman Stone
                                   Featuring:                   Leslie Grantham, Douglas Hodge
                                   Production Co:          Bluebook Films / Zenith Entertainment

THE MILL ON THE FLOSS              Associate Producer
Period Drama                       Producer:                                      Brian Eastman
Location: Norfolk (UK)             Director:                                 Graham Theakston
                                   Featuring:                         Emily Watson, James Frain
                                                                      Bernard Hill, Will Knightley
                                   Production Co:                        Carnival Films / Canal+

KANGAROO PALACE                    Production Manager
Period Drama                       Producer:                                      Ewan Burnett
Location: London                   Director:                                 Robert Marchand
                                   Featuring:               Jacqueline McKenzie, Jonathan Firth
                                   Production Co:                                Artist Services

NOSTROMO                           BBC Production Representative
Drama Mini-Series                  Producer:                                  Fernando Ghia
Locations: Colombia                Director:                                    Alastair Reid
                                   Featuring:                      Colin Firth, Albert Finney
                                                           Brian Dennehy, Claudia Cardinale
                                   Production Co:                     BBC / WGBH Boston

99-1                               Production Supervisor
Drama Series I & II                Producer:                                     Steve Clark-Hall
Location: London                   Directors:               Terry Johnson, Ian Knox, Patrick Lau
                                                           Charles McDougall, Anthony Simmons
                                   Featuring:               Leslie Grantham, Christopher Fulford
                                   Production Co:                           Zenith Entertainment

THE RECTORS WIFE                   Associate Producer
Drama adapted from the Novel       Producer:                                          Alan Wright
Location: Stowe-on-the-Wold (UK)   Director:                                         Giles Foster
                                   Featuring:                   Lindsay Duncan, Stephen Dillane
                                   Production Co:                     Channel 4 / Talisman Films

FRAMED                             Associate Producer
Crime Thriller                     Producer:                                          Guy Slater
Location: Spain                    Director:                                        Geoffrey Sax
                                   Featuring:                     Penelope Cruz, Timothy Dalton
                                                                                David Morrissey
                                   Production Co:                   A&E Television / Anglia Films

FIRM FRIENDS                       Production Supervisor
Drama Mini-Series                  Producer:                                       Jeff Rosenblatt
Location: Newcastle                Director:                                       David Hayman
                                   Featuring:                     Billie Whitelaw, Madhur Jaffrey
                                   Production Co:                            Zenith Entertainment


Laura Julian cont…

THE NUTCRACKED IN 3D                                Line Producer
Period Musical Fantasy                              Producer:                                        Paul Lowin
Location: Budapest                                  Director:                              Andrei Konchalovsky
                                                    Featuring:                       Elle Fanning, John Turturro
                                                                                   Nathan Lane, Richard E Grant
                                                    Production Co:                                   GHM Films

ARN                                                 Producer (Morocco)
Period Drama                                        Producers:                Jan Marnell, Waldemar Bergendahl
Locations: Morocco (various)                        Director:                                        Peter Flinth
                                                    Featuring:              Joakim Nätterqvist, Nicholas Boulton
                                                                                                  Alex Wyndham
                                                    Production Co:                           Svensk Filmindustri

ELIZABETH                                           Production Manager (re-shoot)
Period Drama                                        Producer:                                     Alison Owen
Location: UK - Shepperton Studios                   Director:                                   Shekhar Kapur
                                                    Featuring:                   Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush
                                                                               Joseph Fiennes, Vincent Cassel
                                                    Production Co:                         Working Title Films

THE WISDOM OF CROCODILES                            Line Producer
Romantic Thriller                                   Producers:                    David Lascelles, Carolyn Choa
Locations: London                                   Director:                                      Po-Chih Long
                                                    Featuring:                       Jude Law, Jack Davenport
                                                    Production Co:                         Zenith Entertainment

THE FASTEST FORWARD                           Line Producer
Location: Manchester (UK)                     Producer:                                      Russ Malkin
                                              Director:                                         John Gore
                                              Featuring                                      Keith Barron
                                              Production Co:                                 Telethon ‘90
           For inclusion in The Guinness Book of Records as the fastest feature film ever made!
THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM                            Production Manager
Classic Period Horror                               Producer:                                      Albert Band
Location: Italy                                     Director:                                    Stuart Gordon
                                                    Featuring:                  Lance Henriksen, Mark Margolis
                                                                                                Jeffrey Combs
                                                    Production Co:                             Empire Pictures

THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM                          Production Manager
Horror                                              Producers:               Ken Russell, Ronaldo Vasconcellos
Locations: UK (various)                             Director:                                      Ken Russell
                                                    Featuring                     Hugh Grant, Amanda Donohoe
                                                    Production Co:                             Vestron Pictures
                          Fantasporto - International Fantasy Film Nomination for Best Film
AMERICAN ROULETTE                                   Production Manager
Thriller                                            Producer:                                    Graham Easton
Location: London                                    Director:                                    Maurice Hatton
                                                    Featuring:                                      Andy Garcia
                                                    Production Co:           British Screen / Channel Four Films


Laura Julian cont…

BUSINESS AS USUAL                                  Production Manager
Drama                                              Producer:                                        Sara Geater
Location: Liverpool (UK)                           Director:                                   Lezli-Ann Barrett
                                                   Featuring:                      Craig Charles, Stephen Dillon
                                                   Production Co:                           Channel Four Films

GOTHIC                                             Production Manager
Period Thriller Horror                             Producer:                                      Penny Corke
Location: UK                                       Director:                                       Ken Russell
                                                   Featuring:                      Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands
                                                                            Natasha Richardson, Timothy Spall
                                                   Production Co:                                  Virgin Vision
                         Fantasporto - International Fantasy Film Nomination for Best Film

NATIONALITY:                                       British
LANGUAGES:                                         Working French
COUNTRIES WORKED IN:                               Colombia, France, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Spain, UK.
Member of the Producers Guild of Great Britain

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