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					                    Weekly Security Incident Log
              Period: Monday, September 15, 2003 to Sunday, September 21, 2003

The Weekly Security Incident Log is circulated electronically as part of the Department of
Security, Parking & Transportation’s ongoing effort to provide information about incidents
occurring on campus to promote awareness and provide pro-active crime prevention information
to reduce the opportunity of crime. This report is prepared by the Crime Prevention Office.

                               Incident Category                Reports
                   Assault Level 1                                 2
                   Attempt Theft                                   1
                   Cause Disturbance                               2
                   Damage (Private Property)                       2
                   Disorderly Behavior                             1
                   Emergency Medical                               2
                   Fire Alarms                                     9
                   Fraud                                           1
                   Information                                     1
                   Mischief Under $5000 (Private Property)         7
                   Mischief Under $5000 (University Property)      4
                   Motor Vehicle Collision                         1
                   Security Alarm Response                        19
                   Suspicious Person                               1
                   Theft of Motor Vehicle                          2
                   Theft Under $5000 (Private Property)            9
                   Theft Under $5000 (University Property)         3
                   Unfounded                                       1
                   Uttering Threats                                2
                                             Total Incidents      70

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                  Incidents Reported By Day of Week

                   2                                                                                 Series1







                          Crime Prevention Bulletin Board
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      Theft of personal property is the number on crime incident category on
       campus. To prevent a theft, deny a criminal the opportunity to steal. It’s
       easy. Keep your wallets, laptops, and other valuables within your eye-
       sight at all times. You’ll also save yourself time & inconvenience in not
       having to cancel bank & credit cards, and calling Security and Toronto
       Police, and possibly insurance companies to report the loss.

                                   Summary of Incidents
 If you have any questions regarding these incidents, please contact the Investigations Office at
 campus extension 58103. For any inquiries regarding fire alarms please contact the Manager,
                    Building Code & Fire Protection, Facilities Development.

Incident No.       Location                      Category                   Date              Time         Summary

200304219      Norman Bethune Theft Under    15-Sep-03 9:49 A.M. Complainant reported that a textbook
               College        $5000 (Private                     had stolen from their locker. No signs
                              Property)                          of forced entry.

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200304220     Technology        Emergency      15-Sep-03 10:08 A.M. A contractor suffered an electrical
              Enhanced          Medical                             shock after coming in contact with a
              Learning Building                                     high voltage transformer. Patient was
                                                                    transported to hospital by EMS.
                                                                    Ministry of Labor was contacted by
                                                                    Toronto police for a workplace
                                                                    accident investigation.
200304221     Norman Bethune Theft Under     15-Sep-03 10:30 A.M. Complainant reported that a textbook
              College         $5000 (Private                      had stolen from their locker. No signs
                              Property)                           of forced entry.
200304222     Pond Rd./Passy Motor Vehicle 15-Sep-03 11:51 A.M. A vehicle collided with a second
              Crescent        Collision                           vehicle after failing to stop for a stop
200304223     Goldfarb Centre Fire Alarm     15-Sep-03 11:44 A.M. Security & Toronto Fire responded.
              for Fine Arts                                       Cause unknown.

200304228     2 Assiniboine     Motor Vehicle 15-Sep-03 4:08 PM       A student escort van was rear-ended.
              Road              Collision                             No injuries.
200304229     Norman Bethune    Theft Under    15-Sep-03 4:13 P.M.    Complainant reported that a textbook
              College           $5000 (Private                        had stolen from their locker over a two-
                                Property)                             day period. No signs of forced entry.
200304230     Scott Library     Theft Under    15-Sep-03 4:52 P.M. Complainant reported the theft of a
                                $5000 (Private                     backpack containing bank cards &
                                Property)                          personal effects.
200304231     Scott Library     Theft Under    15-Sep-03 5:08 P.M. Complainant reported that their wallet
                                $5000 (Private                     had been stolen from a backpack.
200304236     Vanier Residence Mischief Under 15-Sep-03 6:41 P.M. Complainant reported that a male
                               $5000 (Private                     walked into a residence room and
                               Property)                          urinate on a tenant's laundry and also
                                                                  made spitting motions toward her bed.
200304245     Founders          Theft Under    15-Sep-03 10:43 P.M. Complainant reported that their room
              Residence         $5000                               keys had been stolen when they left
                                (University                         their room unattended.
200304248     York Lanes        Mischief Under 16-Sep-03 12:10 A.M. Complainant advised that he left his
                                $5000 (Private                      cell phone at the BOM ATM. When
                                Property)                           the complainant called his phone, a
                                                                    male answered & then hung up.
200304251     Stong Residence Fire Alarm       16-Sep-03 2:15 A.M. Security & Toronto Fire responded. A
                                                                   pull station had been activated for
                                                                   reasons unknown.
200304253     Stong Residence Fire Alarm       16-Sep-03 3:41 A.M. Security & Toronto Fire responded. A
                                                                   pull station on the 6th floor had been
                                                                   activated for reasons unknown.
200304255     Goldfarb Centre   Fire Alarm     16-Sep-03 9:21 A.M. Security & Toronto Fire responded.
              for Fine Arts                                         Cause unknown.
200304261     Arboretum         Fraud          16-Sep-03 11:58 A.M. A vendor reported finding counterfeit
              Parking Garage                                        currency being used in vending

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200304267     Osgoode            Theft Under    16-Sep-03 10:27 P.M. A laptop & LCD projector was stolen
                                 $5000 (Private                      from a lecture hall over a 30-minute
                                 Property)                           period.
200304268     Norman Bethune Fire Alarm          16-Sep-03 10:56 P.M. Security & Toronto Fire responded. A
              Residence                                               pull station on the 11th floor had been
                                                                      activated for reasons unknown.
200304275     Parking Lot 1      Damage          17-Sep-03 11:04 A.M. Complainant reported that their vehicle
              York Blvd. North   (Private                             had been scratched.
              Outer Reserved     Property)
200304276     Ross Building      Information     17-Sep-03 11:11 A.M. A staff member reported receiving an
                                                                      unusual email from a former student.

200304277     Parking Lot 8      Theft Under     17-Sep-03 12:37 P.M. Complainant reported that on the
              Sentinel Road      $5000                                previous day their parking decal had
              East Outer         (University                          been stolen from their convertible,
              Reserved           Property)                            which had been left with the top down.
200304280     Vanier College     Theft Under    17-Sep-03 1:14 P.M. Complainant reported that her purse
                                 $5000 (Private                     had been stolen from a classroom
                                 Property)                          while attending to a student at the end
                                                                    of class.
200304281     Scott Library      Theft Under    17-Sep-03 2 P.M.        Complainant reported that their wallet
                                 $5000 (Private                         had been stolen from a backpack on
                                 Property)                              SEP15.
200304283     York Lanes         Attempt Theft   17-Sep-03 4:03 P.M. A vendor detained a patron after they
                                                                     set off the theft detection system &
                                                                     found merchandise in their possession.
                                                                     Toronto Police attended & released the
                                                                     individual. No charges laid.

200304287     Vari Hall          Theft Under    17-Sep-03 5:56 P.M. Complainant reported that her bicycle
                                 $5000 (Private                     had been stolen. The bike was
                                 Property)                          chained to a post outside of the
200304300     Parking Lot 7V     Mischief Under 17-Sep-03 12:17 P.M. Complainant reported that the rear
              Sentinel Road      $5000 (Private                      driver's side tire was slashed while his
              Visitors           Property)                           vehicle was parked in the lot on
200304293     Norman Bethune Fire Alarm       18-Sep-03 6:29 A.M. Security & Toronto Fire responded.
              Residence                                            Cause unknown.
200304298     Ice Arena      Fire Alarm       18-Sep-03 11:20 A.M. Security & Toronto Fire responded.
                                                                   Cause unknown.
200304306     York Hall -     Assault Level 1 18-Sep-03 7:20 P.M. A caller reported seeing a male
              Glendon College                                      attempt to strike a female outside the
                                                                   building & then followed her inside.
                                                                   Neither the witness nor Security could
                                                                   locate the parties.

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200304309     Arboretum        Cause         18-Sep-03 10:17 P.M. A report was received that a group of
              Parking Garage   Disturbance                        males was kicking and spitting at
                                                                  vehicles, and breaking beer bottles on
                                                                  the top floor. Security encountered the
                                                                  group at the Commons, where Toronto
                                                                  Police charged one male for

200304312     Glendon Manor - Cause          18-Sep-03 10:13 P.M. An intoxicated patron attempted to
              Glendon College Disturbance                         break some vinyl records & assault
                                                                  pub staff.
200304313     York Lanes       Mischief Under 19-Sep-03 1:23 A.M. Complainant reported that their side
              Parking Garage   $5000 (Private                     mirror had been smashed off while
                               Property)                          parked on the top floor.
200304314     Student Centre   Disorderly    19-Sep-03 2:17 A.M. 3 males were observed to be
                               Behavior                          physically confronting each other.
                                                                 Several other small sub-groups of
                                                                 males were also observed to be
                                                                 pushing, punching and hitting. Toronto
                                                                 Police & Security attended & the males
200304315     William McLean Assault Level 1 19-Sep-03 2:40 A.M. Complainant reported that when
              Walkway (outside                                   returning to the residence they were
              Bethune                                            approached by a group of males with
              Residence)                                         shaved heads who identified
                                                                 themselves as new soccer players.
                                                                 The males pelted the complainant and
                                                                 her friends with plant debris. One male
                                                                 physically put his hands around the
                                                                 complainant's neck after a verbal

200304316     Parking Lot BB   Mischief Under 19-Sep-03 2:45 A.M.   While on patrol Security observed two
              Lumbers          $5000                                males walking on the path near
              Reserved         (University                          Farquharson greenhouse with a gate
                               Property)                            arm. As Security approached, the two
                                                                    males dropped the gate arm and left
                                                                    the area. Upon further investigation it
                                                                    was found that the gate arm was from
                                                                    the Lumbers Lot.

200304318     The Common       Uttering      19-Sep-03 1:50 A.M. Toronto Police requested Student
                               Threats                           Security to escort a student to 90
                                                                 Atkinson, who was found intoxicated in
                                                                 the 32 Division area. The student
                                                                 became belligerent towards staff &
                                                                 Toronto Police arrested the male.
200304322     Campus Walk      Theft Under   19-Sep-03 3:18 A.M. Student Security reported that a
                               $5000                             Campus Map mounted on a pole
                               (University                       outside of BSB on the north side
                               Property)                         campus walk, has been stolen. No

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200304323     York Lanes        Mischief Under 19-Sep-03 3:23 A.M. The southeast wing of the mall was in
                                $5000                              shambles after unknown persons
                                (University                        turned over a large flowerpot and
                                Property)                          threw newspapers all over the mall
200304325     McLaughlin        Mischief Under 19-Sep-03 3:39 A.M. Complainant reported the bottom right,
              College           $5000                              reinforced panel of corridor door
                                (University                        (adjacent to Junior Common Room
                                Property)                          and washroom #022) was broken.
                                                                   Additionally, a hole in the drywall on
                                                                   the same side of the corridor was

200304339     Calumet College Fire Alarm       19-Sep-03 6:47 A.M. Security & Toronto Fire attended. 2
                                                                   pull stations near the pub had been
                                                                   activated for reasons unknown.
200304343     Atkinson Faculty Mischief Under 19-Sep-03 7:13 A.M. The plate glass front panel of a
              of Liberal Arts  $5000 (Private                     vending machine has been smashed.
200304344     6 Assiniboine     Unfounded       19-Sep-03 9:11 A.M. Complainant advised that his 2003
              Road              (Theft of Motor                     Mazda had been stolen from the
                                Vehicle)                            building service parking space
                                                                    overnight. Investigation revealed it had
                                                                    been repossessed.
200304348     F Lot - Glendon   Damage         19-Sep-03 12:47 P.M. Complainant reported that a tree had
              College           (Private                            fallen on his vehicle overnight causing
                                Property)                           considerable damage to the hood &
200304349     Atkinson Faculty Fire Alarm      19-Sep-03 1:37 P.M. Security & Toronto Fire responded.
              of Liberal Arts                                      Cause unknown.
200304351     Vari Hall         Assault Level 1 19-Sep-03 4:12 P.M. Complainant advised that at 3 AM, this
                                                                    date, they were approached by the
                                                                    suspect who sat on her and spoke to
                                                                    her in close proximity to her face and
                                                                    would not get off of her. After several
                                                                    attempts to have the suspect move,
                                                                    the victim's friends asked the suspect
                                                                    to move with no response. The
                                                                    suspect left after his friend convinced
                                                                    him to leave the area.

200304355     Parking Lot 7V    Theft of Motor 19-Sep-03 10:19 P.M. Complainant reported that between
              Sentinel Road     Vehicle                             5:30 PM & 10 PM their 2000 Toyota
              Visitors                                              was stolen from the lot.
200304358     York Hall -     Mischief Under 20-Sep-03 2:45 A.M.      Unknown person(s) dragged a downed
              Glendon College $5000                                   tree branch under the breezeway. The
                              (University                             branch, measuring about 12 feet in
                              Property)                               length, partially obstructed the path
                                                                      between C-Wing and A-Wings. A
                                                                      spent can of beer was located next to
                                                                      the branch.

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200304359     Pathway - Hilliard Mischief Under 20-Sep-03 3:18 A.M. A pathway light fixture was observed to
              Residence,         $5000                              be vandalized.
              Glendon College (University

200304363     Curtis Lecture   Disorderly     20-Sep-03 10:58 A.M. After an exam, a husband of a student,
              Halls            Behavior                            yelled at a staff member for telling the
                                                                   student that they had to stop writing as
                                                                   time had expired.
200304366     Parking Lot 5   Mischief Under 20-Sep-03 12:43 P.M. Complainant reported that their rental
              North West Gate $5000 (Private                      van had been vandalized overnight.
              Visitors        Property)
200304374     Student Centre   Uttering       21-Sep-03 1:01 A.M. Toronto Police arrested two males who
                               Threats                            after being refused entry to an event
                                                                  threatened to return with a gun.
200304375     Curtis Lecture   Mischief Under 21-Sep-03 3:29 A.M. A lock to a vending machine had been
              Halls            $5000 (Private                     tampered with permitting access to the
                               Property)                          products.
200304379     Vanier College   Suspicious     21-Sep-03 3:05 P.M. Complainant reported that while
                               Person                             studying outside, a male approached
                                                                  her wanting to engage in conversation.
                                                                  When the complainant said no, the
                                                                  male began using profanity & flicked
                                                                  his cigarette towards her & left.
200304383     2 Assiniboine    Emergency      21-Sep-03 11:58 P.M. EMS transported a male to hospital
              Road             Medical                             after he accidentally cut himself with a
                                                                   knife. 911 dispatched Toronto Police
                                                                   as they thought an assault had
                                                                   occurred & a suspect was in the area.

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