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              Google Tips
• Try the obvious first
• Start broad and then narrow your search
• When you want to search for two words
  use OR between them. William OR Bill
• “Quotes” are for doing a Phrase Search
  more than one word in your search. Do
  not over use this however, it could limit
  your search.
          Google Tips cont.
• When searching for names write them
  both ways: Cathie Owens or Owens
• Google does not recognize punctuation
• Google is not case sensitive – don’t waste
  your time capitalizing words
       Google searches by
• Priority – is your site tied to another
  popular site
• Position – are your search words in the
  URL or title of the page, does it show up
  in the first page of your
• You can ask questions for a search
         Google Neat Tricks
• Highlights the words you are searching
• You can do an address search by typing
  the address in the search box
• You can do phone number searches
• You can change the number of hits per
  page (advanced)
• Cached – saves the page on their website
• Google has a translator tool

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