Vocabulary by chenmeixiu


                               Duck for President
Grades: K-5
Day 1:(20-25 minutes)
Before reading the story explain to the students that today they will be hearing five sparkling words
in Duck for President. Point to the “Vivacious Vocabulary” chart with the five words listed on it. As
you read the story stop at the words (flag these words before hand in your book with post-its) and
briefly give a definition. After reading the story go over the words with more detail giving the
definition, synonyms, and motions. The motions help the students remember the words and make it
more fun. Let the students know that they will be learning about these words throughout the week.
You will record a tally mark on the chart when you hear students correctly using a vocabulary word.

       Word                   Definition               Synonym                   Motion
       Chores             A job you have to         Odd jobs, tasks,          Move arms like
                           do, especially a         duties, errands             sweeping
                             boring one
    Registering              The act of             Sign-up, register        Pretend to write
                          recording names                                       something
                         and details on a list
     Protested              To say or do                 March,               Shake head no
                         something, to show           demonstrate,
                            you disagree.                boycott
        Ballot            A piece of paper            Poll, election,          Hold piece of
                           that you use to         survey, opinion poll           paper

      Election            When you vote to               Choice,             Make check mark
                          choose someone             determination,             in the air
                           for an official           selection, vote

Word Associations: After presenting explanations for each vocabulary word, ask students to associate one of
their new words or phrase.
Turn and tell your partner….
Which word goes with choosing someone for president? Why? (election)
Which word goes with a job that you have to do? Why? (chores)
Which word goes with to do something to show you do not agree? Why? (protested)
Which word goes with recording names and details on a list? Why? (registering)
Which word goes with a piece of paper that you use to vote? Why? (ballot)
Day 2: (20 minutes)
Start day 2 by going over the words, definitions, synonyms, and motions with the students. Reread the
sentences in Duck for President that include our vivacious vocabulary words. When the students hear the
words have them do the motion.

Making Choices
Point to the word chores on the chart.
Say: If what I say describes chores, move your arms like you are sweeping and say, chores If not,
just remain quiet.
       - Going to the movies
       - Making your bed
       - Playing with a friend
       - Sweeping the floor

Point to the word registering on the chart.
Say: If what I say describes registering, pretend to write something and say, registering If not,
just remain quiet.
     Signing up for summer camp
     Writing a story
     Drawing a picture
     Putting your name down for a part in a play

Point to the word protested on the chart.
Say: If what I say describes protested, shake your head NO and say, protested If not, just remain
     Agreeing with everyone
     Refusing to go to the store
     Planting a flower
     Not going to bed on time

Point to the word ballot on the chart.
Say: If what I say describes ballot, pretend to hold a piece of paper and say, ballot If not, just
remain quiet.
     A book
     A paper with names of candidates
     A swing
     A paper with choices listed for you to choose

Point to the word election on the chart.
Say: If what I say describes election, pretend to hold a piece of paper and say, election If not, just
remain quiet.
     Voting for class president
     Making all the choices by yourself
     Your family choosing to eat at a specific restaurant
     Voting for President of the United States
Day 3 (10-15 minutes)
Vivacious Vocabulary Chart:
Say each word on the chart. Students repeat the word after you. Review the definitions, synonyms
and motion for each word.

Relating Words:
Have students turn and talk with a partner.

You are voting for the president. Would that be an example of chores or election?
Why? (election)

You tell the mayor that you don’t agree with what he has said. Would that be an
example of registering or protested? Why? (protested)

Synonym Search:

Show the students the Synonym Search Chart. Read aloud the words at the top of the chart. Read
one synonym. Students work with a partner to identify the synonym that matches the vocabulary

  Registering          Ballot           Protested         Election           chores

Put synonyms on index cards and mix them up.
Day 4: Vocabulary Graphic Organizers:                  Work on this as a whole class. Have
students turn and talk to help come up with the answers. Name words that have the same
meaning as the word you have chosen. Write these words in the ovals. Then have students
think of examples of what the word is. This can be drawn freehand on the board. Students
can also draw this in their spiral notebooks.

                                                      WHAT IS IT?

Day 5:
Day 5: Review Tally Marks and definitions and words
Vocabulary Graphic Organizers: Hand out paper or have students work in a spiral
vocabulary notebook. Students make a square. Have student’s choose their own word or
they can choose a word with their partner to complete graphic organizer. Do not have them
complete the same word as you did on the graphic organizer above.

Write the word                            Read the definition

Write a sentence using the word           Draw a picture

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