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									                                                     MAKE YOUR MARK
                                                          AGAINST MS

2007 annual report |
                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                         Join the Movement

Letter from Leadership ........................................................ 1
Our Mission .......................................................................... 2
Our Stories............................................................................ 3
Our Services............................................................................8
Our Programs .........................................................................9
Advocacy .............................................................................. 10
Promise: 2010 ..................................................................... 11
Awards ................................................................................. 12
Fiscal 2007 Income & Expenses ........................................ 13
Fundraising .......................................................................... 14
Partners ................................................................................ 18
In-Kind Donors .................................................................... 18
Annual Giving ...................................................................... 19
Sally Buegeleisen 1925-2007............................................ 24
Tribute Gifts ......................................................................... 24
Alan Buegeleisen Research Fund ....................................... 25
Chapter Staff...........................................................back cover
In 2007, the National MS Society’s branding campaign was implemented,
challenging everyone across the nation to Join the Movement. Throughout the
year, we’ve seen this challenge met by so many people within our Chapter’s
community. They’ve proven that activism can take many forms and that each person in his or her
own way can make a difference.

We’ve seen activism in those who organize support groups; in those who push their bodies and
minds to better adapt to the effects of their MS; in mothers who tirelessly raise funds to find a
cure and in people with MS who make it their mission to educate the public about the need for
research. These are just a few of the activists that make the Mid Florida Chapter proud of the
work we do and more committed than ever to end the devastating effects of MS.

You’ll read about some of these activists in this annual report. You’ll also learn about the
Chapter’s expansions in programs and services, made in part because of findings in a needs
assessment process.

Advocacy has become a stronger focus for the Chapter this year, as we joined with the North and
South Florida Chapters to staff a full-time Director of Public Policy for the National MS Society
of Florida. This will provide a much-needed link between government and the MS community to
affect public policy.

Despite a slowing economy, the Chapter saw revenues of over $2.6 million. We were able to
earmark more than $500,000 to fund MS research. Our every effort is made possible by the
volunteers who support the Chapter’s mission with their time and talents. They embody the
spirit of activism and their contributions are appreciated.

We urge you to join them. Take up the mantle of activism to help find a cure for MS.

Warmest Regards,

Tami Caesar                  Mark Mohler
President                    Chairman

    Every hour of every day, someone new is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. MS is a chronic, often
    disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. Its progression, severity and specific
    symptoms cannot be foreseen. It is a disease that can erode a person’s abilities and hopes, halt a
    career and unravel the fabric of families.

    The National MS Society supports more MS research and serves more people with MS than any
    other national voluntary organization in the world. Since its inception, the Society has supported
    over $520 million in the world’s most promising MS research. This has led to safe and effective
    therapies, improved quality of life and enhanced understanding of the disease and its course.

    The Mid Florida Chapter serves almost 10,000 individuals diagnosed with MS and over 73,000
    people when including family members, friends, employers and caregivers in a 23-county area.

    National MS Society Strategic Response
    • We are a driving force of MS research, relentlessly pursing prevention treatment and cure.
    • We address the challenges of each person whose life is affected by MS.
    • We mobilize the talents and resources of the millions of people who want to
     do something about MS NOW!
    • We will raise a total of $1.25 billion by the end of 2010 to move closer to a world free of MS.
    • We are activists!

    Mid Florida Chapter Strategic Goals
    • Increase the Mid Florida Chapter’s gross revenue from $ 2 million to $3 million.
    • Provide equal access to high-quality programs and services that meet the needs of
     people living with MS throughout the Chapter territory.
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive communications, marketing and public
     relations plan that will increase awareness for all Chapter activities.
    • Identify, recruit and engage strong corporate and community leaders to help
     achieve the strategic response.
    • Raise $250,000 for the Promise 2010 Campaign.

                                                                          “ I GET
Beth Cohen is relentless when it comes to MS awareness. The
former nurse case manager was diagnosed with the disease in
1998 and in the years since, she’s taken her mission to find a
cure as far as the Senate floor.                                          THERE
“I knew I had to really educate the community about MS to
get them aware. People with MS don’t always know about the
resources available to them and people who don’t have MS don’t
always know how to relate to people who do,” she explains. “I
spoke with other friends and we agreed that we need research,
we need treatments, we need a cure. But I knew I needed help in
getting the word out.”

In 2004, the Port Richey resident decided to do something to            I DON’T
improve MS awareness. She tapped into her professional, social
and fraternal organization network and formed a committee to
stage a fundraising auction. The West Pasco MS Silent Auction
Extravaganza was born.
                                                                           GIVE           “
That first year, Beth estimates that about 75 people attended
the auction, which featured items and services donated by
local businesses. By 2007, the event had grown to some 800

                                                                       - BETH COHEN
attendees. Last year’s auction raised over $10,000, tripling the
2006 total. The auction has become the largest event in the area
benefiting the Mid Florida Chapter of the National Multiple
Sclerosis Society.                                                        activist advocate

“It’s done nothing but increase,” she says, crediting the
perseverance of the committee, which includes friends and her
sister, Tammy Carr. Local businesses and the media participate
because, Beth says, “I get out there and speak. I don’t give up.” As
each auction ends, the next one is already in the planning stages.

Beth’s willingness to speak about MS and to promote this
successful third party event has led her to reach out to members
of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the governor’s
office. In August, U.S. Rep. Gus Bilirakis acknowledged her for
her support of increased funding for MS research.

The event takes place each fall at the Crab Shack Restaurant, a
waterfront establishment. This year’s auction is scheduled for
Oct. 3-5. Should you get a chance to attend, say “Hi” to Beth.
She’ll be the vibrant one, talking a mile a minute about the need
for MS awareness and funding.
                        In January 2000, Carin Mitchell was living a diagnostic nightmare.
                        Doctors told her she either had an inoperable brain tumor or MS.
                        “I didn’t know anything about MS, but I figured I’d rather have that
“MS IS                  than the brain tumor,” she laughs. When the diagnosis of MS was
                        confirmed, Carin set out to learn as much as she could about the
                        disease. “At first, it can be pretty horrifying. You think it’s a death

    PART OF             sentence, then you learn it’s not. You play the ‘what if’ game, but
                        then the more you learn, the better off you are,” she says.

    MY LIFE,            Carin had to stop working about six months after her diagnosis. For
                        a period of about two years, she used a cane and walker at home,
                        but was wheelchair-bound every time she’d leave the house. The

    BUT I
                        more she learned about MS, the more she became aware of the
                        importance of exercise. In fact, an aquatics regimen has helped
                        her regain her mobility and leave the wheelchair behind.

    DON’T               For the past five years, Carin has applied for and received a
                        Quality of Life grant from the Mid Florida Chapter. Grant funds
                        are used to pay for a membership at the Belle Terre Swim and
    LET IT              Racquet Club, the closest aquatic facility to her Palm Coast home.
                        “The grant pays for my membership and then, as a member, I get
                        discounted fees for aquatic classes,” she says, adding that on a
    RULE MY     “       scale of one to 10, the funding she receives through the grant are
                        “a definite 10!”

    LIFE.               Carin swims between a half-mile and mile of laps almost every
                        day and takes a water aerobic class three times a week. “I have no
                        doubts that swimming has helped me regain my mobility. I can
                        tell a difference in how I feel if I skip a few days,” she says.
    CARIN MITCHELL      She also employs a method from her past for support. Prior to
    activist advocate   living in Florida, Carin lived in Oregon where she was involved in
                        pet therapy. She and Lady, her adopted Dalmatian/Labrador mix,
                        visited rest homes. “Pets are soothing, sweet and fun. They can
                        help calm you, but they can also make you get up and move,” she
                        says. Lady, now 11, shares dominion over the Mitchell household
                        with Oliver, a five-year-old domestic short hair cat.

                        They’re not the only loves of Carin’s life. “My husband has been
                        incredibly supportive through all of this. Having a good support
                        system – my family, my animals, my friends and the MS Society
                        – it means the world to me,” she says, adding that the MS support
                        group that meets monthly in Palm Coast is a tremendous help to her.

                        “I’ve learned that you have to adapt, but you have to make sure
                        MS doesn’t stop you from doing the things you care about.
                        Unfortunately, MS is a part of my life, but I don’t let it rule my
                        life. I try to keep it in the background I try to have a good sense of
                        humor about MS. You have to be able to laugh,” she says.

Nothing can motivate you to become an MS activist like learning
your child has the disease. When Ande Felder’s daughter Megan
was 19, she was diagnosed with MS. “I had to find a way to
channel the guilt,” says Ande, a second grade teacher. “I know
it’s not logical, but as a mother, all I could think was there must
                                                                            “ ONE
have been something I could have done differently when I was
pregnant with her.”
While Megan was relatively symptom-free in the beginning, she
had an exacerbation that put her in the hospital for a month. At
the time, Megan’s older sister Jenna was away at graduate school.        CLOSER
“I think Jenna felt that she’d missed a chance to help Megan
because she wasn’t here. So when we heard about walkMS, we
decided to sign up some friends and do the walk,” says Ande.
The Felders formed a team, Megan’s Marchers. “Jenna registered us
online and when it asked for a goal amount, she typed in $5,000,”
                                                                          A CURE
Ande recalls. “She called me afterward and said, ‘I can’t believe
what I just did!’ It didn’t take us long to realize that we needed to
do more than just register walkers if we were to meet that goal.”

                                                                         FOR MS.
To raise money to meet their walk pledge, Jenna, Megan, Ande
and husband Ben, invited some 75 friends and family members to
a small auction and raffle event. A Tampa area restaurant donated
the room and hors d’oeuvres, with an available cash bar. The first
year, the event – dubbed “MaSquerade” – raised $6,000.
                                                                        - ANDE FELDER
It is now an annual casino night with about 200 participants and              activist mom
an open bar. With the tagline “one step closer to unmasking a cure
for multiple sclerosis,” MaSquerade raised $20,000 in 2007.

“MaSquerade has become a passion. It’s my own way of feeling
that I’m doing something not just for Megan, but for others,” Ande
says. “We’re just so thankful to the MS Society. They’ve always
been helpful, allowing us to participate in workshops and sending
us to meetings. Through the Society, we’ve built friendships and a
strong network.”

As for Megan, her month-long hospital stay all those years ago
has been the only real occurrence of MS symptoms. Today, she
is a tutor in the public schools, a job that her mom says suits
her because, “Megan loves kids and her passion is working with
children. She’s a very sweet, loving person.”

“I WANT                Jeff Hamilton spends a lot of time with ants…well, actually, with
                       ANTS. This is the acronym for a support group Jeff started in
                       February 2006, and it stands for “A Natural Tough Self-Starter.”

    MS TO              Jeff knows a thing or two about being a self-starter. In the 22 years
                       since he was diagnosed with MS, he has been on a mission to find

    BE A               ways to help people with MS live more productive, satisfying lives.
                       In the beginning, there were three ANTS. Just two years later, more
                       than 70 people with MS now participate in the Osceola County-

    DISEASE            based group.

                       Between meetings, he also beats the bushes for restaurant

    PEOPLE             and local business donations. “We raffle off these donations
                       every month at our meetings. Once a year, we do a fundraiser
                       at Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q and they give us 25 percent of that

    USED           “
                       evening’s proceeds. We use this money for a Christmas party
                       for the ANTS and their family members,” he says. Raising funds
                       for transportation is another passion for Jeff. “I see people all

    TO GET.            the time who just can’t get out. They have a hard time because
                       transportation stinks for people with a handicap.” he says. “We
                       came up with a bowl-a-thon called ‘Striking for Independence’ to
                       help people with MS get out and do something…to not have to
                       sit at home and be depressed.”
    activist ANT       The event raised some $10,000, which was donated to the
                       Mid Florida Chapter. The funds are used to provide handicap-
                       accessible transportation to ANTS needing to travel within
                       Orange, Osceola and Polk counties. “This helps people get to
                       ANTS meetings, but also to the grocery store, church or the
                       doctor’s office,” Jeff explains.

                       Just as important to Jeff as helping Osceola ANTS enjoy a better
                       quality of life, is his desire to help find a cure for MS. “I’ve had the
                       opportunity, through the National MS Society, to meet scientists
                       who are doing genetic research. They’re going to find a cure…
                       maybe not for me, but for my kids’ and my grandkids’ generations.
                       I look at the work they do and I figure, okay, so I don’t have to
                       intelligence to find a cure, but I can sure go out and raise funds to
                       help it happen. I want MS to be the measles, mumps and polio of
                       the future…a disease people used to get,” Jeff says.

                                  WE ARE                            ACTIVISTS
When Carla Alford straddles her Trek bike to take part in this
year’s bikeMS: Bright House Networks MS Ride, it will mark her
20th consecutive year as a bike team member.
                                                                           “ THIS
Carla moved to the Orlando area in 1988 upon graduating from
the University of Florida. “I had no connection to MS whatsoever,
but I knew that I wanted to do something to help others. I was
attending a wedding and met someone who was, at the time, the
MS Bike Tour manager. I guess you could say it was fate that I
                                                                          IS MY
would get involved,” Carla says.

At that time, she joined the bikeMS Ride committee and
remains on the committee two decades later, serving as the only
committee member left from the tour’s early years. “This event
is my pride and joy,” she says. “It’s been such a thrill to see it
                                                                           AND           “
grow from a couple of hundred riders raising $100,000 to an
event that raised $1 million last year!”                                    JOY.
Today, Carla captains a team of some 25 riders. “It started as
a team from work. Over the years, people have changed jobs
so now, it’s really just a team of friends who used to work
together,” she says, noting that the bikeMS Ride has given them
an opportunity to stay in touch.
                                                                     - CARLA ALFORD
As a project manager for a construction company, Carla is often           activist captain
able to help get supplies donated for the bikeMS Ride, walkMS
and golf tournaments. She serves on the golf tournament
committee and provides logistical support for walkMS when
needed, but the bikeMS Ride is her true passion.

Over the years, her passion for the bikeMS Ride has not changed,
but one thing has – her wheels. “About a year and a half ago, I
finally bought a new bike. It’s a Trek road bike with a carbon
fiber frame. But until then, I rode the same Cannondale bike I’d
had since college….every year for 18 years,” she laughs. “It fit
like an old glove.”

    Quality of Life Grants
    • Provided direct assistance to people living with MS through increased grant allowances
      up to $1,500 to help offset cost of things such as in-home care, exercise and wellness,
      counseling and transportation.
    • Needs assessment outcomes resulted in grant expansion to include nutritionists,
     massage and alternative care therapies such as yoga and tai chi.
    • Awarded over $100,000 in grants and financial assistance to people with MS:
           - Durable medical equipment for 46 individuals
           - Medical and related supplies for 11 individuals
           - Exercise, alternative therapies, massage and funding for 23 individuals
           - In-home chore and companion services for five individuals
           - Transportation services for 55 people with MS
           - 18 college scholarships to help families affected by MS
           - The Doris Oram Volunteer Memorial Scholarship ($3,000) awarded
             to one student

    Community Partnerships
    • Contracted with 30 preferred providers who have agreed to offer services at reduced cost
     and sometimes donated, ranging from in-home care to transportation to legal services.

    Volunteer Support
    The Mid Florida Chapter of the National MS Society is driven to end the devastating effects
    of MS. This drive is fueled by the many selfless people – nearly 1,000 – who generously
    give of their time, talents and resources. Without them, our mission would be impossible.

    • Our Chapter’s volunteers include:
           - 50 self-help group leaders and co-leaders
           - 350 MS Walk volunteers
           - 500 MS Bike Tour volunteers
           - 12 golf event volunteers
           - Ten office/administrative volunteers
           - Six advocacy volunteers
           - Seven peer support volunteers
           - Two research advocates

8                                                                                                 7
Needs Assessment Completed
In April 2007, the Chapter completed a needs assessment through which people with MS in our 23-
county territory were surveyed. This effort was funded by a $17,000 grant from the Ryan Todd Lacey
Foundation. The needs assessment shed light on areas which the Board of Directors has since reviewed
and prioritized to adopt into the Chapter’s strategic plan. These areas of priority focus are as follows:

• 41% of respondents believe the most important functions of a local NMSS chapter are to provide
  information about multiple sclerosis and current research.
• 25% mentioned support groups/counseling as an important Chapter function.
• 55% of respondents with families reported that social outings and financial limitations are the
 biggest challenges their families face as it relates to MS.
• 43% believe that exercise would help ensure their independence, but they are just as, if not
 more, likely to mention rehabilitation services or physical therapy.
• 25% feel unsupported emotionally in their area.
• The top three needs:
 - Recreational and social activities
 - Couples programing/therapy and counseling
 - Web based programs

Public Education Outreach & Programs Offered
In 2007, the Mid Florida Chapter participated in eight health and wellness fairs across the 23-county
territory, reaching over 6,000 people. The Chapter also held seven professional education and in-service
training sessions for more than 350 allied healthcare professionals and community service providers.

• Apothecary, Alchemy & Clinical Trials; Understanding the Process of MS Research offered
  participants insight into the clinical research process. Along with a pre-opening screening of
 “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”
• Heuga Center – Jumpstart Your Health was attended by some 150 who learned nutrition, exercise,
  cognition and complimentary alternative treatments.
• The first Bi-Lingual MS Journey Club was offered for families. The Chapter translated program
 materials into Spanish and made follow-up counseling available to participating families.
• Winning Sure Beats Losing program by sports psychology consultant Jack Llewellyn, PhD was
 hosted at the Annual Day of Discovery and, during MS Awareness Week.
• “Strengthening MS Families” continuum of care model was developed to assist families affected by MS.
  - Kids Camp participants: 75 children
  - Day of Discovery: 675 people
  - MS Journey Club: 15 families in three counties

            Advocacy is an important mission element. There are many
            public policies and programs that greatly influence the well-
            being of people with MS. Throughout 2007, volunteers and
            staff from the Governmental Relations Committee (GRC)
            successfully met with more than 40 legislators to discuss
            legislative priorities and become more engaged in local issues.
            Six committee members also took a trip to Tallahassee (Tally
            Watch) during the legislative session to establish a presence
            and participate in committee meetings and House and Senate
            sessions. Visits were also made to Congressional staff in the
            districts and local government officials.

            In order to create a stronger statewide voice for persons with
            MS, the Mid Florida Chapter joined forces with the North and
            South Florida Chapters and hired Jenna Labadie as Director of
            Public Policy for the National MS Society of Florida. In this
            position, she will begin to transform volunteers into activists
            and allow a person with MS to tell their story in the public
            policy arena on the federal, state and local level to create the
            most impact.

            The GRC will transition into a statewide body and the
            public policy agenda will be representative of the three
            chapters. The primary goal is to serve as the statewide
            catalyst for fostering positive relationships with our elected
            officials, in part by educating them on the needs of the MS
            Society. Mobilizing persons with MS, caregivers, family,
            friends and interested persons and engaging them in the
            process can make a lasting impact on public policy. Contact
   to obtain more information on the
            new statewide advocacy program.

To encourage innovative research into highly promising areas and to improve MS patient care,
the National MS Society launched the Promise: 2010 Campaign. The Mid Florida Chapter is
committed to raise $250,000 toward this $30 million nationwide effort.

At the end of September 2007, the Chapter has collected approximately $40,000 toward its
commitment. A three-year campaign launched in October 2007 to raise the remaining $210,000
and will conclude in September 2010. Stephen Walsh, managing partner for Broad Street Partners,
LLC, donated a lead gift of $25,000 toward that 3-year campaign and designated the gift toward
the Pediatric MS Treatment Centers component of Promise: 2010.

“When you consider the thousands of people and families impacted by MS, including my own, the
need for research becomes quite compelling,” he said. “By establishing regional centers that can
offer local support to children with MS and aid pediatricians in the difficult diagnosis of MS, we
have the opportunity to help a lot of young people in their own communities.”

Promise: 2010 will fund four targeted areas that hold great potential in the fight against the
devastating effects of MS including:
• Nervous System Repair and Protection will set the stage to help translate basic science into
  meaningful, better therapies for people with MS in the future by restoring nerve function.
• About 8,000-10,000 children have MS, and another 10,000-15,000 experience what may be
  MS symptoms. MS is difficult to diagnose in children and most pediatricians are not familiar
  with MS. A first-of-its kind network of Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence has been created
  to set the standard for pediatric MS care.
• The Sonya Slifka Longitudinal MS Study is the first study of its kind in the U.S. and will
  provide a repository of in-depth information about the lives of people with MS. This study
  integrates clinical information, healthcare practices and socio-economic data to learn what
  happens to people with MS over time and what factors influence the long-term course of MS.
• The MS Lesion Project seeks patterns in the MS damage seen in brain tissue and attempts to
  correlate those findings with actual clinical signs, symptoms and responses to therapy.

     Mid Florida Chapter Mission Awards Celebration
     The Mid Florida Chapter celebrates the achievements of individuals and businesses that have
     expressed their activism in the fight against MS. The 2007 Expression of Activism Mission Award
     Winners were announced and honored at the Chapter’s annual meeting in November. Winners are:

     Michael Alexander, Relentless Champion - An individual who advocates meeting the needs of the
     MS community for rights, assistance, research and other quality-of-life issues on a state, local and/or
     federal level.

     Jacqueline Durning, Perpetual Idealist - An individual who embodies the Mission of the National
     MS Society Mid Florida Chapter through such activities as fundraising, raising awareness of MS
     within the community and other means.

     Paul Tynan & Steve Backhaus, Visionary - Individuals that organize successful community
     awareness and fundraising events to benefit the Mid Florida Chapter of the NMSS.

     R.D. MICHAELS, INC, Valiant Supporter - A corporation that encourages volunteerism, lends its
     name to fundraising events, contributes sponsorships, supports events, establishes corporate teams
     and provides expertise and leadership for the Mid Florida Chapter.

     Friends of Hope, 2007 MS Walk Top Team - People who form a group movement that raises the
     highest amount of dollars and MS awareness than any other team.

     Debbie Sirkin, 2007 MS Walk Top Fundraiser - An individual who is committed to the cause and
     reaches the milestone of raising the most funds of all walkers.

     PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC, 2007 bikeMS: Bright House Networks MS Ride Top Team -
     People who form a group movement that raises the highest amount of dollars and awareness than
     any other team.

     Mike Esmonde, Sr., 2007 bikeMS: Bright House Networks MS Ride Top Fundraiser – An
     individual who is committed to the cause and reaches the milestone of raising the most funds of all

     Phil Yastrow, 2007 Rookie of the Year – An individual who is relentless in the fight against MS,
     achieving significant milestones in the first year of participation in fundraising events.

     George Rector, Proponent to the Cause - An individual who goes above and beyond prescribed
     volunteer duties to make an even greater impact for the MS Community.

     Visit the website to see their stories at

12                                                                                                             16
                                                                     Mid Florida Chapter
                                                                     Financial Statement
                                                                     Recap Subject to Audit

                                                                     Fiscal Year Ending
                                                                     September 30, 2007

                                                                     INCOME CATEGORY

                                                                     Special Events

                                                                           Memberships, Contributions
                                                                           & Legacies

  In 2007, the Mid Florida Chapter raised $2,647,540 to                               Investment Income
  support client programs, local services and vital research.                              $36,664
  This was achieved through the generous efforts of volunteers,
                                                                                         Workplace Giving
  contributors and organizations who have committed to                                   Campaigns
  helping end the devastating effects of MS.
                                                                     $2,627,540                  $3,802
                                                                     Total Income            Program Fees

                          Future Chapter
     Management &                                                       $1,119,370
                               3%           Research for
     General Expense                                                  Local Client & Community Programs
                                               a Cure
          9%                                                                 $514,069
                                                                           Research for a Cure
 Expense                                                                                $384,376
   12%                                                                                National Programs

                                                                                       Fundrasing Expense

National                                                                                    $227,656
Programs                                                                                  Management &
  15%                                             Local Client &                          General Expense
                                               Programs & Services   $2,627,540                   $66,804
                                                                     Total Expenses              Future
                                                      42%            & Surplus                   Chapter

     15th Annual MS Pro-Am Invitational Golf Tournament Raises Over $60,000
     The 15th Annual MS Pro-Am Invitational Golf Tournament topped $60,000 as golfers gathered
     at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club in November to raise funds that will make a difference in the lives of
     people living with MS.

     Bright House Networks MS Bike Tour Tops $1 Million
     In 2007, more than 1,600 cyclists and volunteers generated over $1 million for the first time in the
     Bright House Networks MS Bike Tour! An enormous ‘thank you’ goes to our sponsors, cyclists,
     donors and volunteers for making this tremendous milestone a reality! Special congratulations go
     to our V.I.B. (Very Important Bananas) for raising more than $1,000 each this year!

     Michael Esmonde - $24,725.00        Mark Curtis - $2,685.00              Tom Frankfurth - $1,990.00
     Phil Yastrow - $24,651.00           Brad Horstman - $2,685.00            Amy Ballot - $1,986.00
     Suzy Giunta - $15,365.00            Terry Coveney - $2,670.00            Melinda Montgomery - $1,932.00
     Janiene Pape - $10,717.00           Maribeth Ryan - $2,662.00            Greg Stepanski - $1,920.00
     John Rezabek - $9,287.00            Nick Garcia -$2,652.00               David Goodman - $1,915.00
     D. Bradley Romp - $8,195.00         Andrew Reiff - $2,635.00             William Davidson - $1,870.00
     Doug Anderson - $7,976.00           Armando Rodriguez - $2,625.00        Mark Wiessner - $1,870.00
     Darren Frost - $6,470.00            William Holowesko - $2,620.00        Jenni Keiter - $1,865.00
     Dominic Prioli - $6,437.00          Steven Kane - $2,615.00              Steven Renner - $1,862.00
     Wayne Boudreaux - $6,250.00         Christopher Popp - $2,602.00         Brian Moffat - $1,835.00
     Wayne Torrens - $6,185.00           Robert Faskowitz - $2,550.00         Phyllis Tyree - $1,825.00
     Richard Lillard - $5,970.00         Venky Naravulu - $2,538.00           David Halfaker - $1,820.00
     John Regan - $5,885.00              Steven Kelly - $2,520.00             Tracy Asalita - $1,810.00
     David Mallory - $5,670.00           Shannon Gately - $2,515.00           Dawn Klungseth - $1,801.00
     Alan Wiessner - $5,349.00           Andson Harrison - $2,475.00          Denise Schultz - $1,798.00
     Brian Walsh - $4,352.00             Jack Longmire - $2,425.00            Steve Chuchvara - $1,757.00
     Thomas Mirek - $3,880.00            John Rigsby - $2,350.00              Candia Mulhern - $1,757.00
     Jose Tarrio - $3,740.00             Julian Belisle - $2,326.00           Rick Elwood - $1,730.00
     Cindy Cadle - $3,534.00             Carlo Scalia - $2,270.00             Ann McGregor - $1,725.00
     Jason Venezia - $3,487.00           Al Ruechel - $2,250.00               Robin Morton - $1,703.00
     Jerry Gonsiewski - $3,358.00        Carla Smith - $2,235.00              Lennox Phillip - $1,695.00
     Anna Tucker - $3,337.00             Dennis Gauvin - $2,203.00            Ed Ruark - $1,695.00
     Marjorie Sherwin - $3,280.00        Terry Richardi - $2,190.00           Ralph Fritsch - $1,690.00
     Frank Krieger - $3,279.00           Norman Burnstine - $2,171.00         Lionel Repasky - $1,687.00
     Mike Williams - $3,255.00           Neil Haslem - $2,160.00              Michael Hirschmann - $1,670.00
     Marjorie Shaw - $3,253.00           Ernesto Mancini - $2,128.00          Rob Aboud - $1,662.00
     Mark Baiss - $3,242.00              Karen Herzog - $2,125.00             Liz Zeitler - $1,650.00
     Tony McCoy -$3,229.00               Earl Lanoue - $2,125.00              Jeff Hunter - $1,645.00
     Michael Ebert - $3,225.00           Paul Roth - $2,120.00                Eric Husselbaugh - $1,610.00
     Casey Wilson - $3,060.00            Kenny Funk - $2,100.00               Liz Moran-Young - $1,590.00
     John Hooper - $3,045.00             Marcel Fuchs - $2,082.00             William Winslow - $1,590.00
     Francis Lee - $3,005.00             Gregory Porter - $2,079.00           Courtney Cafaro - $1,585.00
     Michael Goodman - $2,992.00         Michel Champagne - $2,045.00         Edward Rutledge - $1,585.00
     Steve Yastrow - $2,953.00           Dan Wiessner - $2,025.00             John Shade - $1,585.00
     Edward Heitov - $2,830.00           Mark Bailey - $2,020.00              Jeffrey Hunt - $1,575.00
     Ann Marie Calvo - $2,817.00         Seth Krieger - $2,020.00             Elizabeth Savincki - $1,565.00
     Mark Brown - $2,735.00              Ramon Perez - $2,015.00              Michael Martone - $1,562.00
     Cheri Lisko - $2,715.00             Lisa Ferrara - $1,991.00             Michael Robertson - $1,562.00

John Armstrong - $1,551.00        Chris Coleman - $1,200.00         Barbara MacDonald - $1,070.00
Teresa Scott - $1,540.00          Lrhs Deca - $1,200.00             Anthony Mestre - $1,070.00
Karen van der Baars - $1,530.00   David Harbaugh - $1,192.00        Dave Newberry - $1,070.00
Robert McCann - $1,520.00         Allan Arbuthnot - $1,190.00       Jon Rawlson - $1,070.00
Jonathan Broadbent - $1,515.00    Fred Lee - $1,190.00              Sally Smith - $1,070.00
Michelle McGuire - $1,512.00      Kristen Powers - $1,190.00        Donna-Marie Elliott - $1,065.00
Sandy Wieprzkowski - $1,510.00    Joanne Summeralls - $1,190.00     Robert Johnson - $1,065.00
Kevin Keiter - $1,490.00          Blake Mora - $1,185.00            Isaac Kalvaria - $1,065.00
Jeff Callis - $1,470.00           Bill Riddle - $1,183.00           Mark Scarfone - $1,065.00
Christopher Keeney - $1,462.00    Joe Driskell - $1,175.00          Sherry Albrecht - $1,062.00
Ruth Holmberg - $1,460.00         Serena Vanhoose - $1,175.00       David Dillehay - $1,062.00
Allan Richards - $1,454.00        Andrew Defosses - $1,171.00       Margaret Loflin - $1,062.00
Luis Arevalo - $1,440.00          Georgie Spears - $1,171.00        Bruce Bachman - $1,060.00
Joseph Stromberg - $1,440.00      Anthony Rounds - $1,170.00        Kenneth Bolduc - $1,060.00
William Cundiff - $1,435.00       Stephen Bosak - $1,167.00         Tom Kranz - $1,056.00
Jim Wagner - $1,420.00            Eva Armstrong - $1,165.00         Catherine Campbell - $1,055.00
Mandy Wyrick - $1,406.00          Anna Radmanesh - $1,162.00        Catherine Decker - $1,055.00
Nicole Crispin - $1,400.00        Nancy Armitage - $1,162.00        Tracie Dondey - $1,050.00
David Crane - $1,395.00           John LaFreniere - $1,160.00       Denise Holland - $1,050.00
Darryl Anderson - $1,390.00       Johnnie Rivera - $1,160.00        Neil Brooks - $1,045.00
Lee Sisselsky - $1,385.00         Michael Bundy - $1,159.00         Thomas Mistrot - $1,045.00
Paul Gourley - $1,370.00          Lynda Spreitzer - $1,156.00       Andrew Ranon - $1,045.00
Brian McFadden - $1,365.00        Lisa Strickland - $1,150.00       Robin Thomas - $1,045.00
Aylin Arditi - $1,360.00          James Corman - $1,145.00          Tina Wardrep - $1,042.00
Eric Rittenhouse - $1,345.00      William Husselbaugh - $1,145.00   Kevin Brennan - $1,040.00
Pete Small - $1,345.00            Aimee Moreno - $1,145.00          Denise Edwards - $1,040.00
Jeff Klungseth - $1,343.00        Edward Giunta - $1,143.00         Junio Almonte - $1,039.00
Debbie Weber - $1,340.00          Paul Lyons - $1,142.00            Scott Smith - $1,036.00
Ralph Caravello - $1,335.00       Danielle Bentzen - $1,137.00      Charles Herrmann - $1,036.00
Alexander Labora - $1,332.00      Donna Davis - $1,135.00           Mary Chesnoski - $1,035.00
Daniel Lee - $1,330.00            Thomas Kallin - $1,135.00         Mariah Boudreaux - $1,035.00
Luis Silva - $1,330.00            Carlos Ranon - $1,135.00          Andrea Henning - $1,035.00
Daniel Sullivan - $1,325.00       Dedra Carrasco - $1,130.00        Boyd Lipham - $1,035.00
Beth Berkobein - $1,320.00        Tracey Saunders - $1,130.00       Cherrie Sears - $1,035.00
Nancy Buonamassa - $1,320.00      Donna Lester - $1,125.00          Rick Mullins - $1,032.00
John Dontrich - $1,320.00         Janice Barron - $1,120.00         Sheri Weinstein - $1,029.00
Kristin Rebescher - $1,320.00     Catherine Zoller - $1,120.00      Sonya Fronckowiak - $1,027.00
Michael Stevenson - $1,320.00     Tory Nelson - $1,119.00           Kenneth Peppler - $1,026.00
James McInturff - $1,317.00       Mario Relvini - $1,117.00         William Pond - $1,025.00
Michelle Tribble - $1,310.00      David Foret - $1,112.00           Nancy Morgan - $1,021.00
Tim Huddelson - $1,302.00         Don Dunlap - $1,111.00            Robert Arce - $1,020.00
Sooner Means - $1,298.00          Rita Tedio - $1,110.00            Sandra Boylston - $1,020.00
Jessica Ortiz - $1,295.00         John Jowett - $1,109.00           Linda Breum - $1,020.00
Jeff Prather - $1,286.00          Beth Wonicker-Cook - $1,105.00    Randi Honer - $1,020.00
David Labovitz - $1,285.00        Jeffrey Duford - $1,100.00        Robert Kauffman - $1,020.00
Ralph Bennett - $1,270.00         Melissa Gilmore - $1,096.00       Tammy Knoll-Anderson - $1,020.00
Rodney Smith - $1,270.00          Sandra Brown - $1,095.00          Arthur May - $1,020.00
Lynnette Leathers - $1,260.00     Andrew DeClercq - $1,095.00       Chris Peterson - $1,020.00
Richard Scrimshaw - $1,260.00     Richard Gately - $1,095.00        Jan Popp - $1,020.00
Kevin Schrader - $1,255.00        Raja Assal - $1,092.00            Kevin Smith - $1,020.00
Jon Kline - $1,252.00             Ricci Keown - $1,092.00           Roger Spears - $1,020.00
Jennifer Stevens - $1,242.00      Stephanie Mohr - $1,092.00        Mark Wilstrup - $1,020.00
Glenn Smith - $1,240.00           Joey Ortiz - $1,090.00            Craig Bair - $1,015.00
Anthony Schettino - $1,239.00     Gina Cockrum - $1,087.00          Ricky Jones - $1,015.00
Gaby Leipski - $1,235.00          Anon Anon - $1,085.00             Sherry LaFreniere - $1,015.00
Janet Van Hook - $1,235.00        Jodi Felix - $1,085.00            Steve Wilstrup - $1,015.00
Jill Altomare - $1,230.00         Elia Twigg - $1,085.00            Paul Sponseller - $1,013.00
Pamela Pappas - $1,230.00         James Cass - $1,080.00            Brian Carroll - $1,012.00
Delores Mccain - $1,225.00        Brian Cheek - $1,080.00           Annette St. Pierre - $1,012.00
Marie Scurto - $1,225.00          Alyn Jackson - $1,080.00          Sharon Taylor - $1,012.00
Yvette Pond - $1,220.00           Donald Cadle - $1,075.00          William Dennis - $1,010.00
Brian Walker - $1,220.00          Jason Ketchum - $1,075.00         Cherry Dellios - $1,010.00
Matt Lovo - $1,217.00             Leah Proffitt - $1,075.00         Scott Anderson - $1,005.00
Michael Donovan - $1,210.00       Jean Kerr - $1,073.00             Sara DeBerry - $1,005.00
Cristy Rittenhouse - $1,210.00    Dave Hollenbeck - $1,070.00       Kathryn Cicchini - $1,001.00
     MS Walks Across Central Florida Raises $560,000
     The MS Walk program continues to grow across the Mid Florida Chapter, raising over $560,000
     with eight walks across central Florida. More than 3,000 participants walked to show their
     support of people living with MS and to find a cure. Special thanks goes to this year’s walkers
     who each raised $1,000 or more:
     Debbie Sirkin - $14,141.01         Connie J. Letts - $1,857.00           Sarah Hummel - $1,190.00
     Roxan L. Kelley - $8,605.00        Jeff L. Hamilton - $1,784.00          Mary Jo R. Borg, RN - $1,175.00
     Gail Farb - $7,655.00              Minnie Hungerford - $1,715.00         Nancy A. Seymour - $1,160.00
     Larry Focke - $7,085.00            David F. Brown - $1,661.00            Sheila A. Vincent - $1,155.00
     Cheryl J. Rimkus - $6,382.00       Audrey W. Felder - $1,652.00          Darla C. Miller - $1,150.00
     Stacey A. Jacovina - $5,216.00     Heather Stanley - $1,630.00           Mary E. Smith - $1,148.00
     Diana L. Paver - $5,155.00         Burt J. Reynolds - $1,625.00          Natassia E. Parr - $1,140.00
     Penny L. Mullins - $5,108.19       Shelley McArdelle - $1,620.00         Keri Aufderheide - $1,140.00
     Andrea B. Felder - $5,000.33       Thomas Erwin - $1,611.00              Steve P. Lampe - $1,135.00
     Jenna Felder - $5,000.33           Valerie A. Mills - $1,605.00          Georgette M. Deininger - $1,130.00
     Molly A. Paulson - $4,845.00       Kim Norse - $1,596.00                 Matthew Page - $1,127.00
     Jeff Provinse - $4,800.00          Melissa S. Wheeler - $1,580.00        Randy Whitener - $1,125.00
     Deanna A. Khashan - $4,555.00      Pamela L. Androff - $1,570.00         Susan Montanez - $1,125.00
     Amanda Sanderford - $4,112.00      Brandy Hardy - $1,565.00              Nikki Chouinard - $1,115.00
     Shelley Roth - $3,925.00           Justin B. Berthold - $1,531.00        Isabelle P. Zoerner - $1,110.00
     Elin B. Shenk - $3,537.25          Mac Lewis - $1,525.00                 Brian A. Hornyak - $1,100.00
     Michelle M. LaJoie - $3,415.00     Timothy J. Murray - $1,500.00         Sandra Meeker - $1,100.00
     Monia B. Joblin - $3,075.00        Terrell H. Davis - $1,495.00          Valerie F. Sewell - $1,100.00
     Jackie Durning - $3,073.46         Mandi L. Stern - $1,490.00            Maricel R. Colon - $1,080.00
     Scott Regen - $2,983.00            Dee Valenta - $1,420.00               Gustavo R. Garcia III - $1,048.00
     Nicki Watts - $2,881.00            Christina G. Cunningham - $1,400.00   Christy Turner - $1,040.00
     William K. Thompson - $2,805.00    Jonathan S. Sabin - $1,375.00         Laura M. Williams - $1,040.00
     Jeanette D. Leiter - $2,795.00     Paget A. Hultgren - $1,375.00         Mary K. Schenk - $1,035.00
     Sarah K. Engebretson -$2,756.00    Eileen Murray - $1,375.00             Barbara H. Dillon - $1,035.00
     Jason B. Hamm - $2,730.00          Jennifer L. Smith - $1,348.00         Michele M. Brenner - $1,035.00
     Paula S. Reuman - $2,580.00        Erin E. Kreuger - $1,340.00           Jennifer L. Apgar - $1,035.00
     Dorothy Brown - $2,500.00          Kimberli J. Murphy - $1,326.65        Christine Riceman - $1,030.00
     Beth O. Sullivan - $2,495.00       Fran Carlson - $1,302.94              Sue Maloney - $1,030.00
     Josee Vila - $2,361.00             Pamela S. Franklin - $1,300.00        Margaret M. Dunlap - $1,025.00
     Kristina M. Bennett - $2,288.00    Susan L. Waits - $1,265.00            Cheryl M. Vecellio - $1,020.00
     Susie Ulrey - $2,275.00            Stacey L. Carlson - $1,257.96         Joy Nicholas - $1,015.00
     Glen T. Landress - $2,205.00       Rose Gaudet - $1,254.00               Judy B. Brooks Heath -$1,010.00
     Lisa M. Whitener - $2,190.00       Mary L. Moran-Collins - $1,235.00     Heather O. DeBerry - $1,005.00
     Richard Giambruno - $2,180.00      Paul R. Meredith - $1,230.00          Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Pugh - $1,000.00
     Dr. Jennifer R. Hamm - $2,070.00   Arlene E. Maloney - $1,230.00         Larry Schultz - $1,000.00
     Nancy H. Parker - $2,025.00        Frances L. Halford - $1,228.00        Elizabeth A. Gillander - $1,000.00
     Shawna M. Schultz - $1,949.00      Shane McGuiness - $1,200.00
     Laural G. Sabin - $1,891.00        Lisa M. Peckham - $1,190.00

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Raises $60,000
More than 40 people joined the Marathon Strides Against MS team and raised $60,000 at the
2007 Walt Disney World Marathon and Half Marathon. As proof that MS knows no geographical
boundaries, these participants came from several states and two foreign countries. A special thanks
goes to these marathoners:

Sheri Gurock, Kate Davis, Cindi Wood, Peter Schwarz, Melanie Kelly, Raiman Dilag, Mary Martin,
Jeffrey Rufenacht, Eden Hauslaib, Patrick Corcoran, Silvia Stopka, Brian Nelsen, Christian Baechtold,
Adena Rojas, David Calinda, Sally Davis, Tonya Zimmerman, Laurine Mennell, Sandra Kazbour,
Ed Reagan, Janice Harris, Evan Day, Edie Schwartzman, Sybil Englert, Amy Lo, Nadja Corcoran,
Matthew Haiken, Ted Hassenfelt, Erika Freifeld-Starnes, Mary Vestewig, Joe Schwartzman,
Caroline Reyes, Keely Hart, Heather Reyes, Cherie Miner, Sandra Haiken, Lauren Vestewig, Timothy
Corcoran, Donna Stein, Marcella Stone, Jeffrey Gurock, Lisa Post, Gloria Van Noy, David Curri and
Shari Zwirn.

“The Vision, the Cure, the Future” Benefit Tops $217,000
The grand opening of the Premier Trade Plaza in downtown Orlando was a huge success for people
living with MS in Central Florida. Thanks to the leadership and generosity of Cameron Kuhn, this
unique event w

Volunteers expressed their activism this year by hosting community events on behalf of the Chapter,
raising awareness and funds to create a world free of MS. These events play an important role in
helping us achieve our mission.

In 2007, the following volunteers held very successful
community events to raise funds for the Chapter:

Steve Backhaus & Paul Tynan, Brandon                       Michelle Hiresh & Ryan Totka, Orlando
(Hillsborough County)                                      (Orange County)
• “MS Cure Classic” Golf Tournament                        • Silent Auction

Beth Cohen & Tammy Carr, Port Richey (Pasco County)        Janis Peeples, Tampa (Hillsborough County)
• West Pasco MS Silent Auction Extravaganza                • Space Age Air, Inc. Fundraisers

Tommy Duff, Clearwater (Pinellas County)                   William Oliver, Tampa (Hillsborough County) &
• “Tommy Duff’s Squadron 140 Fighting MS Fund”             Gulf Coast Museum of Art (Pinellas)
                                                           • William Oliver: Evolution of Movement Art
Cellan & Michael Lellan,                                   Exhibition as a great opportunity to present the
BOBOSART, Orlando, (Orange County)                         MS mission to many people new to the cause.
• GUCCI Private Party at the Mall at Millenia

     Preferred Service Providers for Chapter
     The following organizations/companies have partnered
     with the Mid Florida Chapter to offer valuable services
     at a discounted rate for people living with MS. Their
     commitment to the organization has helped people gain
     independence and freedom from challenges faced while
     living with MS. Thank you to these community partners for
     joining the movement.
     Disparti Law Group                      Hill and Ponton, PA
     Tucker & Ludin, P.A.                    Home Care Associates
     HomeInstead Senior Care                 Response Link
     Mobility Express                        Quantum Leap Farms
     Active Mobility                         Food with Care
     Ride-Away Handicap Equipment            Caregiver Services, Inc.
     Baycare Home Care                       Discovery Counseling
     Wheelchair Transportation Services      Dr. Shelia Katt Beck
     Advanced Delivery & Transport Service   Carin Constantine, Esq.
     Visiting Angels                         Dr. Michael Rothenberg
     Integrity Counseling                    Stepping Stones,
     A New View Counseling                   Seniors First Equipment Loan
     Bolves & Associates

     In-Kind Donations
     A.M.R.                                  Gaylord Palms Resort
     Bay News 9                              & Convention Center
     Beef O ’ Brady ’ s                      Greenway Ford
     Biogen Idec                             Interval International
     Bright House Networks, LLC              Lake Nona Golf & Country Club
     BUBBA burger®                           McDonald’s
     CBS Radio, Inc. O-Rock                  Osceola School of the Arts
     CBS Radio, Inc. WRBQ and WSJT           Pharmavite® LLC.,
     Central Florida News 13                 maker of SOYJOY®
     Chiquita Brands, L.L.C.                 Pure Protein
     Cook Moving & Storage, Inc.             Rosen Shingle Creek Resort
     Crispers, Inc.                          SeaWorld Orlando, Inc.
     Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring            Shane’s Super Donut®,
     Water/ CG Roxane, LLC                   Sommer Sports, Inc.
     DeNeff Signature Wall Portraits         Sonny’s BBQ
     Discovery Counseling                    Teva Neuroscience, Inc.
     Diversified Citrus                      The Club at Hammock Beach
     EMD Serono, Inc.                        Walt Disney World
     EVOK Advertising, Inc.                  WFTS - ABC Action News
     Falcon’s Fire Golf Club                 WKMG Local 6
     First Watch Restaurants, Inc.           WOMX Mix 105.7 Radio
     Gatorade                                WQYK Tampa Bay’s Country Station

The Mid Florida Chapter is grateful to the many individuals, organizations, businesses and
foundations whose tax-deductible contributions during the year allowed us to help an increasing
number of people and position ourselves to do even more in the future. Those making contributions
of $250 and more from October 1, 2006 to September 30, 2007.

Chairman’s Society                    Washington Mutual Bank              Ms. Tammy Boldt
$100,000 and above                    Shelby Yastrow                      Brisandon Marketing Inc.
Miss Mary E. Parker                                                       (Englander & Fischer, PA)
                                      Champions                           Mr. Brent Bruckner
Director’s Society                    $2,500-$4,999                       Mrs. Mary E. Buhite
$50,000-$99,999                       Bank of America                     Ms. Fran Carlson
Mazzone Family Trust                  Central Florida Regional Hospital   Mr. Lawrence W. Carroll
EMO Serono, Inc.                      Miss Kate Davis                     Jr. Daniel H. Carruthers
                                      DeBartolo Family                    Teva Neuroscience, Inc.
                                      Foundation, Inc.                    Berlex
President’s Society                                                       CITGO
                                      DGH & Associates, Inc.
$25,000-$49,000                       Mrs. Gail Farb                      Citigroup Trust
Bright House Networks, LLC            Mrs. Andrea B. Felder               Club Z, Inc.
Esther Hilton Estate                  Ms. Jenna Felder                    Coadvantage Resources, Inc.
Mr. Robert J. Sroka                   Fowler White Boggs                  Coldwell Banker Residential
The Plaza, LLC                        Banker P.A.                         Real Estate Cares
Teva Neuroscience, Inc.               Ingenuity Engineers, Inc.           Maricel R.Colon
                                      Mrs. Michelle M. LaJoie             Mr. Terry Connelly
Visionaries                           Mrs. Penny L. Mullins               Ms. Wanda L. Crummey
$10,000-$24,999                       Pace Electric                       D & A Building Services, Inc.
Anonymous                             Pfizer, Inc.                        Ms. Janell Dankert
Curascript Pharmacy, Inc.             Raymond James Charitable            Mrs. Lynne Danon
Deluca Enterprises, Inc.              Endowment Fund                      Mr. Daniel R. DeRango
Mr. Clarence A. Dunwalke              Mrs. Paula S. Reuman                Mrs. Jackie Durning
Mr. Richard C. Knoblow                Mrs. Elin B. Shenk                  Mrs. Karen C. Dyer
Lockheed Martin                       Mr. Todd Siegel                     EMC Corporation
The Ryan Todd Lacey Foundation        Sihle Insurance Group, Inc.         Ms. Susan Fauver
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.   W. K. Smith                         Ms. Audrey W. Felder
Unicorp National Developments, Inc.   Mr. Gregory L. Smith                Ms. Christy L. Finch
Mr. Stephen Walsh                     USF Health Professions              Fishhawk Communities, LP
                                      Conferencing Corporation            Florida Capital Bank, N.A.
Leaders                               VMS, Inc.                           Florida Craftsman, Inc.Florida
$5,000-$9,999                                                             Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring
Baker Barrios Architects              Pacesetters                         Mr. Gustavo R. Garcia III
The Bedminister Fund, Inc.                                                Gary & Diane Heavin
Cardinal Health Foundation
                                      $1,000-$2,499                       Community Fund, Inc.
                                      A Friend’s Foundation Trust
Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper                                               Gaylord Palms Resort &
                                      Aetna Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Amy L. Davis                                                         Convention Center
                                      Mr. Robert M. Arce
Edward C. Smith                                                           Mr. Jeffery Gerew
                                      Mr. Christian Baechtold
Charitable Trust                                                          Ms. Elizabeth A. Gillander
                                      BayCare HomeCare
Eola Place                                                                Great Clips, Inc.
Mr. Larry Focke                                                           Mr. Matthew C. Haiken
                                      Dr. Jayne Beker
Foresters Financial                                                       Mr. Jason B. Hamm
                                      Big Sky Liquidation, LLC
Hilton Hotels Corporation                                                 Ms. Janice K. Harris
                                      Darcy & Robert Bingham
Mr. Steven H. Kane                                                        Harris Foundation
                                      BNG Construction
McAllister Foundation, Inc.                                               Mr. Douglas D. Head
Trammel Crow Company                  Board of County Commissioners-      Mrs. Karen A. Herzog
United Space Alliance                 Polk County                         Mr. Mark Holowesko
     Mr. Stephen Holowesko              Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.              Mrs. Julie A. Cozzaglio
     Inwood Consulting Engineers        Westgate Lakes                     CPH Engineers
     James T. Barnes Foundation, Inc.   Mr. Randy Whitener                 Cuhaci & Peterson
     Mr. James L. Johannesen            Ms. Anne Williams                  Curascript Pharmacy, Inc.
     Mr. Alan Jurysta                   Xerox Corporation U.S.A.           Curves
     Mr. Thomas M. Kallin, PhD          Mrs. Sybil Yastrow                 Curves N. Merritt Island
     Mrs. Roxan L. Kelley                                                  Mr. Mario Da Silva
     Mr. Kevin T. Kelley                Innovators                         Ms. Linda A. Davis
     Mr. Robert E. Lacey                $500-$999                          Mr. Evan Day
     Ms. Deborah Lester                 Mr. Roger W. Ackerman              Daytona Beach Street Rods
     Mr. Mac Lewis                      Aetna Giving Campaign              Mr. Andrew Deboer
     M.A. Garcia                        Mr. Al Dato                        Mr. David P. Decima
     Mr. David L. Mallory               Alarm Specialist Corporation       Ms. Ann M. DiToro
     Mr. Ernesto Mancini                Mr. Fred Alessi                    Diversified Technology Group, Inc.
     Mr. Robert Mandell                 Mr. Nicholas E. Allen              Ms. Collette Dix
     Ms. Sharon Marinas                 Allen Engineering, Inc.            Ms. Nieves Dominguez
     Mrs. Mary S. Martin                Ms. Ellen Alter                    Mr. Doug Ducey
     Ms. Veronica L. Massey             Andrew General Contractors, Inc.   Ms. Diane Holowesko Dunkley
     Ms. Elizabeth R. McLure            Ms. Jennifer L. Apgar              Mr. Tom Durety
     Mr. Kevin Mcneil                   ASG Training & Development, LLC    Economy Health Food Sales, Inc.
     Merrill Lynch & Co.                AT&T Pioneers                      Electrosonic
     Foundation, Inc                    Auer & King, Inc.                  Entertainment Industry Foundation
     Mrs. Gladys G. Mittleman           Back Stage Technology, Inc.        Mr. Thomas Erwin
     MOMC, Inc.                         Mr. Burt Bagley                    Event Engineering, Inc.
     Mr. Donald Buskirk                 Bailey Family Foundation           Mrs. Anne C. Farb
     Ms. Josee Vila                     Mr. Bradley J. Bandoni             Dr. Mark S. Farina
     MSCW, Inc.                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Banker     Mr. Adrian Fedele
     Murphy Lighting Systems            Mr. Randall Baumann                Mr. Michael Ferraro
     Mr. Timothy J. Murray              B-D-R Title Corp.                  Fifth Third Bank A. Patchen
     Ms. Kim Norse                      Ms. Mildred Beam                   Mrs. Carol T. Fitzgibbons
     Mr. William F. Oliver              Mr. Joel Bell                      Florida Potting Soils, Inc.
     Ms. Stephanie Olsen                Benefactor Realty, Inc.            Florida Technology Student
     Orlando Paving, Inc.               Mrs. Cindy Berkovitz               Association and Foundation
     Ms. Terry L. Osteen                Mr. Jack Berlin                    Mr. Victor Franklin
     Ms. Janiene L. Pape                Mrs. Jeanine Bert                  Mrs. Erika Freifeld-Starnes
     Paver Family Foundation            Mr. Richard Bertenshaw             Mr. John Furphy
     Pediatric Partners of              Mr. Justin B. Berthold             Mrs. Claudette Gagnon
     Zephyrhills PA                     Mr. Dante Bichette                 Mr. Dennis R. Gauvin
     Pinnacle Companies, Inc.           BlueCross BlueShieled              GE Foundation
     Dr. Norberto E. Priu               of South Carolina                  Georgia Pacific Financial
     Publix Super Markets, Inc.         Ms. Amanda Blum                    Management, LLC
     Mr. Harry D. Pugh                  Mr. G. Bail Bond, Inc.             Geotechnical and
     Ray’s Lawn Care &                  Mr. Bruce Boudreau                 Environmental Consultants
     Landscaping, Inc.                  Mr. Joseph R. Bracken              Gevity HR
     Mr. Suddath Relocation             Ms. Donna B. Bright                Ms. Shelley Gisclar
     Ride-Away Handicap                 Mrs. Eloise G. Brooks              Mrs. Bonnie Golden
     Equipment Corporation              Ms. Millie Buchwald                Goldman Sachs & Co
     Mr. John N. Rigsby                 Mr. Abbott Buegeleisen             Matching Gift Program
     Ms. Shawna M. Schultz              Ms. Mercedes Buescher              Mr. George Gomes
     Mr. Larry Schultz                  Mr. Kenneth J. Burke               Mr. Eugene S. Greco
     Mr. Irvine G. Sellar Sr.           Mr. Glen M. Butrick                Mr. Morton Greenberg
     Mrs. Nancy A. Seymour              C & W Logistics, Inc.              Mr. Ben H. Griffin III
     Ms. Kim Shinn                      CACI, Inc. - Federal               Ms. Sandra Haiken
     Mr. Robert J. Shockey              Cadle Jr.                          Mrs. Frances L. Halford
     Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Sierra Jr.     Ms. Tami Caesar                    Mr. Jeff L. Hamilton
     Mr. Warren Simon                   Mr. David Calinda                  Ms. Anita Handel
     Ms. Debbie Sirkin                  Ms. Stacey L. Carlson              Mr. Jerry Harder
     Ms. Ruth Smith                     Mr. Terry L. Carmichael            Mr. Michael L. Harding
     Mr. Robert Spencer                 Ms. Morgan Cary                    Ms. Brandy Hardy
     Ms. Linda Stanford                 Charity Challenge, Inc.            Mr. Frank Harrison
     Mr. Warren Struhl                  Checkered Flag Committee, Inc.     Ms. Diana Harrison
     Sullivan Properties                Mr. and Mrs. Sam V. Chiarella      Ms. Keely S. Hart
     Teco Peoples Gas                   Ms. Nikki Chouinard                Mrs. Sharon B. Hartman
     Mr. William K. Thompson            William S. Coffman, Jr. Esq.       Mr. Ted Hassenfelt
     TLC Engineering for Architecture   Comfort House, Inc.                Hauesler Marvin Interiors
     Mr. Wayne D. Torrens               Company MTS                        Mr. James D. Head
     Mrs. Susie Ulrey                   Company Nassal                     Ms. Pamela Healy
     United Way of Tampa Bay, Inc.      Mr. Thomas Conner                  Mr. Ronald L. Heath
     Ustler Development                 Mr. Matthew C. Cooper              Mrs. Judy B. Heath
20   Mr. Richard Vershure               Mr. Timothy Corcoran               Ms. Lisa K. Hohn
Dave Hollenbeck                  Mr. Theodore Peters                     Campaign Account
Miss Ryan A. Honer               Mr. and Mrs. Christian Peterson         Tri State Stone & Building
Mr. Thomas F. Hooten             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Phillips         Supply, Inc.
Ms. Jane A. Hornyak              Mr. David Pierrepont                    Tropicana Products, Inc.
Mr. Dale W. Huggins              Loe Polk                                University Community Hospital
Ms. Linda C. Hugues              Mr. Richard Pomeroy                     Upman’s Wrecker Service, Inc.
Mr. James Hunter                 Mr. Jeff Prather                        Utopia Entertainment, Inc.
Mr. William Husselbaugh          Precision Painting of Bradenton, Inc.   Mrs. Cheryl M. Vecellio
Independent Order of             Pro Line Fence Corporation              Amanda L. Wagner
Foresters No. 1753               Progressive Floors, LLC                 Mrs. Shannon N. Waller
Mr. Brian K. James               Progressive Insurance Foundation        Mrs. Melissa J. Wargin
Mr. Brian U. James               Mrs. Elaine Ray                         Mr. Leonard Weiss
Mr. Michael Joblin               Ms. Stacey Regan                        Ms. Beth Westervelt
Ms. Sandra N. Kazbour            Mr. Scott Regen                         Mrs. Lisa M. Whitener
Mr. William L. Kelley Sr.        Mr. Gary Rehbein                        Mr. Chuck Whittal
Mr. Steven Kelly                 Mr. Andrew L. Reiff                     Mr. Alphonse F. Wunsch
Kennedy Construction Services    Mrs. Caroline Reyes                     Ms. Ann Wurlitzer
Mrs. Chris Kesler                Ms. Heather L. Reyes                    Mrs. Liz Zeitler
Ms. Deanna A. Khashan            Richard O. Jacobson Foundation          Ms. Tonya Zimmerman
Kitson Babcock, LLC              Mr. Michael S. Robertson                Ms. Patricia Zolna
Kodiak Contracting &             Nancy & Wyman Romp                      Mrs. Shari Zwirn
Development, LLC                 Rotary Club of Daytona Beach, Inc
Mrs. Debra F. Koehler            Mr. Sterling E. Ruark                   Partners
Mrs. Amity W. Kokochak           Mr. Alfred J. Ruggiero                  $250-$499
Mr. Jared T. Krieger             Mr. Dudley Ryan                         A Complete Assembly Inc.
L.A. Stagecall                   Sabal Trust Company                     Abby Restoration LLC
Mr. Matthew J. Ladd              Mrs. Amanda Sanderford                  Contractors
Mr. John W. Lahey                Mr. Mark D. Scarfone                    Mr. Ben R. Adams
Ms. Marie M. Lawing              Mr. Kevin Schrader                      Mr. Henry A. Adams
Mr. H. G. Lee                    Janet C. Schrage                        Mr. Mr. Anrew Agoos
Mrs. Donna Lester                Schwab Charitable Fund                  Ms. Jean H. Albert
Ms. Ingrid Lindberg              Ms. Rochelle Sciarrino                  Ms. Sherry L. Albrecht
Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster,       Mr. Ronald J. Scios                     Ms. Kristen Allman
Kantor & Reed Foundation         Mr. James M. Sellar                     AllState Giving Campaign
MacDill Fed. Credit Union        Ms. Valerie F. Sewell                   Mr. Dan Alvarez
Mr. Mark E. MacDonald            Mr. Marc D. Shapiro, MD                 American Homepatient
Mr. Lee J. Maher                 Mr. Matt Shenk                          Mr. Douglas Anderson
Mr. Andy A. Mankey               Mr. Edward A. Sirkin                    Ms. Sarah Angier
Marion/Service                   Mrs. Barbara F. Sirkin                  Animal Emergency of Pasco PA
Ms. Jeanne Markham               Mrs. Sally B. Smith                     Mrs. Judith F. Arnold
Mrs. Donna L. Maxey              Mr. Richard Sonnone                     Ms. Patricia Avendano
Mr. Richard H. McCarty           Southeastern Surveying                  Mr. James A. Baar
Mr. Richard A. McDonald          & Mapping Corp.                         Mr. David A. Bacon
Mr. Lucas McGregor               Southern Site Works, Inc.               Ms. Natalie Bacon
Mrs. Laurine T. Mennell          Southwestern Suppliers, Inc.            Mr. Mark J. Baiss
Mr. Paul R. Meredith             Space Coast Honda                       Mr. Tim Baldwin
Dr. Cherie B. Miner              Ms. Elizabeth M. Spears                 Mr. Anthony J. Balio
Mr. Thomas A. Mirek              Mr. Robert A. Spera                     Mr. Hitesh D. Barde
Mr. Jeff B. Monaco               Ms. Lynda J. Spreitzer                  Mr. James M. Barnaba
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Morgan   St. Joseph Regional                     Mr. Charles Bartlett
Ms. Elizabeth Morris             Medical Center                          Ms. Pamela P. Barton
Morrison Homes                   Ms. Lawanna St. Peter                   Bay to Bay Properties, LLC
Mr. Tony Muniz Jr.               Mr. Gus A. Stavros                      Mr. Jon Bean
Mrs. Kimberli J. Murphy          Ms. Janet M. Stebbins                   Mrs. Barbara Bedrosian
Mr. Steve Murray                 Mrs. Donna Stein                        Mr. Jay Belschner
Mr. Bian D. Nelsen               Mr. Michael J. Stewart                  Ben Brown Insurance
Mr. Shalom New                   Sun Hydraulics Corporation              Mr. Oded Ben-Ezer
New York Yankees                 Ms. Linda Swain                         Mr. Patrick G. Berman
Tampa Foundation                 Mr. Richard Tatsch                      Birchwood BP, LLC
Mr. David R. Nichols             Technomedia Solutions                   Mr. Andrew J. Blaize III
Normax Mechanical                TECO Energy, Inc.                       Mr. Jeff Blass
Ms. Robin Ogier                  Miss Rita A. Tedio                      Boar’s Head Provisions
Ms. Rhoda Olsen                  Temple Emanuel                          Borinquen Metals Scrap
Orange Cycle                     Tews Company                            Mr. Nicholas Borosh
Ormond Beach West                The Community Foundation                Mr. Richard Bowen
Rotary Foundation                The Glassman                            Dr. Allen Boyce
Mr. John M. Pando                Titan Contractors, Inc.                 Mr. Chris E. Boyd
Ms. Randa Paver                  TLC Engineering                         Mr. Lindsey Boyd
PBS&J                            Mr. Michael Toporowski                  Mr. Bud Bradley
Peace River Medical Center       Trey Traviesa 2006                      Denise & Jeff Brady             21
     Ms. Denise Brady                      Dunkman Paint                         Mr. R. Jeffrey Hicks
     Ms. Lori A. Bredemeier                Mr. Svein H. Dyrkolbotn               Mr. J.M. Hightower
     Mrs. Sherry L. Bridger                East Coast Framing                    Hightower & Partners, P.A.
     Ms. Evelyn M. Brillon                 Dr. Mark A. Eberbach                  Mrs. Karen K. Hill
     Broken Star Fund                      Emmaus Road Inc                       Dr. David A. Hill
     Mr. Jeff Brown                        Engelhardt Hammer &                   Mr. Kevin R. Holecko
     Mr. David F. Brown                    Associates, Inc.                      Ms. Andrea M. Honer
     Mrs. Christine Brown                  Ms. Sybil C. Englert                  Mr. Brian A. Hornyak
     Mr. Doug Brucker                      Ennis Electric                        Ms. Marguerite Hubert
     Mr. Joseph L. Brunner                 Entech Creative Industries Corp.      Mr. Tim J. Huddelson
     Ms. Joy L. Bryant                     ERAU Golf Club                        Mr. Jeffrey J. Huettner
     Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Buhite        Ermco                                 Dr. Charles E. Hughes
     Miguel and Gaye Burbano               Ms. Allison Farrell                   Mr. Ronald G. Hughes
     Ms. Victoria Burdette                 Fashion Accessories Direct            Ms. Suellyn Hull
     Busch Entertainment Corp.             Mr. Brian K. Fawkes                   Mr. Michael Hungerford
     Cabinetry Creations, Inc.             Felix Associates, LLC                 HW Davis Constuction , Inc.
     Ms. Jessica Cali                      Mr. Joe B. Fernandez                  Innabar
     Ms. Joan B. Camerota                  Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund         Innovative Neurotronics
     Ms. Catherine L. Campbell             Mr. Lee Fields                        J. Malever Construction
     Mr. Xavier F. Cannella                First Data Foundation                 Company, Inc.
     Cardiac Surgery Associates of Tampa   Mr. Mark Fischel                      Mr. Vincent E. Jackson
     Ms. Ann Carlsen                       Ms. Marjorie H. Fitton                Mrs. Stacey A. Jacovina
     Carrabba’s Kirby                      Florida Door Solutions                Jes Investments, Inc.
     Ms. Emily Cary                        Florida Graphic Supply                Mr. Tim Jesaitis
     Mr. Kingsley Charles                  Ms. Carmen Fontanez                   JK2 Holmes Constructors, LLC
     Mr. Chris Charnas                     Ms. Kathleen M. Foody-Malus           Jmhc, Inc.
     Chevrolet Center, Inc.                Forester’s Bounty Branch              John P. Longmire III
     Christian Legacy Foundation           Mr. Mike J. Fortier III               Ms. Barbara Johnson
     Ms. Kathryn N. Cicchini               Ms. M. E. Fowler                      Mr. Ted S. Johnson Jr.
     Ms. Mary Ciner                        Ms. Mary Frank                        Ms. Gayle Johnston
     Ms. Rachel Clyde                      Mr. Michael Frattaroli                Jon Hall Chevrolet, Inc.
     Mr. William R. Cocke III              Miss Lori A. Frisby                   Mr. John C. Jowett
     Ms. Susan M. Codiga                   Ralph S. Fritsch                      Ms. Nancy M. Juhos
     Coggin Chevrolet                      Ms. Joan G. Frizzi                    Mr. Albert H. Kahn
     Ms. Diane M. Cojita                   Ms. Lee Frothingham                   Ms. Judy K. Kail
     Mr. Kenneth A. Coleman                Mr. Marcel Fuchs                      Ms. Andrea Paver Kaine
     Colleen Schon                         Ms. Wendy Furphy                      Dr. Isaac Kalvaria
     Ms. Melanie Collier                   Mr. and Mrs. Frederic F. Gaines Jr.   Ms. Cynthia R. Kamen
     Company Aics                          Richard S. Gately                     Ms. Shari S. Kaplan
     Company Ea                            Mrs. Barbara Gayhart                  Ms. Maureen Kaplan
     Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc.   Ms. Lauren Geller                     Ms. Katherine A. Karlovic
     Computerized Design Services, Inc.    Mr. John Germaine                     Mr. Matt Kauffman
     Ms. Arlene Connell                    Gessler Clinic, P.A.                  Mr. Isam Kazaleh
     Coogan Window & Door, Inc.            Ms. Suzy Giunta                       Mrs. Kimberly Keenan
     Mr. Nicholas Corace                   Mrs. Deanna Gower                     Mr. Gary D. Kelly
     Mr. Bryce N. Courtney                 Mr. Michael Grant                     Mr. Steven K. Kelly
     Mr. Nathan Craigen                    Mr. James W. Gray                     Mr. Ken Kelly
     Mr. Tim Cregan                        Mr. Marshall Gray                     Kenilee, Inc.
     Mr. David Cronin                      Greater Kansas City                   Kennedy Space Center
     Mrs. Catherine M. Crooks              Community Foundation                  Kimco Realty
     Mr. Tom Crouse                        Mr. Jack Greeley                      Ms. Stacey A. Kimmel
     Mr. Patrick D. Crowder                Griftown Enterprises                  Mr. Craig King
     Dr. Stanley I. Cullen                 Ms. Sharon K. Gross                   Mr. Karl Kleiderer
     Ms. Bill Cundiff                      Gulf-To-Bay Anesthesiology            Mr. Mark Knapp
     Ms. Deborah L. Dalton                 Ms. Jessica Gurtowski                 Mr. Todd D. Knickerbocker
     Ms. Carrie Dalton                     Mrs. Kathy A. Hale                    Mr. Jeffrey M. Koltun
     Mrs. Leslie Darr                      Mr. Dave Hall                         Mrs. Judy M. Konop
     Miss Christina Dearborn               Miss Ruth C. Hannay                   Kosmo Media, LLC
     Ms. Mary M. Deibler                   Ms. Debbie Harlan                     Mr. Steve P. Lampe
     Ms. Lisa L. Demmi                     Ms. Eden Hauslaib                     Mr. Dan A. Larson Sr.
     Mr. Kevin Denis                       Mr. David Hauslaib                    Mr. Michael Lechner
     Design360, Inc.                       Healthcare Connections                Mr. Darryl A. LeClair
     Ms. Ellen Diamant Mr. D. Diamant      Healthsouth                           Dr. David Leffers
     Mr. Mark Diana                        Ms. Mary J. Heger                     Leftwich Consulting Engineers, Inc.
     Ms. Rita Diette                       Mrs. Carolyn A. Henderson             Mr. Don Leggett
     Mrs. Victoria L. DiMaria              Mr. Gregory Henry                     Mrs. Michele R. Leissle
     Ms. Colette Dixon                     Mr. John A. Henry                     Mrs. Connie J. Letts
     Mr. Mitch Dobson                      Mr. Charles E. Herrmann               Mr. Wesley Letts
     Mr. Rick Dorato                       Dave & Deb Hersom                     Mrs. Claudia B. Lewis
22   Mr. Joseph T. Doyle                   Mr. Andrew Herz                       Lexus of Tampa Bay
Ms. Mallarie Lima                Mr. Otis R. Patton                Mrs. Jennifer L. Smith
Ton and Mary Lo                  Mr. Al Paulikas                   Mr. Jeffrey J. Smith
Longhorn Steakhouse              Mr. Daniel G. Peterkin            Mr. Sid J. Smith
Mr. Richard J. Lorenz            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Peterman   Mr. R. B. Smith
Mr. Tony Loretto                 Phoenicia Development, LLC        Ms. A. T. Smith
Ms. Pat Lund                     Pioneer Welding                   Mr. Glenn Snider
Mr. Gregg M. Akin                Polaris Associates, Inc.          Mr. William E. Sons
Mr. Frederick H. MacFawn         Mr. Hector Ponce                  Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc.
Mr. Andrew Madeloni              Mr. Christopher C. Popp           Space Coast Hospital Services, Inc.
Ms. Lenkala R. Mallaiah          Mr. Jose A. Prieto                Mrs. Theresa Specht
Ms. Arlene E. Maloney            Mr. Anthony F. Prieto             Dr. Rand S. Spiwak
Mapp Construction, LLC           Pro-Crete Systems                 Mr. Troy E. Steele
Margaret L. Boyd Estate          Mr. Robert Proctor                Mr. Carl Steiss
Markandy                         Mr. Jeff Provinse                 Ms. Lauren E. Stern
Mr. Stephen E. Markham           Ms. Joanne Quigley                Mr. Gary Stiffler
Mr. Jeffrey Marple               Radiant Group, LLC                Mr. Michael J. Stirby
Ms. Shelly Martin                Mrs. Karen J. Regan               Ms. Silvia G. Stopka
Mr. Dennis G. Martin III         Mr. Tyler Reiber                  Strategic Alliance Solutions, LLC
Ms. Maria Matheny                Ms. Judy Renshaw                  Ms. Joanne Summeralls
Mrs. Lovena W. Mattioli          Restore Therapy Services          Tampa Bay Veterinary
Mr. Timothy Maystrik             of Florida, LLC                   Emergency Service, Inc.
Mr. Michael Mazza                Mr. Burt J. Reynolds              Tampa East Sertoma Club, Inc.
Mr. James W. McAlister Jr.       Mr. Robert Riffe                  Tandem Construction, Inc.
Ms. Pat McCracken                Mr. John A. Riley                 Mr. Frank Tantillo
Mr. Brad McDonald                L. N. Ringenberg                  Teamsters Local Union No. 769
Mr. James McDonald               Mr. Paul Rington                  Technical Show Management, Inc.
Mrs. Deirdra M. McKean           Roget’s Fine Wine & Beer          Telecom Consulting Group, Inc.
Mrs. Patricia D. McKenna         Ms. Libby Romero                  Telecom Pioneers
Mr. Brian R. McMahon             Ms. Nancy W. Romp                 Mr. Michael Thiel
Ms. Gene McNichols               Mr. D.A.A. Rosen                  Ms. Susan E. Thomas
MDC Today Family Foundation      Mr. Thomas W. Ross                Ms. Robin A. Thomas
MDG Fog Generators               Mrs. Diane Ross, RN               Mrs. Dara S. Thompson
Mechanical Design & Consulting   Mr. David Rossiter                Mr. Craig S. Tomlin
Mr. Scott W. Megill              Mr. Jerry Rossiter                Ms. Margaret O. Toro
Mr. Gregory Meyer                Mr. Thomas W. Rossiter Jr.        Ms. Elisa Towbis
Mr. Jason Milgram                Mr. Ed Ruark                      Mr. Paul H. Tracey
Miller Clark Design, LLC         Mr. Jeffrey F. Rufenacht          Ms. Laura Treadway
Mr. Bernie Milosky               Mr. Michael Ruiz                  Mr. Michael L. Tubbs
Ms. Susan Montanez               S.M.A.R.T., Inc.                  Mr. Steven P. Tucker
Ms. Janet L. Morris              Ms. Maria Salazar                 Tyrone Square Mazda
Mr. John P. Moskos               E.J. Salcines                     Verizon Foundation
Villages MS Support Group        Mrs. Mary C. Salek                Miss Mary Vestewig
Mrs. Patricia A. Muise Sr.       Ms. Elizabeth K. Samuelson        VFW Post 6180
Ms. Tina Murdock                 Ms. Geraldine Santos              Ms. Josee Vila
Ms. Jean Murphy                  Mr. William Saslawsky             Wachovia Corp.
Ms. Patricia P. Murphy           Mr. Adam D. Schepps               Walter Industries, Inc.
Mr. Greg D. Musgrove             Schrimsher Properties of          Mrs. Nancy L. Walton
New York Life Insurance          Central Florida, Inc.             Mrs. Sally L. Ward
Ms. Jackie Nichols               Mr. Dylan Schultz                 Mr. Joyce P. Warshow
Nissan of Brandon                Mrs. Kathy J. Schure              Ms. Tammy Waters
Noel Droor                       Mr. Joe Schwartzman               Mr. Ruben Watson
Miss Kathryn L. Oakley           Ms. Arlene F. Scibelli-Younger    Watts Dawson & Associates, Inc.
Ocala Eye, P.A.                  Servant Investments, LLC          Mr. Arthur A. Weinstein
Mr. Gerald Ogier                 Service Cable Electric            Mr. Andrew C. Werden
Ms. Cindy M. O’Keeffe            Mr. Art Setty                     Wesco Fountains, Inc.
Mr. Michael S. Okun              Mr. Len Sevigney                  West Central Wash Systems, Inc.
Ms. Sunny Olson                  Mr. Michael S. Seymour            Mr. Alan J. Wiessner
Orman K. Kimbrough, Jr.          Ms. Jennifer W. Sheffield         Mr. Sandeep S. Wilhku
Ms. Arlenne Orsinni              Mr. Robert J. Shelton             Mrs. Suzanne G. Wilkhu
Mr. Thomas M. Orth               Mrs. Kristin I. Shenk             Mr. Lance Wilson
Ms. Karen Osborn                 Ms. Marjorie E. Sherwin           Mr. Roger Wilson
Mr. William M. Owens             Show Systems Integrators          Mr. William Winters
Mr. Timothy Owston               Ms. Caroline Showman              Mr. Mark Wojcul
PAG Women’s Fellowship           Ms. Sara Silver                   Mr. Nicholas Wyatt
Mr. Matthew Page                 Mr. Martin A. Silverman           Mr. Edward S. Yastrow
Palatka Welding Shop             Mr. Robert J. Simmonds            Mr. Tad Yeager
Mr. Victor E. Palos              Mr. Wesley Simons                 Gleen Young
Ms. Regina F. Parker             Mr. Dante M. Skourellos           Ms. Nidia Zabala
Ms. Joann Patterson              Mr. Jack A. Sloane
Ms. Pamela F. Patterson          Mrs. Mary E. Smith
                           Sally Buegeleisen 1925-2007
                           On August 6, the National MS Society lost one of its most determined
                           champions. Sally Buegeleisen died at the age of 82, leaving behind a hus-
                           band, son, daughter and many people that admired and respected her.
                           She also left a legacy of compassion and activism.

     Sally organized numerous galas in the Sarasota area to raise funds for MS research. She made
     personal appeals to friends and found matching funds for specific projects. In the 1990s, she
     and her husband Abbott established a fund in Alan’s name to promote MS research.

     In total, Sally raised over $1 million to find a cure for MS. Along the way, she also raised
     awareness of the disease, tirelessly promoting the need for research and family caregiver
     support. In 2006, Sally was the first inductee into the Mid Florida Chapter’s Hall of Fame.

     Today, just as then, we feel privileged to honor her perseverance, commitment and focus. Our
     organization is better for her involvement and countless lives affected by MS have been improved
     through her efforts.

     A Tribute Gift shows you care. It can give thanks, express appreciation, extend congratulations,
     or convey best wishes. The Mid Florida Chapter is grateful to everyone who has chosen to
     help it fulfill its mission in such a meaningful manner.
     In Honor Of
     Ms. Sherri Beaureguarde              Mr. Francis l. Maggi                Mr. W. Sam Smith
     Ms. Basille e. Blaesing              Mr. Philip A. Maio                  Mr. Gerald Smolensky
     Ms. Gloria Bregg’s Mother            Mr. Paul Manger                     Mr. Joseph G. Spicola
     Ms. Carolyn Brown                    Mrs. Oleta Marlowe                  Mr. Andres Stein
     Ms. Cindy Chauvin                    Mr. Shaun McGinnis                  Mr. Michael Stottlemyer
     Dr. Augustin Ferreiro                Ms. Roberta McGuire                 Mrs. Wilma S. Trainer
     Mr. Courtland Flake                  Ms. Kay McNally                     Mr. Philip D. Trainer
     Mr. Ralph Gonzalez, MD               Ms. Gertrude Mehl                   Mr. Thomas M. Tringali
     Dr. Andrew Keegan                    Mr. Arnold Miller                   Mr. Richard S. Turp
     Ms. Kaye Lewis                       Mr. Gleen Mooney                    Ms. Elda Tvedten
     Ms. Linda Marrell                    Ms. Dorothy Mulligan                Mr. Jerry Vail
     Dr. & Mrs. Brian Murphy              Ms. Eve Naumann                     Mrs. Bonnie Valli
     Ms. Barbara Radford                  Ms. Margaret N. Neely               Ms. Gail Watson
     Wy & Nancy Romp                      Mr. Ken Nordin                      Ms. Karen Watson
     Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith                Mr. David M. O’Brien, Sr.           Mr. Gene W. Williams
     Ms. Dee Smith                        Ms. Doris Oram                      Mrs. Edward Wojciehowski
     Ms. Natalie J. Watts                 Mrs. Patricia Owston                Mrs. Gloria Yeasting
     Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Williamson      Ms. Marion Paradis                  Ms. Claron Zuber
     Dr. Robert Yeaza                     Ms. Yvonne Pepper
     The Stanton Family in Memory of      Mr. William Pinto
     Ms. Karen l. Holich                  Mr. Jim Pribyl
                                          Ms. Sandra Rattray
     In Memory Of                         Ms. Rosa Rhinehart
     Mr. Frank M. Hubbard                 Ms. Rosemary Riordan
     Mr. Dan Jennings Jr.                 Ms. Rosemary Rodriquez
     Ms. Theresa S. Jerla                 Ms. Helen Sackman
     Mr. Colin Lawton Johnson             Mr. Edward S. Sawaya
     Ms. Nancy Kennedy                    Ms. Debra Schaible
     Mr. Don Kimball                      Ms. Edith O. Schmid
     Mr. David J. Kinzie                  Ms. Renee Sheldon
     Ms. Freda Langhan                    Ms. Amy Sherman
     Mr. Paul Langham                     Mr. Jack Siderman
     Walter & Eileen MacDonald            Mr. Richard Slifka
     Mr. Joseph Madden                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith
                                                   Howard Rubin
Visionaries            John Kane-Hartnett
                                                   Robert Schlanger
$10,000-$24,999        Irwin Katz
                       Bernice Mahler              Eugene Schnell
Abbott Buegeleisen                                 Lawrence Schoenberg
Mark Hammer            Sara E. Nelson
                       Lionel Robbins              Jody Sloan
                       Martin Schwab               Richard L. Snyder
Leaders                Addie Segerman              Bert Struth
$5,000-$9,999          Samuel Shapiro              Tania Kleid Sumberg
Charles Gold           Richard B. Slifka           Michael Tancer
Alfred Goldstein       Jack Stadler                Allen L. Thompson
Eugene Grant           Robert J. Stemmermann       Herbert I. Tilles
Monia Joblin           Bernard Stone               Lois Townsend
Stanley B. Kane        Michael Svirsky             Richard S. Van Horn
                       Paul Van Antwerpen          Norman Weil
Champions              Norman J. Winston           Sidney Weiner
                                                   Frederick H. Winter
$2,500-$4,999          Jack Yonker
                                                   Spencer Witty
Beatrice Friedman                                  David Zuch
Alan Hochman           Patrons
Norman Menell          $100-$249                   Friends
Robert Peterson        David Band
                       Charles Barancik            $1-$99
Pacesetters            Mary Ellen Bayer            Thomas J. Anderson
                                                   Merle H. Bigelow
$1,000-$2,499          Richard Bergman
                                                   Edwin Biron
Fredric C. Apter       James K. Berman
                       Ruth Bermant                Louise J. Brown
Richard Bernstein                                  E. Ann Brownell
Marvin Black           Roger Blum                  Robert H. Dempsey
Melvin Carlin          Henry Bright                William Derrenberger
Frank T. Drake         Milton Fox                  Rita Dubrow
Seth Glickenhaus       Joseph Friedman             Donald Florin
Herbert Gold           Eric Friedman               Ruth O. Frank
Robert Hirsch          Joanee M. Fuerth            Warren Heilbron
David A. Hirsch        Walt Glickenhaus            Edward B. Honkisz
Howard Krafsur         Nancy C. Godfrey            Irene Kirshen
Kenneth Lempit         Alvin Golin                 Roslyn Levin
Louis E. Levy          Bessie Grad                 Bernard Levine
Hal Liberman           Jules Green                 Wilfred F. Lorry
Byron Lieberwitz       Ron Greenbaum               Lawrence R. Ludwig
Morton Mandle          Annette Grishman            Stephanie J. Mallin
Lawrence Mayers        William P. Heckel           Arthur Mayers
Saul Putterman         Andrew Herz                 Everett McCarver &
Sharon Rosengarden     Gail F. Hirsch              Raymond Moser
Howard Schneider       Theodore Hoenig             Edward Meltzer Jr.
Frank Shewer           Howard Jacobs               Glenna Moran
Warren S. Tenney       Lawrence Kaplan             Katherine Moran
Susan L. Wilkey        Harry Kartoz                Kelly C. Moran
Sally Yanowitz         Mark Kauffman               William C. Mulroney
                       Gary Kerns                  June Myerson
Innovators             Robert Knox                 Ursula Pearson
                       Murray Kouvant              Tonin Prossi
$500-$999              Riva Kramer                 Leon Rogers
Samuel Brott           Rita Krosney                Harry Rosenberg
Elizabeth Duffes       Robert H. Lawrence          Herbert Sarett
Christopher Godfrey    Don Learned                 Robert Schulman
David Gold             Jerome G. Lee               Robert E. Sessions
Eli Goldberg           Edward Levi                 Eva T. Slane
Michael Joblin         Beth Levinston              Nate St. Germain
Alvin Lane             Lucien Levy                 Phil Stevens
William T. Moran       Diane Lieberwitz            David W. Vigoda
Adele H. Pardee        Lee Lippe                   George D. Wrightson Jr.
Edwin Weiller          John H. Lockwood
Joseph A. Weinberger   Hyman Love
                       Gladys Mittleman
Partners               Reed Moran
$250-$499              National MS Society Board
George Allison         Joyce Nelson-Hansell
Ray Armstrong          Gene Noble
Frederick Bloom        Jeanne Nunn
Warren Coville         Lawrence Peyser
Jonathan Isaacs        Kathy Robbins
Sarah Joblin           Harvey Rothenberg
                                                                                Jennifer Mooney
 Chapter Staff                       Mid Florida Chapter                        Bright House Networks, Florida Group
 Fiscal Year 2007                    Board of Directors                         Group Vice President PR & Government Affairs

                                                                                Joseph M. Robinson
 Tami Caesar                         Officers                                   City of Orlando, Chief of Staff,
 President                           Mark Mohler, Chair                         Mayor Buddy Dyer
                                     XLTech Group, General Counsel
 Kathy Alt                                                                      Stephen Rosenberg, MD
 IT Manager                          Sue Tatum, Vice Chair                      ORHS Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive
                                     Vinca Marketing and Communications,        Care Center, Director
 Ryan Bumgardner                     Principal
 Bike MS Manager                                                                John Tucker
                                     Michael D. Morgan, Treasurer               Tucker & Ludin, PA, Attorney
 Gabriela Casado                     SeaWorld-Orlando, Inc./Discovery Cove/
 Family Programs Manager             Aquatica, Director of Finance              Stephen Walsh
                                                                                Broad Street Partners, LLC, Managing Partner
 Patricia Chuck                      Russell S. Buhite, Secretary
 Programs and Services Coordinator   Fowler White Boggs Banker P.A., Attorney   Wendy Zehngebot
                                                                                Community Volunteer
 Phillip K. Deal                     Members at Large
 Vice President of Development       Jean-Marc Allard                           Member Emeritus
                                     Custom Renovation Specialist Inc.,         Peter B. Dunne, M.D.
 Jamie Elasick                       President
 Walk MS Manager
                                     Mac Lewis
 Jenna Labadie                       Taylor White Company, Branch Manager
 Director of Public Policy
                                     Robert Lacey
 Doris Freire-Lill                   Gomez Construction, Vice President
 Community Outreach Manager
                                     Thomas A. Mirek
 Melissa Mulcahy, MHSA               Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control,
 Director of Programs and Services   Technical Director

                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                           TAMPA, FL
                                                                                                          Permit # 523

4919 Memorial Hwy.,
Suite 160
Tampa, FL 33634

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