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									MHPSS Haiti Assessment planning (1 Feb 2010)

In red: next tasks

                              General            Health                     Protection      Education         Watsan/
IASC Adhoc                    Mark v O           Mark v O                   Sabine          Marian H          Else
subgroups                     Martha B           Nancy B (happy to          Mike W          Wendy W
for MHPSS                     Vivi S             assist in other group as   Tonka           Mike W
assessment                    Bhava (4Ws         well)                      Martha B        Miryam RH
in HAITI                      definitions)       Alison S
                                                 Pau                        In the field    In the field
                                                                            Amanda M        Marie d l S
                                                 In the field                               Amanda M

Phase 1         UNDAC type Literature reviews    Commissioned a lit
(first days)    of                               review
Phase 2         Initial rapid MHPSS 4Ws          IRA (ongoing) but no       ongoing but    Initial audit of   RA (ongoing)
(first 2        assessments   (online)           meaningful MHPSS           no meaningful  schools damaged    but no
weeks or so)                                     content                    MHPSS          etc by MoE         meaningful
                                                                            content        (Starting on       MHPSS
                                                 IMC is checking                           Monday 1 Feb).     content
                                                 institutions               Amanda wrote No MHPSS
                                                                            questions in
                                                                            the assessment
                                                                            of orphanages
Phase 3         Sectoral      Keep 4Ws updated   Current: ongoing           To be decided Being planned for   Wietse
(first month    assessments   (online/field)     advocacy with health                      first half of      developed
or so)         (with                                Cluster to include          Request from     February. MHPSS       first draft of
               MHPSS          Making sure our       UNHCR's mental health       Amanda:          questions being       checklists that
               integrated)    MHPSS Ws is           categories in PHChealth     urgent need      crafted for           may be
                              reflecting in         information system          for questions    inclusion. Start      adapted and
                              sectoral 4Ws and      (meanwhile IMC has          relevant to      made by Global        used
                              vice versa            committed to use it for     child friendly   group, now being
                                                    its operations & it has     spaces.          revised in Haiti by
                                                    been sent to MSF)                            Amanda and
                                                                                                 Education Cluster.
Phase 4        In-depth       Keep 4Ws updated Proposed: Mapping                                                       Wietse
(after 1       (dedicated)    in field (needs staff) resources of overall                                              developed
month)         MHPSS                                 mental health system in                                           first draft of
               assessments    Proposed:              Haiti for early recovery                                          checklists that
                              participatory          (appendix 6A in draft                                             may be
                              ranking on concerns WHO tool)                                                            adapted and
                              and resources as                                                                         used
                              well as free listing   Proposed: MHPSS in
                              on perceived           PHC services provision:
                              problems and           Checklist (appendix 3 a
                              coping (appendix X in WHO toolkit)
                              & 8C of WHO
                              draft tool)            MSF is considering
                                                     using severe distress
                                                     survey questions
                                                     (appendix 7a of WHO

Current        Analyses and   Membership of adhoc group doing this: Vivi, Marie, Pau, Miryam, grad student of Martha, Nancy +
request (Jan   synthesis of   students
29)            existing

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