Kindergarten Supply List by mudoc123


									                               WINCHELSEA ELEMENTARY

                                  Kindergarten Supply List - September, 2010

This list of basic supplies is intended to be for the start of the school year. This list is not
intended to be all-inclusive. During the school year, further items may be requested by the

               Standard supply pack – if purchased in advance with Teacher’s File

10     HB Pencils - good quality (Venus) – sharpened please!
2      Glue sticks – Jumbo
1      Fiskar scissors (left handed scissors for left handed students, please!) 5” Blunt tip.
1      Pkg of Crayola crayons (24)
1      Pkgs of Crayola original felts, washable
1      MonAmi Handy Highlighter pen - yellow
1      Hilroy large, blue coil bound scrapbook, 35.6 x 27.9 cm
1      Hilroy, plain scribbler, (plain exercise book without lines)
1      Presentation Folders with pocket - red
 1     Supply box – small and plastic (label with name) 20 x 13 cm
3      Slide-Ziplock Freezer bags, Large
1      Box of Kleenex

       These items are not included in the standard pack, need to be purchased separately
1      Pair of non-marking Velcro gym shoes that stay at school (label with name)
1      Set of extra clothes (pants, top, underwear, socks)
       Please send in a labeled cloth, draw-string bag.
1      Plastic drinking cup (label with name)

Please label all supplies, except Pencils.
Emergency Preparedness: Please send $2.00 to cover cost of emergency supplies.
Craft / Cooking Program: The cost for the Kindergarten craft / cooking program is $10.00
for the year. Please make payment in the school office - receipts will be issued.

Please note that parents need not purchase new supplies every year. We encourage students to
reuse pencils, pencil crayons, scissors and wax crayons.

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