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                     Google Earth 4.3
                Introduction and Tutorial
 Google Earth is a free, downloadable
 application that uses a collection of
 organized satellite images allowing the user
 to scan, pan, tilt and zoom down on virtually
 any location on the planet. Teachers can
 also create or download “layers” of
                                                                                 Image from
 information to view with these images.                       
 Google Earth has been installed on all
 migrated FCPS computers or can be
 downloaded for free from

Meeting the Maryland Teacher & Student Technology Standards
The state of Maryland recently drafted and passed technology standards for
students and teachers. For detailed information regarding the standards, you can
view the teacher standards ( online or get a
printable copy ( of
the standards and indicators. Here is a link for the student technology standards
( Look in the second column and
click on a link to see a particular grade level‟s standards. Below are the student
and teacher standards that are met when using this program with students in class
and for students during instruction.

      Maryland Teacher Technology Standards:
         o Standard 1- Information Access, Evaluation, Processing and
             Application: Access, evaluate, process, and apply information
             efficiently and effectively.
         o Standard 3- Legal, Social and Ethical Issues: Demonstrate an
             understanding of the legal, social and ethical issues related to
             technology use.
         o Standard 5- Integrating Technology into the Curriculum and
             Instruction: Design, implement and assess learning experiences
             that incorporate use of technology in a curriculum-related
             instructional activity to support understanding, inquiry, problem
             solving, communication and/or collaboration.
         o Standard 7- Professional Growth: Develop professional practices that
             support continual learning and professional growth in technology.

      Maryland Technology Literacy Standards for Students:
                 Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                   Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 1 of 10
                                                                      Last modified: 5/16/08

             o Standard 1- Technology Systems: Develop foundations in the
               understanding and uses of technology systems.
             o Standard 2- Digital Citizenship: Demonstrate an understanding of
               the history of technology and its impact on society, and practice
               ethical, legal, and responsible use of technology to assure safety.
             o Standard 3- Technology for Learning and Collaboration: Use a
               variety of technologies for learning and collaboration.
             o Standard 5- Technology for Information Use and Management: Use
               technology to locate, evaluate, gather, and organize information
               and data.
             o Standard 6- Technology for Problem-Solving and Decision-Making:
               Demonstrate ability to use technology and develop strategies to
               solve problems and make informed decisions.

               What is Google Earth, and why would I use it?

                                    The Google Search Engine, combined with a vast
                                    library of satellite images, can provide a virtual
                                    ground level tour of not only the United States but
                                    the entire globe. Taking a class on a tour of the
                                    Grand Canyon, Europe‟s classic cities, or simply a
                                    fly over of your school yard – all is just a few
                                    mouse clicks away. Google Earth will wow your
                                    students, excite them about learning geology, and
                                    provide you the teacher with an unlimited resource
                                    of images, data, and tools for instruction. Some of
Image from                          the tools available are listed to the left.

   Examples of using Google Earth                     Examples of using Google Earth
           WITH STUDENTS                                     FOR INSTRUCTION
Have students explore locations where              Model using cardinal directions as you
meteors have hit the earth and use a               negotiate through Google Earth images
table to keep track of the number on               with the navigator‟s on-screen wheel.
each continent.
Ask students to use the RULER TOOL                 Explore the setting of a novel or short
to measure the distance from their                 story before reading by taking the class
house or other land marks to your                  on a virtual field trip to that location.
Use the directions feature and fly over            Visit cities with 3D Buildings available
view to create a preview of a trip they            in Google Earth to label, identify, and
would like to take one day, then write a           define 3D Geometry terminology.
journal entry summarizing what they
can expect to see.
                        Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                          Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 2 of 10
                                                                Last modified: 5/16/08

                              Before we begin…
As with all other programs, it should be noted that Google Earth is subject to
copyright laws and local, state or federal regulations. If you have a question
about our Acceptable Use Policy or copyright issues, speak with your tech
coordinator or media specialist. If they are unsure, contact tech services for
more information. Here are some general guidelines of acceptable use with this

      Images provided via the Google Earth program are subject to copyright
       laws and cannot be saved or cut and pasted into student work
      Virtual tours available online through Google Earth should always be
       previewed by a teacher before allowing student access.
      Images provided via the Google Earth Community are subject to copyright
       laws and should also be previewed before being presented to students.

                           Installing Google Earth
If Google Earth has not yet been installed on your machine or if your school has
yet to be migrated, you will need to visit this website to download the program.
This is a free program, but will require a few minutes to download. It is
recommended that you save the .exe file to a staff drive where other staff can
install from, or save to a file on your personal computer. To install, follow these
    1. Insert the following address into your web browser:
    2. Click on the Download Google Earth button

   3. Select „Agree and Download” after reviewing the “Terms of Service”
   4. If a security bar appears at the top of your browser click on it and choose
      download files.
   5. Choose “Run” from the File Download window. Follow the setup directions
      as the file downloads onto the computer‟s hard drive.

                  Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                    Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 3 of 10
                                                                                 Last modified: 5/16/08

NOTE: Each machine will need to have Google Earth installed onto it’s hard
drive, the program will not run from a network server.
                                         Using Google Earth
                       If Google Earth has already been installed on the machine you
                       are using you will find the Launch Google Earth Icon on the
                       desktop, or by clicking Start / Programs / Google Earth /
                       Launch Google Earth to begin.
(Figure 1 – Launch Google Earth Icon)

Once Google Earth has launched your desktop and screen will be replaced with
a large image of the earth and several tool windows. The main menu bar looks
very similar to most windows applications with the following options:

                                        (Figure 2 – Google Earth Menu Options)

        File Menu: manage files
             o Open, save, email, or print files
        Edit Menu: adjust pictures and file history
             o Cut, copy, paste, delete, find
        View Menu: select, open, and close tool boxes on main window
        Tools Menu: open, close and activate web, ruler, GPS, tours, and
        Add Menu: place marks and icons on images
             o Folder, place mark, path, polygon, model, image overlay and
               network links
        Help Menu: find quick tips, answers, and solutions
             o User Guide, Keyboard Shortcuts, Help Center, tutorials, etc.

                         Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                           Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 4 of 10
                                                                        Last modified: 5/16/08

Overview of the Google Earth window

                              (Figure 3 – Google Earth Screen)

The Google Earth workspace includes a large image viewing window on the right
and a narrow strip of three tool boxes on the left: Search, Places, and Layers.
The user can close or expand any of these boxes by simply clicking on the arrow
located to the left of each boxes‟ title.

The Search window includes tabs for searching images by three different
options: Fly To, Find Businesses, and Directions.

Flying to a location
   1. Open the Search tool window
   2. Click on the “Fly to” tab
   3. Type in the address of the location
      you would like to visit in the
      following format:
                    123 Main Street,
                    Anytown, AB, USA

   4. Click on the magnifying glass icon
      to begin search                                        (Figure 4 – Search Window)
                 Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                   Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 5 of 10
                                                               Last modified: 5/16/08

Navigating Through Google Earth Images

It is easy to navigate among Google Earth images by either using the built-in
Google Navigational Compass or a mouse, keyboard or trackball. With a mouse
you may click on the image, holding down the left mouse button, and drag the
image around on the screen. To zoom in or out simply roll the scroll wheel either
towards the picture or away.

For more precise navigation use the Navigational Compass located at the upper
right corner of the Google Earth window. This tool will appear and disappear
when the cursor is rolled over or away from the device.

                 Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                   Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 6 of 10
                                                                Last modified: 5/16/08

Using Layers with Google Earth

Various layers of mapping information such as roads, or geographic features can
be viewed as overlays on the images provided in the view window. To turn one
of these features on or off you will need to select or de-select if from the list of
options. All overlays can be turned on or off using the drop down view window.

                  Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                    Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 7 of 10
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Integrating Multimedia Content

Saving Locations in Google Earth

The Places window functions similar to a bookmark feature on a web browser or
the document tree in a windows program. This feature will keep track of the
different locations you have visited or saved. When visiting locations with a class
this window will allow you to make short easy to use links that will make
“traveling” in Google Earth much easier.

                  Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                    Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 8 of 10
                                                                Last modified: 5/16/08

Using Google Earth Toolbar

The Google Earth program features several tools that can be used to aid
instruction with students. While looking at an image in the Google Earth browser
you can do the following things -

                                   Google Sky
Google Earth allows browsing of the sky and heavenly objects such as stars,
constellations, galaxies, planets, and the moon. To view the sky and outer space
click “View”, then “Switch to Sky”. In this view the earth will be hidden and is
replaced with a 3D version of the sky in a reverse globe.

Important Note: The view of the sky will be from the most recent position marked
on the Earth. To view the sky from your position be sure to mark your location
first, then switch to Google Sky.

Navigation in Google Sky
Most of the same features of Google Earth are available in Google Sky. Some
features that are not included. For more information please check out - Although you can use Layers
in Google Sky, they are not the same as you would find on Earth.

Position in Google Sky
Due to the rotation of the Earth coordinates in Google Sky are based on the
motion of the sky. Position information can be found in the lower left corner of
the 3D View window. Notice these position coordinates are depicted as “Right
Ascension” as opposed to Longitude, and “Declination” instead of Latitude.

Searching the Sky

                  Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                    Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 9 of 10
                                                                  Last modified: 5/16/08

To view a specific object you can either search the sky by name (with the
exception of planets), or use right ascension and declination coordinates.

                               Additional resources

GE Lessons Educational Resource for Teachers

Wikispace for teachers who use Google Earth in the Classroom:

                    Frederick County Public Schools- Technology Services
                     Google Earth Instructions and Use- Page 10 of 10

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