The “Jungle”

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					   The “Jungle”

A guide to U.S. Navy ranks
        Gazelles = Ensigns

• Although easily frightened, they have been
  known to stupidly lounge in plain sight of
  the “lions”
• Runs at high speeds, with no purpose or
• The slow and weak are frequently slain
           Cheetah = LTjg

• Loner, feisty
• Makes the occasional kill on a weaker
       Lions = Lieutenants

• Hunts in packs
• Can bring down a larger animal with
• Easily slays the “cheetah”
      Water Buffalo = Lieutenant

• Aging, slower beast, but-
• Cannot be brought down by a single “Lion”
 Hippopotamus = Commanders

• Slow and cumbersome on land
• Safe in own environment
• Lays low to avoid enemies
      Elephants = Captains

• Rules the “Jungle”
• Impossible to bring down except by his
         Hyena = The Chief

• Laughs continuously at the “Cheetahs” and
• Helps the “Lions” complete the kill on larger
  animals but is known to alter its natural
  instincts and assist “Elephants”,
  “Hippopotamuses”, “Water Buffaloes” and
   Sloth = Chief Warrant Officer

• Skilled in one area only
• Comes around only to feed and
  take care of bodily functions
       Dung Beetle = Sailor

• Forced to deal with the “crap”
  created by the other animals
  Sand Crab = GS Employee

• Side-steps responsibility
• Has a hard shell which cannot be cracked,
  even by “Elephants”
• Immune to “Dung Beetles”
    Ant = Contract Employee

• Lowest on the food chain
• Extremely productive, but can be eliminated by even
  a “Cheetah”
• “Dung Beetles” and “Sand Crabs”
  enjoy tormenting them
             Master Chief

• King of the ocean
• Very tuff skin and sharp teeth
• The other creatures get eaten alive if
  they step into his world