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					Condensed and modified by au3xr6 Brett Clulow from a document sourced from fordmods
               AUI Falcon Low/Mid/High Series Instrument Cluster
    Right Hand Side Instrument Cluster Connector (Common for all models - J2)
Pin 1    Power Ground                     Ground                         Black
Pin 2 Signal Ground                       Ground                         Black / Light Green
Pin 3 Low Coolant                         Resistance                     Yellow / Red
Pin 4 Ignition Power                      +12V with Ignition On          Red / Dark Green
                                       0V Low Oil
        Low Oil Warning (Low Series)
Pin 5                                  0V Low Pressure, 12V High         White / Red
        Oil Pressure (Mid/High Series)
      Door Ajar (Low / Mid Series)  Ground when any door open Black / Light Blue
Pin 6 Front Drivers Door open (High Ground when Drivers door  (Low/Mid)
      Series)/TD>                   open                      White (Hi)
Pin 7 Fuel Sender                         Resistance                     Yellow / Dark Green
        Spare (Low and Mid Series)
Pin 8                                     Output to Trip/Climate
        MDC Tx Data (High Series)                                        Orange
                                          Control Center
        Spare (Low and Mid Series)
Pin 9                                     Input from Trip/Climate
        MDC Rx Data (High Series)                                        Yellow
                                          Control Center
                                          Switch to ground for low
Pin 10 Low Washer Fluid Input                                            Pink / Yellow
       Spare (Low Series)
Pin 11 Traction Control Warning
                                          Ground to Illuminate           Dark Blue
       Lamp (Mid/High Series)/TD>
Pin 12 Airbag Audible warning             Open Collector                 Orange / Yellow
Pin 13 EEC V Data (Serial)                Open Collector                 (Sheilded Data Line)
Pin 14 Diagnostic ISO Serial I/O          Open Collector Pullup Batt     Not Connected
       LCD Dimmer Input 2 Stage
       (Low Series)
Pin 15                                    Open Collect PWM Output        White
       LCD Dimmer Input Variable
                                          from Bem
       (Mid/High Series)
Pin 16 Tacho Input                        Pulsed from 0V to +12V         White / Pink
                                                                         Light Blue / White (Hi) /
Pin 17 Speed Input                        Pulsed from 0V to +12V
                                                                         White (Low)
Pin 18 Speed Output                       Pulsed form 0V to +12V         White
                                                                         Red (Hi) / Yellow/Light
Pin 19 Speedo Sender power supply         +8.2V
                                                                         Green (Low)
Pin 20 Battery Power                      +12V                           Black / Orange

The numbers in yellow below are the pin numbers on the low series cluster if changing to a high
or mid cluster move the 4 wires in yellow on the list below to the pin number in green in the first
column I use the header plugs off a computer motherboard you can get these from an old trashed
case otherwise you need to search the wreckers to find a plug if you are installing a series 2 or 3
cluster you do not change the oil sender as the existing setup is able to operate the gauge if you
change the sender to the long series one sender you will not get a reading
Condensed and modified by au3xr6 Brett Clulow from a document sourced from fordmods

             AUI Falcon Mid / Hi Instrument Cluster Left Cluster Connector
        Autolamp off Overide(Hi
Pin 1                              ADC Input                             Â
Pin 2 Dial Positive Illumination   +12V pin 13 on low cluster            Brown
        Dial Illumination(-ve)     PWM From BEM - 0V Bright - 10V Dim
Pin 3                                                                    Light Blue / Red
        Dim                        pin 21 on low cluster
        Fuel Flap Switch (Hi       Resistance 180 Ohm Open - 1380 Ohm
Pin 4                                                                 Orange
        Only)                      Closed
Pin 5 R Rear Door Sw (Hi Only) Switch to ground open                     Black / Orange
        Front L Door Sw (Hi
Pin 6                              Switch to Ground open                 Brown
Pin 7 Rear L Door Sw (Hi Only) Switch to ground open                     White / Pink
Pin 8 Boot Lid Open (Hi Only)      Switch to ground open                 White / Pink
Pin 9 Rear Demister                +12V                                  Dark Blue
Pin 10 Alternator Fail             Open Collector                        Light Green / Red
Pin 11 L.H. Blinker                +12V                                  Light Green / White
Pin 12 High Beam Lamp              +12V                                  Light Green / Black
Pin 13 Spare LED #2                +12V On                               Â
Pin 14 Brake Fail                  0V On                                 Pink / White
                                                                         Dark Blue / Light
Pin 15 SmartLock/Sheild LED        Ground On
Pin 16 Spare LED #4                +12V On                               Â
Pin 17 Door Ajar (Hi Only)         Open Collector                        Â
Pin 18 Park Brake warning lamp 0V On                                     Red / Orange
Pin 19 Not Used                    Â                                     Â
Pin 20 Spare LED #5                +12V On                               Â
Pin 21 Spare LED #3                0V Bright - 10V Dim                   Â
Pin 22 Air Bag Warning Lamp        Open Collector                        Black / Yellow
Pin 23 ABS Check                   Open Collector pin 8 on low cluster   Tan / Light Blue
Pin 24 Not Used                    Â                                     Â
Pin 25 Not Used                    Â                                     Â
Pin 26 R.H. Blinker                Â   pin 19 on low cluster             White / Light Blue
Pin 27 Not Used                    Â                                     Â
Pin 28 Not Used                    Â                                     Â

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