Jig Saw Directions by mudoc123


									                       History of Agriculture Jigsaw
Teacher Preparation:
1. Divide the number of students in your class by six. Make this many copies of the
   information pages.
2. Write letters on the top of each jig saw piece so that students can form a second group
   with one of each number (1-6) in their group.

Jig Saw Directions:
1. Get into groups according to the number on your paper.
2. Pick one person to read the information out loud.
3. After you are finished reading, discuss the information as a group.
4. Underline the most important information. Make sure everyone in your group
    understands this information.
5. Decide what kind of picture will represent your information. Everyone in the group
    should draw the picture on the back of their paper.
6. Regroup according to the letter on your paper.
7. Starting with number one, each person should share their important information and
    their picture.
8. When everyone has shared with their group, briefly discuss each piece of the puzzle
    and create a timeline on the board.

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