LGA - tested toner cartridges by qingyunliuliu


									                   LGA - tested
                   toner cartridges

                   The LGA, an impartially and independently working
                   German group of companies for product certification, has
                   been testing the emissions of laser printers and the contents of
                   harmful substances of toner modules. Certified with the LGA-seal,
                   these low-emmission toner modules represent consumer-friendly
                   products which protect the health of the user in the best way possible.

                   All KMP XXL toner cartridges are manufactured acc. to DIN 33870!

KMP has obtained the LGA certificate for following products:

Art. No.         compatible for                          replaces

1114,0000        HP Laserjet 1010/1012/1015/             Q2612A
1114,5000 XXL*   1018/1020/1022/3015/3020/3030/
                 M1319f MFP

1209,0000        HP Laserjet M3027                       Q7551A
1209,HC00                                                Q7551X

                                                                                             * KMP XXL toner cartridges: up to a 4x print yield of a standard cartridge
1207,0000        HP Laserjet P2015 Series                Q7553A
1207,HC00                                                Q7553X
1207,5000 XXL*

1176,0000        Canon Laserfax L100/L120                FX-10

1105,0000        HP Laserjet 1000 W/1005W/               C7115A
1105,HY00        1200/1200N/1220/3300 MFP/               C7115X
1105,5000 XXL*   3320 MFP/3330 MFP

1128,0000        HP Laserjet 1160 Series/                Q5949A
1128,HC00        1320 Series                             Q5949X
1128,5000 XXL*

0874,0000        HP Laserjet 2100 Series/                C4096A
0874,5000 XXL*   2200 Series
                   LGA - tested
                   toner cartridges
Art. No.         compabtile for                    replaces

1124,0000        HP Laserjet 2410/2410N/2420/      Q6511A
1124,HC00        2420D/2420DN/2420N/2430DTN/       Q6511X
1124,5000 XXL*   2430T/2430TN

0869,HY00        HP Laserjet 4000/4000N/4000NT/    C4127X
0869,5000 XXL*   4000T/4050/4050N/4050SE/

1112,HY00        HP Laserjet 1300 Series           Q2613X
1112,5000 XXL*

1119,0000        Canon Fax L380/400                FX-8

1104,HY00        HP Laserjet 4100/4100N/4100TN/    C8061X
1104,5000 XXL*   4100DTN; HP Laserjet 4000/

                                                              * KMP XXL toner cartridges: up to a 4x print yield of a standard cartridge
                 4050N/4050SE; etc.

1121,0000        Canon LBP-3200/LaserBase          EP-27

0868,0000        HP Laserjet 5SI/5SI MX/Laserjet   C3909A
                 8000 Series

1111,0000        HP Laserjet 1150 Series           Q2624A
1111,5000 XXL*

1123,0000        Canon Fax L-2000/L-2000IP/        FX-7
                 LBP 1000; HP Laserjet 2100
                 Series/2200 Series

1120,0000        Canon Fax-L1000                   FX-6

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