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					                        Astronomer’s Facebook Page

        The purpose of this project is to research a famous astronomer of
your choice. It can be past or present. You are to create a facebook page
for your astronomer and fill out all the information as if it were them.
        The first step in the project will be to choose an astronomer and
research about them using a search engine of you choice. Go to the facebook
website at and create a page. You will have to use your
own personal email address in order to set up a profile but the name should
be the name of your astronomer. Once you have set up the profile you will
begin filling out the information about this person. You are required to fill
out all the information in the tab titled Basic with acceptation to “religious
views”. In the tab titled Contact, you will need to fill out the information
about their home town. In the tab titled Relationships, put down if they
were married or single.
         In the tab titled Personal, fill out as much information as you can but
in the “Activities” space you will need to put information about their
different jobs and famous accomplishments. In the “Interests” space you
will need to put information about what it is they studied. Both of these
spaces should have about a paragraph of information. In the “About me”
space, you will need to have at least 2 paragraphs of interesting information
you have found on this person. This tab is the most important one. I will be
grading mainly the information in this page so be sure to put down as much
information as you can.
               In the Education tab, you will need to fill out any information
you found concerning their past education such as the high school they
attended or college. If your person did not attend a known school, simply put
down how they received education such as a mentor or a tutor.
        In the Work tab, choose one job this person had/has that you found
in your research. Fill out as much information as you can. Finally, find a
picture of this person and put it as their profile picture.
        You will mainly be graded on the information you have on this person.
If there is some information that you can not find, don’t worry. Just be sure
to fill out as much information as you can.

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