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                       PRINT OF THE YEAR
YEAR          ARTIST                    TITLE                  SUBJECT
2009     Darren Maurer          The Magnificent Seven          Waterfowl
2008     Greg Bordignon          In Before the Storm        Wetland-Wildlife
2007      Kreig Jacque             Big River Divers            Waterfowl
2006     Darren Maurer                 Reflection              Waterfowl
2005    Veronica Deevers           Critical Moments       Fur Bearing Predators
2004       Steve Carter              Stormy Cans               Waterfowl
2003     Mark Anderson            Autumn Woodies               Waterfowl
2002     Mark Anderson           Hooded Mergansers             Waterfowl
2001      Andy Sinwell          Guardians of the Valley         Predators
2000      Andy Sinwell             Morning Til Night              Labs
1999       Steve Carter          Three for the Taking          Waterfowl
1998     Greg Bordignon            Winter Gathering            Pheasants
1997    Charlotte Edwards           Winter Tracks                Turkeys
1996      Andy Sinwell            Passing the Buck                Deer
1995     Mark Bordignon          Misty Morning Flight          Pheasants
1994      Terry Doughty            Peaceful Retreat              Wolves
1993       Buzz Balzer              After the Storm            Waterfowl
1992     John Eberhardt           Bird Dog Country            Hunting Dogs
1991       Rick Morkel           Wetland Ringnecks             Pheasants
1990    Charlotte Edwards         Autumn Splendor                Turkeys
1989     John Eberhardt             Vantage Point                 Deer
1988    Charlotte Edwards         December Shelter             Pheasants
1987        Larry Zach               April Sunrise               Turkeys
1986     John Eberhardt          Iowa River Mallards           Waterfowl

YEAR          ARTIST                                           SUBJECT
2009      Thomas Miller                                     Greenwing Teal
2008        Mark Kness                                           Pintail
2007       Donny Hughs                                        Wood Duck
2006      Darren Maurer                                         Wigion
2005   Sherrie Russell Meline                               Ringneck Duck
2004      Neil Anderson                                     Greenwing Teal
2003      Neil Anderson                                       Ruddy Duck
2002       Darren Mauer                                        Shovelers
2001       Darren Mauer                                       Snowgeese
2000   Sherrie Russell Meline                              Hooded Merganser
1999     Mark S. Anderson                                  Trumpeter Swans
1998   Sherrie Russell Meline                                   Pintails
1997    Charlotte Edwards                                   Canada Geese
1996     Dietmar Krumrey                                     Canvasbacks
1995      Cynthie Fisher                                    Canada Geese
1994     Dietmar Krumrey                                    Greenwing Teal
1993      Maynard Reece                                         Mallards
1992    Charlotte Edwards                                  Black Lab/Mallard
1991      Jerry Raedeke                                         Mallards
1990      Dan Smith                                Snow Geese
1989    Maynard Reece                       Canada Geese (First of State)

                         SPONSOR DECOY
YEAR       CARVER                                   SUBJECT
2009      Custom Arts                        Antique Canvasback
2008      Custom Arts                        White Fronted Goose
2007       Loon Lake                              Merganser
2006       Loon Lake                            Drake Gadwall
2005       Loon Lake                               Widgeon
2004       Loon Lake                           Courtship Pintail
2003                                              Wood Duck
2002                                               Shoveler
2001       Loon Lake                            Blue Wing Teal
2000       Loon Lake                         Preening Black Duck
1999       Loon Lake                            Canada Goose
1998       Randy Tull                          Preening Mallard
1997       Randy Tull                               Pintail
1996    Big Sky Carvers                          Canvasback
1995    T H Taber & Co.                             Mallard
1994    Big Sky Carvers                        Greenwing Teal
1993       Randy Tull                              Ringneck
1992       Randy Tull                       Redhead (First in Series)

                     COMPANION PRINTS
YEAR        ARTIST                                  SUBJECT
2009     Greg Bordignon                            Goldfinch
2008        Pat Pauley        Bird/Flower      Chick-a-dee/Rose
2007       Steve Carter                             Blue Jay
2006     Doug Knutson                       Rose-breasted Grosbeak
2005     Angela Frohling                             Robin
2004       Dan Hatala                           Tufted Titmouse
2003   David Rottinghaus                     Downy Woodpeckers
2002       Rick Morkel                             Cardinals
2001       Dan Hatala                           Song Sparrows
2000      Darren Mauer                          Scarlet Tangers
1999     Wanda Mumm                             Indigo Buntings
1998       Sean Miller                          Yellow Warblers
1997       Steve Carter                        Northern Juncos
1996        Jim Spring                          Northern Oriole
1995     Kathryn Marlin                             Nuthatch
1994      Terry Doughty                          Barn Swallows
1993       Mona Hedin                           Purple Finches
1992    Teresa Politowicz                         Humingbirds
1991   Kathrynn Hyndman                        Cedar Waxwings
1989       John Bald                              Chick-a-dee
1988      Steve Carter                          Cardinal-Female
1987      Steve Carter                           Cardinal-Male

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