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									                    Leishear Village News

A Publication for Leishear Village                                                                      April 2009

         President’s Message                                          Community Events
                                                                                Come Join Us!
 Good-Bye Old Man Winter…Spring Has Sprung
                                                              Community-Wide Yard Sale
 The renewal of spring is once again upon us. The trees       May 2, 2009; 8am – 2pm
 and flowers are starting to bloom; the grass is starting     Set out your wares and get money for all the stuff you
 to grow once again. It is great to hear the kids out         don’t need or use any more! Leishear Village is hosting
 playing and I always enjoy seeing friends and                a community yard sale for residents. Signs will be
 neighbors out and about after a long winter’s                posted at the entrance to the community and an ad will
 hibernation. I am really looking forward to turning off      be placed in the local paper. All you need to do is set
 the heat and enjoying a few months of electric bills that    your items out. Residents should limit their set up to
 I can afford.                                                within their yard/property line. Common area should
                                                              not be used for setting up tables, etc. Happy selling!
 The County has marked the locations of the new
 streetlights. If you see an orange marking (S/ L) on the     Dumpster Day
 curb, that is where the new lights are going to be           May 23, 2009; 8am – 2pm
 located. We still don’t know the exact installation date.    Back by popular demand, Leishear Village is hosting
 I hope that we will have that information before the         another dumpster day. Clean out your house and use
 next newsletter.                                             the dumpsters to dispose of those unwanted items. Use
                                                              of dumpsters is limited to residents of Leishear Village.
 We have scheduled the 1st ANNUAL COMMUNITY
 YARD SALE for Saturday May 2, 2009 from 8:00 am              Best Maintained Home Contest
 to 2:00 pm. Everyone is encouraged to participate. We        June/July 2009
 will advertise the event and provide signs to direct         We want to promote all the good that our homeowners
 buyers into the community. The Board requests that           do throughout the year to make their homes look the
 you use your front yard and not any of the common            best that they can be! All residents are automatically
 areas along Glen Hannah Drive or Mary Lee Lane.              eligible for the contest. Our group of judges (which
                                                              includes some Board members, residents and a
 The Dumpster Day will be on Saturday May 23, 2009            representative from our lawn contractor) will be
 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. The location will change this       walking the community to find those homes that stand
 year. The dumpsters will be on Glen Hannah Drive             out as the best of the best in Leishear Village. Prizes
 between Mary Lee Lane and Whiterock Court.                   will be awarded to the top three homes: $100/$75/$50
                                                              gift cards to a local home improvement store. Thanks to
 We have signed up the community to participate in the        all residents who take pride in their home and
 Sherwin Williams Neighborhood Preferred Customer             community – we’re glad that you are a part of Leishear
 Program. The program is simple, and there is NO              Village.

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Leishear Village News                                    April 2009                                         Page 1
             Working For You                                              Water Meter Caps
                                                              During a recent walk-through of the community, it was
  The Board has been working with Howard County
                                                              noted that many owners are missing the cap to their
  regarding the street lighting in the community
                                                              water pipes located in the front yard. Did you know
  (increasing the number of street lights throughout the
                                                              that Howard County will come out and repair/replace it
  community). Areas have been marked along the County
                                                              for free? So call now for your appointment.
  roadways for the streetlight improvements (bright pink
  marks). It is anticipated that the work will begin this
                                                              The following is from the Howard County website:
  summer (depending on the County’s budget!).
                                                                     Located along your property line, there is a Water
  CPE, Inc., was approved to seal coat the following
                                                                     Meter or a Ball Valve Box that provides access to a
  streets (parking bays only) for 2009: Sperry Court,
                                                                     ball valve that can be used to shut off the water
  Saddlebrook Court, Delfield Court and Whiterock
                                                                     serving your house - in case of a water leak in your
  Court. In addition, the reserved space marking on the
                                                                     home, for example.
  Glen Hannah Drive courts will be re-marked. Watch
  for this work coming soon.
                                                                     These plastic Ball Valve Box Lids sometimes get
                                                                     damaged by lawnmowers and by other means,
  Community Events have been built into this year’s
                                                                     preventing the County or a plumber from turning
  budget. The events planned include a community-wide
                                                                     off your water in case of an emergency.
  yard sale, dumpster day and best maintained home
  contest. Please look for further details in this
                                                                     If you need your Ball Valve Box Lid repaired or
                                                                     have a damaged Water Meter Vault Lid, please call
                                                                     410-313-4900 to schedule the repair at no charge.

Trash Tips
                                                                     If you can't determine where the Water Meter
                                                                     Vault / Ball Valve Box is located for your property,
                                                                     please give Howard County a call at 410-313-4982.
Regular Trash Pickup    The County collects the trash on             They will be happy to send a person to locate
                        Thursdays. Trash should be placed            where your water comes in at your property.
                        at an island curb in a container or
                        sealed bag. Trash should be placed
                        out no earlier than the evening before a scheduled pickup and cans are to be returned to the
                        home and stored out of public view by the evening of collection.

Recycling Pickup        Pick-up provided by the county on Tuesday of each week. Recyclables may be placed out no
                        earlier than the evening before a scheduled pick-up. All recyclables can be placed in your
                        recycling container (cans, plastic, newspaper, cardboard, etc.) without separating them out.
                        Recycling containers must be stored out of public view by the evening of collection.

Yard Waste Pickup       Pick up is from April 1, 2009 – January 10, 2010. Items collected include: leaves, grass, small
                        brush, limbs, hedge clippings, hay, straw and dry seed pods (i.e. pine cones or sweet gum balls).
                        Yard waste should be placed in paper bags or reusable containers. You can leave bags open or
                        tie them shut. Light brush should be tied/bundled with string. Please – no cardboard boxes as

Bulk Trash              Special trash pickups for large or bulk household items can be arranged by calling a private

If you have any questions regarding your trash/recycling collection, contact Howard County Department of
Environmental Resources at 410-313-6444.

Leishear Village News                                   April 2009                                            Page 2
 President’s Message
 (Continued from page 1)
                                                                          We’re On The Web!
 COST to participate. Each Homeowner / Resident will
 be given a Discount Card which will entitle them to a
 15% discount on SHERWIN WILLIAMS, DURON
                                                                  Visit the official Leishear Village website and find a
 and MAB paint products. There are some exclusions to
                                                                  wealth of association information:
 the products other than paint that are eligible for the
 discount. The really good part of this program, besides
                                                                          √   downloadable forms (architectural, direct
 saving you money on your painting supplies, is that for
 every $1.00 you spend using your card, you will be                           debit, etc.)
 helping our community. As the sponsoring                                 √   rules and regulations
 organization, we will receive a 3% cash back bonus                       √   meeting minutes
 based on the accumulated purchases during the year.                      √   newsletters
 We are hoping to have the cards for distribution with                    √   important contact information
 this newsletter; if a card is not taped to your newsletter,              √   community links for the surrounding area.
 then it will arrive on a separate flyer in a few weeks.
                                                                  We encourage you to take a look and visit often to keep
 I have a few reminders for our residents.                        apprised of what is happening at Leishear Village!
 1. Now that the weather is warming up, that means that
 the children are out playing. SO PLEASE SLOW
 DOWN when you are driving through our community.
 2. If you walk your pet on our common areas, including
 along the main streets, PLEASE PICK UP AFTER
 YOUR PET. No one likes stepping on their landmines.                                                   The companies advertising
 3. The yearly inspections start the week of May 11,                                                   in this newsletter request
                                                                                                       and pay for advertising.
 2009. That gives you a few weeks head start on                                                        Neither the Association
 cleaning and sprucing up the out side of your home                                                    nor CVI endorse these
                                                                                                       contractors or guarantee
 before the inspections begin.                                                                         their workmanship. All
 4. If you need an Architectural Request Form, you can                                                 arrangements are strictly
                                                                                                       between the homeowner
 download them from our website at                                                                     and advertiser.

 That about covers it for now, so go out and enjoy the
 warm weather.

 George Kiriacon

                                              E-mail Listings
 Join the Leishear Village E-mail Notification List! This e-mail notification list is used to keep you updated on
 upcoming community events, community alerts and other important information.

 Your e-mail address will not be displayed or distributed to anyone and will be used solely for the purpose of
 notification about events relating to Leishear Village. If you wish to be included on our list, email your request to
 mcawley@cviinc.com. Please include your name and Leishear Village address with your request.

Leishear Village News                                     April 2009                                            Page 3
                           Board of Directors Meeting
      The Board of Directors of Leishear Village hereby announces the schedule of upcoming Board of
      Directors' meetings. Unless you are notified otherwise, all meetings will be held at Hammond Elementary
      School on the first Tuesday of the month. Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and generally last until 7:30 p.m.
      on the following dates:

              May 5, 2009
              June 2, 2009
              July 7, 2009 – at Hammond Park
              August 2009 – NO MEETING SCHEDULED
              September 1, 2009 - ANNUAL HOMEOWNERS MEETING
              October 6, 2009
              November 4, 2009 (Wednesday)
              December 2009 - NO MEETING SCHEDULED

      At the conclusion of each meeting, the Board will confirm the date, time and location of the next meeting.
      We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Board meetings.

                        Exterior Changes/Improvements
Are you planning to...replace your windows? Install/replace storm door? Replace/change the colors on your
home? Change the landscaping of your yard? Install a deck or fence?


Before any of this work can begin, you MUST have written approval from the Board of Directors. At the monthly
Board meetings, the Board reviews applications for architectural changes, so plan ahead to get approval in time
for contractor scheduling.

The process is not difficult, but you need to plan your schedule!

        1.      Fill out a Leishear Village architectural application. Need an application? Visit the Leishear Vil-
                lage website (www.leishearvillagehoa.com) and download a form, or call 301-596-2600, x200 to
                have an application mailed to you.
        2.      Return the completed application, with any appropriate diagrams, pictures and/or brochures, to
                the CVI office. The application will be forwarded to the Board of Directors.
        3.      The Board will review your application at the next scheduled Board meeting. Remember that the
                Board meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Please make sure your application is received one
                week prior in order for the Board to review it at the meeting.
        4.      Once reviewed, you will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision.

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