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					Scary Stories

Mrs. Etheredge’s Class
Once upon a time there was a haunted
 house that had vampires and ghosts
and mummies. And on Halloween
some people came into the house.
They walked and walked. They
stopped and heard a sound. The
 sound was boo-boo. It was a ghost.
They screamed and the vampire
 bit them and they died.

      The haunted house
The ghosts will say BOO on the night comes to a haunted house.
A big scary vampire will come and suck your blood. The witch
was going to eat them up. A monster came and got me and put me
in a big graveyard
and a mummy got out of the graveyard and the bat was sucking
my blood. The spider jumped on my head and suddenly I was
going to sleep. I screamed so loud. I ran out of the haunted house.
The witch had a razor to cut me up . The haunted house was
spooky and scary.

                                                                 Xavier E.
Once upon a time a little girl and boy were
going to a haunted house. The door
opened and the girl and the boy went in
and the door closed and the girl and boy
screamed. They went up the stairs and a
ghost came out.

Once upon a time a haunted house, a skeleton and witch and
Frankenstein popped up in my face. Lets go on with the story
once upon a time there were some little boys. They went in a
haunted house and the door shut behind the boys. The little boys
crept up the stairs and a mummy and a monster popped out and the
boys were never heard from again.

                                                      Xavier M
Once upon a time there was a haunted
house. A mom and a dad and a boy lived
there. It had a vampire and ghosts there.
The vampire sucked the boy’s blood till
he said stop. And a bat sucked the mom
and dad’s blood. A spider was on the
witch’s hat. They are in a cave. In it
 was a bat. The bat was the king of the
cave. He sucked the baby’s blood. The bat
 was fat until the blood fell out. The dad
said Help Help!

Once upon a time there was a little boy and
he went to this haunted house and the
doors they had shut the doors and locked them
and he saw a bat and the boys got the moms
blood out of it. The bat died. The boys unlocked
the doors and ran home. They never went back
to the haunted house.

Once a little kid went in a haunted house. When
he went in the house the door shut behind him. And
when he looked behind him it was a vampire. He sawed
his head off. When he went out the back door it turned
into a graveyard and out of the grave popped out a
witch, vampire, skeleton and a spider. And a spider
got on his head. And then a razor
killed him. No one ever saw him again,

Once upon a time it was a little girl. She saw a haunted house.
She went into the house and she saw vampires and mummies.
The vampire ate her blood and she died. They put her in the

I went to a scary haunted house and I saw a mummy
and I saw a vampire and a witch and ghosts and a
graveyard. A skeleton came out of the ground and a
razor cut my hand and I saw a spider and a witch
and I saw a kid. I saw blood on the wall and it was
Halloween and it was scary.

                                                      Taylor L.
Once upon a time me and my sister was trick-or-treating
and we saw a graveyard and we went in the gate door
 and we looked around some and Emily and Chelse was
with us. We saw blood on the ground and Emily
started to scream a lot.

Once upon a time the little kids went in a haunted house.
And I went to a house and a vampire had a mask. I climbed
over a gate and saw a vampire. And me and my sister saw a

One Saturday night me and my friends were playing hide-and-seek in
front of a huge castle with a gate in front of it. Just so I could get away
from my friends I climbed over the gate. And all of a sudden I walked
in a graveyard. Then I saw a shadow behind me and I turned around
and there was a vampire with teeth as sharp as razors just ready to bite
me and then I was back in front of the castle.

                                                          Taylor H.
Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jake.
 It was HALLOWEEN night on a Saturday. Jake
had let his dog go that Saturday morning. When he got
off the bus his mom said you can go to the park. He did not
go to the park he went to the spooky house. The vampire and
mummy scared him away. He went back home and got his mom
to come with him. She wouldn’t come so he went back by himself.
And the vampire got him.

Once upon a time there was a haunted house It had a mummy
and ghosts. Mom and dad and the kids
went in the haunted house and a vampire
came out and bit them.

The ghost is bad and big. The ghost said WOOOOOOOO.
The ghost went trick-or-treating.

One Tuesday night on Halloween I went to a haunted house. A
 ghost and a witch and a vampire showed up and then I heard a
boo. I went to the bedroom and saw a graveyard. I screamed and
then I ran out of the haunted house to the car and said MOM MOM.
The noise got louder and louder. So mom hurried. I said to my mom
help me. I passedt out on the floor and when I woke up she had just
gotten me in the bed. It was a scary dream.

                                               Carol Ann
Once upon a time it was a boy named R.J..
The little kid went to a haunted house. The door shut and
locked. The boy saw a vampire and ghosts and mummies
 and spiders and monsters and they said BOO! BOO!
BOO! BOO!. The boy screamed and then the blood came
out when he cut him with a razor.