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					“Forms” in Google Apps
     “Forms” in Google Apps
• “Forms” are basically surveys that you can
  create in your Google Apps account and
  share with other users
  – Users submit answers online
  – Results/responses are summarized in a
    spreadsheet that you as the owner can
          Why use “Forms”
• In-class/Senior projects
  – students can also create these
• COULD also be used as pre-/post-
  assessment or online quiz/test
• Professional use
  – staff development
  – fact gathering
  – self-evaluation
Once you are logged in to your account, click on
       ‘Create New’ and choose, ‘Form’

                              General Setup Options

                                          Title of ‘Form’


                Sample             Duplicat
               Questions              e
            (can be deleted
              if you want)

Link to view form as it would
   look when completed

                  Type your question here

Help Text: clarifying information/directions about
the question
Question Types: Text, Paragraph Text, Multiple
Choice, Checkboxes, Choose From a List, Scale,
    Each question type will cause a different
     type of answer section to come up
        Text Question

when            Appearance once ‘Done’
done                  is clicked
What user will see
         Adding a New Item
• To add a new question…
  – click
  – choose the question type from the list
Paragraph Text Question
Multiple Choice Question
                             Can add a page break (+ Add
                           Item) if answer determines next

      Click the ‘x’ to remove an
            answer choice
Checkboxes Question
Choose From a List Question
Scale Question

Labels for the low and high end of
             your scale
Grid Question
      Editing a Question AFTER it has
              Been Completed

If you decide you want to change a question AFTER clicking „Done,‟
hover your mouse over the question. The “Edit, Duplicate, Delete”
icons will appear. Click on the appropriate option for your needs.
Other Toolbar Items
Themes are background templates for your survey. (Some have
    some layout glitches so check it out after you apply it)
     Edit Confirmation
This is a message that the user will see once he/she submits
               answers. (Under „More Actions‟)

                   You can edit this text

           Summary will show respondent’s
             results along with all others.
Section Header/Page Breaks

              Use the Section Header to add new
              instructions to a new part of the survey

              Use the Page Break if the answer to a
              certain question dictates the need to go
              to skip questions and go to a new page.
Section Header
Page Break
After Survey is “Done”
Question: I have saved my survey
and exited the program but need to
   edit it further. What do I do?

Answer: Open the survey from your list of
  owned documents. It will appear as a
spreadsheet. Click on ‘Form’ in the menu
      bar and choose, ‘Edit Form.’
                     Editing the Form

The number in ( ) next to the menu option, „Form‟ is the number of
responses received on the survey.
Sending the Form
         To send the survey/form to someone to
         have it completed, from the
         spreadsheet view, click on
         „Form‟>‟Send Form.‟
           • Start typing in the name(s) of the
           • Select the appropriate one(s)
           • Once you have selected all of the
             necessary recipients, click on the
             „Send‟ button
           • the survey will show up in an email
             in the users‟ email inboxes.
         You can also send the form from the
         editing screen by clicking the „Email
         Form‟ button in the toolbar.
Sending the Form
           Viewing Results
• You can view the results of your
  completed surveys by clicking on the
  document in your list of owned documents.
• There are 2 ways to view
  – Spreadsheet (default)
  – Graphical analysis (Summary)
    • Click on „Form‟>‟Show summary of responses‟