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									Sliplining in
New Mexico city repairs aging interceptors.
          lbuquerque’s history long pre-      pipe installed beginning in the 1960s.

 A        cedes its founding in 1706 as
          the Villa of San Francisco de
          Alburquerque. Its natural his-
tory museum displays the fossils of
                                              We are now working on several projects
                                              that take a more proactive approach and
                                              result in a win-win situation for the
                                              installer and city.
dinosaurs dating from 150 million years          The SAS Larger Diameter Sewer Line
ago. And like the dinosaurs, part of its      Renovation, detailed here, has already
infrastructure was also on the verge of       been followed by the San Juan Chama
becoming extinct.                             Slipline Project, another AUI job. Its
   In the 19th century, it became             requirements were to slipline existing
Albuquerque and the original villa is         48-in. reinforced concrete pipe with 44-
now “Old Town,” which is preserved as         in. HOBAS pipe (HOBAS Pipe USA,
an historic district and is a major tourist The total length
destination. One aspect of “Old” is not       of the project was 3,424 ft.
so appealing, because just like many             “The benefits of sliplining are many.
other older cities, Albuquerque is strug-     The overall cost, disruption, and time to
gling with its aging infrastructure.          slipline a segment of pipe are less than
   Mike Rocco, trenchless manager with        traditional remove and replace methods.
                                                                                             Sliplining pipe is lowered into the trench.
AUI, Inc., an Albuquerque, NM, con-           AUI can also open cut and install pipe,
struction firm, said, “In the past ten        but if given the opportunity to slipline,
years, AUI has been called out to repair      we prefer it and find it more productive          The entire project of sewer line rehab
interceptor sewer lines that have col-        and less intrusive than traditional meth-      consists of about 495 ft from manhole
lapsed resulting in closed roads. Most of     ods,” explains Rocco.                          to manhole. It ranged in size from 30-
the pipes that are being repaired are old        Sliplining has been underway for the        in. to 48-in. diameter. This sanitary
                                                                        SAS        Larger    sewer sliplining was made necessary by
                                                                        Diameter Sewer       the corroded state of the existing con-
                                                                        Line       Reno-     crete line.
                                                                        vation for the          HOBAS was chosen as the pipe sup-
                                                                        city. Clean-ing      plier for several reasons: The pipe’s supe-
                                                                        operations were      rior hydraulics would increase flow
                                                                        finished before      capacity, ease installation, and resist cor-
                                                                        each segment         rosion. The centrifugally cast, fiberglass
                                                                        was completed.       reinforced, polymer mortar pipe has
                                                                        The first sliplin-   been performing reliably in the U.S.
                                                                        ing run of about     since 1984.
                                                                        180 linear ft was
                                                                        completed            Project Designer
                                                                        quickly in one          Boyle Engineering Corporation
                                                                        morning. The         (Albuquerque) designed the project.
                                                                        second run of        Keith Reed, P.E., the project manager
                                                                        an additional        for Boyle, described the pipe installation
                                                                        315 ft of 48-in.     and choice of products “Due to the fact
                                                                        sewer line was       that a reach of sewer involved in the cur-
                                                                         sliplined on the    rent rehab known as the Edith
The push ring is placed on the pipe.                                     following day.      Interceptor is a major sanitary sewer

16   ■   GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING    ■   MARCH-APRIL 2009                                                 
                                                         (proof section) of pipe was         doned and active services reconnected
                                                         pulled through the line before      after sliplining. Closed circuit television
                                                         beginning the relining process.     inspection of the pipeline was complet-
                                                         The mandrel was an actual sec-      ed pre–installation. After sliplining, a
                                                         tion of the sliplining pipe.        final video was completed.
                                                            AUI used the pipe because           As part of the contractor’s submittals,
                                                         Albuquerque specified it.           verification of the design and past per-
                                                         Rocco said, “We have had            formance of the sliplining pipe was
                                                         many successful projects using      required. AUI submitted complete
                                                         HOBAS. Our longest push on          design calculations, joint details, and
                                                         this job was 920 linear ft in one   verification of the required ten-year his-
                                                         direction. The post-CCTV            tory of successful installations for sli-
                                                         inspection of the new HOBAS         plined sanitary sewers in the U.S.
                                                         pipe was excellent.”                   AUI was looking for the best pipe to
                                                            The manufacturer has been        slipline and complete the project on
                                                         supplying pipe to the sliplining    schedule and within budget. Rocco said,
                                                         market since the late 1980s and     “AUI has experience with several prod-
                                                         continues to be the pipe of         ucts and prefers the HOBAS pipe
                                                         choice for many owners, engi-       because of its stiffness and strength that
                                                         neers, and contactors because       provides the ability to make long dis-
                                                         of several unique attributes.       tance pushes.”
                                                         The pipe is inherently corro-          AUI has been installing HOBAS in
Note the tight fit of the new pipe.                      sion resistant, rugged, solid-      Albuquerque since 2004 by both sliplin-
                                                         walled, and provides a long         ing and direct bury. Rocco has become
                                                         maintenance-free life. The          familiar with most of these types of jobs
interceptor, which collects much of the
                                               company has a long track record in this       and is responsible for overseeing those
flows from the north central portion of
                                               country with nearly a million feet of         that are done by AUI’s specially-trained
the city, capacity was a huge concern.
                                               pipe installed by sliplining around the       crews
   “If we had used a 42-in. slipliner pipe
                                               U.S. Before installing each new sewer            “Sliplining is a major plus for munic-
in the existing 48-in. line, we would
                                               reach, the contractor noted the location      ipalities because it is completed in less
have achieved an improvement in line
                                               of all sewer services and identified which    time and provides a permanent solution
capacity of between three and ten per-
                                               were in service and which were not.           to the problem, not just a temporary
cent. This was good compared to exist-
                                               Those no longer in service were aban-         fix,” Rocco concludes.                  GE
ing capacity, but still inadequate to meet
future needs. The severe corrosion in
this line made us confident that we
could get a 44–in. I.D. HOBAS sliplin-
ing pipe inside the existing 48-in. I.D.
pipe. We determined that the capacity
of the line would likely increase 11 to
19 percent or more over the existing
   Since the capacity was so critical, the
I.D. of the liner was maximized. The
company manufactured a 44-in. diame-
ter pipe that is not an industry standard,
but exactly fills the bill for this project.
The other manufacturers offered only
standard sizes.
   “HOBAS offers pipe diameters in
two to three in. increments for the
majority of the product line. This often
allows for the greatest flow recovery in
slipline rehabilitation,” said Richard
Turkopp, engineering manager for
   Since the fit was so tight, a mandrel       Gasket installation on the new pipe.                                                               GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING     ■   MARCH-APRIL 2009     ■   17

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